Success in Iraq [Pics]

by Infidelesto on January 18, 2008 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

In pictures. You must see these pictures.

What does succcess in Iraq look like? – Powerline

also, Gatewaypundit has a good post about the latest success in Iraq.

and this from USA Today

About 75% of Baghdad’s neighborhoods are now secure, a dramatic increase from 8% a year ago when President Bush ordered more troops to the capital, U.S. military figures show.

The military classifies 356 of Baghdad’s 474 neighborhoods in the “control” or “retain” category of its four-tier security rating system, meaning enemy activity in those areas has been mostly eliminated and normal economic activity is resuming.

The data given by the military to USA TODAY provide one of the clearest snapshots yet of how security has improved in Baghdad since roughly 30,000 additional American troops arrived in Iraq last year.

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