The Surge…one year later

by Infidelesto on January 10, 2008 · 3 comments

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Yup, we’re winning, the lefty bloggers deny it, the Dems can’t stand it, and Conservatives are excited as ever at the prospect of victory in Iraq.  Now if only we could translate the same victory to Afghanistan.

Although I disagree with McCain on most things, I can’t deny that his right-on policy on the war against Islamic jihad.  Here’s what he had to say today about the 1 year anniversary of the Surge.  (Weekly Standard)

“A year ago today the president announced that five additional brigades would be deployed to Iraq, which Osama bin Laden’s top lieutenant called a central battlefront in al Qaeda’s war against us. I had long argued that a change in course in Iraq was critical to achieve success there. Today, thanks to the tremendous leadership of General Petraeus and the bravery of our troops, the surge is working.

“When the troop surge and new counterinsurgency campaign was first implemented, many politicians either outright opposed it or equivocated and hedged, but I was convinced that the new counterinsurgency plan was sound and the courage of our ground commander and his troops would prevail over the Islamist extremist enemy.

Today, operations by American forces, in partnership with our Iraqi allies, have put the terrorists on the defensive, yielded significant intelligence on our enemies, and turned Iraq around from the direction it was headed. We will succeed in Iraq if we don’t lose our resolve. We must not succumb to the calls of some for retreat. We will not surrender, our enemies will.”

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  • Tonto

    Wow! Us dumbass Americans actually did something that worked! And even though all those super smart liberals (who claim the PREZ of our country is an idiot, and our soldiers are in the Army cause they’re too damn dumb to get a real job…you know like social services) claimed we were just gunna get our soldiers killed at a faster pace! Imagine that!
    Thank God there is a bunch of people in this country that don’t listen to liberal pukes! Get some troops!

  • Filie

    Just to let you know that there are people like me here in Europe who like America and support the War On Terrorism.

  • Rudy

    Tonto, not all of us Americans are dumbasses. Take Dubya for instance, he is the one who initiated the surge. You will find that most of the dumbass Americans are of a liberal slant.


    Thank you for your support. If things get worse in Eurabia, we will be there again to help Europe cleanse herself, as we were in the 1940′s :)