Top 10 Quran quotes every woman MUST SEE

by Infidelesto on January 11, 2008 · 6,681 comments

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Tell every woman you know about these verses. The oppression of women that Islam advocates is not only disturbing, but is direct contrast with everything that Western civilization stands for when it comes to the rights of women.

These are referenced from an article published from the American Thinker in 2005. Each one goes into much greater detail if you are interested in reading more on each verse. The article is here: Top 10 rules in the Quran that oppress women

10. A husband has sex with his wife, as a plow goes into a field.

The Quran in Sura (Chapter) 2:223 says:

Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like . . . . (MAS Abdel Haleem, The Qur’an, Oxford UP, 2004)

9. Husbands are a degree above their wives.

The Quran in Sura 2:228 says:

. . . Wives have the same rights as the husbands have on them in accordance with the generally known principles. Of course, men are a degree above them in status . . . (Sayyid Abul A’La Maududi, The Meaning of the Qur’an, vol. 1, p. 165)

8. A male gets a double share of the inheritance over that of a female.

The Quran in Sura 4:11 says:

The share of the male shall be twice that of a female . . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 311)

7. A woman’s testimony counts half of a man’s testimony.

The Quran in Sura 2:282 says:

And let two men from among you bear witness to all such documents [contracts of loans without interest]. But if two men be not available, there should be one man and two women to bear witness so that if one of the women forgets (anything), the other may remind her. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 205).

6. A wife may remarry her ex—husband if and only if she marries another man and then this second man divorces her.

The Quran in Sura 2:230 says:

And if the husband divorces his wife (for the third time), she shall not remain his lawful wife after this (absolute) divorce, unless she marries another husband and the second husband divorces her. [In that case] there is no harm if they [the first couple] remarry . . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 165)

5. Slave—girls are sexual property for their male owners.

The Quran in Sura 4:24 says:

And forbidden to you are wedded wives of other people except those who have fallen in your hands [as prisoners of war] . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 319).

4. A man may be polygamous with up to four wives.

The Quran in Sura 4:3 says:

And if you be apprehensive that you will not be able to do justice to the orphans, you may marry two or three or four women whom you choose. But if you apprehend that you might not be able to do justice to them, then marry only one wife, or marry those who have fallen in your possession. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 305)

3. A husband may simply get rid of one of his undesirable wives.

The Quran in Sura 4:129 says:

It is not within your power to be perfectly equitable in your treatment with all your wives, even if you wish to be so; therefore, [in order to satisfy the dictates of Divine Law] do not lean towards one wife so as to leave the other in a state of suspense. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 381)

2. Husbands may hit their wives even if the husbands merely fear highhandedness in their wives (quite apart from whether they actually are highhanded).

The Quran in Sura 4:34 says:

4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great. (Haleem, emphasis added)

1. Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.

The Quran in Sura 65:1, 4 says:

65:1 O Prophet, when you [and the believers] divorce women, divorce them for their prescribed waiting—period and count the waiting—period accurately . . . 4 And if you are in doubt about those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, (you should know that) their waiting period is three months, and the same applies to those who have not menstruated as yet. As for pregnant women, their period ends when they have delivered their burden. (Maududi, vol. 5, pp. 599 and 617, emphasis added)

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  • Carrington

    This makes me so sick to my stomach. Thank you for sharing this, I will keep this personally. On a side note, thank you for all the content and multiple posts a day, you are doing awesome!

    • Lorayne Pescatore

      his is my new favorite website!! Thank you so much Mr. InfidelsAREcool!!

      This list can account for one of the main reasons that a Hilary Clinton supporting “liberal” minded 28 years old poet/law student had for supporting the liberation of the people living in the Muslim societies in the middle east!!!

      The problem now is with the funds, and the fact that the dictators we are fighting have proven a most brutal, unworthy type of foe.

      I honestly hope that Obama is just realizing, without bringing down moral support for
      our troops,
      who are working SOOOOOO hard.. so hard we can' even imagine,

      In the frikkin DESERT
      fighting the good fight, the one our forefathers dreamt of..

      Spreading tolerance

      Which these middle eastern societies have not had the luxury of for the past thousands!? of years

      Perhaps, it's now the time to negotiate with our minds
      and sacrifice a handshake to a bow
      Instead of the lives of our brothers and sisters, and children, fathers and mothers, and friends to an adversary unworthy of the cost of humanity

      • dno_marrano

        I wanted Hillary for president but alas…

        • Tonto

          Idiot! We call her Hitlery. She really is as vicious a bitch as Michelle Omaba, who is the worst racist in politics.

          • Sirwilhelm

            Perhaps a “dislike” button could be added? Something to think about though, there maybe unintended consequences.

          • Vlad Tepes

            Tonto: The Lone Ranger has not given you permission to speak, you insolent red-man/boy! All the rules above apply to you!

          • Amiras1998



          • Hassram

            Says who? Open the book it is all there mate!

          • Rohan Hayaat

            Islamic Quotes
            Each woman is a precious, exalted jewel that must not be violated and thrown into a sewer. We hope that fortunate future generations will awake to knowledge, spirituality, and truth so that women may

            Our women are the soundest foundation stone of our national honor and nobility. Their part in forming our long and glorious past is equal to that of the warriors who struggled with our enemies.


          • Anonymous

             So you quote Fetullah Gulen who is a wanted terrorist in his own pisslamic country  as “proof” that pisslam respects women?

            That is by far the lamest attempt any of you troglodytes have made to excuse the inexcusable.

            Too bad for you clowns mien kuranmpf, sira and hadiths don’t reflect the lie you are attempting to foist upon us.

          • Tiana

            Some of these men are only terrorists because America says they are. God forbid someone takes a stand against us, they MUST be terrorists! huh?

          • Kal El

            Tiana, pull your head out of your ass, and open your eyes. There ARE people in this world that want America destroyed, because we represent liberty, where as islam represents slavery, be it of the mind, or the body.

          • Anonymous

            He’s a terrorist because TURKEY says he’s a terrorist. America doesn’t consider him a terrorist. He’s been living in Pennsylvania for decades you stupid cunt.

          • wut

            But you consider him a terrorist. His teachings sure do show how much of a terrorist he is.

          • Anonymous

            Turkish women aren’t impressed or fooled by his flowery lip service.

            You’re like neo nazis telling us that Hitler loved puppies and children. Let’s just forget what he does in his spare time.

          • guest

            Accusation without basis.

          • Anonymous

            And your proof of this is what?

            Also a statement of the opinion of Turkish women is not an “accusation” you clown. It is a statement of “statement of opinion.” 

          • guest

            Please repeat, could see post

          • ali njie

            ALL this things you pointed out bill they are truth there is some old rules of laws in islam that they need to be updated you can not inforce fiften hundreds(1500) years laws now without some kind of change I think it is time for my muslim brothers and sisters to stand up for change it is not always west or America that are the enemy of islam sometime the biggest enemy’s of islam buried in within islam it self.our innocent muslim brothers sisters and children’s are murder in the street every day in the name of Allah by own muslim brothers and that’s wrong.

          • Damian Weibler

            You sir are the best Muslim i’ve ever seen on the internet, keep up the good work

          • Kilian Kesner

            Respect, man. But how do you deal with the fact, that if you want some rules of quran to be changed or erased you deserve death due to the words of your prophet?

          • Ruby JacksonBrown

            You are saying that because he lived in Pennsylvania for that long period, he could not be a terrorist. Here you go calling someone stupid cunt. Do you realize when someone is crazy, they don’t know that are. lunatic!! 

          • Anonymous

            No, you mucking foron, that’s not what I said.

            The previous poster claimed that I had declared Gulen a terrorist because I was obviously American and Americans are so arrogant to think they can declare anyone a terrorist.

            I pointed out to the junior jihadi that it was Gulen’s OWN government (Turkey) that declared him a terrorist to which he fled to America. I don’t know if the American government considers him  a terrorist or not. I would assume not since they’ve allowed him to live in America for years without any investigations into his wheelings and dealings despite years of complaints about his charter schools and hiring practices.

            I personally think he’s an islamic supremacist douchebag.

            WTF is it with islamists and leftards that none of you can read and comprehend.

          • guest

            actually america labels anyone that fights against them terrorist, pls researchbefore posting

          • Anonymous

            Au contraire, king of muslim supremacist morons.

            America did not label the British, Germans, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, Canadians, Panamanians or Japanese (even the Kamikazis) “terrorists.”

            They call those who use terror tactics as terrorists.

            America does not “label” Gulen as a terrorist. Turkey did. Thus the reason that asshat fled Turkey to America.

          • guest

            Repeat, couldnt see what you said.

          • Yeah.

            A terrorist is actually someone that uses terror tactics in pursuit of political aims, not religious perversion. Frontline soldiers on all sides are mostly comprised of God fearing morons because they are easily manipulated into killing in the name of almighty god! Their god… The one true god! The real terrorists are those doing the manipulating I.e. politicians and faux religious leaders!

          • muraika

            Terror tactics like drone bombing?

          • Barb

            He is a terrorist because Turkey says he is. Not because he is Muslim. Most Muslims aren’t terrorists like most Germans aren’t Nazis. Just because there are many terrorist groups in the Middle East doesn’t mean that is where they all live. There are terrorists everywhere. So please don’t point out two groups of people and act like they are the same. In truth, the terrorist group Al Qaeda started this mess during the Cold War, which is why the U.S. is in the Middle East. Religion is a cover up because it is actually apolitical issue. Most Muslims don’t agree with the terrorists. Muslims aren’t terrorists, terrorists are terrorists.

          • the jackal

            What did the muslims do if they didn’t agree with the terrorists? why didnt they go to the streets just when their mohammad was “insluted” by the cartoonists? If terrorists insult islam and muhammad, then why we don’t see those vast “majority” of muslims going to the streets in protest???

          • Delapidated Germatographer

            Most Germans were Nazis though. Otherwise how would they have the man-power needed to carry out the holocaustatious.

          • guest

            And Turkey is totally independent of America’s influence?

          • Anonymous

            Well, well, well, we’ve got here another of those the hadith is necessary if it makes your awful cult look good and not necessary when it makes it (truthfully) look like the steaming pile of crap it is.

            If Turkey is caught with its pants down it’s the fault of the “imperialists.” If it’s a case of Turkey bragging about how wonderful it is then yes, it’s totally independent. 

          • guest

            The hadith is necessary. And no country on this earth except very few arent under pressurefrom amercia.and again I couldn’t fimnd any proofthere to havea civil discussion on.

          • Playablanca1

            How interesting that you are posting such a comment on a site that refers to the disrespect of women. Why would you use a word like that?

          • guest

            sad how ppl like you are such victims of stereo-typical media and miss-quoted verses

          • Anonymous

             sterotype? “ppl” like her who were muslim like you. do your research before posting, like the other idiots

          • guest

            Yes I do research and they are stereo-typical. You probably think I’m making bombs right now as i post.

          • Anonymous

            Oh yes, the Turkish media is “stereo-typical” and “miss(sic)-quoted.”

            The Turkish media is evidently “Jew owned.”

            And it most definitely “paints a bad picture of  muslims/islam.”

            Really, with every sentence you type you are clarifying what a colossol moron you are. You should quit while you’re ahead.

          • guest

            I never said that they were Jew owned. You just take what I said from one post and apply it to make me look like a stereo-typical Muslim. Again, mocking claims with no proof.
            “what a colossol moron you are”
            “you mucking foron”

            the list goes on……..

          • guest

            And you take your concoction of Islam to be what Islam is. And please tell me what religion is called “pisslam” is? 

          • William R. James

            If she’s in Islam, she’s already in a sewer. She should be let out, that the savages kill those who leave the cult. 

          • guest

            Again what is your proof for your insulting claims

          • Treder

            what if they dont behave, then they get the beating right.

          • Treder

            so they get the beatings only if they dont behave , right

          • Milo Graham

            “Our women are the soundest foundation stone of our national honor” No wonder you stone them!!!

          • Allah is Satan

            You are brainwashed to think that the koran teaches that women are precious. Say hello to satan when you arrive in Hell.

          • ANGLO SAXON


          • Anonymous

            yes Anglo, you would be in the right path for sure, this is how islam function, the more violent you are, the more muslim and religious you have become, even it means violence against other muslims. Muslims allah (there is no way their allah means OUR, and everybody else’s GOD) will take you to his heaven where you will be rewarded for act of violenece against humanity with 72 bitches. won’t you be willing to run, and die to get to that?

          • ANGLO SAXON

            Not I dear Nahla,They must be really stupid to fall for that rubbish.To give their lives to have sex,and murdering thousands to get it.Nahla,you know I was being sarcastic I hope.

          • Anonymous

            Of course I know Anglo, and I was being sacrcastic too. and YES, they BELIEVE in this “tales of men of old” . I am preparing where all the scientific facts are ORIGINALLY from, (as a respond to Abraham) you gonna be surprised, and it is quite interesting actually. Stay tuned..lollllllllllllllllllllllll

          • ANGLO SAXON

            Oh I will stay tuned,dear Nahla,I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

          • guest

            If you think all Muslims do is kill people and the more they kill the better then the American and British governments are really good Muslims.

          • Khushi5

            Thats absolute rubbish Nahla, why are u misleading of what you dont know.
            Islam forbids to even hurt someone innocent not only physically but also mentally or emotionally, you must NOT hurt anyone.
            for War between to countries or tribes the rules, verse used at the time war cannot be used to justifying any killing those terrorist is doing in name of islam,
             i as a muslim Hate those Terrorist.
            And yes Allah is arabic word for english word God. its the same God who created Adam and eve, and mother mary and Jesus and Moses and Mohammed, (peace be upon them all)

          • Kal El

            Islam also says that any who do not accept the pedophile Muhammad and islam is guilty. So you are either lying, or ignorant about the rules of your death cult.

          • guest

            Couldn’t have put it better.

          • ANGLO SAXON

            guest, we know that,you testicle.

          • Anonymous

             islam forbids what? how about apostates? they are not been killed in muslim countries? don’t you call anyone who do not believe in Islam a kafir? I do not make up these rules. If you don’t know your religion, it is not my problem.

          • guest

            The verses of killing apostates are in context of war when the Prophet and his companions (peace be upon them) were kicked out of Makkah and had a caravan of theirs raided. Kafir literally means disbeliever or one who doesn’t believe in Islam so it isn’t some Arabic insult like you think it is. And I think that I know my religion better then any of you stereo-typical fouls that edit facts to fir theories.

          • Anne Simmie

            Stereotypical is not a hyphenated word. It is one word.

          • guest

            And actually, we know more about Islam then you know about anything.

          • Jesus Christ for the nations

            The god of Islam is not the same God of Christianity, never the less to say is not the same for the God of Israel. The God of Israel is the same God for Christian, Read the bible and learn the true.

          • hellosnackbar

            There is no such entity as God or Allah!nHopefully in the future they will go down the metaphorical toilet along with Zeus, Baal and the rest of the sky fairies!n

          • guest

            Again you take verses of war and take them to mean for all situations. Furthermore, look at the kind of stuff American soldiers did to the “militants”. i dont think frying ppls brains counts as anti-terrorism.

          • guest

            And your proof is…………..

          • Ryanteixeira1

            What are you talking about 72 bitches thats a load of shit pull your head out of you ass you red neck it is a sin to kill anyone man or women unless it is to defend yourself

          • Anonymous

            Ibn Kathir tafsir for mien kuranmpf surah 55 ayat 72:

            “The Prophet Muhammad was heard saying: ‘The smallest
            reward for the people of paradise is an abode where there are 80,000
            servants and 72 wives, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls,
            aquamarine, and ruby, as wide as the distance from Al-Jabiyyah [a
            Damascus suburb] to Sana’a [Yemen]’.” 

            As for the big titted, hairless, virgin bitches they are described and promised many times in mien kuranmpf:

            44:54 in which allah declares he shall marry you assclowns to the houris. Are you going to argue that you’re marrying grapes or raisins?

            52:20 in which the bitches are described as having wide eyes

            78:33 in which the bitches are described as being “full-breasted.” I’ve never seen a full breasted raisin.

            In surahs 56 and 38 allah the impotent reiterates that the bitches will be virgins.

            Shall we address the “pearly boys” mentioned in mine kuranmpf or will you stop being a typical obfuscating musloid piece of crap?

          • Anonymous

            Child molester ON EARTH, go to jail. why he is going to heaven, and he hd sex with a 9 years old child, for 9 YEARS? and how come their Allah’s gift for the good muslims, is something earthy and disgusting like sex with virgins? otherwise, why would VIRGIN women would serve men? with full breast. does anybody think it is a holly heaven, or caribbeans heaven? and what boys has to do with anything? he thinks it is pretty heaven because this is the way he thinks, nt a GODLY, spiritual heaven. no wonder men bomb themselves!! doesn’t this consider suicide? which is a crime on EARTH? does any of these make sense? it is all crap.

          • Anonymous

            mien kuranmpf’s descriptions of “heaven” are on par with the ejaculatory fantasies of sexually repressed and frustrated pubescent boys.

            There is nothing holy, profound or spiritual in them except to horny teenagers.

          • Anonymous

            where are those professors, who has explaination for the quran and mohammed’s actions now? do you have proof that all these verses, and the quran from God other than mohammed testimony for himself, which is for SURE does not count? Anyone?

          • Anonymous

            Professors in the West? LOL! There tenures and salaries are bought and paid for by the house of saud. There are very few honest scholars who refuse to be bought by the musloid’s money. The few who don’t are of course labeled as “islamophobes” by the musloids and their dhimmi whores who are paid well to keep spewing the musloid’s lies about their cult.

          • guest

            u are a typical exampleof an islamaphob.And just to clarify what’s a “muslimoid”.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you! An “islamophobe” is one who does not accept the egregious lies of muslim supremacist, has read mein kuranmpf and rejects the fallacies that “kill the unbelievers where you find them” is “out of context” “not what it says in original arabic” or “really means make peace with the unbelievers.”

            In other words an “islamophobe” is one who thinks for themselves and does not sit back and take your racist, misogynist, supremacist bronze age bullshi’ite.

          • guest

            Please repeat, could see what you said

          • guest

            it is funny you say that like Saudi is Islamic.Theyforcewomen not to driveand lots of other oppressive STRICTLY NOTALLOWED actions. Theyalso do things like house military bases for America to go and drone countrieslike Pakistan. readthe book”Thedeath of Others” for more info into these kind of topics.

          • guest

            Mien kuranmpf’s seems to be Allah in your eyes. the only accurate sources are the Quran and Sunnah, however you cannot isolate and make accusations before looking at the back story and the reasons why (e.g marrying a 9 yr old).

          • guest

            lol mein kufman is everywhere.

          • guest

            He married a 9 yr old, no sex involved. Secondly, if the Prophet (Peace be upon him) was so thirsty for sex why was it only 2 of his wives ever gave birth (Khadijah, the one before he became a prophet) and another one. 
            Just to clarify why he had so many wives, some of them had a divine purpose such as Zaynab who was married to clarify adoption rules (Zaynab married his adopted son then she divorced him, so marrying her was to show that adoption is not a blood tie).

          • Anonymous

              where does it say no sex involved? what was a “9″ years old child
            message? what the purpose of him marrying a child?. Him marrying his
            adopted son’s wife, and then making  a rule not allowing adoption? why?
            because he cannot control himself, he is like animals, making rules for
            his benefit, nothing glorious or concern God here.  if he had kids ONLY 
            with the first wife, what does it tell you about his after his
            wife’s death marriages? why would a husband suspect his wife (Maria)
            bearing a child? I don’t think they were using birth control, or he had a vasectomy?

          • guest

            Again you ignored the point i made, THERE WAS NO SEX INVOLVED. 

          • guest

            please read my post again. The Prophet did not actually want to marry Zaynab, it was revealed that he had to to show that adopted children are not blood ties like biological children. I need to research more into the purpose for marrying Aisha (peace be upon her), however, i do know that people in those days were more mature and the desert is scientificallyproven to accelerate maturity 

          • ANGLO SAXON

            Oh that’s alright then.

          • Milo Graham

            if only two of his wives gave birth it is a potency issue, it proves nothing.

          • guest

            Just to clarify suicide is a sin which takes whoever committed it to Hell eternally except in a situation of war (where blowing up the twin towers and Kings Cross DO NOT count) where the subject is debated.

          • ANON

            Women back then reached puberty at very early stages and life span was also very short back then so it was perfectly normal to get married at a young age back then.. :) nn II’s daughter Joan is married to Prince David of Scotland in 1328 when she is seven and he is four. Princess Isabella of France marries Richard II in 1396 when she is seven, although she has the opportunity to change her mind later. nnLady Margaret Beaufort is 13 when she gives birth to the future Henry VII in 1457. But in 1414, a Welsh couple are sent to Henry V as a ‘marvel’ because they have had a baby: allegedly, she is seven and he is nine.

          • guest

            You must be using a wrong translation because they are described as companions not wide eyed virgins.

          • Anonymous

             Well, I say you are too using wrong translation. Google it

          • guest

            Google is not the Quran. Think before posting please.

          • Anonymous

             Oh so much bullshi’ite you’ve spewed in such a short time. The translation I use is all of them on a muslim supremacist site by muslim supremacists for muslim supremacists. You’ve told a half truth which is a lie. They are described as “companions.”

            They are also described as virgins: mein kuranmpf surah 56 ayat 36 “And made them virgins.” “So we have made them virgins.” “Then we made them virgins.” 55:56 “In them are women limiting [their] glances, untouched before them by man or jinni” “Wherein both will be those
            (maidens) restraining their glances upon their husbands, whom no man or
            jinn yatmithhunna (has opened their hymens with sexual intercourse)
            before them.

            They are also described as wives: mein kuranmpf 56:37 “Devoted to their husbands and of equal age.” “Loving only their husbands of equal age.”

            Allah is sure to make them sound as sexy as possible in 78:33 and just so you can’t make the asinine cry of “out of context” in all three surahs 55, 56, 78 allah the impotent (actually mo the horny) is describing the punishments of hell and the rewards of “heaven” “And full breasted companions of equal age.” “And voluptuous women of equal age.” And young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age.”

            Let’s see what Kathir of “must read tafsir” has to say about the huge hootered “companions”: “This  means round
            breasts. They meant by this that the breasts of these girls will be
            fully rounded and not sagging, because they will be virgins, equal in
            age.” – Ibn Kathir.

            And the wide eyes of the “companions” are desribed in 37:48 (surah in which mo the horny is again describing the “companions” for his minions in his make believe whore house in the sky) “And with them will be women limiting [their] glances, with large, [beautiful] eyes” “And with them will be chaste
            females, restraining their glances (desiring none except their
            husbands), with wide and beautiful eyes.” “And in their presence are wide-eyed (maidens), restraining their glances.”So, I’ve quoted several translations of mein kuranmpf from a muslim supremacist site which makes it clear that allah/mo did describe the “companions” as big-titted, big eyed virgins. Yet, being a typical muslim supremacist you are incapable of telling the truth. I won’t embarrass you further and volunteer the relevant hasan sahih gharib hadith which describe the “companions” “appetizing vaginas” or you muslim male supremacits’ eternal hard ons or “sexual strength.”

          • guest

            Who is “mein kufman”. The appetising was a so called scholar and if you read another one of my posts you would see that I told you to look at the right sources. And yes they are described a companions, virginity is just another quality. Would you like a woman to be a 5 times old widow. And you still insult without actually backing it up.

          • guest

            And if your gonna say how its not right to have sexual pleasure in Paradise from houris (a type of creation specifically made for the purpose) that is like saying it is wrong to eat cereal with a spoon because that is unfair etc etc.

          • guest

            it was my mistake for saying virgins are not mentioned and i recognise and apologies for that.

          • guest

            there is no such thing as sahih gharib so please shutup.

          • Anonymous


            Where’s your “PROOF” that “hasan sahih gharib” (“fair, sound, single chained”) hadiths don’t exist?

            Also, where’s this magical, mystical copy of mein kuranmpf that doesn’t have the ayats about big titted, big eyed, virginal “companions.”

            Why doesn’t have it? is a muslim supremacist site, by muslim supremacists, for muslim supremacists (like you) and they don’t have this magical mein kuranmpf!

            You should write to them asap! You can give them a copy of your magical mein kuranmpf!

          • guest


          • Anonymous

            Yes, I know sahih means, authentic, reliable, trustworthy.

            I said “hasan, sahih, gharib.”

            Hasan means good. Gharib means conveyed by only one narrator.

            Are you alleging that there is no such word as gharib, or that there exist no hadiths, conveyed by only one asshole in a chain of assholes?

          • guest


          • ANGLO SAXON

            He’s cracked,well done’ve got him.

          • guest

            The 72 women described in the Quran are not women from Earth but a creation specifically made for the purpose of pleasure (the Quran is not saying women will be sex tools in Paradise) and in Paradise you can have whatever you wish so women can easily wish for a man or men if she wants, it is just not highlighted here.

          • guest

            The verse which i think u are referring to was actually in context of war against the ppl that kicked the Prophet (peace be upon him) out of Makkah.

          • Anonymous

             YOU THINK? I think you are wrong..

          • guest

            Yes some people actually do think while posting. And I said I think you are referring to specific verses, I know what the verses are saying.

          • Jovi Drake

            Thank you for telling hat them that. They only know what the T.V. and news people say about muslims. NOT all muslims do these things. mainly extemist. I hope that they open their mind to a beautiful and sacred religion. I am an american and I am in love with a man who is muslim. He does not persue these things upon me. He has the most respect for me. He is nothing like these people who wrote this claim that all muslims are. How can someone totally disrespect anothers religion because as different groups of religions we all have made mistakes. Keep that in mind that no one is perfect other than god and I sure hope that whatever theyy believ in they sure learn that you must have respect for everyone.

          • Anonymous

            Wrong. Many of us live in troglodyte majority countries and see first hand the reality of islam. The “Jew-owned” media is loathe to tell the truth about ‘extremist” activity. musloid terrorists are called “asians”, “youths”, and “local man.”

            We speak from experience in being non-muslims in muslim majority countries. I hear it every Friday in the hateful rhetoric of the local imam over the loudspeakers.

            Of course your goat humper doesn’t “Persue these things on” you. He’s grooming his “queen” for the green card/jihadi making factory/moneybags and brownie points for converting a kaffir.

            You are fat and unattractive and he well knows you are easily influenced by his false claims of attraction because Western men don’t want you for anything other than a booty call. How many times has he given you the “fats and matures are attractive in my culture” line? I hear the troglodytes coaching each other on which Western women to court: fat ones, old ones and ones with jobs. He is as repulsed by you as Western men are but you can get him what he can’t get on his own and Western men don’t need: access to the West. I guarantee he’s romancing much younger and far more attractive women than you.

            I know, I know, he’s different. He loves you and doesn’t want to mover to America. And he doesn’t want you to convert to his cult of arab male power. I bet 100 of the twinkies you’ve obviously consumed that if you were to tell him you renounced your American citizenship and wish to live in his crapistan, and do not believe islam is the “true path” your goat humping romeo will cease to “love” you and disappear like the wind.

            I also know you’re an abject coward that would never live in his crapistan far away from any Western enclaves. You’re also an idiot that thinks because his mother seems so nice to you and doesn’t wear hiqab or burka that romeo’s culture is “just like ours!” Wrong. Mom’s in on the scam, fatty. Like the dumb cunt here in Istanbul last year who was oohing and aaahing about how her “modern moderate” musloid’s mother called her “little bird.” We asked her what does she call you? “Buyuk oruspu!” gushed your fellow fat and stupid American. Mommy dearest was openly calling your fellow fatty “big whore.” While smiling!

            God I hate you dumb cunts who haven’t an inkling as to what the reality of islam is and actually are stupid and desperate enough to believe that some muslim troglodyte loves you!

            Do your country a favour and renounce your citizenship and live in romeo’s crapistan. If he really loves you geographical location and religion of choice should not matter. But you’re just another fat desperate cunt and will import yet another fucking troglodyte in to destroy your country from within.

            Dumb cunt.

          • Makelovenotwar

             Your being an extremist plus a terrorist by your own actions and words..Every action and negativety youre projecting into others comes right back at you…IF ONE THING IN EVERY RELIGION GOD MEANS LOVE , SO LOVE MORE YOURSELF AND STOP BEING RUDE TO OTHERS … You have no fucking right in your tiny mind to think and say so much rubbish thinking youre the onely righted guided being on this earth, you said a lot of things in your posts bu none of it really says ANYTHING … islam = peace everyone who says is a muslim and hates or  makes violence to other people IS NOT . Its that simple, but short minded people will hate whatever is UNKNOWN to them. Read a book and analyze every one of this quotes for yourself, I can guarantee you if you read open heart you´ll find truth and love, and finally accept as brothers.

          • Anonymous


            Oh where to start with this big heaping pile of bullshi’ite?

            First of all, islam means submission, not peace. Submission is slavery and there is no peace in slavery.

            God is an imaginary fairy and YOU troglodytes are raping, beating, and killing in the name of your constructed nightmare which your ancestor troglodytes imbued with the command to rape, beat, kill and SUBDUE, asshole, which is witnessed by real people all over the world every fucking day.

            I have every fucking right to think and say whatever the hell I feel like saying.

            Sorry, you typical psychotic musloid asshole, but no amount of “reading with an open heart” will ever reveal the “beauty” of “hit the bitch if you even SUSPECT high handeness.”

            HOwever, reading it with a mind so open your god damned brains fall out explains how you mouth breathers “see the beauty” in a big, stinking pile bronze age arab bullshi’ite.

            Go kill some Jewish school girls for your make believe allah you freaking knuckle dragger.

          • Phillygirl_93

            If your username is as accurate as to who you are, every word that you write is a disgrace. Put aside the fact that I’m Muslim, but I’m also Turkish and you just totally ruined being Turkish for me. Insanlara saygi duymak sende olan bir buyukluk yok galiba. Sana kimse terbiye ogretmedimi? Seriously. Every other word that comes out your mouth is a curse word. If you wanted to make a point, you definitely did a terrible job. Next time, try to sound a little more classy. Ok? Thanks.

          • Anonymous

            Cunt, seriously. You think you scare me? Far from it you arrogant cunt. You disgust me.

            Oh, so sorry you’re put off by curse words. That’s always the case with you barbaric asslifters. You’re offended by foul language but not a peep out of you when your co-cultists rape, murder, intimidate, bully, and make asses out of themselves.

            Being in thrall to a dead arab psychopath who stuck his adult sized penis into his child bride’s tiny, child sized vagina is really classy!

            The Armenia genocide didn’t “ruin being Turkish” for you. The institutionalized racism and bigotry in Turkey doesn’t “ruin being Turkish” for you.

            Yet curse words “ruin being Turkish” for you!


            Next time you post, cunt, tell us you reject bronze age, violent Arab tribalism. Thanks, you priority screwed vagina virgin.

          • guest

            Arrogant. look who’s talking. 

          • guest

            No proof in the article for all the horrific claims that fit the Vatican priests so well.

          • guest

            Submission to God, not to man. And no it doesn’t mean slavery by the way. And “hit” by the way means a superficial tap with something like a toothbrush to show displeasure. And if your society is so perfect please explain why a 23 yr old man with down-syndrome was put on the frying chair for a murder he couldn’t possibly commit.

          • Anonymous

             Oh but the root word of islam does not contain “to” or “allah” or “to allah.” It is simply submission. On the planet in which humans live and in the language of those humans submission, voluntary or involuntary is a negative. It is slavery. You’re attempting a war of semantics. One you are doomed to lose.

            mein quranmpf (which you muslim supremacist obfuscators allege is “CLEAR AND PERFECT” does say to hit them. It does not mention toothbrushes, lightly, or superficial. Those words are not in the “original arabic.”

            Having down syndrome does not make one incapable of knowing right from wrong. Nor does it make a person exempt from punishment should they break the law. I have no idea who you’re snarkily refering to or if it’s another muslim supremacist lie, you’ve told plenty here, in a short time, but the death penalty is reserved for treason and murder. Down syndrome or not, obviously a grand jury, determined that the “23 year old” did commit treason or murder, and his down syndrome was not an acceptable defense.

            God you’re an egregious idiot.

          • guest

            Same as the word petrified means turned to stone but we do not use the literal translation. Islam is all about submission to God AND GOD ALONE. AND WHO ON EARTH IS MEIN KUFMAN. YOU QUOTE HIM LIKE THE QURAN. THIS GUY IS NEARLY AS LOST AND CONFUSEDAS YOU. AND THE KID WHO HAD DOWN SYNDROME DID NOT COMMIT THE MURDER AN THAT WAS COMMON KNOWLEDGE. AND ACTUALLY, HE WAS TECHNICALLY STUCK IN AN AGE TOO YOUNG TO BE ACCOUNTABLE. STOP trying to act like you have proof when all you r “proof” is from invalid sources.

          • Anonymous

            So you make up you own “translation.”

            The argument was that “islam” i-s-l-a-m means peace.

            It does not. The word means literally submission. Not to allah, just submission. It does not matter what the religion of islam means to you savages.

            i-s-l-a-m means submission. For those not muslim supremacists, submission is an ugly thing.

            I quote mein quranmpf. I quote quran you idiot. Directly from is an “invalid source”?

            Holy hell you are by far the most obtuse muslim supremacist ever. And that’s pretty stupid as the collective i.q. of the entire ummah without a doubt is in the double digit range.

            No, it was not common knowledge if a grand jury found him guilty. 

            So sorry that the actual facts are getting your burka in a twist. Why don’t you ask your own to “lightly hit you with a toothbrush” to calm you down.

          • guest


          • guest

            my mistake I accidently looked at yourassumptions and merged them with the verses. All those verses are saying is that theyhavethe quality of virginity and you takeit to mean vigins. is a perfectly goodsource I jst double checked that now but you interpretationis illegitamete. Furthermore, submission is nowherenearslavery and yourso wrong to say that.

          • guest

            and no i don’t make up translations

          • guest

            and yourstill lying, everyoneknew he was innocent. The only proofi haveseenyou produce are perfectly fine verses saying that theywill havevirgninty as a quality and the rest of it is all rubbish.

          • guest

            and yourstill lying, everyoneknew he was innocent. The only proofi haveseenyou produce are perfectly fine verses saying that theywill havevirgninty as a quality and the rest of it is all rubbish.

          • guest

            And your still insulting without proof.

          • guest

            Look at the tonnes of proof there is for Islam. reply to my post if you want an example and don’t just reply with an insult.

          • Becky959846

             chick, you really need to take some classes on civilization, and get a life, why you think you are onlyone right, dont be so closedminded

          • Anonymous

             ”becky” you muslim supremacists prove me right every day every time you open your gobs. Unlike the sheeple I believe my own eyes and ears rather than the bullshi’ite you itinerate obfuscators dish out on a regular basis.

          • guest

            You are labelling others with your characteristics.

          • Anonymous

            “nahla dear, you really dont know anything. EVERY human is born as a MUSLIM…”

            You muslim supremacists take the cake with that childish and fallacious statement.

            NO ONE is “born as a muslim…” That is as ridiculous as the mafia claiming that “everyone is born as a mafioso.” Or Catholics claiming “everyone is born as a Catholic.’

            They can all claim it and they’d all be wrong like you. It does not matter that your vile tome of fractured fairy tales an arab tribalism says so.

            THAT hubris is why you are the most hated hominids on the planet. That bald faced supremacism is why folks like me will never stop exposing you vile, racist, vicious, ridiculous, utter wastes of life for what you really are.

          • guest

            You are obviously an atheist  so answer me this. Who made the Big bang and what concrete proof is there that there is no God.

          • guest

            All you can do is insult and make far-fetched accusations. Learn how to debate before you post again pls.

          • Anonymous

             First of all, muslim supremacist, you are not the moderator of this site. It is not up to you to tell me how, when or what to post.

            I do not debate inherent liars (muslim supremacists), lunatics who make patently and provably false statements (muslim supremacists), or numbnuts who offer fairy tales as evidence (again you muslim supremacists . I simply shut down your fallacies, half-truths, and flights of fancy.

            I state facts from your own unholy texts, historical, peer reviewed, provable and demonstrable records, and personal experience.

            It is you cretins in thrall to bronze age arab-tribalism who fling about far fetched nonsense and out right lies.

            Too bad for you primitives the rest of the world does not operate in a bubble of lies like you.

          • guest

            All i’m telling you is to be a civilised human being. And in your whole post there was not a single proof of the far fetched claims you make.

          • Anonymous

             I never present opinion as fact, I state it as my truth according to my knowledge.

            If I’m refuting claims of mein kuranmpf’s “clear, perfectness” I quote mein kuranmpf.

            You obtuse bufoon. Mein kampf is Hitler’s manifesto of hate, racism, and power. quran is mo’s manifesto of hate, racism, misogyny, power, money, pussy. Thus it entirely appropriate to equate quran with mein kampf, this Mein QURANMPF.

            And, btw, you drooling knuckle dragger, I never use the insults you clowns so richly deserve, as “proofs”. I simply use them to address you in the way you deserve to be addressed.

            The “proofs” I use, again, are your own unholy texts (mein kuranmpf, hadith, sira), historical, peer reviewed, demonstrable records, and my own personal experience living amongst you poster children from retro-active abortion.

          • guest

            You quote Islam and say because mein kufhman said so. mein kufhman is not the quran you empty headed person. You try to insult muslim sisters for covering their hair when you are the oppressed women made to walk naked (porn and all the other filth out there) you make up stuff, and you label the facts I present as fake. You take your own messed up life to be facts and you keep making accusations with no basis. just go make to the beach naked to impress the men that encourage you to do that.

          • Anonymous

            Again you most obtuse of inherently obtuse muslim supremacists;

            mein kuranmpf, mein quranmpf = quran, kuran, koran

            Oh yes, women walk around naked all the time and bearded half wits who call themselves scholars and the law force them, at gun point, to be in porno films.

          • guest

            thats rubbish you western societies make you do that

          • Anonymous

            Again and to borrow your own vernacular: where’s the proof of this allegation.

            Do you have a cultural study of Western psychology that has volumes of recorded instances in which men who are declared “scholars” or religious leaders and have “legal jurisprudence” to force women to walk naked through the streets and star in porno films?

            Do you have volumes of print, radio, or social news media that has recorded this phenomena of scholars or religious leaders with legal jurisprudence forcing women to walk naked through the streets and star in porno films?

            Do you have static or video photographic evidence of scholars or religious leaders with legal jurisprudence forcing women to walk naked through the streets or star in porno films?

            Do you have a copy of a Western “holy/religious text” that defines the collective Western culture with imperatives to men who are scholars, religious leaders or not to force women to walk naked through the streets and star in porno films.

            Do be careful with the definition of force. Force as per the English definition is to be unlawful violence threatened or committed against said person (women).

            Until you can provide this evidence you are the one spewing rubbish. AKA spouting your own opinion.

            You are also adding another neon bright brick to your lifelong wall of egregious ignorance.

          • guest

            Donttry to make us seem like the onesthat make women walkaround naked, haveyou looked at whatMuslim women wear.

          • guest

            look at all the fasion treads and see how they make women seem like they have to look a certain way and dress a certain way 

          • guest

            You present all your rubbish as fact and try and belittle my proven facts.

          • Anonymous

            You have provided no facts. You’ve denied what is in mein kuranmpf. You’ve presented a study that, determined children under the age of five are prone to “believe in religion”, religion they are taught by their elders as proof “that children are born believing in god.” 

            Of course, being the typical muslim supremacist brainiac you’re too obtuse to grasp that those are not facts but denial of provable facts, and false supposition based on personal bias to presented data respectively.

          • guest

            western women are made to feel like they have to look a certain way and dress a certain way and be a perfect size 8 and the list goes on. And tell me how many Muslim porn stars there are as opposed to how many western porn stars there are

          • guest

            And no i’m not making bomb under the computer desk.

          • guest

            And I’ll tell you what to do if it is the right thing to do and I don’t need to be a moderator to see that your doing the wrong thing.

          • Anonymous

            Again, this is not your site. This site is all about exposing the utter vileness of muslim supremacists and your bronze age arab-tribalism cult.

            As you are a muslim supremacist, of course, the truth is what you consider to be “not the right thing.”
            Keep digging.

          • guest

            AND IM HERE TO DEFEND ISLAM FROM U EMPTY HEADED FILTH THAT MAKE ACCUSATIONS WITHOUT PROOF. AT LEAST I CAN ADMIT WHEN I WRONG 9o yes i almost forgot, u almost always are wrong. Your still insulting without basis and your so invigorating i started insulting too.

          • Anonymous

            Again, this is not your site. This site is all about exposing the utter vileness of muslim supremacists and your bronze age arab-tribalism cult.

            As you are a muslim supremacist, of course, the truth is what you consider to be “not the right thing.”
            Keep digging.

          • guest

            You’ve insulted this women for telling the truth like 21 times. if swearing wasn’t forbidden in Islam i would have just sworn at you 42 times.

          • Anonymous

            Well, if she, or you, don’t want to be “insulted” quit insulting us with half truths, full out lies, and utter bullshi’ite about your supremacist arab-tribalism cult.

            Don’t spit in our faces and tell us it’s raining and you won’t get your teeth knocked out.

          • guest

            Im not making out any lies. You make the lies around here. Your doing the typical atheist argument of insulting peoples faith with “facts”.

          • Anonymous


            Oh yes, we must not let facts get in the way of fairy tales!

            Facts have totally screwed up all that “sciency stuff” too.

            Without those pesky facts we’d still be riding around on flying carpets and battling jinns@29d636de48ad1d529a2109d397e19917:disqus

            Ok, spanky, you are definitely the first muslim supremacist, since mo the putrid, to earn the title King Moron.

          • guest

            read the book, 1001 muslim inventions. then stop posting after. you have no facts and you are an open liar who takes perfectly good verses and twists them to you “facts”. i will love the day i see you walk into Hell for you open lies and mockery.

            “Allah shall pay them back their mockery, and He leaves them alone in their in ordinacy, blindly wandering on. (  سورة البقرة  , Al-Baqara, Chapter 2, Verse 15) 

          • Anonymous

             Oh yes, the 1001 inventions myth. Quite mind boggling like mein kuranmpf.

            “kill the kaffir” really means “make peace with them.”

            And omar the goat herder’s goats fell into a pit of tar. Omar thought it was jinn spooge thus muslims invented gas, cars, planes, and the space station.

            I will voluntarily walk into your hell if every single one of you troglodytes leaves the West!


          • guest

            if u didn’t ruin my country 

          • Anonymous

            Au contrair, again muslim supremacist. You and your fellow troglodyte arab-tribalists in thrall to a dead arab thug and your slavish, mindless adherence to his manifesto of racism, misogyny, violence, poor plagerisms, and hate is what destroyed, is destroying and will continue to destroy all fo you and your countries.

          • guest

            meinkufhmanhas no bases you liar. readthe 1001inventions before posting, you readverses of war and takethem out of usage.

          • guest

            kill the kufar was a verse revealed about while  YOU ARE IN JIHAD (JIHAD MEANS WAR FOR THE SAKE OF GOD, NOT 9/11)

          • guest

            Wow you sound like a a 15 yr old having a cussing match. That’s all you ever do on this forum. watch how I’m gonna belittle the article in my next post.

          • Anonymous

             Oh yes, I am sure I will be thoroughly trounced by your rapier-like intelligence that you’ve been entertaining me with thus far.

            You’re so brilliantly sharp that it only took five posts for you to understand that mein kuranmpf is my pet name for quran.

            You won’t bore me with any of that sciencey nonsense. You will overwhelm me with your intellect and logic that is so crisp, so clear, that up means down, and blue means read.

          • guest

            and if Islam is for the “ayraabs” then why does Africa have such a high Muslim (not musliod) population. And don’t tell me it was because it was spread by force when a tonne of historians will tell you that it wasn’t (for the earlier stages, while the true Islam was still being implemented). 
            And yes I do recognise that in countries like India Islam was spread by force. Well to clarify that is completely wrong and just because people do stuff in the name of something doesn’t mean it was their fault. Like if I killed someone and told people that you sent me to do it would that be fair if that wasn’t true? And again i noticed no proof in your argument.

          • guest

            And we would so happily leave the west if it weren’t for you messing up our countries dictating the world, not letting us make our own Islamic states

          • guest

            Just to clear up something. the veil of the face is not even enforced by Islam and is not even recommended. This is a common miss-conception in both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities (the Prophet was never reported to have told anyone to wear the veil). Do not get this confused with the Hijab which is a compulsory part of a women’s dress code.

          • Anonymous

            Right. We got it.

            It’s another one of those oh-so-islamic “depends on the situation/audience” moments.

            If it makes islam look bad it’s “not really islam.” If it makes islam look good “we invented that!”

            The headbags/ninja masks are an “integral part of our religion” or “cultural.” Dependent upon your audience or the situation.

            If you muslim supremacists are “educating” the “kaffirs/islamophobes/dhimmis” it’s purely cultural and only hijab is required “just like some Jews womens and nuns.”

            If you muslim supremacists are engaged in litigation jihad the full on ninja suit is “an integral part of our religion. So you’re racists denying us our right to practice our religion freely, even in a plant with many moving parts.”

            So just to clear up: We’re not buying your bullshi’ite anymore.

          • guest

            No, you are making assumptions. the veil/Niqab is not even reinforced or recommended by the Prophet ever. You just made up a load of poo and say I said it. read my post next time. 

          • Anonymous

            Oh Jesus fucking Christ, you’ve got a kid!

            Do him a favour and leave him with your family.

            I know, I know the mohammadan says he loves your son. He doesn’t. Adoption is forbidden in islam because mo the molestor wanted to hump his adopted son’s wife.

            You slimey cunts are worse than whores who knowingly keep child molestors near their children just so they have a “man” in their life.

            You’re an uneducated clod. Ged, child out of wedlock. Your mohammadan goat herder’s mother has ZERO respect for you. Even if you convert to their cult of racism, misogyny and hate.

            Just keep your kid out of it you disgusting, ignorant cunt.

          • guest

            by the way the prophet didn’t even want to marry zaynab.
            Another point, when the prophet first preached, the pagans offered to give him all the women he wanted to stop preaching. if he was so twisted, he would have taken the offer, but he declined and stuck to the truth. i can give you proof of Islam if you ask me to.

          • Anonymous

            don’t you think there are enough Muslims and mosques in US, your country? why you are trying to fill the country with these people? watch the news, see what is going on in other countries, like Egypt, Syria, Libya.. and other Muslim-dominated countries. They are ruined, all the great history these countries once had are demolishing. It is a wreck religion, believe me Jovi, I have lived with them for decades, and they say that other religions women are trophies, and booty for them. It is a culture that destroy ones respect. You can share your future husband with other 3, or 4 women, they could be left behind in his country without you know. Look it up youself, and read, buy a book (although this book does not worth the papers that has been printed on), check it out online, ask questions, and I bet you a 500 million dollars that you will not get any answers. They can tell you a lot of fabricated lies, with NO PROOF. Didn’t the country had enough of those terrorists already? how many thousands, and building do you want to cause, to see the truth? Ask any NON-muslim WOMAN who lived in an arab or muslim- dominated country, as her what she thinks, and she will tell you like me, and many many others more, IT DOES NOT WORTH it. You are to them just another tilth, they can do what they want. “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe”. (2:223) ask him how HIS god can say that a human being can be a tilth to another? where that person rights? where are your rights? how his role-model prophet marry a 9 years old child? do you think it could be a prophet act?, why they don’t allow this in the US? is the US, and western culture is more civlized and humane than a religion of so-called peace? READ, you’ll find more treasures. Believe me again, it is a book full of crap, can NEVER be from god, ONLY psycho, child molester, sick BASTARD can say such things, and by the way he was a Bastard. READDDDDDDDD You will find MORE GOODIES.

          • Anonymous

            Nahla, these fat chicks who convert for musloid cock NEVER actually read mien kuranmpf. They simply skim the less repulsive ayats they are instructed to by their future owners. If you pay attention you will see they simply repeat word for word all the bullshi’ite taqiyya that the musloids themselves spew.

            These kind of women only learn the hard way and usually then it’s too late. The kuranimal that lied to them has its green card in hand and has f*cked off to either marry a bagheaded vagina virgin or is playing around, the fatty is a mindless hijabi and her kids hate her fat ass because she WAS and always will be a kaffir according to their sperm donor.

            When these conditions arise while fatties are in troglodytes crapistan, fatties demand help of the embassies of the countries they betrayed to spread their fat legs for mohammadan cock.

            God I’m so sick of these dumb cunts and the state department and immigration for not putting a stop to these green card, internet marriages.

          • guest

            Who is mein kufman. Is he Allah? Why on earth do you quote him?

          • Phillygirl_93

            I’m Muslim and I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and respect. If a nation/group/religion was based upon one person’s actions, then all Germans should be hated for Hitler’s vicious behavior. Or every black person should hate every white person because their forefathers were slaved by white people. But this wouldn’t be right? What did Germans living today have ANYHTING to do with Hitler? Nothing. People need to stop being so closed minded and stop hating on others religions. I have respect for any human being that has respect for me, regardless of their religion, gender, sexuality, race, etc. People can have the balls to say anything online because they know there won’t be any consequences, but how much of what they write would they say to someone’s face? Exactly.

          • blah

            …so if you quote a religious text, you are disrespecting that religion? :O NO WAY! 

          • guest

            No, you were quoting some man that called himself a scholar, but you have a valid point none the less

          • Scatman

             Eat monkey  shit sand monkey !

          • Rolando Buhayo

            :/ Have you actually read the Quran?

          • Bill

            I think caps are only acceptable if you are the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

          • Bienvenido Garcia

            when those books both bible & koran were written the authors were referring to the lives of ignorant & uncivilized people during those times . A very clear & simple example where majority of us are concerned as parents : To start at home with couple having kids ranging from 10 to 5 years old .>> As a model parents a house rules must be set up for the kids to follow . As the kids grow up the original house rules is no longer applicable to some of the kids according to their age until the right time that all kids passed their teen age period. This is what happen now that the said books that was re translated in English in the year1582 AD from the Latin Vulgate by Roman Catholic scholars at Rheims were concretely dedicated to those kind of people as top mentioned , that the said bible has never change resulting lots of confusing issues to consider the progressive knowledge & tradition upgrading of the multiple past & present generations associated with the scientific findings in contrary to what the bible explained as clouded with so called prophet guesswork . For the time being there is no proper solution to solve the existing misunderstanding re- bible divided interpretation plus the vias interest of the new generations.

          • Rich

            you are seriously an idiot you realize that right?

          • Hassram

            I am Muslim born,,it is all there in the book,all.

          • Beejj

            Tell us, Hassram, did you utter the words, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger” (or whatever the precise wording is) while in the womb, or at the instant of your birth? Whichever is the case, you are truly a remarkable mammal. No, laddie, you were not “Muslim born” but the influences to which your fragile young mind were exposed thrust Islamofascism upon you, and you dare not try to escape. 

          • zanay

            wow. just wow. you IGNORANT CLOSE-MINDED person! 

          • Anonymous

            No, toots, the one who’s ignorant is you. Beejj is quite correct that no one is born anything other than a naked human being with no agenda, no ideology, no motive other than survival.

            One chooses to become what one is as one matures. Not so in the case of religious ideologies. Those are indeed indoctrinated by the adults in the naked, crying human being’s life.

            That your fractured fairy tales in mien kuranmpf tell you otherwise is simply a fallacy of primitive superstitious mumbo jumbo.

          • guest

            Scientific proof has shown that every human is born with the believe in God instilled in them. Look at this article for more 

          • Anonymous

            YOu fucking moron. That’s not what the article states.You really should read it you idiot. Even the title of it does not suggest a belief in “god.” It is belief in RELIGION. Gods and religion are two different things. The study found that people of a certain age (children) are more prone than adults to believe in religion.

            Children are also more prone than adults to believe in the tooth fairy, the boogey man, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, unicorns, fairies, and the Loch Ness monster.

            This is why I don’t “debate” or “argue” “intelligently” with you bronze age savages. You are quite literally fucking morons who don’t even understand the “proofs” you use in your feeble attempts to legitimize your bronze age arab-tribalism cult.

          • guest

            I read it and that’s what it said plainly and simply. and practically every religion has God at the heart of it.

          • guest

            Please bring your proof for all these accusations. And where in the article was the tooth fairy?

          • guest

            All insults, no facts, yet again.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, genius, the “facts” are the article you linked to as “proof.”

            YOU provided the “facts.”

            You claimed the study mentioned in the article “proves” that all  people are “born with a belief in god.” That is your proof.

            I rejected that proof, for that is not what the article states. That IS my proof. The article you linked to is my proof.

            That you are too stupid to see that is your fault.

            And again, I ALWAYS “insult” those who so richly deserve it.

          • guest

            The arctile doessay that and you albelyourlies as 2proof” so people see you as a liable source.

          • guest

            i desrve it because Im Muslim, whathappenedto freedom of belief and all the stuff america preachesbut doesnt do

          • Anonymous

            Actually, genius, the “facts” are the article you linked to as “proof.”

            YOU provided the “facts.”

            You claimed the study mentioned in the article “proves” that all  people are “born with a belief in god.” That is your proof.

            I rejected that proof, for that is not what the article states. That IS my proof. The article you linked to is my proof.

            That you are too stupid to see that is your fault.

            And again, I ALWAYS “insult” those who so richly deserve it.

          • Mehnazakhtar

            Your scared, your scared because Islam is the true religion your scared because you have a comfy life n dint want to give it up BUT remember every soul shall taste death and I would love to see you in the after life inshallah and ask you why you were so ignorant to the truth?? Read my son read educate yourself the ink of a scholar is better than the blood of a martyr when I are educated you will realise

          • Anonymous

            No one is scared of you bronze age savages. We’re sick to death of you and your bullshi’ite. We don’t give a flying rat’s ass how you savage each other in your own craptastic paradises. We’re fed up with you primitives bringing it to our “comfy countries.”

            As for your make believe after life: We’d much rather dwell in your make believe hell than spend eternity with you savages and your ass backwards, barbaric, blood thirsty, racist, primitive sky monster allah in your make believe whore house in the sky.

          • guest

            You make accusations again and again with no proof. Islam is the religion that promotes the study of science and doesn’t inhibit it and make it a crime like in Christianity.

          • guest

            We believe the souls all said it before any of us were born. And actually, in contrast to Christianity, Islam has lots of scientific proof. Reply to this if you want me to give you an example.

          • guest

            We believe when you convert to Islam you need to say the declaration, not when you are an innocent child or just a foetus!!!!!!!! 

          • Amirkhan

            u must be gay as being gay not acceptable in islam… also muslim born doesnt make u muslim

          • Anonymous

            NOBODY is born muslim, or hindu,or christian…..etc. EVERYBODY has a choice, choose respect, or treated like shit (women) and second-hand citizen. and actually, not all educated people use their brain, and read.  

          • Becky959846

             nahla dear, you really dont know anything. EVERY human is born as a MUSLIM, its up to their parents what they will become and sometimes themselves when they get old to make their own choices

          • Anonymous

            so, what makes you the expert? you think you know EVERYTHING? Typical muslim retarded thinking.

          • guest

            Typical atheist that looks down on all other religions without proof. 

          • guest

            We believe that all kids that die go to heaven no matter what religion there parents were (basically saying all kids are Muslim) and if you want I can clarify each and every one of those points for you.

          • Visionaries4

            it seems like this non muslim without quoting any scripture out of context has a worst attitude towards women than what this site is posting about muslims. Calling these two women bitches, i did not read that terrible insult to women in none of the qur’an verses that was quoted. Tonto you make me sick to my stomach with your filthy tongue towards women. You are a westener too, not a muslim.

          • Guest

            Did you fall off your horse and hit your head? If I searched I could find you real racists, the kind that would pummel you into the ground because you aren’t white. Yet you think these two women are racists.

            Was this not meant to be a factual statement?

          • Vharly

            Showing your ignorance again I see….

          • Adam Vener

            Considering you’ve never met her and have such vitriol for her you really show your immaturity.

          • Brent Thibault

            Your the f**king IDIOT! Educate yourself asshole. Sit down and shut it, NOBODY cares.

          • Irma

            No Tonto–you are clearly the most ignorant of the two.

          • Bert

            Hey Tonto. A perfect name for you. In Spanish tonto means many things: fool, foolish, idiotic, ebecil, idiot, simple-minded, witless, fool, cretin, etc. A perfect match for you.

        • ANGLO SAXON

          Don’t you mean ; dunno what day it is ?    

      • esmajic

        I think that America has bigger problems than to wage wars on other peoples deserts.

        Something like
        14.5 million unemployed (
        35.5 million hungry (
        this list cold go long (I hope that you got the point)

        First fix and correct your own society and then go out and introduce it to others as the way to be and live – feel free to force it down the throat then.

        But don't go out and force others to comply to something that doesn't work back at home.

        And considering tolerance in those societies yesterdays slave was able to become leader almost over night – and most importantly he was able to buy himself out of slavery – he was not sentenced to slavery for his entire life and religion promoted freeing of slaves.
        And Christians and Jews were living pretty decently under those intolerant ones until “tolerant” European westerners crusaders came and slaughter everyone in Palestine (including Christians, Jews, Muslims and others).

        Ignorance is worst thing that one can have – don't be proud of it.

        • Infidelesto

          God help you and your ignorance…read a book for f***'s sake

          • chhainya

            you should be able to tolerate comments if ur willing to post this and forcing ppl to tolerate ur opinions and read things that are not facts mr. infidelesto.

          • Infidelesto

            uh, the comments are still up, aren't they? I can disagree with someone while still tolerating it. If I didn't tolerate, I would delete.

            btw, I'm not forcing you to tolerate anything on this site. You can click off the website if you don't like it.

            Why are people so stupid?

          • Anonymous

            fuck infidelesto!!! lol
            ok im a JEW and i still have more respect for the muslims than the people of chirst! how about open the quran and tell me the chapters they,false info, are in? ur saying Maududi ok that NOT the quran! for shit sake! wow im a jew and even i know better.

          • Phoenix

            I'm sure your “respect” for muslims is a nice comfort for all the Palestinians your ilk has slaughtered over the years.

          • LovesFur

            How about picking up a fucking newspaper and reading about their behaviour. I don’t give a shit what their toilet paper says.

          • islam is peace

            a newspaper? sreiously?

          • Zahraa_kadri

            the people in isreal are not jews, they’re zionists; there’s a difference. And people that live in isreal that call themselves jews are only kidding themselves ok.

          • I_am_ANGLO SAXON

            I’m happy to say that the jewish people are alive and well,and at the end,to your horror you will find that the jews are Gods chosen people,even Christians recognise that.jewboytwintyforseven,you talk bollocks and you are not a jew.

          • fatena

            thanks for the benefit of the doubt. I am muslim and this site is a joke. i would not even consider replying ,but I appreciate your comment.

          • Kal_El

            Yet you did reply. How amusing.

          • Aliya

            shut up! lol

          • Shah

            hey boss i just had a question to ask you did yu know whatt religion hitler wass?? and do yu know who killed the mosstt people in man kinds history??? do some research dont fall into the deception:P

          • Kal_El

            Hey shah, Hitler was an atheist, and regarded islam with admiration. He had a division of SS troops comprising all muslim nazis. The Mufti of Occupied Jerusalem (occupied by the muslim Ottomans) was friends with Hitler, and there are pictures on older archives of the two sitting together for tea. Do some research yourself, and get a proctologist to help you remove your head from your ass, and a chiropractor to help straighten out your spine.

          • Zahraa_kadri

            if you believe that then you believe anything.

          • rashid

            hiltler wasnt a atheist @Kal_El go and edecate yourself

          • MooMoo

            actually……..he claimed he was Catholic. :D

          • Zahraa_kadri

            Hitler was not the cause of genocide and massacre of the jews, it was two british zionists that did it for power so that for the rest of the future zionists could use it to their advantage and reap sympathy from people. look at what the zionists have done in muslim countries. They have been causing exactly the same genocide in palestine. killing people in gas chambers, burning palestinians alive, raping the women, torturing the men. this is a holocaust of the palestinians yet people turn an blind eye. remember Hitler was just a puppet, just like most of the so called leaders we have in the world today. for instance ‘Sadam Hussain’ people said he was a mass murderer for what he did to his own people. but who put him there in the first f****** place, ofcourse it had to be the british and american government, and why did the put him there; for the sake of power, money and oil. And to have power over Sadam himself.
            And then when the American and British government decided that they didn’t want him there anymore, what did they do? they pretended that there was a so called terrorist attack in england and america so that they would have and excuse to go to war with afghanistan and Iraq and kill so many innocent people. George Bush is such an amazingly stupid person that ofcourse they would have to replace him with a distraction ‘a clever’ black president, the so called ‘hope of america’. Anymore this subject is just way too much to talk about. if you really want to find out the truth then go to this website…..

            and watch these videos:


          • Greydox

            W….. T…… F…..? You are one messed up little puppy mate. You believe in faries and goblins too?

          • rocky

            It’s brain washed people like you that go around killing people because you think you have a the facts. Where do you get your facts? That would be the answer to most of your problems. Anyone can write fair tales and tell people it is the truth. The Muslim people have been a warring people long before any Zionist had any thing to do with any of you. Muslims love to hate and love to kill. Your so called religion tells it all. When innocent people are being killed in your country by people in your country is there an out cry? No. You all love it. The biggest mistake that we have done has been to try and stop your own killing of innocent people. Tell me a man who walks on this earth, performs mircles, hells the sick, is crusified and then rises from the died, and he was one of you. A Muslim. And you still don’t believe in him. You believe in some jerk who was made up long after Jesus Christ walked and died on this earth. Your Koran is about as holy as pig blood.

          • Imtheknife

            what on earth are YOU talking about? the guy above was crazy enough, but now you’re PRETENDING to be on the side of right, but you still ooze prejudice and bigotry.

            “Muslims love to hate and love to kill.”
            do you listen to yourself? you really believe this? you think that pretty much every Muslim in the world is a hateful murderer or murder supporter?

            what’s different between that attitude and the one that backs most genocidal leaders? not much.

            and where’s the source that supports your claim that Jesus was a Muslim?
            and what’s more holy about the Bible than the Quran?
            and what’s holy about the Bible at all?

          • Lyfelineent

            As a Muslim, we all believe that Jesus was a Muslim. Islam means, simply put, “Submission to Allah”, hence, whomever believes in One God, is technically a Muslim. We believe that Jesus was one of Gods many prophets. Every prophet the Christians and Jews believe in, we also believe in, we just dont think any of them are “Gods”. We also acknowledge (and must believe in) The Bible and The Torah, in their original unadulterated forms, to be books sent from God. So Muslims are closer to Christianity than most Americans will ever think. Now as for the people that think “All Muslims love to hate and love to kill”? I am sure that Less than ten percent of so called Muslims are terrorists and extremists. Al Hamdu Lillah (praise be to Allah)

          • Lyfelineent

            Imtheknife… Im in no way trying to argue youre points. You have a good outlook on things. I just wanted to clarify where Muslims stand concerning Jesus.

          • Anonymous

            hey, thanks for the explanation! i didn’t know most of what you just shared, and now i’m better informed, i have more knowledge than i did before, and i’m richer for it.

            see folks, isn’t learning about other cultures great?

            hate=bad, knowledge=good. these are simple equations, and there is ZERO evidence against them, in all of history.

          • Jeni

            It is so refreshing to hear a fellow Muslim speak out and teach narrow minded people the realities of our religion. I wish people would try to truley educate themselves before making bias decisions. It is very bad to discriminate against any other religion, it is not God’s/ Allah’s way, in any belief. The Torah, The Bible, and the Koran teach their followers that God/ Allah is the judger, the forgiver, the decider of all, not us, we are here to do his work- help others, give to the poor, raise our children to be happy healthy followers of God/ Allah.
            I have mentioned God/ Allah together because many people outside of Islam- say things like “ohh go pray to Allah, who ever that is”. And this is just another result of uneducated people- Allah is God in arabic- Arabic Catholics/Christians also pray to “Allah” It will be a much better world when people start to educate themselve and practice the Tolorance that Allah so badly wants us to have. Peace and Blessings

          • Favourlovegrace

            i really pity you. you are so mistaken.islam and christianity are not and will never be close. why do you muslims like to ignore the obvious facts? the god of muslims is glorified by the very things and actions the god of christians hate. please open your eyes and see that allah is Jehova’s enemy. according to christianity allah can only be the devil, you know, that old serpent who hates women so much because of her seed. the devil is the author of deception(including taqqiya) which you muslims have a talent in perfecting. May the grace of God reach you to save you. 

          • thelastthingyoulleverhear

            did you also know that the quran says to kill non-muslims?

          • Anonymous

            ya know, i keep hearing this, but nobody ever produces a quote, or passage numbers, or anything.

            i recent got my hands on two different translations of the Quran, and i’ve yet to find the parts that say this-could you tell me where to find it?

          • Anonymous

            Ok, Imtheknife/lyfelineent (you probably shouldn’t have posted a response to yourself so quickly you piece of crap kuranimal)

            Source: From surah al anfal (the spoils of war)

            [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

            That’s just one, but you and I both know there are 108 more and if mein kuranmpf is “a perfect. clear and valid guide for all people for all time that ayat CANNOT be for a “one time situation).

            And BEFORE YOU (mis) quote surah 5 (The table spread) ayat 32 I will quote ALL OF IT:

            “Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.” Same source as above.

            You kuranimals always leave out the bit about it being addressed to the Jews and the bit about “unless for a soul or corruption.” YOu and I both KNOW that corruption, as defined by your fucking allah is simply being a kaffr.

            And as for your song and dance as lyfelineent about Jesus. It’s all just lip service. You kuranimals always forget to mention that isa will come back, break the cross, cancel jizya so kaffr only have two options: convert or die, and that isa will kill all who do not bow to islam.

            isa and Jesus are not the same. isa is simply mo’s feeble and vile attempt to hijack the texts and beliefs of Judaism and Christianity in his personal quest for power, pussy and money.

          • Anonymous

            Oh and another thing imtheknife/lyfelineent

            My two translations of mein kuranmpf in TURKISH and my pre-911 have all the nasty ayats about casting fear into the hearts of/striking/subjugating the kaffr and nothing about hitting “lightly” (they flat out say beat w/o the lightly or (with a switch no thicker than your thumb) your bitches and my post-911 English translation has all the violence downplayed with adjectives or outright omissions.

            So, yes, kuranimal, please tell people to go to the local mosque and pick up a copy of mein kuranmpf that has been sanitized for those pesky kaffr. While you do that I encourage them to down load mein kuranmpf translated by kuranimals for kuranimals from kuranimal sites or to find a translation in any language printed before the late 90′s.

            Us uppity kaffrs have been on to you kuranimals and your games since the 90′s.

          • Anonymous

            excuse me, but why the hell are you calling me names and telling me what i know and acting like an ass?

            you’ve got no business calling me a piece of crap, or a “kuranimal”, whatever the hell that is. you know essentially nothing about me, what i know, or what i believe, so don’t act like you do.

            you are filled with hate, and you can’t see clearly.

            i’m not preaching any message other than ‘everybody calm the f**k down’, okay? if you actually READ MY posts, you’ll realize that i haven’t said anything to deserve the kind of hateful rhetoric you’re throwing my way. it’s uncalled-for, immature, and even worse, irrational.

            you seemed to miss the part where i mentioned that i *RECENTLY* got ahold of two versions of the Quran, and SO FAR (implied) i’ve not been able to find the passages the other poster referenced.

            politicians and leaders fueled by the EXACT same kind of irrational hate you’re peddling are the reasons our personal liberties and freedoms are at stake in these times (in america, where i am, and elsewhere), and their followers (probably you) are the people who keep things such as religious wars from fading away into history.

            you make a poor representative for the human race, and i’m sorry to have made your acquaintance.

            i hope that someday soon you’ll realize that what you’re doing is adding to the PROBLEM, not the SOLUTION.

          • Anonymous


            I’m calling you a kuranimal and you know exactly what that is.

            You posted a reply to yourself lyfelineent( muslim spouting taqiyaa about Jesus). You shouldn’t have replied so quickly or from the same i.p. You’re just another mohammadan playing games. And you deserved every ounce of venom I or anyone else could throw at you. You mo-bots can dish it out but you certainly can’t take it.

            It is YOU and your fellow mohammadans that are keeping the religious wars alive. Forcing us uppity kaffr to “respect” you and your 7th century arab cult of supremacy. Demanding religious rights no other group has. Refusing to deal with your “small minority” of radicals and raising hell and screaming racism when us kaffr do try to deal with it.

            You’re right, our leaders are the problem. Moral and cultural relativist libtards who would sooner cut off their own noses than admit that islam and it’s adherents are a problem.

          • Anonymous

            no, i literally do not know what a kuranimal is, nor do i have any idea what would make you so sure that i do.

            “Bullshit” is not a rational response to anything.

            i don’t deserve the way you’re speaking to me, and i would point out that i have not spoken to you in a similar way.

            i reiterate EVERYTHING i said in my last post.

            you are hateful, ignorant, and have no regard for rational conversation.

            also, why do you keep talking about someone posting a response to themselves, or so quickly, or from the same ip? what does that have to do with ANYTHING AT ALL?!?!?!

          • Anonymous

            in fact, a google search for kuranimal mostly comes up with comments YOU have left on various pages here and on other sites.

            i’ve never heard the term before, and now it seems i can’t find out what it means because you appear to have invented it (or are at least nearly the only person to use it) AND refuse to tell me what it means.

            you probably won’t get a white supremacist to tell you what ni**er means, either.

          • Lyfelineent

            Okay… now the Quran states apostasy as being extremely heinous. It does speak on killing those apostates. But just like any other country, you must first go to trial for any broken laws. Its usually the extremists that cast death upon apostates, but the doctrine itself also teaches to forgive and to let others follow whichever religion they choose. “Apostasy in Islam (Arabic: ارتداد, irtidād or ridda‎) is commonly defined in Islam as the rejection in word or deed of their former religion (apostasy) by a person who was previously a follower of Islam. Islamic scholarship differs on the earthly punishment for apostasy, ranging from death to no punishment at all.[1]”

            One thing everyone should know about Islam is that we believe it to be the truth. Whoever becomes a muslim must think about their commitment to the Din (Religion). If they had done their research, then they wouldve known about Apostasy in Islam.

            ” It must be conceded that automatic death for apostasy is not as prominent a theme in the Quran as one would expect. For instance, these verses condemn it, but its punishment is reserved for divine judgment in the Last Day, or its punishment is not clear down here on earth: Suras 2:217; 3:72, 86-87, 90; 4:137; 5:54; 16:106; 33:14; 47:25-27; 73:11; and 74:11.”

            I Hope i have helped you by providing this link below. It should enlighten you concerning the killing of non-muslims…


          • Anonymous

            thank you very much, my new friend. this is actually the very information i was searching the internet for when i found this page!

            i’ll look up the passages you’ve listed, i’m glad you’ve provided such a complete list (and explanation); this should help paint a pretty clear picture for myself and anyone else who cares to read it.

            thank you again!

          • Mrsnara

            honestly our religion teaches peace. I’m so sorry that the ignorant minded person has picked up 10 quotes in the entire Quran that oppress women. He must have forgotten that the Quran was written more that 1400 years ago. Look back in history to that age,Feminism my friend is only a recent creation. I am a Muslim Woman, i believe that Islam protects the woman instead of exposing her. Muslims believe that they are slaves in this life and the next life they are free. We are simple, humble people that just want to live peacefully. As our Prophet muhammed(saw) said to the non-belivers as they entered madinah/makkah after the final war, he greeted them with peace and said that they could live in the country. Honestly don’t believe all you see and read in the media. Islam is a beautiful religion. Do your own research, listen to islamic lectures before you scrutinize us,

          • Jeni

            Really, some people are just such followers that they will listen to anything people tell them—- get out from in front of the TV and read the Koran- You know so much about it and have probly never read it- right?

          • Mythik

            Kill non-Muslims? More like fight against non-believers. God says to accept everyone in every single religion. We’re all human beings. We were all created by the same God. It’s just people have different views on how to interpret the messages of God. We all come from Adam and Eve.YOU, thelastthingyoulleverhear, are an imbecile. Do not speak unless you have your facts right. You have no room to talk when you are probably some radical southern Christian who thinks they know of things. Allah, is the Arabic term for God. So virtually, Allah is God. So Allah created man, yes? Why would Allah, being the most merciful, tell Muslims to kill non-Muslims? Allah said wage a holy war when needed. This Al-Quaida ignorance is nothing like a holy war. That is just a personal hatred towards the “infidels.” I’m 15 years old and I’m telling you this bro. Think through things before letting them just flow through. Get your ass out of the couch and get your eyes off the TV, and go research the religion of Islam. I’m not talking google, because google is just BS that anyone could post in. Pathetic, it’s people like you that disgrace humanity. And Istanbul_chick, get a life. What kind of girl devotes her life to making a religion look bad using false data? I’d tell you off right now, but I won’t do anything of the sort when mentioning when Islam is the topic. I said what I had to say, assalamualaikum. Peace be upon you all. I’ll keep you sinners in my prayers.

          • Anonymous

            What “false data” have I used.

            Correct me if I am wrong. Don’t just tell me I’m wrong.

            Waiting for the corrections on my “false data.”

            I’ll bet my eye teeth you can’t come up with one “false data” comment.

            You’re a typical kuranimal windbag: making claims without any evidence.

          • Lyfelineent

            ummm…purely a biased opinion….

          • Anonymous

            Oh, imtheknife, the jig is up.

            Go back to the libtard site. They lurrrrvvsss you mo-bots. You’re their latest pet project.

          • Anonymous

            look, stephanie, your position lacks two very important things: facts, and explanations.

            you’re accusing me of something you refuse to define, you offer no facts because you have none, and your rhetoric has literally been reduced to name-calling.

            you sound like an idiot.

            also, your method of persuasion is not effective. do some research on effective public speakers and revolutionary leaders in history, none of them call people things like ‘libtard’.

            in fact, the only example that comes to mind of hate-speech being effective on any really notable level to rally the masses was in Germany in the late early 1940s. i don’t recommend modelling your methods after hitler.

          • Anonymous

            I am not trying to persuade anyone of anything. There is not persuading the terminally suicidal.

            Hey, libtard, kuranimal, kuranimal loving libtard, whatever you are, hypocrisy is your best suit. You call anyone who isn’t a moral and cultural relativist “racist” or “bigot” or the obligatory “HITLER” but scream bloody murder when you’re called libtards. Hell, you lunatics even accuse third world muslim women who have been abused by islam and its policies as haters and bigots or worse: liars.

            What part of “you should not have posted a reply to lyfelineent so quickly” do you not understand? Explanations are is so often the case with you loony libs are only understood or accepted if they agree 100% with your suicidal mindset.

            Posts have time stamps. Your reply was to “lyfelineent” was within seconds of lyfeline’s post, which is funny considering it takes this site several minutes to update and post new comments. If you can’t figure out what the hell I’m “accusing” you of well, go back to huffpost and maybe one of your fellow liberal zombies can explain it to you.

          • Anonymous

            you’re accusing me of BEING lyfelineent? are you smoking something?
            where’s your proof?
            because two people agree on something, they must be the same person? really?

            that’s an idiotic position to take.

            what have *i* done to make me a hypocrite?

            i’m not screaming bloody murder, i’m screaming closed-minded hate-speech.

            “Hell, you lunatics even accuse third world muslim women who have been abused by islam and its policies as haters and bigots or worse: liars.”

            i have never in my life held this position, or said anything that supports it. i think the way most muslim women are treated by most muslim men in the muslim world is horrible. the culture of islam generally treats women terribly, and i hate it.

            you seem to have me confused with some other ‘libtards’.

            i’m not your enemy, i’m just calmer.

            also, i didn’t call you, or anyone, hitler, and never have. i just found it interesting that after suggesting you research EFFECTIVE public speakers and leaders, i realized there was ONE in history who spoke in a similar way to how you speak here.

          • Anonymous

            i get email updates of responses to my comments.

            it is a feature offered by ‘Disqus’, and it’s how i was able to respond so quickly-i happened to be checking my email when he/she responded.

            figuring this stuff out isn’t hard. it just takes a little thought.

            so why don’t you go ahead and tell me my ip, and lyfelineent’s ip, and show us where you got them?
            then we can plainly see if he/she and i are posting from the same place.

          • Anonymous

            i’m not screaming bloody murder, i’m screaming closed-minded hate-speech.

            Oh and calling people bigots, racists and hitler is NOT closed-minded hate-speech? Hypocritical much?

            Also, since when is there a difference between calling someone hitler and comparing them to hitler? Typical liberal loon obfuscation.

            And you may not be lyfeline, you got me on that one, I didn’t see that lyfeline had replied to you. Your response was at the same time as the posting and your response had such a “gee wilikers, happy go lucky, islam really is a religion of peace” slant to it and no follow up questions that it smacked of a kuranimal pretending to be a kaffr. I withdraw my accusation.

            Unlike you, I’ve actually lived as a kuranimal in kuranimal country for many years. I’ve witnessed, many times kuranimals pretending not to be kuranimals to fool naive and stupid liberals. I’ve heard self-proclaimed “atheist” and “secular humanist” kuranimals preach dawa about what a wonderful humane, perfect man muhammad was or how good sharia and sunnah are for all of humanity, again, to liberals who not ONCE stopped and asked “If you’re atheist why are you preaching to me?” They certainly wouldn’t let a “secular humanist” preach about how wonderful Jesus or Buddha was without screaming at them about preaching.

            I am not preaching at you. I learned as a libtard myself many moons ago that trying to reason with libtards is an exercise in futility. There was no getting through my wall of liberal indoctrination. I was one of the biggest slingers of false accusations of “bigot and racist and hitler” when I ran out of catch phrases to throw out like “all cultures are equal” and “people hate what they don’t understand” and “haters are just ignorant.”It took a real trip into la-la land to see just how other cultures are. Rather than just believe everything I saw on t.v. or read in books or had spoon-fed by my teachers I went and lived among some of those “wonderful, vibrant, beautiful” cultures that are equal to mine to see for myself.

            In fact, I wish all of you libtards would go live in mohammadan countries. Not just for a week for a holiday, really live there as a kaffr. That really is the only cure for your cultural suicide mentality. I don’t mind you being a liberal loon at all, I mind that you’re trying to bring the rest of us down with you in your suicide mission. I mind being told I am a racist or ignorant about a subject I know much more about than my accusers.

            I’m sure, just as there were liberal loons telling Churchill his speeches about hitler and the nazis were racist hate speech, there were liberals among the native Americans who were telling the tribes “hey, they come in peace, they’re people just like us!”

          • Anonymous

            well, i must say, that was the most well thought-out comment i’ve seen here from you, and i appreciate it.

            but i still think you’re wrong.

            and no, comparing someone who calls you nasty names and spouts hatred towards another group of people to hitler is not closed minded hate-speech. it is accurate.

            people who take your position typically don’t seem to understand what a COMPARISON is. it IS NOT a declaration that the things being compared are exactly the same, only that they SHARE TRAITS.

            the way you talk on here SHARES TRAITS with the way hitler used to speak about the jews.
            since we’re having a conversation, where we respond to the things we *say* to each other, doesn’t it matter that i’m SAYING to you that i’m not calling you hitler?

            we liberals make the distinctions in our comparisons because THEY MATTER. right-wingers seem to only listen for key words or phrases, without paying any attention to their CONTEXT (context, i’ve noticed, is something you value, at least when quoting religious books).

            thank you for your attempt to be more level-headed, i think you’ve partially succeeded, and i truly appreciate it. however, i still think you’ve got a long way to go before the way you talk matches what you’re saying.

            shariah law may be unjust, i don’t know enough about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to bite someone’s proverbial head off because they suggested you tone it down a bit.

            the way you talk makes your side look bad.
            it’s simple marketing: if you want people to take you seriously, don’t call them names.

            i’m 100% against injustice of all kinds, in all situations, for all people, in all parts of the world. i’m getting the impression that you may feel a similar way. however, the way you’ve come at me as an enemy, before you even knew for sure if i was (your enemy), or what i believed, was an example of an injustice. i was unjustly accused of being and doing several things that were simply not true. don’t you see that?

          • Anonymous

            “and no, comparing someone who calls you nasty names and spouts hatred towards another group of people to hitler is not closed minded hate-speech. it is accurate.”

            Keep that in mind next time you defend kuranimals. You liberal loons are always silent whent shia or sunni kuranimals are attacking ahmadiyya or alavi kuranimals. And speaking of hitler and the nazis why do you NEVER scream “HATE SPEECH” at people who spew hatred at hitler? How do you define what is hate speech and what is not?

            I’ve never once heard a liberal screaming hate speech when people are bashing Christians. Again, sound of crickets chirping. You’re not interested in equality or freedom for everyone. Just anyone not white, not Christian, not conservative. Not once have I seen libs calling mobs of murderous kuranimals, accusing their non kuranimal neighbours of blasphemy and killing them, racists, bigots or hitler. I didn’t hear one loon screaming “HATE SPEECH” at the hodja who during a friday sermon was calling Americans dogs and telling his kuranimal flock they will fail in life until they make those dogs serve them as slaves. I mentioned it to one loony lib and she flippantly replied “hey, he has the right to free speech.” So, no, you’re not interested in equal rights or status for everyone. I wasn’t when I was fully indoctrinated by the left.

            The funniest instance of liberal lunacy was in India circa 1990. A group of kuranimals had been harassing and attacking an enclave of Buddhists and demanding that one of their temples be torn down so they could build a mosque. Among the Buddhists were a number of Western Buddhists who were fighting like hell to prevent almost daily attacks. Enter western liberal kuranimal lovers who came to teach those racist white hitlers about respect and hate speech. What they didn’t count on was that there were also a number of Indian Buddhists. The libs were spinning their wheels. They would hassle the white Buddhists but give the Indian Buddhists a wide berth. At that time I realized that the liberal mantra was not about equality for all. It was “if it’s not white it’s always right and if it’s white it’s always wrong and we’ll split the difference if they’re working together.”

          • Anonymous

            one of the hallmarks of racism and bigotry is to condemn a large group of people for the acts of some of its members.

            you are condemning me for the acts (and words) of people who claim the same label (liberal).

            you are engaging in bigotry against me, fueled only by the actions and words of people who are not me.

            i wasn’t defending muslims, i was defending the idea of ‘reasonable doubt’ and individualism, and against blanket condemnation just like the kind you’re applying to me.

            you must realize that not all people are the same, not all liberals are the same, not all muslims are the same, not all christians are the same, etc. this is REALLY BASIC to our understand of people, and i’m surprised you seem to have missed it.

            so…your position is that white people are oppressing white people on behalf of non-white people?
            that’s just stupid. why would they do that?

            if you want to make a social commentary about the imbalance of reverse racism and reverse bigotry, that’s fine, but frame your argument that way. it’s a very good point, and i’d be interested to hear more, but this is not the right way to do it.

            you are ADDING negativity and hate to the world, but i doubt you’re doing anything to remove it. it doesn’t matter who you direct it towards, you’re still generating hate, and that is never a good thing for ANYONE.

            people like you make the world WORSE, not better, and that’s exactly what you’re doing here, making the world a worse place than it was before you started posting.

            the world is literally a sh*ttier place because you opened your mouth here.

          • Anonymous

            “i wasn’t defending muslims, i was defending the idea of ‘reasonable doubt’ and individualism, and against blanket condemnation just like the kind you’re applying to me.”

            Do you exercise that “reasonable doubt” for the KKK? They Aryan Nation/Brotherhood? Neo-Nazis?

            No, you do not because they are racists practicing a racist ideology.

            I am not condemning every mohammadan for the acts of terrorists. I am condemning every mohammadan for practicing a racist, supremacist hate-filled ideology. That’s what you loony libs just don’t get. That is what you loony libs who SHOULD be painted with a broad brush will never understand.

            You can’t lie to me, toots, I was as far left as one could go. You only care about non-white, “exotic” and third world cultures and peoples. In your twisted psyche all whites should be condemned for your mistaken mantra that only whites were imperialists and colonizers.

            Calling islam a religion is as insane as calling naziism a religion. And, yes, I do think you and people like you are just as dangerous as hitler, the kkk, and mohammadans.

            Now go take your shiny new degree and go live among the poor and downtrodden you tool.

          • Anonymous

            i absolutely do practice reasonable doubt for those groups; EVEN when their members are accused of committing a crime, because that is MY ideology: that every person is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

            i get that you’re condemning muslims for their ideology. i totally get it. i’m not the idiot ‘libtard’ you think i am; the fact that i don’t share your views doesn’t make me stupid. i don’t believe you can condemn an ideology, only people for their actions.

            i don’t think all whites should be condemned, and i CERTAINLY am not so diluted as to think they were history’s only oppressors; not by a long shot. and why do you keep mentioning your past in the left? who cares? it’s got nothing to do with anything here, other than making you look even more insane for CONVERTING to a life of hate and bigotry.

            you again have me confused with someone else.

            naziism, in hitler’s germany, WAS a religion, by nearly every measure. you’ve clearly lost any critical thinking ability you may have once had (i don’t buy it, nobody GETS this crazy, you were born retarded).

            you think i’m as dangerous as hitler? holy sh*t! i had no idea i had such power!

            “Now go take your shiny new degree and go live among the poor and downtrodden you tool.”

            didn’t you say you used to be the epitomy of leftism? the liberal posterchild? and didn’t you also say you then moved to a part of the world where you were surrounded by islam, and witnessed the horrible effects you say it has on the people?

            haven’t YOU taken your shiny new degree and gone to live among the poor and downtrodden? you tool.

          • Hellosnackbar

            I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a boring fool Mr Knife.
            Innocent until proven guilty is a requisite of criminal trial within the law regarding criminal deed.
            The idea that an ideology that promulgates violence and murder is free from any guilt is very silly.
            It’s a crime in most civilised countries if someone exhorts others to criminality;under any aegis.
            You’re as IC says pretty brainless with an imaginary sense of self importance and intellectual ability.
            Just cough as in go away!and take your meandering egotism with you.
            We want evidence based opinions here not whimsical semantics.
            Go bore somebody else on a metaphysics blog.

          • Jeni

            Wow, is this what Christianity teaches you, to hate everyone except yourself- Im sure that is going to get you very far. Just like the evil terrorists- people, like Istanbul_shit- interpret things the way they want to, hoping to gain something- it could be winning an argument, gaining power, ect. They read one section of a book- make their mind up- leave out the next 10 lines and spread the BS. If you really read any religous book, there are going to have many things that seem to condradict eachother, and many of the practices seem different to us– They were written thousands of years ago, times were different. Back then you had to fight to be Muslim, Christian, ect. So if you used only a quater of your brain you would put two and two together and stop trying to pick everything apart. Knowledge is Peace

          • Anonymous

            “…and many of the practices seem different to us–They were written thousands of years ago, times were different then.”

            Well, “Jeni” first of all not one of the regular posters here is a Christian. Some of are apostates from islam, some are atheists.

            The way I “interpreted” mein kuranmpf is how it was taught to me by a hodja. I didn’t interpret it at all.

            Mein kuranmpf was not written thousands of years ago either.

            But if times were different then, how can you believe, with a straight face, the lie your hodja told you or the kuranimal you converted for when he tells you “quraan is perfect, clear and valid for ALL PEOPLE FOR ALL TIMES”? And perfect and valid for all people for all time should not have outdated practices. Ever try to put together a 2011 dvr using instructions for a 1986 beta vcr? Perfect works of literature are not contradictory either Stupid much? Seriously, are you a born kuranimal or a fat revert? If you’re a born kuranimal well, you can’t help being stupid you really had no choice or chance to be a thinking intelligent human being. But if you’re a revert there is no excuse for such abject blind stupidity.

            You’re right knowledge is peace. You’d better hope you learn how to think critically.

          • XYZ

            When non-muslims in America are killed by non-muslims is there an outcry? Look into your own backyard first before looking over to another.

          • Anonymous

            Generally no, there is not an outcry unless it’s a particularly heinous crime.

            Us kaffr are not over the top histronically chest beating over emoters like you crocodile-teared kuranimals.

          • Agrbarkaati2007

            how dare u tell this u r a son pf pig.. u love pig and he is ur father and mother………

          • Kal El

            And you sir, worship a pedophile and a moon-good. Allahu manyak khanzira!

          • Pearl

            k bro….look whoz talking about the facts..
            “Muslims love to hate and love to kill”?? would you please go through the trouble of letting us know where did you get that little fact from?
            And for the sake of your love for facts let me give you some…
            Muslims DO BELIEVE IN JESUS (Peace be upon him) and I as a muslim love him to death..and for the sake of that love I go through this BS, reading all the nonsense comments ignorant people make about him and Islam..and to help in what he had been doing all his life: clear up misconceptions.
            We do belive in him and love him and also believe in the miracles he did and the book that was sent down on him..the Holy bible…and guess what I am not goin to insult the Holy book because its something I believe in as a muslim..and absolutely not something you believe in as I can certainly see you violating its rules…

            Getting back to the violence in Islam issue lets get our facts straight…
            The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him!) said:
            “Whoever kills a person who has a truce with the Muslims will never smell the fragrance of Paradise.” (Saheeh Muslim)

            Since the upper hand was with the Muslims, the Prophet strictly warned against any maltreatment of people of other faiths. He said:
            “Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud)

            The teachings of the Prophet on how you and I should treat our Non-Muslim friends and neighbours on a day to day basis as well as how to government should treat a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state.

            “He who believes in God and the Last Day should honour his guest, should not harm his neighbour, should speak good or keep quiet.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

            “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.” (Bukhari)

            “He who hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state, I am his adversary, and I shall be his adversary on the Day of a Judgement.” (Bukhari)

            “Beware on the Day of Judgement; I shall mysefl be complainant against him who wrongs a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state or lays on him a responsibility greater than he can bear or deprives him of anything that belongs to him.” (Al-Mawardi)

            “Anyone who kills a Non-Muslim who had become our ally will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.” (Bukhari)

            AND…I would really like to know what you think about these verses..

            [Jesus] made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. John 2:15

            “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

            [Jesus] said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one…” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.”  ”That is enough,” he replied. Luke 22:36,38

            These is the reson why we muslims abstain from following the “new version” of the bible. It is because it contradicts itself. But however, we do believe in the original bible which cannot be found these days and thats all about it.

            Thank you for taking the time to read this and one fact I would like to mention that may help you in your life ahead…”Ignorance is worst thing that one can have – don’t be proud of it”

          • Guest

            Jesus was a Jew you idiot.

          • confilicts

            thank to God we believe in all the his Prophets,Jesus  is our beloved prophet like Mohammed,Moses ,John and all the others Because the Message is one. Quraan is the final Book from the God, He sent it to Mohammed and he chalenged every humen being Arab and Non Arab top produce even one Verse like it .No one untill now was able to produce and will nevert,It is the bench mark for all the previous books.
            Muslim ,Christion,jews and others being doing to each other since the beginig of the time. second world war and 1st world war not far when christen were killing each other.
            its going to be keep happening for what everreason,relgous,politicals,drugs,alcohol,hatred,supremecy upon each other etc..
            simply Humen being love to leave in confilicts.

          • Rayansaad96

            hitler has nothing to do with this the guy said he respects muslims you are makeing them look bad.

          • Generalironeagle

            Obama has made a speech in support of the mosque at ground zero, and he used freedom of religion to make his case. Amazingly, this President, who has been obsessed with the “wall of separation between church and state” when it comes to Jews and Christians, has made the mosque a church-state matter! What a hypocrite! In any event, his argument in support of the mosque doesn’t hold water. A group is not entitled to Constitutional rights unless they believe in that Constitution and its extension of those same rights to all. Muslims, through their Koran and the doctrine they practice, believe in the destruction of all other religions, and the forced subjugation of all people into their warped religion. That disqualifies them from being a Constitutionally protected religion. Therefore, they are not free to practice their bigoted and violent beliefs in America. The U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact. Any group that threatens the Constitution is not protected by it, but is an enemy of it. We must get this message out to the public, and make sure they understand this principle. Obama is wrong. The muslims are NOT free to do whatever they want in America.

          • wordgirl

            I am an American, born and bred AND a Muslim. Am I allowed to do what I want in America? :) Oh, and by the way, all this terroristic fear-mongering on the part of the conservative media outlets is total b/s. Muslims have no intention of bringing shari’ah to the U.S. That is not possible in the first place, nor is it desired. People really need to step back and breathe a bit. The Republican party will do whatever it takes to regain power and cast doubt and suspicion upon the Democrats, up to and including terrorizing the American people into fearing supposed Islamchurian Candidate Obama and his stealth terrorists who are waiting to destroy democracy from the inside out. It is all so much propaganda. I really wish my fellow Americans could disconnect from the state of panic our own media has perpetrated upon us to see what’s really happening. Alas, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it:

            Japanese internment
            Mass starvation of German civilians after WWII
            Celtic genocide by Romans
            Armenian genocide by Turks and Kurds
            Black Sudanese genocide by Sudanese government

            In retrospect, all of these “plans to keep the interlopers at bay” have been terrible, shameful chapters in our world’s history; we’ve spent decades, centuries and fortunes trying to understand how we all went so mad with hatred and panic that we decided to treat other human beings as non-humans unworthy of the most basic liberties and rights. In the immortal words of fictitious rapper and activist Ali G.: “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

          • Devil Dog


            hmmmm won’t bring it to the US huh are you really that stupid?

          • Nourag88

            AGAIN.. MEDIAAAA lol
            First, do not assume that because the middle east has problems like ignorence due to insufficient/bad education systems (which leads to a population easy to manipulate) that that is the case of every Muslim. Second, Religions are never the problem, poeple are.. and if a group of poeple in a society are criminals, doesnt mean that the whole population is guilty. I think every American should know this by now!!!

            If so than all Germans were Nazis/ All Americans are Native American killers and haters/ All Jews are responsible for the death of thousands of Palestinian children (Christians or Muslims)/ All Roumanians are rapists/ All Aroma women are prostitutes.. and the list goes on…

          • LovesFur

            First of all, things like killing the native americans happened well before any of us were born, and the muslims in paleswine kill more christians than the israeli’s ever have. Germany is not a religious group. Islam is a piece of shit.

          • Dee

             My Christian Palestinian friends would disagree with you on that.

          • Anonymous

             You mean your Christian FAKEstinian friends.

            They’re about as reliable as those Christians from Brigadoon or Ballybeg.

            While you’re talking to your make believe friends why don’t you ask them why they don’t engage in homicide bombing or rock throwing?

          • Nick

            Perhaps you are as you say American Born and Bred, That does not mean that you are intelligent, If you were and you had Studied Islam you would know that they have been on the March all through-out history,
            Don’t believe it then go back to school. The Muslim world so Peace Loving? Is that why they believe in Beheadings/ If that’s Peace then you can keep it. Also if the Muslims are true believers in peace and equality why are there no Churches or Jewish Temples with-in their lands? Oh, Sorry I forgot they ( Muslims) are a tolerant society, Not at all like Israel that Permits Churches and Mosques with-in its borders. Besides if you Muslims don’t like the way you are treated here please don’t stay Leave and as they say ” Don’t Let the door hit you in the Backside on your way out.”

          • Kal El

            That was perfect, and likely can be given no rebuttal =)

          • Arwa

            How there are no churches and sinagogs in muslim countries?
            Jordan? and many other countries,they have churches…i personally have been in a catholic church in turkey, and i saw churches in Egypt.. so relax please

          • Kal El

            We are talking about Saudi Arabia, the place where islam was invented. Ever seen a Church, Synagogue or Monastery there?

          • Sarah

            The FEW churches that may still exist there are terrorized daily!! How many times do I have to turn on the news to see that ANOTHER whackjob suicide bomber has blown up a church, or threw a grenade into a crowded room killing almost everyone. Don’t tell me to relax!

          • Diskdik

            Actually most news is about terrorists blowing up mosques. Especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan where the totalitarian groups such as the Taliban even hate on fellow Muslims.

          • LovesFur

            Google: Christians killed in Afghanistan or Church(s) bombed…. then just insert muslim country there. Yes they kill each other, but christians are persecuted and killed daily.

          • Zahraa_kadri

            have you not learnt about the 32,000 muslims in lebanon that were killed in 1982 and then again in 2006. The hundred of thousands of muslim iraqi’s killed by the American and British armies and so forth, ther is a long list. this is not about muslims vs christians vs jews. this is about shaytan (devil) and if people chose to believe the media which is controlled by government officials then you will believe anything.

          • Nourag88

            Dear Sarah, with all due respect your argument is pretty week.. You see, I live in Italy and what do I see everyday on the news? Some immigrant rapist. Or an exchange student (mostly Americans ironically) involved in the killing of a roomate or a fellow student.. Does that mean that I am gonna start thinking that all Immigrants are rapists or that all Americans are murders? I have a brain.. I must use it, rather than just believe everything they say to me on television..

            Before that, I lived in Egypt. And what did I see everyday on the news? Images of Palestinian children dying everyday and as heartbreaking as it is and as much as the Egyptian Media is trying to convince me to HATE Isreali poeple for that, I don’t. Not because I do not think they are quilty of these crimes (their government certainly is) but because I am old enough to know that they are trying to make me think what THEY WANT ME TO THINK, and that I REFUSE.. also bcuz i know that not every Isreali is happy about these killings, so no i do not categorize poeple based on images (mostly censured that is) thrown at me to passively accept!

          • Kal_El

            You missed the broadcast of Egyptian muslims burning Coptic Churches and homes. Oh, that’s right, that doesn’t get any media attention, that would make islam look bad. The Palestinian children dying are doing so because of the ignorance and idiocy of their parents. As for the immigrant rapists, look up statistics across Europe, especially the UK and Sweden. The massive surge in rape is usually committed by immigrants. Oh and they happen to be muslim. And I have seen or heard muslim clerics, be they shia, sunni, wahhabi, etc… all proclaim it is halal, since the women provoke it by not covering themselves in garbage bag like dresses. As for that exchange student involved in killing a roommate, I follow the news closely, across all of Europe, and have only seen one case that fits your description. And that girl is in jail, where she belongs. What happens to the Egyptians who kill Copts? NOTHING.

          • Nourag88

            I would love to see that broadcast. Even so, still does not change my position on the fact that not all muslims want to burn down churches just as not all priests are pervs and just as not all sheikhs believe those girls deserved to be raped. About the immigrant crime rates, my point was the opposite of wut ur saying, Im saying that NO i do not think that they are all criminals nor that crimes are mostly committed by them. I do not believe in these kind of statistics. First bcuz in the case of Italy and im sure of all europe, not all crimes are taken to the police, especially those commited by italians. So already you do not have enough collected data on every chunk of the population. I wont explain more cuz i think u get the picture. And why am i not shocked that muslims are often the ones “caught” on TV again??
            Dont give me bullshit abt following the news in Europe. in Italy alone the media is all in favor of Berlusconi (well Mediaset at least) cuz well he owns it all.. Second, im sure you get ur news from British or American sources. Finally, you still seem to be unable to see through/past the media.. Maybe you should travel or simply move to a country ud hate to live in.. and see a bit of the other side.. ur more closed minded than a stupid Sheikh.. PS: sunni and shia are sects.. wahhabi is not u idiot lol (excuz my french, im liking this freedom of speech thing)

          • Kal_El

            I have already lived in several muslim countries, and visited many more extensively. As for where I live now, it is not my favorite place, but I am here to keep my eyes open. As for the media, I pay little regard to state run media, especially in Italy. On Berlusconi we agree. Now your refusal to believe statistics, is childish, in that you are presented with evidence, and you refuse to believe it, and offer nothing to counter it, or prove your belief. I see clearly through the media bias, which always favors islam and muslims over the native peoples (such as the UK where they never ID the perps as muslims, always as Asians, or even in the US, where they bend over forwards to not ID Nidal Hasan as a muslim, and invented an illness for the failed Pakistani Times Square jihadi). When I said I follow the news, I mean I follow the news as it is reported by individuals witnessing events. Forgive me for not stating that more clearly.

          • LovesFur

            HAHAHAA you said it Kal El – the COPTS are murdered with impunity – they know who does it and they never make an arrest. Also Christian Copt teenage girls disappear, because they are kidnapped and forced to marry muslim men & convert.

          • Maliyah

            May god bless you with mercy and guide you to the straight path to the havens. Just like to say I do believe you read only one-sided stories and not very open minded. By being one sided it do not make you right the quotes above have been taken out of context. If you know it all than why don’t you get a copy of the quran and read these phrases before making judgement and not be a sheep and follow the dictators who tell you what to believe in the papers. You seen very intelligent person but using your energy in the wrong way

          • XYZ

            Religion is perfect, followers aren’t. Same goes for ALL religions.

          • Kal El

            That is a lie and you know it, or are a true ignoramus.

          • Zahraa_kadri

            right… yet you dont watch the mosques being terrorised and the muslims being killed. please sarah open your eyes and i don’t mean to the brain washing media. travel a bit more and experience things and i guarantee you will have a different perspective after.

          • Sarah

            I have travelled most of my life. My eyes were forced to be open when I was still a child. I form my opinions not simply by the news, but by my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Are you going to tell me that those are ‘taken out of context’ as well? I’m sorry, but Islam claims to be a ‘religion of peace’ yet actions speak louder than words.. Beheadings and stonings, suicide bombers, virginity checks, honor killings, oppression, backwards thinking, and barbaric treatment of it’s own people is plenty of proof for any intelligent life form to believe what they see and hear – especially when it happens in their own backyard, and to their loved ones.

          • XYZ

            One thing: religion is perfect, followers aren’t. Same goes for ALL religions.

          • Lyfelineent

            If youve been in america for a while, then you should know that the media is never entirely accurate…

          • Sarah

            I was born and raised in America, and proud.  That being said, I said in my previous post that sure, I get SOME information from the news, but most of my issues stem from PERSONAL EXPERIENCES that I’ve had with these people.  I lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (which is now nicknamed Beirut) and had quite a few scary scuffles with muslims.  I was never once shown peace and love from them.  I was SPIT ON, had things thrown at me etc, just for walking down the street where there was a mosque.

          • Nourag88

            Yes Arwa, same here.. Ive been to a Catholic church in Cairo, a Protestant Church in Alexandria, a sinagog in Tunis AND a catholic church in Carthage Tunisia, (of which the population is mainly Muslim with a few Jewish famillies and no Christians)

            No offense but Americans have this idea they know everything about the world cuz they follow FOX news, or listen to their radio which sound a lil like> “our troops are struggling in Iraq… And for our local news, Britney Spears just had a hair cut… ” please pleaaase stop assuming u know everything about everyone out there..

          • LovesFur

            You are a joke. I have never watched fox news & have lived in america, europe, and a muslim country in africa. I read international news, pakistani news, indian news, al jazeera english. I also see with my own eyes the insanity of the muslims in europe with their fucking riots, and see how they rape young girls & how their imams publicly declare any woman who doesn’t wear a headscarf is asking for rape. I see how blonde swedish girls in areas with muslims begin to dye their hair black to avoid getting raped. You are a stupid fucking lying musilma whore.

          • swe-sarah

            Why are you lying? You’ve not been in swedeen if that’s what you think. Poor liar, afraid of muslims. :(

          • Zahraa_kadri

            first of all your language is disgusting, second of all the media that you are following can be from any country and can be biased. Al jazeera is a westernised version of arab news ok, if you really want to watch and read news that is not your everyday news show then go to :


            P.S visiting one muslim country doesn’t mean you know about islam…

          • XYZ

            You believe what you see, yet when you are told of the truth you turn your ears away?

          • Anonymous

            The truth from a kuranimal’s mouth is as trustworthy as the scorpions last words “I wont’ sting you.”

            Better not let mo/allah hear you say all religions are good. You want get to allah’s whorehouse in the sky with blaspheme talk like that.

          • Booboo

            umm, your stupid…and wrong!

          • Kal_El

            Umm, YOU’RE stupid. And wrong! in your use of the English language. And likely your support/belief in a cult started by a pedophile named Muhammad.

          • IslamRox

            go kill yourself you ignorant piece of shit :)

          • Kal_El

            No thanks, I am not muslim, and have a good life. Such a good life that even if I believed I had 72 virgins waiting for me in death, I’d still choose to live, as virgins are boring, and don’t know what they are doing. Besides, everyone knows it’s muslims who love killing themselves, either with explosives, or in being dumb enough to challenge a tank/predator drone armed with missiles, using rocks and inferior machine guns.

          • Sarah-swe

            You’re obviously the one who is stupid. You know what I want you to do? I want you to find verses in the Quran where it says that you SHOULD commit suicide or that you SHOULD kill innocent people or that it’s good to rape women. :) Please.

          • Zahraa_kadri

            stufferallah, may allah excuse your ignorance and show you the path of light.

          • sandman

            i feel that u hold strong ignorance bias towards your religion. i would like to arrange a short discussion with you over your ignorance

          • XYZ


          • LovesFur

            YES I also see that the COPT CHRISTIAN EGYPTIANS are experiencing a slow genocide, their churches are burned, their homes are burned, they are murdered on the steps of their churches. I don’t want to hear your FUCKING BULLSHIT !!! The muslim countries that have churches have alot less than previously, as finally the majority of christians had to leave. TURKEY is a piss poor example, considering they genocided christian Armenians, Assyrians AND Cypriotic Greeks within the past century. Priests and other christian religious figures are MURDERED all the time in Turkey and no one intervenes to help. In Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq christians are routinely either executed or just murdered in the streets by mobs. In Somalia both the muslim militia AND the government have both vowed to search out and kill every last christian. In Nigeria, muslim group murdered several hundred christians, in GAZA christian villages are attacked by mobs and at christmas time they are told ‘they better not celebrate christmas. Iraq 50,000 christians murdered in the past 8 years, churches bombed, etc. Your argument is shit.

          • Maliyah

            In the last 8 years Iraq’s been in the hands of America and Gaza is in the hands of the Israelis. You need to wake up and look hard and beyond that what you read and see on the magic screen. Not all christans and jews are enmies of muslims and vis vers may god bless you.

          • Kal_El

            In the last 1436 years countless nations have been in the hands of the ummah. Is there some point you are trying to make?

          • Elis

            Are you seriously that ignorant? There are Churches in many Muslim countries. And I know this because I’ve SEEN them. And dont you dare make judgements about another religions when you clearly know nothing about it, you ignorant pig. Islam is a religion of peace. And as they say, “pull the plank out of your eye before you try and take the twig out of mine”

          • Anonymous

            Sure, there are churches but they can’t build new ones without special permission which takes years from the government, even in your islamic country you typical turkish twat. Hell, they can’t even fix the broken plumbing without special permision which of course takes years. And even with permision, oft times, the local mohammadan hoardes have bitch fits and take it upon themselves to stop the construction. No death threats from us us “islamophobes” when you do it. You jihadi jackoffs try to build a jihad victory mosque on a site of one of YOUR jihadi attacks, you’re told simply to move it somewhere else and the WHOLE middle east erupts into riots and death threats.

            So again, you typical shit-for-brains piece of shit your taqiyya won’t fly here.

            There are also desecrated churches in islamic countries like the Saint Sophia. If we tried that with one of your fucking mosques in the west you’d be foaming at the mouth with “I fak u! I fak u father! I fak you all family! I cut you head!”

          • Nourag88

            You are right.. but why make all Muslims pay for the mistakes of some freaks whose only purpose is Power and nothing else. Governments and Institutions have their twisted ways in all parts of the world, but we should not make their population pay for their bullshit.. dnt u agree? We should try to spread good influence to the ignorent/angry followers of these fucked up asswholes. I mean if you watch Slumdog Millionaire, you could see that Muslims are victims of threats and attacks, they are given a hard time, but does that mean that Hindus are asswholes? No, these attackers I believe are simply brainwashed, and easily too, why? well bcuz they are poor and vulnerable, they are uneducated.. And well basically, it all comes down to that EDUCATION.. without it, we are all doomed.. n that is the real reason why EVIL poeple (like the asswholes uve mentioned) always find their way into brainwashing others and making them follow blindly.. If you apply this to Terrorists, specifically Muslims Terrorits, you would understand the process which brings them to do such horrific things.. Its sad, but true.. the World is an Ugly place Istanbul chick ;) and it is up to poeple like us, who are fed up with this shit, to try and do something about it.. but trust me, hate is never the right solution.. or else what makes us so different???
            PEACE !

          • Istanbul_chick

            Sod off and die you lily livered, limp wristed moral relativist. You and your ilk are what has gotten the west into the trouble it’s in with hoards of mohammadan third worlders trying to cram their ass backwards culture on us.

            It has NOTHING to do with education. 9/11 bombers: engineers. 7/7 and Madrid bombers: Doctors and engineers. Attempted Scotland bomber: doctors. Are you telling me those western educated mohammadan douchebags became terrorists because they were uneducated or poor?

            I will indeed blame every mohammadan because I LOATHE any and all who believe the biggest douchebag in the history of the world, mohammad, was a prophet. The only thing that pile of filth deserves is abject hatred. I loathe mohammadans who revere king douchebag mohammad as much as I loathe neo-nazis who revere hitler or commies who revere lenin.

          • Nourag88

            first of all i dont believe 9/11 was the act of whom u refer to as the mohammadan douchebags simply cuz they do not have the money or power to do so. Second, who do you think pulls these young potential brainers, and trains them?? THEY GET THEIR EDUCATION AND TRAINING FROM THE TRUE FILTHY ONES IN QUESTION: AMERICANS.. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.. and funny how u assumed i was Muslim lol.. you say arabs and muslims are quick to judge and react in aggressive ways? see how i talked to u and how u replied? maybe its the Turkish blood (oh but wait that also runs in my veins and that would be ASSUMING you something that you might no be)
            I have both Muslims and Catholics in my extended family and I do not appreciate them being regarded as douchebag, the only piece of shit in here is you.. I would also love to call you a BITCH right now, but oh well you might think am an ANGRY MUSLIM.. carreful.. oh n PISS ON YOU.. SORRY I MEANT PEACE!
            PS: am a devoted Coptic but that should not even be relevant.. sadly ur incapable of distinguishing a German from a Nazi, an Italian from a Fascist, an Arab or a Muslim from a terrorist.. pathetic.

          • Kal_El

            You can believe whatever idiotic conspiracy theory you like. That is the beauty of it all. As for who trains muslims who blow themselves and others up, that is easy, it is co-called clerics, who promise the inbred f*cktards paradise if they die for allah, a FANTASY moon-god that doesn’t even exist. As for your whining about the Catholic and muslim douchebags in your family, TOO BAD. You don’t like it, go read another blog, it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, something not allowed in muslim countries.

            PS. You’re a Copt, wow. Do you react with the same anger when Egyptian muslims burn down your co-religionist Churches, and kill Copts for not being muslim?

          • Tonto

            I think muz kill themselves because there is nothing to like in a islamic world, so they die in hopes of an improvement. The fact that they are so eager and willing to suicide is a gigantic social comment in of itself.

          • Guest22

            why didn’t you answer the other Turkish girl?

          • Kal_El

            So you put stock in a movie about a kid who wins a gameshow? I mean, imagine the outcry if the mob attacking those people had been muslim (as is common in that part of the world, just look at Mumbai). Muslims and their useful idiot apologists would have been frothing at the mouth about islamophobia. As for your statement on education (or lack of) leading muslims to terrorism, that is absolute bullshit. How about Muhammad Atta, a college educated guy, one of the pilots who flew an airliner into the Twin Towers? How about the jihadi who tried to bomb the Glasgow airport? I believe he was a dentist. The truth is that ISLAM LEADS TO TERROR. Was it not Muhammad himself who proclaimed “I am made victorious through terror.”?

          • Nourag88

            sarah had already made the same argument and i answered so im not even getting there (muhammad atta was a fantasy.. he never existed BULL FUCKING SHIT)… and the dentist ur talking abt still applies to my first comment u idiot. and about Egypt, please PLEASE i beg of u not to say shit u dnt know.. ive lived there for 18 fucking years and never once had i encountered any of the bullshit ur talking about.. and if AGAIN ur refering to a minority group of haters (like urself for that manner.. ur use of verbal viloence is quite interesting i may add) still they do not make the whole population as such.. the Muhammad quote ur giving is bullshit, prove he said it! and finally.. i do not believe allah is a fantasy because he is the same god.. the name Allah does not refer to a different god its just an arab word for god (who had 99 names in arabic bcuz of his greatness) in Egypt, Muslims, Coptics AND Protestants refer to God as Allah or al RAB (i speak arabic so no need to argue about that) and finally if u dont believe in God, that ur choice, but if you do wether ur a christian of a jew wut u said about Allah being a fantasy is bullshit and u know it.
            Islam does not lead to Terror, people do. and if you still do not see the conspiracy here.. than you need to fucking wake up
            USA began with Natives – they were savages and uncivilized, animals, violent (first for territory and gold, then for absolutely NO reason).. then they went off to blacks (and no I will not say African American) and racial segregation cuz they were an inferior race, bad baaad ppl who could not be trusted, then the communists, then vietnam, (i wont even satisfy you with Iraq bullshit war for FREEDOM loooool – yes oil for freedom fries that is ), than Arabs, than Muslims, soon enough someone else will replace Muslims (probably Africa which is left to its troubles of famine and diseases but will soon be of usa to the US) an you’ll forget aaaaalll about their TERROR trust me (when the Middle East is milked out of its oil reserves) Cuz if Islam really leads to Terror than why is it that the news only began paying attention to it till in the last decades? Were there no terrorists then? sure there were, but it wasnt their time to shine under the SPOTLIGHT yet…
            PS: but of course the media must throw in a few rapist priests every now and then to make it look like its not total bias!!

          • Nourag88

            First, are you sure Riyadh and Mecca are where Islam was invented? Review ur histroy. Second, Mecca is considered like the Vatican City it has nothing but a few buildings surrounding an immense Mosque. In Rome, there is only one Mosque and faaaaaaar faaaar away from the Vatican (on Via della Moschea in Parioli other side of the Tiber river!!) Also, u need to know that the Vatican City is a COUNTRY OF ITS OWN, the pope’s guards are Swiss Nobility and not Italians.. Italians, specifically from Rome trastevere (where there is the Jewish neighborhood) and prati are anti-catholic.. They may be Catholic on paper but far from being religious. So if there is a Mosque even only 100 meters from the Vatican, it would be cu the Italian government allowed it and the Vatican has no say. It can be a provocative move. But, again there is no Mosque near the Vatican so dnt bullshit please.
            Jerusalem has been the heart of Judaism, true. but it also experienced the arrival of all three religions. The Palestinians are both Christian and Muslim and that explains the presence of both churches and Mosques. Israeli say they’re Jewish, but many refer to it as a nation or a race but not necessarily a religion. to prove my point, many of them are non believers but still call themselves jews. An on paper christian or muslim would not refer to themselves as such if they were non believers.
            No muslims allied themselves with Hitler. Arabs on the other hand yes, but they were not allied to Hitler at his peak.. they just love to rub it in a zionist’s face whenever they see a Palestinian throwing a rock at a TANK.. like you said, they have nothing else!!! and if they are throwing a stone its to stop their schools from being bombed in the first place. Denying Israel the right to exist was a mistake, a stupid one true.. but that does not mean that they are not entitled to fight to keep their homes.. Imagine id come to ur house n be like ey yo asswhole, my great great grand father once lived here, its MY HOME so FUCK OFF.. would you leave and let me settle or would you fight back? perhaps share.. but id say FUCK THAT.. IM NOT SHARING with you lil piece of shit, im more powerful.. than ill try to show the world how nice and civilized i am while meanwhile making ur life a living hell. Id cut off the wather in ur bathroom, throw my trash in ur room and hide it from the neighbours to see. Then when ur fed up, ud react and slap me.. NOW I STRIKE!!! HEY NEIGHBOURS LOOK AT HIM.. HEZ VIOLENT, HE DOESNT WANT ME to live with him, peacefully under the same roof.. he’s attaking me so i gotta attack back… TANK – STONE – TANK – STONE – TANK TANK TANK TANK TANK!!! story of Gaza!
            So abt the bullets and bombs, YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME, HAHAHAAHA..

            PS: im not reacting with anger.. you are! and no, I never react with anger with anything, except if someone provokes me, which you obviously love doing

          • Kal_El

            You miss the point entirely, that mosque is 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) away. WALKING DISTANCE. I am from Texas, 9 kilometers is NOT far. Now, I ask you, how near/far is the nearest Church to Mecca? Medina? And you accuse ME of bullshitting? Also, about the nazi/islam alliance, ever hear of the Azeri Waffen? Yeah, they were muslim (Ottoman/Turkic, NOT ARAB), and SHOCKER, they were aligned with Hitler. You can look it up yourself, google even points you to several cited references. Also, Mufti Haj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini was Hitler’s guest in Berlin, and SHOCKER, he too was muslim. As for you coming into my home, that is an invalid argument to make with me, as I do not know where my Great-Grandfather lived, and if you took the home where my Father grew up, I’d feel a great deal of pity for you, as my parents left Mexico in 1974, as it was fast becoming a shitbox. If you came into my home now, with the intent of taking over, I would shoot you, and have you carted off by the meat wagon. The difference is, I didn’t come into ownership of my land by driving out the occupants and sitting on it for a thousand years (like the muslims did with Israel).

          • Kal El

            Where are the Churches in Saudi? You really are an imbecile. I will make any judgement I damn well please, and there is NOTHING you or anyone on this planet can do to stop me. Islam a religion of peace? That is bad comedy! Islam is a misogynistic death cult. The proof is in pedophile Muhammad’s track record. He was a liar, a rapist, a thief, and a child molester. Kis emmak, sharmut.

          • Avedore

            So where are the Synagogue in the M.E I tell you either burned to the ground or converted into a mosque, in Egypt the churches are falling apart and Christians are being killed during the Church service in Pakistan the same, in Iraq the same, in Iran the same, in Indonesia the police has stopped ppl from building a church the Christians are forced to worship in the woods, you can deny all you want but don’t expect us to do the same, or else
            P,S the only 1 here’s being igonrant is you, we haven’t been brainwashed by islam as your apparently have

          • Nourag88

            I do not know where you are from, but I am assuming you are a Westerner.. sorry for the stereotype but i think that should mean that you have recieved a proper education which gives you the ability to discuss and not attack.. If you guys would please stop attacking each other and rather debate in a more civilized manner, it would be much easier to get results. No one is denying anything.. And honestly you need to understand that it is not Islam that brainwashes but rather poeple who seek power. Power seekers tend to find or create their own ideology and spread it through inception. Hitler chose Nazism and the idea of a national identity, Middle Eastern leaders, for the same idea chose Religion.. It is wrong, it is evil, but it is reality.. It is not because they are believers or men of Faith, it is because their asswholes who knew that the best path for poor and vulnerable poeple is Faith.. twisting Religions and interpreting them in the way that best suits their interests has always been a remarquable ability of these leaders.. in fact, even Christians of the Arab world are known to be extremists, but they do not present a large enough amount of the population to use as their “soldiers”.. but to get a better idea of what i am trying to say.. you should watch this movie> BAHEB EL SIMA.. its an egyptian movie about Christian Coptics and how they are brainwashed to believe that even BREATHING is a fucking sin.. fucked up shit, amazing movie.. CHEERZZZ

          • Kal_El

            Exactly. The pedophile Muhammad invented islam to CONTROL the ignorant masses.

          • Nourag88

            Lord have mercy! dude, r u sure ur not arab? cuz ur anger is just screaming out… listen, you are absolutely right, i think you should just buy a gone and hunt down every Muslim u see.. maybe ull fee better.. God ur sick!

            Come on people lets show those mother fuckers what we’re made of.. lets kill em’ all, these lamb smelling hairy brown ass suns of bitches.. I think it would make Kal_El feel better abt his existence, then he’ll probably need to find someone else to hate and pick on

            Believe me if you kill every single Muslim, every single Arab and every Single Middle Easterner in this world, there would still be TERROR // whether its under the pretext of religion or an ideology, its still aiming one thing: POWER…

          • Kal_El

            Where does one purchase a ‘gone’? As for feeding hate, I do not follow islam, so I have only hatred of evil in me. No one here at IAC advocates killing all muslims, or all arabs. Most muslims are victims of islam. And not all Arabs are muslim. You make one good point though, about POWER. That is all islam is about. POWER. Be it over women (such as Pedophile Muhammad taking multiple wives, including the child Aiyesha), or slaves (such as those taken in muslim invasions and conquests).

          • LovesFur

            Guess that’s why they kill so many people, rape so many people, commit so many crimes, blow up babies and rape little kids. Shut the fuck up. I might have a stick in my eye, but it doesn’t contain murder & rape, or the subjugation and slavery of women. Eat shit.

          • Sarah

            Um, why don’t you try taking your own advice, you “IGNORANT PIG”? You’re the definition of a hypocrite.

          • World Traveler

            there are churches and mosques through out the middle east, what are you talking about??? Have you ever been outside your own backyard? Or are you like Palin and can see Russia from your backyard??? LMAO!!!! Seriously? WOW!

          • Kal El

            Really? Where are the Churches in Saudi Arabia, the land where islam was invented? Did you know there are only 4 Churches for the nearly 400,000 Christians in Kuwait? “Seriously? WOW!” is exactly what I thought when I read your inane drivel. Pull your head out of your ass, I lived in the middle east for 6 years.

          • Nourag88

            Excuse me?? no churches and temples in their lands? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?? its simple really, google how many churches there are in the city of Cairo alone.. or Jewish temples in Tunisia.. or in Syria, or.. should i go on??? and what Isreal’s CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!! Ironic isnt it? I thought Nazi Germans were the guilty ones, why is it taken out on the Palestinians?

          • Kal_El

            How about Churches or Synagogues in Riyadh, Mecca, or Medina, in Saudi, the land where islam was invented? Funny that no one complains about mosques in Rome, near the Vatican, or in Jerusalem (which has ever been the heart of Judaism). Not sure what you mean about concentration camps. Although it is recorded in history that muslims allied themselves with the nazis and still sing Hitler’s praise. Nothing is taken out on the “Palestinians”. They are just too stupid and hellbent on denying Israel the right to exist, to form a functioning state. Notice that they whine about lack of supplies to build homes and schools, and medicine and food, but they never seem to run short on rockets, bullets and bombs…

          • Nourag88

            First, are you sure Riyadh is where Islam was invented? Review ur histroy. Second, Mecca is considered like the Vatican City it has nothing but a few buildings surrounding an immense Mosque. In Rome, there is only one Mosque and faaaaaaar faaaar away from the Vatican (on Via della Moschea in Parioli other side of the Tiber river!!) Also, u need to know that the Vatican City is a COUNTRY OF ITS OWN, the pope’s guards are Swiss Nobility and not Italians.. Italians, specifically from Rome trastevere (where there is the Jewish neighborhood) and prati are anti-catholic.. They may be Catholic on paper but far from being religious. So if there is a Mosque even only 100 meters from the Vatican, it would be cu the Italian government allowed it and the Vatican has no say. It can be a provocative move. But, again there is no Mosque near the Vatican so dnt bullshit please.
            Jerusalem has been the heart of Judaism, true. but it also experienced the arrival of all three religions. The Palestinians are both Christian and Muslim and that explains the presence of both churches and Mosques. Israeli say they’re Jewish, but many refer to it as a nation or a race but not necessarily a religion. to prove my point, many of them are non believers but still call themselves jews. An on paper christian or muslim would not refer to themselves as such if they were non believers.
            No muslims allied themselves with Hitler. Arabs on the other hand yes, but they were not allied to Hitler at his peak.. they just love to rub it in a zionist’s face whenever they see a Palestinian throwing a rock at a TANK.. like you said, they have nothing else!!! and if they are throwing a stone its to stop their schools from being bombed in the first place. Denying Israel the right to exist was a mistake, a stupid one true.. but that does not mean that they are not entitled to fight to keep their homes.. Imagine id come to ur house n be like ey yo asswhole, my great great grand father once lived here, its MY HOME so FUCK OFF.. would you leave and let me settle or would you fight back? perhaps share.. but id say FUCK THAT.. IM NOT SHARING with you lil piece of shit, im more powerful.. than ill try to show the world how nice and civilized i am while meanwhile making ur life a living hell. Id cut off the wather in ur bathroom, throw my trash in ur room and hide it from the neighbours to see. Then when ur fed up, ud react and slap me.. NOW I STRIKE!!! HEY NEIGHBOURS LOOK AT HIM.. HEZ VIOLENT, HE DOESNT WANT ME to live with him, peacefully under the same roof.. he’s attaking me so i gotta attack back… TANK – STONE – TANK – STONE – TANK TANK TANK TANK TANK!!! story of Gaza!
            So abt the bullets and bombs, YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME, HAHAHAAHA..

          • Booboo

            umm your stupid

          • Anonymous

            LOL dude ur hilarious the only thing u ever say is “umm ur stupid” atleast bak it up

          • Bmenbreno

            First of all im not a dude. Second idiot, there are references, look them up.

          • Anonymous

            dude is another term for mate or wateva u say.. and im pretty sure idiots dont get 7 A*’s….anyway im talking about wat u sed not wat other ppl sed…wats the point looking them up im not an islamaphobe if i was that would be strange considering im a muslim :)

          • Bmenbreno

            First of all im not a dude. Second idiot, there are references, look them up.

          • Zahraa_kadri

            its funny that you say that because in many islamic states ther are many churches and jewish temples. Have you even been to any muslim countries? i guess not. The problem with most people that don’t like islam is that they have not even bothered to learn about islam or to even experience muslim countries and culture. Like i have said before, dont judge before you have practiced.

          • Anonymous

            The libtards who defend you and your savage 7th century manifesto are exactly the kind of people who have NEVER set foot in a mohammadan country. They’ve never practiced islam.

            Many of us who are undoing the lies the media paints about islam i.e. it’s a religion of peace, muslims are victims, muslims co-exist peacefully with non muslims…have not only lived in mohammadan countries but are ex muslims who know the truth.

            Take your lies, obfuscation and out right conspiracy paranoia and eff off to the libtard boards, those idiots believe anything you third worlders tell them.

          • Lyfelineent

            I think you should read more on Islam….they do allow other religions to practice on Muslim land… In some cases, ignorance is not bliss.

          • Aaminah

            So Islam punishes those who commit a crime! no-one has ever done that before(!) people are constantly complaining about all the criminals in the western world… would any one leave a shop with the door unlocked around here? No, because your just asking to be robbed… guess what… you can do that where they have shariah law (not saying I want it here) because of the punishments that are used for those criminals so don’t criticize when you have no knowledge of the subject! Most people on this site have no proper knowledge of Islam yet they think they are qualified to comment… Why does everyone think that Muslims are terrorists? every time a christian/Jew does anything no-one points out their religion… Islam always gets blamed! F****** ignorance…  even the education in the Western schools are biased

          • Beejj

            How very sensible you are, Aaminah! Western democracies should take a leaf out of the Muslim book and introduce amputation of hands and public hanging and stoning to death and lashings and severe penalties for raped girls and leniency for honour killers. The world would be improved upon the instant. Wouldn’t it? Kudos, too, for your pointing out the inescapable truth that Muslims are not terrorists. Just regular going guys, aren’t they?

          • LDS-JDL


          • JEWHAWK


            No, it was RIGHT. Japs were SPYING left and right and had to be separated for the duration of war. Soon, some of’em had the chance to prove their loyalty by enlisting in U.S. Armed Forces that actually saw combat against the krauts in Italy.

          • Anonymous

            no, it was wrong. it is wrong to imprison a person or persons who are not guilty of a crime. just because you can’t figure out who’s guilty and who’s not doesn’t mean you get to lock everybody up and sort it out later.

            internment camps were wrong, and supporting them puts a person’s moral character to question.

            no american has to ‘prove their loyalty’.

          • hellosnackbar

            Internment is a knotty problem!
            In the late sixties the British government interned a lot of Irish people whom they believed were terrorist
            IRA or supporters.
            This had the effect of reducing IRA atrocities immensely .
            But then the bleeding hearts and artists made their stand for this apparent injustice and terrorist atrocities
            became once again the norm.
            Extraordinary problems often need extraordinary counter measures .
            It’s the water boarding argument.

          • Anonymous

            apparent injustice”?

            what’s apparent about it? it IS injustice.

            picture this: you’re living abroad in, say, china. terrorist attacks have been plaguing china, and have been traced to people from the same country as you. in response, the chinese authorities arrest everyone from your country who is within their borders, and send them to segregated prisons, with no charges filed, and no release conditions or date. you are indefinitely imprisoned, for nothing more than your nationality. how would you feel about that?

            the ends do not always justify the means.

            do you believe in the U.S. Constitution and its principles?
            do you believe that all men are created equal?
            do you believe in the fifth amendment to the constitution?

            “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

            “…nor shall any person…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

            disclaimer: i realize that not everyone here is from the u.s., and that the u.s. constitution is not, by any stretch, the world’s constitution. i’ve chosen to address the internment camp issue, specifically of japanese nationals in american camps, but i do believe the same morality applies (or should) in all of these situations.

          • Anonymous

            “you’re living abroad in, say, china. terrorist attacks have been
            plaguing china, and have been traced to people from the same country as
            you. in response, the chinese authorities arrest everyone from your
            country who is within their borders, and send them to segregated
            prisons, with no charges filed, and no release conditions or date. you
            are indefinitely imprisoned, for nothing more than your nationality. how
            would you feel about that?”

            Easy, I would be pissed beyond belief at my fellow countrymen who were terrorists and got us into this predicament in the first place. I would do my utmost to route out the actual terrorists in the same camp as I. And, yes,I would have to prove my loyalty to China if I wanted to stay there.

            Picture this: A new super virus is killing thousands of people. The CDC has discovered that the virus is carried and passed through people with type AB blood. CDC wants to round up and quarantine all people with AB blood. Do you scream and cry, unfair, racism, and let the carriers walk around and kill thousands more people or do you quarantine them until you can eradicate or control the virus?

            The needs of the many ALWAYS out weigh the needs of the few or the limp-wristed, weak, uncompetitive liberals?

            I bet you were always picked last in gym class but your mommy always told that you were “special.”

          • Anonymous

            quarantine is not the same as internment.

            disease is not the same as terrorism or espionage.

            human action is not comparable to a force of nature.

            internment is both prevention AND PUNISHMENT. quarantine is only prevention.

            you’re one of those people who would tell their kids ‘you’re making me do this’ and ‘this hurts me more than it hurts you’, both lies.

            i thought you were done with me, anyway?
            i already pawned off the ring i bought for you!
            look, if we’re breaking up, then you need to leave me the hell alone; otherwise, bring that pussy!

          • Anonymous

            Bottom line is both terrorism and disease are indiscriminate killers and populations have the right to protect themselves how they see fit from both.

            Terrorists don’t play by the rules nor does nature.

            So sorry to hear that mommy and daddy abused you. That really explains a lot. And zeus pity the woman who’s foolish enough to be near you, unless, of course, she’s a mealy-mouthed, limp wristed liberal loon like you. In that case may the universe unleash upon her all that she so dearly deserves. Indiscriminately.

          • JEWHAWK

            …” no american has to ‘prove their loyalty’ ”

            In time of WAR, yes they have. I doubt you really are concerned about America’s SAFETY, because only living people could enjoy democracy and have the luxury to talk about one’s “moral character”. In order to be ALIVE, one must do everything at its disposal , every mean to achieve victory must be within reach.
            Your wussy’s advice is nothing short of a recipe for defeat and ultimately your demise.

          • LovesFur

            Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek (christian) genocides perpetrated by muslims
            Genocide of christian sudanese by the northern muslims (e.g. janjaweed)
            Executions and butchery of christians in Lebanon, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan,Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Turkey, Azerbajjin, Malaysia, Mali, Fillipines and every other country with muslims
            Killings of Hindus & buddhists in India, Buddhists in Thailand
            the list goes on and on
            Shut the hell up – Muslims love killing and raping more than anything else.

          • Selmia

            Allah bless Islam and it’s followers, and help those non believers to keep to themselves as their comments are worthless and a waste of time to the world because all they are trying to teach is hatred and ignorance and turn the world against the fastest growing religion in the world but they won’t be able to do it because true Islam is a religion of peace and unity as the truth always reveals. pbwu

          • Khadijatul kubra

            i really like wht u sad m a bangladeshy girl. ma name is Khadijatul Kubra.

          • Robbie

            lmao you will definitely not get far in life.. at all.

          • Saraah-swe

            neither will you, in the next life :)

          • JB

            Very eloquently put! You’ve hit the nail on the head there. This religion is by no means peaceful….it actually has a 109 verses that instruct Muslims to slaughter, rape and murder any and ALL NON-MUSLIMS. A religion that does not believe in the rights and freedom of any other faith save for their own should not be protected under the laws of the land. I also don’t understand why they bother to migrate to a Country that gives it’s citizens the freedoms and rights they do not have in their own Countries only to try to conform Westerns to their cultural and religious beliefs? I’m middle eastern and my family left our country 36 years ago because of the war, my father immigrated his family to Canada to be able to benefit and enjoy the rights and freedoms a democratic country had to offer us. We came here not to live the same life but to have a chance at a better way of life! Do not come to a western country only to try to CONFORM IT to be more like your homeland, GO BACK if you like that way of life better then being free to think, express and live without persecution.

          • Kal El

            They migrate because they intend on supplanting our culture with their own, as they cannot win militarily. Look at the cesspool that is Europe for evidence.

          • Blessed are the Peacemakers

            Shame on you. I am an American Christian, and yet I supprot the constitution (which you seem to disapprove of). Islam is a religion, and thus has the same freedoms as every other religion. If we as Americans started denying civil rights to people we just feel are evil, than what kind of land are we? How hypocritical are you, who claims to defend the Constitution by using it as toilet paper. Shame on you! You should either belive in the Constitution or not; you cannot apply it at will. Actually, you are less of an American that 99% of the people you claim to practice “bigoted and violent beliefs.” Must I remind you that at one time in Armerica’s history that people of color were lynched and killed just for being a bit different. Must I remind you that this happened a bit over a century ago? It’s bigots and hateful wretches like you that are destroying the fabric of America more that the terroritst. Sure, there are Muslim terrorists. There are also Neo-Nazis, skinheads, corrupt politicians, and murderers. But you cannot logically judge an entire group of peple by the fringe groups. Are all whites Nazis? No. Are all people murderers? No. Are all terrorists Muslim foreigners? No. Timothy McVeigh certianly wasn’t. As a follower of Jesus Christ I can tell that you need a serious self examination, for it seems that you are a large part of the problem.

          • Istanbul_chick

            What is a religion?

            Are all religions equally benevolent?

            What qualifications must a religion have or not have to be considered dangerous?

            Here is a list of religions(some people call most of them cults):

            Manson Family
            Branch Davidians
            Heaven’s Gate
            Aryan Nations Church
            Aum Shinkrikyo (attempted mass poisonings in Tokyo)
            Bhagwan Shrees (attempted mass poisonings in Oregon)

            Would you argue that those religions are NOT dangerous and deserving of constitutional protection?

            Despite what your pastor or priest may have told you islam is NOT an Abrahamic faith.

            Did he tell you that allah of the qur’an thinks that YOU, and all other Christians, believe that the trinity is God, Jesus and MARY?

            Did he tell you that the allah of the qur’an confuses Mary, mother of God, with Mary, sister of Aaron?

            Did he tell you that the Jesus of the qur’an did not die on the cross?

            Did he tell that the Jesus of the qur’an will come back to earth, during the end times, ask you if you believe he is God. If you answer “yes” he will give you one chance to repent and swear that there are no other gods than allah and mohammad is his prophet. If you do not qur’an Jesus will kill you, remember, qur’an Jesus is just a man, and allah will send you to hell.

            Did he tell you how much and how many times allah of the qur’an proclaims how much he HATES Christians?

            Did he tell you how many times allah of the qur’an commands muslims to subjugate, humiliate, terrorize and kill Christians?

            Did he tell you how many rules allah of the qur’an has about keeping one’s butt clean but suprisingly no rules telling muslim men NOT to marry girls under 18? allah of the qur’an is very concerned about how clean his slaves are. he will not accept prayers from a slave who’s butt is not sufficiently clean, who burps/sneezes/yawns/vomits or farts before or during prayer.

            I am sure you have met many muslims who are sweet and kind and just “regular folks like you and me.” Do not be fooled. You are najis (unclean) to them. If you so much as ask a pointed question about mohammad you will see the hatred well up in them. Does not matter if they are in name only muslims, cultural muslims, semi-religious or full blown jihadi muslims. They have been conditioned since birth to love mohammad, a prophet, a mere (poor example of) man more than they love their own mothers. In true cult member behaviour they will lash out with as much fury as they think they can get away with.

            Jesus told you to love your enemies and turn the other cheek. He did not, however, tell you to offer your children up as sacrifice to appease your enemy.

            Would you chide us for being critical of baby sacrificing, child raping satanists? Do you offer the same constitutional protections for the Aryan Nations Church? Do you believe nazis are to be protected as well?

            Just because you’ve been told islam is an abrahamic and benign religion, does not make it a religion. Just because mohammad claimed, falsely, kinship to Abraham through Ishmael, it does not make it so.

            For the sake of your children and your country re-read your Bible and read qur’an. Go online and buy one from an islamic site intended for people who are already muslims. Then go to the nearest mosque and accept a free one. Compare the two qur’ans. As you read qur’an pay close attention to allah’s attitudes towards Jews and Christians, what he thinks Christians believe about trinity and God and just how many times allah tells his slave to subjugate the Christians and Jews. Don’t forget to read the sira (biography of the deeds and sayings of mohammad). Also read “SAHIH” hadiths to get more insight into the true nature is islam’s “prophet.”

            Then come back here and tell me if you think islam is a religion or a dangerous ideology masquerading as a religion. And just how willing you are to turn your cheek and expose your children and grandchildren to people who love mohammad more than their own mothers.

          • rooder

            “who burps/sneezes/yawns/vomits or farts before or during prayer.” this is completely wrong! get your facts straight before talking! and you say that you “studied” Islam? ha! this must be a joke!  

          • Anonymous


            What is it with you mohammadan mutts and not being able to tell the truth?


            It is completely right.

          • Kal_El

            Islam is not just a religion. Islam is a totalitarian means of control. It dictates how you live, how you pray, what direction you face, how you shit, and how you treat non-muslims (badly). I have yet to see Neo-Nazis, skinheads, corrupt politicians and murderers (besides muslims that is) fly airplanes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center and bomb embassies and other government bldgs. The McVeigh relativism is a pathetically weak argument. He was one man, an anarchist, and had severe mental problems. He did not blow up the Oklahoma City bldg while shouting “In Jesus name!”, unlike so many thousands of muslims who have blown themselves, and others up, while shouting allahu akbar. You call yourself Peacemaker, then surely you must recognize that there can be no peace without violence. Perfect example, World War II. Had the US simply turned the other cheek after Pearl Harbor, there would be no United States, and we’d all be speaking Japanese or German.

          • Zahraa_kadri

            Don’t make a judgement about something if you do not practice it yourself.

          • Anonymous

            Only when you evil kuranimals stop judging those who do not practice your 7th century arab poison.

            Typical hypocritical mohammadan piece of crap.

          • Mrsnara

            i honestly feel sorry for you. your so ignorant, instead of commenting on this post and insulting someones beliefs. How abou you go and get a life perhaps?

          • Lyfelineent

            Since when have Muslims believed that the destruction of other religions is a priority?? Please tell me youve read the Quran… Everything that you are speaking of is pure conjecture. If you knew what you were talking about, the wars that Orthodox Islam have ever fought in were all in the defensive. Granted there are bad seeds in every religion, but over Ninety percent of Islam follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad, in other words, they follow The Sunna Of Islam. It is entirely a peace doctrine. If you go to countries that follow the Sunna and Shariah, We allow other religions to practice their religions freely, as long as they arent causing problems. Christians and Jews can be found in those countries. The Quran also states that if we were to marry outside of Islam, to marry Christians and Jews because they are also “The People of the Book”, because all of the phophets each religion believes in are inclusively from the same family tree. Just thought i’d drop some knowledge on you, but i figure you arent going to believe it anyway. And the irony to your statements about the constitution is that even the U.S. government does not abide by its term completely… just a thought… oh and if we werent free to practice our religion in the U.S., then why are we here??

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Islam conducts no ‘defensive wars’. Historically, islamic expansion has consisted of explosive waves of aggressive invasions into France and Spain by way of North Africa, into the the Persian/Zoroastrian and Byzantine Empires to the east and then down into India where Mohenjo Daro and its civilization were destroyed by invading muslim hoards. Charles Martel in 723 at Tours fought a truly defensive battle on behalf of Christian Europe against aggressive Muslim invaders from once-Christian Spain. Muslims aggressively and opportunistically besieged a truly defensive Constantinople in 1453, finally bringing an end to an empire muslims had chewed on for 700 years. The aggressive muslim tide into Eastern Europe was stopped only at Vienna in 1683 more by sheer good luck (Ottomans ran too far ahead of their baggage train) than by military supremacy. The history of Islam is the story of aggressive, unprovoked military campaigns, repressive and rapacious rule of conquered territories and a mind-numbing anti-intellectualism.

            I see your posting’s content as a fairy tale, a myth. Muslims have been good propagandists and adept at a practiced self-delusion, falsely claiming incitement by their neighbors as a pretext for invasion and conquest. I have no doubt the Saracens felt ‘provoked’ by Charles Martel so that they had to defensively invade France, looting and burning as they went, because of the threat Martel’s huddled infantry represented to peaceful muslim armies minding their own business digesting Spain on behalf of Allah. Ditto for Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha. “We had to defensively invade Austria! They . . . . they . . . . didn’t somebody burn a Quran?” The lies and self-delusion pile up around the Quran and feed off it. You serve as one of its mouthpieces.

            I shall not go into the falsity of Islamic claims to tolerate and ‘protect’ the religions of the Book. Dhimmis the world over live in a dreary twilight zone of repression and cruelty, ever open to lawless slaughter, plundering and bullying by their ‘tax’ collecting muslim fellow countrymen. You quote abrogated texts to lull your readers to sleep, telling us how muslims respect Christians and Jews. Not!

            I’m awake now. I see Islam for what it is-not just what it’s become in the hands of a few evil men in the past score of years, but what it is: Satanic in its cruelty and capacity for deception.

          • hellosnackbar

            Balderdash and piffle Lyfelineent.
            Mohammedan expansion through violent conquest is the reason why we have Muslim countries today.
            They still think that Andalucia belongs to them.
            That being said applying your argument of DEFENSIVE war we would be quite justified in clearing you
            dangerous tow rags out of all countries except the empty quarter in Saudi Barbaria.

          • Anonymous

            WHOA WHOA WHOA!

            “A group is not entitled to Constitutional rights unless they believe in that Constitution and its extension of those same rights to all.”

            how do you figure this? where is this written? this concept IS NOT in the Constitution, and you are making shit up. can you quote the passage in the Constitution that states this?

            that statement is a lie.

            ” Muslims, through their Koran and the doctrine they practice, believe in the destruction of all other religions, and the forced subjugation of all people into their warped religion. That disqualifies them from being a Constitutionally protected religion.”

            no, it doesn’t. that is also wrong/a lie. nothing can disqualify a religion from being Constitutionally protected. can you quote the passage in the Constitution that states this?

            and by the way, when the President supports the FREEDOM of a group to do something, he is not MAKING IT A STATE MATTER. he’s offering an opinion as the President.

            you are twisting things around to change the meaning of the truth.

          • Mashael

            I tried to reply but my ACCURATE interpretations of the Quran were not posted. I’m not surprised.

          • LovesFur

            Truth hurts bitch !! HAHA you didn’t consider replying, yet you did it anyway XD XD stupid bitch.

          • :)

            haha, this site is SUCH a joke! I completely agree with you Fatena. People like twisting the words in the Qur’an aound to make Islam sound so horrible when the actual truth is if they did their OWN research without following EVERYONE ELSE’S OPINION, they would realize how beautiful and truly peaceful ISLAM IS.
            It’s quite amusing, to be honest, seeing how so many people here are dissing Islam when none of them have read the Qur’an at all.

          • khadijatul kubra

            yeh u r abselutely right..miracle of quran is we read it in our prayer but no religion do recite there holly book in there prayer.second is quran is always ricited by muslim in prayer 24 hour. coz prayer time is different in country to country. i really can fil tht hw nice and innocent ma religion. thanks…..

          • stian

            You are a Jew. And I am Yasser Arafat. Liar.

          • Aliya

            you are so cute,,, i am Muslim and i love u.. anyways, i have jews best friends, they are awesome,,, :)

          • Kal El

            Well, shalom to you, poser. You sound like a white person who got caught saying “nigger” then blurts out, “I have lots of black friends!”. Pretty weak, in typical islamist fashion.

          • Almati89

            You are right, however you cannot deny that men have superior status in Quran but also in every religious book. Why? Because my friend, religion was written by men for men. It’s really simple. By the way women are half a man but slaves are not even considered like a human being in Quran. That I find appalling. I would suggest all of you read a little on Quran ( or better, read the Quran), you will be shocked. Trust me. But also read a little bit on Muslim expansion, that will also surprise you.

          • sarah-swe

            eerrmm, according to the Quran, everyone who’ss a PRACTICING muslim is a slave of god. :) read the Quran again. -.-

          • Kal_El

            So you admit islam is slavery, and not peace, as so many muslims and their useful idiot liberal apologists so often insist.

          • Damin Hussain

            shut up if u dont know noting about ISLAM den jst dont talk shit u got it!!! i can never insult yur religion (JEW) bcuz god say’s respect also oder ppl religion!!!

          • Mo’ ham, Ed?

            Go have a BLT.

          • Kal El

            Nice. Well played =)

          • Kal El

            I know plenty about islam, for instance I KNOW muhammad was a pedophile, because it is written in your own damned fairy tale books about him. If your god says respect other religions, why do muslims ALWAYS DESTROY Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and any other religious buildings when they come in? Such as the Basilica dedicated to John the Baptist in Damascus, the Temple Mount in Israel, The thousands of Buddhist and Hindu temples in India, and Afghanistan, and the Zoroastrian temples in Persia? Where is the respect?

          • Zahraa_kadri

            I honor your respect for muslims :D it is sad that some people can really be ignorant. ignorance doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

          • Sommy_rose

            you bleddy jews mother ass hole fucker just get out of here otherwise i will piss on your face ha ha ha ha

          • Baaba

            ur profane language shows how much filth u hv in u.. Istanbul chick.. I dun knnw what kind of an upbringing u had.. u souns lik a retarded witch.. c d difference in ur nd otherrs comment… they hv gt a nice way to put their thought.. but u yuck i cant even go thru ur comments nemore bcux i wud hv to read all those profanity which i avoid.. U r a dirty human being… U need to c a psychiatrist.. leave nd let others leave in peace.. God has nt made me or  a preacher.. If u lik a religion follow it honey but dun spread so much negativty.. First try to b a good human being… If u can take something positive from my suggestion good for u all who show ur hatred for islam or continue dirtying this page… Am done..:-)

          • Anonymous

            I simply reflect the filth I am surrounded by: muslim supremacists.

            Thanks for pointing that out you semi-literate troglodyte.

            Rather than refute the facts I post about you evil supremacists and your vile dogma all you can do is point out my potty mouth.

            And a potty mouth is sooooo much worse than YOUR institutionalized racism that DAILY abuses and MURDERS  non-muslim supremacists across the world.

            Showing hatred for bronze age supremacists who rape, murder, and abuse every single day is “dirtying!” You could be a poster boy for the retarded left!

            Oh, you’re an intellectual titan, muslim supremacist! /sarc.

          • Anonymous

            fuck infidelesto!!! lol
            ok im a JEW and i still have more respect for the muslims than the people of chirst! how about open the quran and tell me the chapters they,false info, are in? ur saying Maududi ok that NOT the quran! for shit sake! wow im a jew and even i know better.

          • christina45

            Dude you have NO IDEA wut you are talking about, u talk about another peoples religion like you actually KNOW it… how about studying what those verses actually mean before making stupid assumptions.. people like you have PROBLEMS! god help you.

          • Kal_El

            How about you go live in the muslim world for 6 years, as I did, and witness these sorts of atrocities first hand, mmkay?

          • anonymous

            it actually depends on what “muslim” country you resided in,as they all have differnt laws and cultures,these so called “top ten quran quotes” have all been misinformed and twisted in some way or other making muslims look bad,if anything islam is against the unequal treatment of women by men,sooo THANK YOU!

          • Kal_El

            Then why are women treated as second class citizens/cattle/property in EVERY single muslim country? Why are they routinely sold by their families into forced marriage to men old enough to be their grandfathers? Why are they routinely sold by their families into prostitution? Why are they constantly KILLED by their own families for suspected behavior? How is that equal? Pull your head out of your ass, maybe it will help you see things as they really are.

          • anonymous

            do you not realise that muslims are EVERYWHERE and not just in asia ,just because what you witnessed happened in a paticular muslim country it certainly doesn’t mean it happens everywhere,i’ll admit going ons such as the arranged marriages and other things do happen and i know that is horrifying ,but i know a lot of muslim women from places like africa that live happy content lives without any MISTREATMENT!.those countries that practise such vile behaviour have been shaped by old cultural traditions which you know they are NOT willing to give up.have you got your head out of your ass or is it still firmly shoved up there?

          • islam4ever

            i agree most arranged marriages are due to cultural reasons or reasons of uneducation, war && poverty. in islam you have a right to chose your partner with ur parents approval

          • charlotte

            Bull crap Show me where Muslim GIRLS are allowed to choose their own husbands? Theya re either forced to marry some older man, or sold in marriage.

          • Anonymous

            you have no clue what you are talking about so just be quiet and mind your own business, crazy lady.

          • BunnyO


          • Persaveranze

            Lol, are you blonde by any chance?

            And no, not even the Parents can force who their daughters can Marry. If your mind is willing to comprehend, let me know and I’ll show you hadiths/verses proving this.

            Anyone thats forced, isn’t because of Islam, it’s because of culture, which obviously is nothing to do with the religion.

          • Kal El

            Actually, the culture IS islamic, by its very nature. Having lived in the ummah for 6 years, I witnessed first hand, daughters being married off to people CHOSEN by the parents. I had a coworker dating a local girl, whose family married her off, despite the fact that she was dating my friend. Same thing happened to another compatriot, working in Iraq. You must be a leftist or a muslim , to tell a lie like that and ask about someone’s hair color. No viable argument, so you resort to insults.

          • BunnyO

            Apparently all cultures who adhere to PISSlam are this way. Saudi Arabia, Afghanitan, Pakistan, Somalia, Turkey, Yemen, Mali … the list goes on. PRAY TELL exactly how an 8 year old girl whose father accepts money and then hands his daughter to some man to marry has any choice in the matter. There are mothers who have gone to court to annul these marriages and it has been ruled the mothers have no say in the matter.

            OH and how typical of a muslim man to say blondes are stupid (I guess that’s why scandinavians and germans are so highly intelligent) You can show all the hadith’s you want, but, the Mufti’s and marriage clerics all agree that marrying children is okay under islam.

          • Sofia

            Don’t you think that… since most of these comments being made by Muslims ARE girls that obviously that is not the case? Wow if I was like the rest of these non-Muslims, and generalized everyone and everything, then I guess I would have to say and think that all non-Muslims are FUCKING RETARDS.

            What good logic and OBVIOUS educational backgrounds you have.

          • Bunbun4life

            Since muslims, especially the men, cannot even breath without lying, then no, it’s not true. I take it you refuse to read.

          • Nimra.taskeen

            ur so stupid lady… May b u sud research more before u comment bull shit!!!

            In Islam- For a valid marriage, the following conditions must be satisfied:

            1. There must be a clear proposal.
            2. There must be a clear acceptance.
            3. There must be at least two competent witnesses. This is necessary to exclude illicit sex and to safeguard legitimacy of progeny. It is recommended that marriage should be widely publicized.
            4. There must be a marriage gift, little or more, by the bridegroom to the bride.

          • BunnyO

            Please tell how an 8 year old child could accept a marriage proposal. 8 is the legal age of marriage in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The fathers receive money from the men and hand their daughters over. The girls are not allowed to leave the new family, no matter how abusive it is, and if they do they are arrested and imprisoned. Upon release they are handed right back over to the people they ran away from where they are often killed. SAUDI arabia, there is no minimum age limit for marriage, ONLY the father of the girl can make the contract, and the girl is given to the man. MALI, no minimum age YEMEN, no minimum age. Who the FUCK do you think you’re kidding ?

          • Melodie90

            Charlotte, most Muslim women choose their husbands. What you are talking about is happening in uneducated and poor families who cannot afford to feed their kids or because the “husband” is rich. Marriages for financial reason occur in every country, Muslim or non-Muslim.

          • Istanbul_chick

            “Melodie” if you are a western woman as your moniker implies, I have to ask, since you are defending the most hateful, illogical and misogynistic ideology on the planet:

            What is your highest level of education?

            How fat are you?

            How much older than the mohammadan you converted or are considering converting for are you?

            How man bastards have you spawned and do they have the same father?

            Do you really believe your mohammadan when he tells you “fats and olds are sexy in my culture”?

            And did you meet your mohammadan on the internet or in real life?

            I spent more than five years living in an islamic country and during that time I met close to 200 western women who had converted to islam all but four of them did so for a man. They all shared some common traits (not flattering traits) and I’m dying to know if you fit the pattern. Or at least shame your fat ass into seeing the stupidity of defending mo’s cult of arab male supremacy and the vile “culture” it breeds in all of the different cultures it infects.

          • :)

            LOL. Oh my God! You sound so ridiculous! hahaha

            How fat are you? Lol, you’re so immature. Grow up, sweetheart.

          • SalaamAlaikum

            The man I am engaged to, and soon marrying…is who I have chosen. So here you go.

          • Istanbul_chick

            Goody for you.

            You’re fat, ugly and probably old. You are also stupid because you believe the mohammadan greaseball you’re marrying when he tells you “fats and olds are attractive in my culture.”

            You want us to be jealous? Seriously?

            Jealous of some fat, frumpy and ugly chick who couldn’t get an educated, well-adjusted non-mohammadan in real life because she’s too lazy and gluttonous to exercise and stop eating big macs.

            What planet do you live on?

            Do the world a favour. Marry your mohammadan and go live in his country. If he really loves you it should not matter where you live.

            And for the love of God if you have children leave them with your family or give them up for adoption. They do not deserve to put into the nightmare your fat ass is dragging them into.

          • :)

            Oh how I can’t wait for judgment day. Thank God I’m born Muslim.

          • Kal_El

            Judgement Day? Can you even prove that will ever happen? I mean, seriously, religious whackos have been saying we are in the end times for over a thousand years. And lo! We keep on thriving, well those of us not brainwashed into silly 7th century cults.

          • pbuh

            maybe ur fat n is dat the only word u use to defend urself. do u have some kinda fat phobia. seriosly hun use something else. am a muslim girl nd not conceited but sooo beautiful without showing my legs or hands or belly button. so many ppl told me so. mostly non muslims. thnk god am born a muslim. alhamdulilah. idk where u ending up.

          • =)

             same here we go again ;) lol

          • =)

             same here we go again ;) lol

          • :)

            LOL REALLY? Really? Did you even do your research before posting this up?

            Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

            A virgin came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and mentioned that her father had married her against her will, so the Prophet (peace be upon him) allowed her to exercise her choice.

            {Book 11, Number 2091 : Sunan Abu Dawud}


            The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi was sallam) said, “A woman whom has been previously married has more right concerning herself than her guardian, and a virgin’s consent MUST be asked…” (Bukhari and Muslim)

            What does that mean? A woman cannot be forced into a marriage by her parents/friends/family or anyone at all. Period.

          • Sarah

            A woman who is of age to marry and divorce shouldn’t have a ‘guardian’. Thats the word they’re covering ‘master’ with.

          • Elis

            haha, thank you :)

          • sarah

            ‘Those’ countries that practice their vile behavior in beheadings, STONING (the most despicable thing I can think of), pedophiles marrying 9 year old girls, so called ‘honor killings’ are considered ‘cultural traditions’ that they ‘aren’t willing to give up?? And WE’RE the ignorant, head up the ass, fear mongering Christians?! This amazes me. Thank GOD Oklahoma passed the law to keep that ridiculous Sharia OUT of our country!! It had to start somewhere, and now I’m praying to GOD that other states follow suit!!

          • Sofia

            Wow. After that comment..I don’t think you can really consider yourself “Christian.” Seriously.. God’s speed to you. You will need it..
            And stoning is a capital punishment found in different places around the world? And that also has nothing to do with Islam? Therefore your point as no relevance to the issue. But, nice try though. And eat your own words “cultural traditions” yeah as in NOT “religious traditions”…haha wow you make it too easy.

          • Kal El

            Oh really? How about some actual PROOF of any place not infested by islam that still uses stoning as capital punishment, instead of typing a whole bunch of extraneous words that say nothing?

          • BunnyO

            The only people who promulgate stoning are MUSLIMS. Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanitan, Iran….. Please name any place that still practices this barbarism that is NOT muslim. They do marry 9 year old girls and much younger, honor killings est 5000 per year, and yet you say that this woman Sarah cannot consider herself christian because she thinks these practices are disgusting? Because they are disgusting. THE GRAND MUFTI OF SAUDI, and LEADING MARRIAGE CLERICS OF ISLAM who have studied the Qu’ran and know alot more than you, claim that these actions ARE SANCTIONED UNDER ISLAM. as in YES THEY DO IT BECAUSE ISLAM SAYS IT’S OKAY. Worst argument ever.

          • Sarah

            Sorry Robbie, but I need no prayers or blessings or whatever sanctimonious bullshit you’re spouting. The reason ‘cultural traditions’ was in quotations is because I was QUOTING. Re-read what I wrote, and notice the question marks and sarcasm.. mmmkay? And I’m sorry, but there is nothing wrong with me being thrilled that Sharia Law isn’t coming to MY home. If I walked into any country where Muslims are the majority, I wouldn’t even be allowed to disagree. It is a death sentence – no questions asked, guilty until proven innocent. So yeah, I’m happy that those barbarians aren’t bringing that shit to my home. If you’re all butt hurt by what we’re saying, then this isn’t the site for you.

          • anonymous

            maybe you would be a bit less stubborn if you travelled to a completely different muslim country (by different i mean some where other than asia) and make comparisons between the two ,maybe then you might see where the problem lies.

          • Kal_El

            The only muslim countries outside of Asia (including the Middle East, which is part of Asia Minor) are in Africa, and they are all shitholes when measured against the West. The problem in them, regardless of comparison (that is like comparing a Granny Smith to a Fuji apple), is islam. It is NOT a religion, but rather a totalitarian socio-political cult

          • Traumathedon

            “Kal El” You have a serious reading comprehension problem. You have probably never even picked up a Qur’an in your life,so you would not understand the context of these so-called Qur’an quotes. Anyways, I have read the bible front to back, and trust me, the bible is full of lies, contradictions, inconsistencies and fairy tales. Stories about unicorns and dragons, translation errors that alter the meaning of the text, and by far the WORST treatment of women of any religion outside of judaism.

            “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be BURNT with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9) How barbaric. And this is for women only remember guys can’t be whores only women can according to the bible. According to the bible, 90% of American women should be dead by now under bible law. The wages of sin is DEATH in the bible.

            “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12) Cut off the woman’s hand fr grabbing the guy’s crotch area, talk about an overly male obsessive culture. Shame on you Christians.

            “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.” (Leviticus 12:2)

            “But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.” (Leviticus 12:5)

            So a woman is twice as unclean after bearing a girl as she is for bearing a male child. Sexism at its finest.

            “The Bible and the church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of woman’s emancipation.” –Elizabeth Cady Stanton


            But wait. There’s more:

            “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)

            “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

            So man is the head of the household ad women are below men in stature…hmm isnt that what you were just bashing Islam about?!?! Christians are such hypocrites. I see Christians wearing tatoos and gold jewelry and have braided hair and dress immodestly. THIS IS AGAINST YOUR RELIGION YOU HYPOCRITES.

            Moving on…

            “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Whoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death. He that sacrificeth unto any god, save to the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed.” (Exodus 22:18-20)

            Witches. hahaha.

            “Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” (I Timothy 2:11-14)


            If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

            Wow so a rape victim MUST marry her attacker, he just has to pay 50 silver and she’s all his. SHE HAS NO SAY IN THE MATTER.

            “If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;” (Deuteronomy 22:22)

            “Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22:24)

            So, stone a rape victim in the city because she did no scream loud enough to be heard. I would think if she’s being raped her attacker would be smart enough to prevent her from screaming somehow [gag, cover her mouth etc]. The bible is gross.

            “If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silvers, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.” (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

            Men can take what they want in the bible and pay off the fathers for taking the daughters off their hands. 50 shekels seems to be a woman’s worth according to Christ-Insanity, oops, I mean Christianity.

            But wait. There’s more…

            “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” (Ephesians 5:22-24)

            Remember that the key word here is “everything”, meaning rape, beatings, slavery, torture etc. Whatever the man pleases. There are no limits.

            “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” (I Corinthians 14:34-35)

            Another verse that indicates women are inferior to men. They are to be obedient and subservient. Complacent and docile. And they cannot talk in church LOL.

            “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” (Genesis 3:16)

            The husband shall rule over the wife. Simple.

            “Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.” (Hosea 13:16)

            Such a violent book the bible is…”God” in this book will kill babies [infanticide], Samarians [genocide] and pregnant women…shame on you psychos. AND YOU CALL ISLAM A CULT!! YOU DRINK THE “BLOOD” OF A MAN AND EAT HIS “FLESH”!!! AN ANCIENT PAGAN TRADITION OF COMMUNION WHICH IS BASICALLY A CANNIBALLISTIC IDEA. LOL.

            And from the Catholic Bible:

            “Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman.” (Eccles. 25:13)

            “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.” (Eccles. 25:22)

            “If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go.” (Eccles. 25: 26)

            “The whoredom of a woman may be known in her haughty looks and eyelids. If thy daughter be shameless, keep her in straitly, lest she abuse herself through overmuch liberty.” (Eccles. 26:9-10)

            “A silent and loving woman is a gift of the Lord: and there is nothing so much worth as a mind well instructed. A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued.” (Eccles. 26:14-15)

            “A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; but she that is shamefaced will fear the Lord.” (Eccles.26:25)

            “For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Better is the churlishness of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which bringeth shame and reproach.” (Eccles. 42:13-14)

            How many Human Rights violations would Christians have today if they ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THEIR BOOK “BIBLE”? COUNTLESS!!!

          • Beejj

            Can you see why atheism appeals so strongly to those of us who are capable of rational thought, you moronic prick?

          • Traumathedon

            Atheism appeals to those few egomaniacs in society who cannot cope with the fact that there is a higher power. The Qur’an is a flawless revelation that is the Final Guidance for humanity to walk the straight path and give praise to the One who created us. Do you think that this life is just for fun and games? You really think that we have no purpose on this earth other than to die and be buried in the ground? Have you no spirituality? THINK, our world is so perfectly balanced, our environmental conditions etc. Science is in concordance with the Quran. History agrees with the Quran. Even MATHEMATICS can attest to the inerrancy of the Quran. Why dont you see the Truth yet? This is beyond me…

          • Beejj

            Atheism appeals to egomaniacs? Are you so blinded to reason that you cannot see that the invention of god is the ultimate act of egocentricity? What a feeble thing god is. Just a powerful, invisible (of course!) kind of human being. Hell’s teeth, Fred Hoyle did better than that with his Black Cloud. And WHY do idiots like you need this imaginary entity you call god? Because you are so egocentric that you are unable to cope with the idea that you are not immortal. Tell me, do you write fan letters to Mickey Mouse, too? And what’s this “spirituality” you refer to? Define it, please. As for our world being in perfect balance, I ask you to look around and then to ponder the fact that over 99% of species that ever existed are extinct. Nice balancing act, that. Science in concordance with the Koran? You mean about our flat planet, the radiant moon and all that bullshit about falling lumps of iron? Mathematical backing? Enlighten us. Truth? TRUTH????? Truth, according to you, is that which you wish to believe, even if there is not a shred of evidence to support you. You, sir, have a mental age of about 8.

          • Timm84

            whats funny is if you take any religious book and look at it like a real work of fiction that they are, you realize it’s all bullshit written by man. And just an F.Y.I. to all you muslims out there. we killed the nazis, we used you to kill the communists. You are allowed to survive due to you having oil, nothing more. Without that commodity we would have exterminated you like you would like to do to Israel. Islam isn’t even a religion, it’s a cult. Go read 1984 and apply it to islam. wow it all seems to fit….jihad constant war…oligarchy….. the repression of thoughts. You guys are socialists plain and simple, and you hate the Jews because you hate capitalism. now stop being useful idiots and produce something like you used to do before we taught you how to fight guerrilla wars. Everything you have is because we allow you to have it. Islamics have absolutely no touch with reality, nor can they think for themselves. There are always exceptions to the rule. so…how bout them honor killings in the u.s………..religion of peace my ass

          • Kal_El

            Actually, islamists are more in line with fascists. But everything else you said was spot on. Had it not been for oil, mecca would have been leveled on 9/12/01.

          • Aleli04

            The “fact” that there is a higher power? You need to look up the definition of fact since you obviously have no idea what it means. Religion is based on faith and faith alone. Having a book, wether it be the bible, torrah, talmud or quran which talks about creationary myths proves nothing. If a book were proof of anything then there’s ample proof that fairies and unicorns exist. Oh and out of curiosity, what mathematical theorem or equation proves the quran statements.

          • Kal_El

            YES! HELL YES! Well said!!!! =D

          • Tara

            You are correct about the Bible. I am a Christian and I know of these things. But there is a way to understand these things. I will not try to explain them away though. But no book, not the Bible, not the Qur’ran, is flawless. They are inspired, and they are good, and they are of the utmost importance for us to follow in order to be faithful servants of God or Allah, but they are not perfect, nor are they inerrant. Many Christians also get hung up on the inerrancy of the Bible, but it just isn’t so. If people could understand this, I believe there would be more tolerance and less fundamentalist belief, which is so very dangerous a thing. I wasn’t planning to post on here, but there was so much hate on all sides that I just felt I needed to say something. It is very sad to see all of this hate, particularly from so-called Christians here.

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Point of curiosity. Using the Quran as a guide, why did Allah create us? What is our purpose here? Does he love you as a believer? What did he love before he made humanity? In your responses, please direct my reading to a particular passage of the Quran that seems to give light on these matters.

          • Have No Fear

            Well said man, thanks for providing us the solid facts from the Holy Bible, I am very sure that no infidel have the courage refute that facts. They will, as expected refrain from commenting that very issues table out.

            For the infidels … truth is really a pain in the ass.

            Great works brother. W/sallam

          • hellosnackbar

            Facts from the Bible??
            Who cares?
            Facts from the Koranus; again who cares about the meanderings of an illiterate desert mountebank and murderous
            Here’s a little poem;let’s have your erudite opinion.
            The fractured mind.
            Of the religious kind.
            Applies itself to faith.
            To keep us in thrall.
            Of the illogical.
            And thus to make us safe.
            Safe from what?
            I ask you now.
            It seems like crap to me.
            You bend your back.
            Like some limp sack.
            And ask why I don’t kowtow.
            See what?I say.
            When I dare ask.
            What’s there in your dear faith?
            Fairies,djinns and devils and fear of some rascally wraith.
            I don’t accept this shit you bring.
            It’s just not logic based.
            Yet still you spout.
            From your redoubt.
            Of that tosh you think is chaste.
            You’re asking me.
            To accept as fact.
            Your facile fictitious friend.
            But I’m telling you.
            I owe no due.
            There’s nothing at your end.

          • Have No Fear

            I can understand that the statement is expected of from an atheist like you. Anyway, my atheist friend your “answer” was directed towards the Christian believer. I am very sure they will “appreciate” that too.

          • Mehmoodkhan

            closer and closer to mankind comes their reckoning, yet they heed not and they turn away.

          • Kal El

            What? We refuse to kneel before a 7th century cult, so what?

          • Youaredumb

            you are so stupid, and have no knowledge. first study islam, THEN write a stupid blog. dumbass

          • Kal El

            Oh wow, you are so articulate, and present such a valid argument based on fact and logic. Oh wait, nope, you’re a libtard, so why bother with actual fact or proof, when you can call people names?

          • YOYO

            For all you Islamics out there that Hate the Jews, Do me a favor, Show me what you camel Jockeys have done with your Lands in ways of Improvement? Hmmmmm Funny, the state of Israel is a beautiful Place especially compared to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and quite a few others Islamic lands. Too Bad the Government here hasn’t decided to charge the Arab Swines the Same amount per bushel of wheat that the Arabs Charge us, Let the Dirt Bags eat Camel Crap.

          • Sofia

            Nobody is talking about the Jews…calm down

          • sofia

            where did you see one person defending Islam on here saying how they had something against Jews?

          • Kal_El

            How many Human Rights violations would Christians have today if they ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THEIR BOOK “BIBLE”? COUNTLESS!!! Good question. I’d say about as many as we see muslims commit every day in the name of the pedophile muhammad and their imaginary friend allah.

          • Anne-Marie

            We (Christians) DO follow God’s Word and there are ZERO human rights violations in doing so. The biggest difference between the Bible and the Koran is that the latter is just a bunch of thoughts/instructions rattled off by a delusional, illiterate pedophile that his father-in-law wrote down for the man who in desperate jealously of Jews & Christians he grew up around wanted to start his own religion.

            The Bible, in contrast, is the history of the world beginning with God’s Creation down through the history of the Hebrews to the birth, life, teaching, death & resurrection of Christ to the early Christian church & ending with the prophetic Revelation revealing details about Christ’s return & the judgment to come.

            Within that context, the old covenant that started with Abraham & God ended by being perfected with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. We then entered into the New Covenant. Those who follow Christ are to Love God first and love others. Jesus said that all the other commandments are based on these two commandments. Even an atheist can clearly see that there are no human rights violations involved in people loving God & loving people even if you don’t believe that He exists…it’s still not a violation of any human right to love God. And just to clarify that in loving God, I do not mean committing horrible atrocities in His name because that is clearly not what Jesus taught. Loving God is to be obedient to His commands…not worshiping other gods, not worshiping idols, not blaspheming His name, taking 1 day each week to devote to worshiping Him, honoring our parents, not murdering, not committing adultery, not stealing, not bearing false witness, not coveting.

            As for why there were laws laid out the way they were, you have to understand that God wanted the Hebrews to be set apart from the heathen world. Maybe it seems barbaric, but so does dumping one’s chamber pot out the window and yelling “Look out below!”…boy how times have changed. (BTW, God had to instruct the Israelites in detail how to relieve themselves outside of their camp. I found that very interesting to read. And more interesting still to read Medieval Europe was dumping their “relief” out the window centuries later. )

            Anyway, many of the things described by the Islamic disinformation person who posted all of those verses from the Bible were NEVER carried out. Israel did not remain pure and failed at removing impurity from within herself. Hence, their fall to Babylonia & the Romans & ultimately to Islamic invaders.

            So Christians do not have to contend with committing human rights violations because there simply is no command to do so and would be directly in contrast with the example Jesus set forth.

            Muslims on the other hand, are to convert, subjugate or kill all non-believers. That mandate has never been revised and in fact, where the Koran has revisions, the human rights violations have gotten harsher.

            In fairness, I want to mention something I heard recently from a former Muslim. There is a difference between Islam & Muslims…Islam is the religion that promotes hate & murder that we see globally perpetrated by those Muslims who adhere to the very evil center of Islamic teaching. But Muslims are only the followers. Just as in every religion you have people that are merely associates of that religion…they may claim it, but their lives don’t reflect it. In that way, not all Muslims are equal participants in the evil of Islam. We see this throughout history too. Prosperity often found Muslims, Christians, & Jews living in complete respectful harmony.

          • Ahmad87

            Idiot, nonsense..

          • Kal El

            Islam. See what I did there?

          • SERVANT OF ALLAH

            you a one stupid person you illiterate low life scum.
            ALLAH MEANS GOD AND MUHAMMED (saw) IS HIS FINAL MESSENGER how can you talk about one of the most influencal people of all time and call him a pedophile… your the pedophile . you cannot and will not find a single mistake from the quran nor will you find differant versres of the HOLY QURAN . YOUR ALL JUST SCARED of a religion that is pure and in every way scientist use the quran as refrence there are things in the quran that we still are discovering to this day. for all who are ignorant a little bit of SIGHT into the islamic way of marriage life.

          • ‘F’ Allah!

            so what if he got it backwards, the fact is your ‘prophet’ mohamed (ass) is a pedophile.

          • Evy93

            yes that is correct. you have said well. thank you and allah bless you with his upmost love and care

          • charlotte

            Screw Islam Women dont have to tolerate any man or any of theis bullcrap.In fact if women ran the world it would be a far better place and there would be no wars and no Islam. Islam is a vile, violent, misogynistic, evil triumphal primitive has no love in it.Women and children and slaves and dhimmis are merely possessions there to serve their male Muslim masters. Muslim men are vile abominable creatures.

          • Ghostframe

            I looked up “Servant of Allah” in the dictionary. It’s defined as “a person who doesn’t think, can’t think and won’t think for himself.”

            You need some old desert dweller from centuries ago to tell you how to live your life because you can’t figure it out for yourself. And you get to feel good by belonging to a bigger group of fools who want everyone to do things their way because if everyone does what they’re told, then no one has to think.

            The so-called prophet stole a lot of text from Jews and Christians and made up the rest based on the thinking of the stone ages. As the rest of the world progressed, the Muslims stayed in the stone ages. If it wasn’t for the oil in the sands, you’d all be herding camels through the desert and wondering what the big silver birds were that flew over your tents.

            Go ahead and believe whatever makes you feel better, but stay the hell out of our world and keep your stupid rules to yourself. We don’t need or want your Islam.

          • Night_raven43

            do u believe in life after death ? i think u do ..
            u will burn 4 saying this .. now u will take it as a joke but later i will laugh at u when ur ass flamed

          • charlotte

            I dont like this and I dont care about Islam or that pedophile Mohammed or any childraping Muslim man. I effing hate Muslims.I hate Muslim men and I wish they were all dead. Pity we didnt nuke Mecca after 9/11 and gotten rid of all these primitive Muslim cocksuckers who rape children and screw goats because they cant touch women.

          • Elis

            hahahaha thank youuuuuuu

          • Ghostframe

            It doesn’t matter if you believe in life after death or not because there isn’t any. I know that little boys and girls would like to believe that Santa god will make it all better, but adults know that we die, turn to dust and the world goes on.

            So any threats of fire and damnation are pretty silly. Make the best of your time here. Hold on tightly and let go lightly.

          • Sarah

            Again.. HYPOCRITE! If you’re truly laughing at someone who you are convinced is going to “burn for saying this” you’re going to have yourself a front row seat and be next in line to get “ur ass flamed”. *eyeroll*

          • guest

            The muslims your talking about don’t exist. You shouldn’t judge them when your looking at one person. Theres more than 1 million muslims in the world and your judging them based on your experience with one person

          • Kal El

            Actually I do not judge them, any more harshly than I judge myself. I am basing that judgement on experience with not one, but many, from different sects, in different countries.

          • Ahmad89

            You are shit man, dog of hell.

          • Kal El

            Are you talking about Muhammad (pestilence be upon him)?

          • Sofia

            Allah means “God” is Arabic. Retard.
            And I forgot. Jesus poofed out of the sky.

          • Beejj

            So many messages in such a short time, Sofia, and none of them worth reading! Do you know the Bard’s line, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”? Ponder it.

          • Kal El

            Allah is a contraction of the two words al ilah, meaning “the god”. Nice try, next time when making an argument, try not to resort to namecalling. I makes you look like less of a mouth breather.

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            “One man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”
            So what is the purpose of life for you, then? If you fall in love, get married, and when you died, will your love die too? Don’t you wish to be with someone you love forever?
            When I slap you, you will say that you’re hurt. Can you see the hurt? No. You feel it, right. So does God. You cannot see Him, but you can feel His presence. See the signs around you, do you think everything is just the ‘Nature’? You should know that everything happens for a reason and verily, we live for a reason. To worship God. This world is a dream, it’s not what it seem. Once we are dead, we will be waken up again, to live at another life, forever.

          • Kal El

            If you slap me I would likely block it, and possibly injure your arm. What is your point? Trotting out your cliches about everything happens for a reason does nothing. Once we are dead, we rot, and worms feed on us, and we become dust. We live because our parents wanted children, to perpetuate their line.

          • Green_eyed_lebo

            your fucked!!! do you knw wat allah means??? ALLAH is GOD!! are u saying u dont believe in God??
            Allah is arabic for God!
            its funny how u have nothing to say about all the shit it says in the bible..u can say shit about the quran but when ur put on the spot and its proven that the bible has a whole lot of more shit than the quran u jus shurup and change the subject.
            fukd indeed.

          • Kal El

            First off, it’s “You’re fucked!!!” if you must know. As for what allah means, it is the contraction of the old words “al illah”, meaning “the god”. And yes, I am saying I do not believe in your moon-god. In fact, I fart in the general direction of mecca. Funny how you insist that whenever someone brings up “shit it says in the bible” we change the subject, but have you not noticed that EVERY SINGLE TIME we make fun of the quran, you people go rabid, like islamic rage boy?

          • Kal_El

            That is mainly because we do not see people clutching Bibles and chanting “Death to Saudi! Death to islam!” on a daily basis. Can you say the same about muslims, holding the quran and chanting “Death to America! Death to Israel!”? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Nice try though, khanzirah.

          • Ghostframe

            All this anger over a couple of bullshit books written centuries ago by men who knew nothing about the world or how it works. The dark ages are over boys. As science learns and teaches, your books just keep you spouting the same old lies and crap over and over. And killing each other over them. It’s time to grow up and live in the real world.

          • The Great Prophet

            Traumathedon, let’s comare The Great Prophet with Jesus Christ. Violence and death vs. peace and forgiveness. NOWHERE does Christ preach violence – only LOVE, PEACE and FORGIVENESS. I don’t have to remind you what an excellent job The Great Prophet has done in these categories. How many did he actually smithe at the head himself? How many did he rape? Pediophilia? You bet. How many “spoils of war” did he take for himself (and demand that his followers give him, or they, too, would be smithen at the head). Christianity is the Religion of Peace – always has been, always will. That is not to say that a few misguided idiots along the way over the past 2,000 years have hijacked this great and TRUE religion for evil ends. But, Islam is VIOLENT ab initio. It is predicated on the maxim “convert or be slaughtered.” You CANNOT deny it, for if you do, then you are not being faithful to your “religion.”

            Jesus Christ NEVER advocated violence OR inequality, particularly for women. If fact, Christ, while a man, was the world’s first true feminist. READ the New Testament and note how he treated women and what he preached. A stark difference than the teachings of the Great Prophet, who engaged in and advocated pedophilia.

            It might be a good idea for you to keep your mouth shut – you are advertising your profound ignorance – particularly of your own “religion.”

          • Human

            Ha ha!! Jesus(Peace be upon him) spoke armaic. Is their any bible in armaic? Bible was translated from armaic to greek. And now we find bible in english, french, etc.
            We all know the difficulty we face when translating from one language to another, especially when the translators are ordinary people. How much was omitted, how much misinterpreted, how much invented?
            Do you have any idea?

          • Kal El

            What does that have to do with the violence, misogyny, pedophelia and hate in the quran? I do not see Christians going around acting like animals, just muslims, these days.

          • Perseveranze

            Ok buddy, your intelligence level is pretty low. You think Muhammad(pbuh) encouraged violence because “he felt like it”? If your answer is yes, then you basically disagreen (forget Muslims), but you disagree with 98% of Modern Day “non-muslim” Historians, who have researched his life, from all accounts, and all come to the same conclusion. Muhammad(pbuh) never declared war or violence on anyone, he only fought PURELY in self defence of himself, his people and his religion. Not a single war was started by the Prophet. Go read some real books or ask someone (non-muslim) with some good intellects (NOT PRIESTS), instead of asking your best friend bob or watching what the media is telling you.

            ps. Jesus(pbuh) God’s slave and a Prophet of his people, may have treated women equally. However, Muhammad made the equal treatment of Women – LAW.

            I rest my case.

          • Istanbul_chick

            “…you basically disagreen (forget Muslims), but you disagree with 98% of Modern Day “non-muslim” Historians, who have researched his life, from all accounts, and all come to the same conclusion. Muhammad(pbuh) never declared war or violence on anyone, he only fought PURELY in self defence…”

            Please name all of these non-mohammadan “historians” along with citations of their PEER REVIEWED works which assert their belief that all of king douchebag of the universe’s wars were “self defence.” Better get cracking now, considering there are literally THOUSANDS of historians in the world and you claim 98% of them claim king douchebag’s wars were defensive. You’ve got a lot of typing to do, mo-bot.

            If you cannot do this you are just another mohammadan zombie blowing smoke out it’s ass and you will have proven my point that I’ve asserted since 1986: mohammadans are nothing but mindless automatons regurgitating fairy tales they’ve been told.

            If I you don’t know what “peer reviewed” means, don’t bother wasting anyone’s time with your “proofs” and just feck off back to your cave you mindless mohammadan knuckle-dragger.

          • Kal El

            You rest your case? You haven’t even presented any evidence! Jesus practiced as he preached, peace, loving your neighbor as yourself, forgiving, and compassion. Muhammad? He may have preached those things, but he was a KILLER (Banu Qurayzah), RAPIST (sex is okay with women possesed by your right hand), PEDOPHILE (married a 6 year old girl), and a LIAR (made treaties when weak, then broke them when he marshalled an army of jihadis). It is in the hadith, sura, and quran. The wars he started, he started because people (rightly) laughed at his cult, no one paid attention to him when he preached from a position of weakness, he gained some 13 followers, until he started using violence. Speaking of good intellect, you should do the same, and look someone up who has one, as your grammatically butchered comment shows you to be quite ignorant, and living in a fantasy world.

          • Gretchenbanks

            I am sad for you. You are blind–

          • Jo

            For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Better is the churlishness of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which bringeth shame and reproach.” (Eccles. 42:13-14)
            Hey Crack head, There are only 12 chapters in eclessiastes. Not 42, so where ever you you found this crap you are writting is not the holy bible

          • Elis

            you, my friend, are a legend. thank you for opening up these ignorant peoples eyes. (or attempting to).
            and just so everyone knows, when i was reading this post, i got out the bible in my house and checked if these passages were really in there. and guess what, THEY WERE. so, no lies. haha what hypocrites.
            btw, you christians dont even treat the bible with respect. ive been to many schools where people are chucking it around like it means nothing, ripping pages out of it. ive had this bible for many years now and its still in perfect condition, just the way i bought it. first, have some respect to your OWN religion, and then maybe you can learn to respect Islam.

          • Anonymous

            “ive been to many schools where people are chucking it around like it means nothing, ripping pages out of it.”

            Because unlike you shit=for-brains mohammadans Christians, Jews, Hindus don’t worship PAPER. Their belief and respect is reserved for God(s). Their God(s) are not some weak, narcissistic arab beduin sock-puppet that are hung-up on material things.

            You and your arab rat prophet and his pal allah are like pimps in their expensive suits. Look nice but still just a piece of shit in a suit that will kill you if you disrespect the suit. Suit doesn’t make the man anymore than the book makes the God.

            What’s inside the kuran is pure arab bullshit that corrupts all who believe that utter and vile tripe is the word of any God. We will NEVER respect that. And we are not all Christians or Jews. That’s what’s going to come back and bite you mohammadans in your collective ummah ass.

            Christians will let themselves be killed or subjugated by you islamic douchebags because they foolishly believe that turning the other cheek with you devil’s whores is the right thing to do.

            There are many of us “islamphobes” who are not restrained by any beliefs who are ready and willing to kill you mohammadans to prevent your evil from being unleashed on the west. But you twats actually believe the bullshit in the kuran which tells you it’s the Christians and Jews who will fight you. Suckers.

          • ohwow!

            you have issues! go to a shrink sweetheart.

          • Anonymous

            First of all, kuranimal, I am NOT your sweetheart. I am your worst nightmare.

            Secondly, there was only one Turkish twat posting here and she was the typical “leave a lame comment and disappear kuranimal” and I did answer her.”

            As for having issues, most of the world’s population has “issues” with you and yoru vile creed. Any logical human being has issues with animals who kill over books. Books that are printed by men. Who cares if you cry “it’s the woord of god!” It’s the word of your alleged god printed by men on paper made by men with ink made by men

            Any human being with any decency would take “issue” with a mouth breather that is shocked by the treatment of a book but doesn’t bat a lash at other mouth breathers MURDERING people over alleged mistreatment over paper. Any civil human being would take issue with a mouth breather holding up “mistreatment or disrespect” of bloody paper as an example of moral equivalancy.

            Opinion polls worldwide are reflecting that the majority of non-kuranimals have “issues” with islam.

            We don’t need “shrinks.” We need to get organized. When we do you knuckle draggers will need far more than psychological help.

          • Sarah

            One VERY important thing you’re neglecting to realize is that WE AREN’T ACTUALLY BURNING WOMEN, OR STONING THEM, OR WHAT HAVE YOU!! Your disgusting religion does these atrocities EVERY SINGLE DAY, in the name of ‘allah’, and you still have the nerve to say that we’re the cruel ones?? You’re doing a pitiful job making yourself look loving, concentrating on peace, and standing up for what you believe in.. You say Islam is a ‘religion’ of peace (first off, ‘islam’ isn’t even a religion!) – theres one thing I agree with… Islam.. A religion of peace (a piece of you here, a piece of you there..) Have a super fantastic day, whackjob.

          • Persaveranze

            God… What kind of propoganda do they force upon you in that Church. No one, can possibly be this stupid or ignorant to blame a cultural action on a religion. Like, your just trolling right lol?

            If it be true, I have seen a new level of it.

          • Istanbul_chick

            Which culture would that be, mo-bot?

            Persian? Arabic? African? Afghani? Paki? Indonesian? Bosnian? Turkish?

            All of those “cultures” practice the same “cultural actions.”

          • Hadel20

            sweetheart you dont know anything about Islam . simply u cant sing a song without lyrics .dont put ur self in such humiliating situation ;)

            sham on you first to have the right speaking on something at least know a little bit on it .in other words make compare on people condition after and before Islam and write down wat is good and wat us bad about it ,because Islam gathers all books in last and final version of all books to union everybody not Arabs ,or middle eastern or any other titles u use (open the Quraan and see the stories of the whole prophets including Jesus and his mother as part of our faith)
            frankly if u reject Islam as religion u reject every other book ,because morals are morals but people love to disobey and make excuses


          • Sarah

            Don’t assume to know me, and do not patronize me. I am not in a ‘humiliating’ situation, and I’m sure there are plenty of people on this site who agree wholeheartedly with me. As far as I’m concerned, you can take your ‘sweethearts’ and your ‘sham on yous’ and shove them up your ass.

          • Cassie1346

            see the difference is that Christians DON”T still follow these sexist ideas found in the Bible. Many Muslims haven’t stopped following the sexist things found in the Qua’ran. I’ll admit that there are many Muslims that aren’t that radical and I have several friends who are Muslim…but there aren’t many (if any) Christians who still follow the barbaric punishments found in the Bible while enitre countries still implement the equally barbaric punishments found in the Qua’ran. The point is…both religons are strict and sexist but the people who follow them can choose whether or not they’ll be sexist and strict.
            P.S. no one believes in witches anymore except for the occasional…interesting person. Do you make fun of modern Greeks because the Ancient Greeks believed in multiple gods and mythical creatures? How about Africans who’s ancestors were witch doctors who believed in voodoo and spirits? If not…then shush about witches and dragons.

          • BunnyO

            Bible verses and Qu’ranic verses are MEANINGLESS !! All I care about is what I see happening around me in the name of ISLAM and it is death, rape, the subjugation and slavery of women. PERIOD.

          • Danishakhtar4

            see only quran and hadith of prophet muhammad dont see muslims if u want to practical muslim who is very very good tyou see prophet muhammad pbuh

          • Kal El

            Prophet muhamhead was a murderer, rapist, liar, thief, misogynist and a pedophile. A veritable brigand. That is why we despise islam, and pity muslims.

          • Mlialover12

            ok…why do ppl focus on the bad. cnt u see all the good muslims out there feeding the poor, fasting a whole month to see how hunger feels like to appreciate what they have. or the men who protect their wives and treat them like they’re some kinda princesses when they themselves sweat everyday to earn a penny. if u were a good parson in their right state of mind u wud see that Allha and prophet muhammad SAW are trying to guide u shitheads to prevnt this. wooooooooooooow. i never felt so smart. wen i read wat u ppl r saying it makes me feel proud of who i am, and the mentality god gave me. am so thankful that Allah put me in the right path. Allah has never let me down. i love allah n i wud love u 2 if u searched 4 ur brain cuz i think u dropped it somewhere b4 u decided to say shit abt muslims. forgive me Allah if i used bad words or got angry b/cus i know ur watching me and wouldn’t want me to waste ma time replying to ppl who will never understand bcuz they couldnt get ur guidence n bcuz u decided to block their eyes, hearing and heart. n u wonder why?!? u cnt understand

          • :)

            I think I just fell in love with you. Thank you for this.

          • Sarah

            Congratulations. You can copy and paste from a website. See, the huge difference you’re choosing to ignore is that we DON’T burn witches or whores. We do NOT regularly sell our daughters, or imprison, and often murder women for being raped. Sure, back when the Bible was written there were beastly things happening. But we’re smart enough to not practice those injustices today… Islam on the other hand…

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Posit: Humans have a huge capacity for selfishness and that selfishness breeds much of what we call evil and wickedness. A philosophy of life or a religion may well be evaluated for the degree to which it comes to grips with humanity’s capacity for evil and exploitation. If we take the verse sampling above as a representative blueprint for this religion called Christianity, we should expect that those living under its umbrella to promote evil, repression, savagery and exploitation. Stonings, honor killings, repression of women, violence and cruelty should be the lot and life of Christians!

            And history does find representatives of the Christian faith engaged in such shame and horror, especially in situations where clerical types have laid their hands on political or economic power (power is an aphrodisiac for evil in all religious and philosophical circles. See: Stalin, Jim Jones, various Popes and etc).

            But something is amiss in this train of thought: there must be something else going on in this religion called Christianity. What other religion has bid its followers ban slavery and incite one slave-holding nation to rid itself of the scourge at the cost of 600,000 lives and another (England) to use its navy to end world-wide trafficking in human life? Women do speak and minister in Christian churches worldwide. How can this be possible if the verses you quote are all the Bible says about the status of women?

            Part of the question is structural: God had a set of strict (and, from my point of view,frightening) rules and protocols for His people, the Jews, in the Old Testament. I live under the New Testament, which fulfills the promise of the Old. Separate out the two strains and a little clarity about Christian life develops. Ecclesiastes is a OT book of HUMAN wisdom, written to contrast human wisdom with God’s true spiritual wisdom for the purposes of showing the shortcomings of the former. Paul’s inspired presentation of the relationship between men and women never falls into the black void of your illogical application of the word “everything”; love and mutual submission to Christ’s authority make the relationship between a Christian man and woman work on earth and mirror the relationship between God the Father and God the Son in heaven. And that’s before we mix in the statement that “in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free male nor female” from Galatians. Christ’s reference to flesh and blood in the context of the Last Supper and His crucifixion lends the sacrament of communion its spiritual significance. Cannibalism has no place in the discussion or the experience of communion. Good grief!

            In short, I suggest that there is some internal self-corrective that keeps Christians from honor killing sprees, flying planes into skyscrapers and beating their wives and forming mobs to burn mosques. Whatever that ‘something’ is, it doesn’t appear in the list of verses presented for viewing.

            No religion comes to grips with humanity’s capacity for evil and selfishness like Christianity. Not one.

          • anonymous

            It doesn’t mean the quran told them to treat their wives like that. Are muslim women the only women that are treated that way? No, i bet there are more christians, jews, hindus, buddists etc. who treat them the same way

          • Kal El

            And those Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc… are punished according to the law. In islam, they are rewarded. See the difference?

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            Indeed, even without the Holy Book do they mistreat women.

          • anonymous111

            What you said makes absolutely no sense, you resided in a muslim country for 6 years? I’ve been a Muslim my whole life and I am Bosnian. You probably don’t even know what a Bosnian is because you don’t get that we are Muslims as well. No one in my family has ever been forced into a marriage w/ a man old enough to be their grandfathers, and no one was ever sold into prostitution, for money, or been killed for their behavior. Women are not treated as property – what we’re most expected to do is to cook and clean for our husband and children- because that’s what a wife and mother does. But everything you’ve listed is crazy talk, that has nothing to do with being a muslim; those are people who are fucked up in the head that do that sort of shit/ mental people. Because no one in their right mind treats women like that & for you to sit here and act like it’s what MY religion is about is BULLSHIT.

          • anonymous111

            and by the way Bosnia is in South- Eastern EUROPE on the balkan peninsula– since you think you’re so smart and stated that the only muslim countries outside of Asia are in Africa.

          • Kal El

            Go live in Saudi, to see all the things we mention here. You know, Saudi, the land where islam was invented?

          • Kal El

            Actually I lived in two nations in the ummah. I am fully aware of Bosnia, and the good people there. I agree that no one in their right mind would treat any human being that way. Yet muslims have done just that since the beginning of islam, and continue to behave that way to this day.

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            Indeed, indeed. You said it yourself, “It is NOT a religion, but rather a totalitarian socio-political cult.” If you study about religions, you will see that none of the religions teach bad stuffs. Those people with bad behaviour are just bad people who mystifically have religion that they didn’t even give a damn about. Thus, dear Kal_El, do not insult the religion for this matter is so sensitive and general. Once you insult a muslim, all the other muslim will be insulted too, indirectly. Instead, give examples as person, for again, no religion is bad. Think.

          • Kal El

            Actually, Tiaa, islam DOES teach bad stuff. Read the hadiths and you will see. Read the sura, and the quran. You want me to insult a person? Fine. Muhammad, the so-called prophet of islam was a pedophile, a liar, a brigand, a murderer, and a thief. And he obviously had some sort of mental disorder, considering the garbage he put forth. The people who blindly worship him are fools, pissing away their lives for a false promise of some perverse concept of paradise.

          • Sweettweet3131

            The “Muslim” countries you speak of are not living the “deen” or religion as it is meant to be lived. The “Muslim countries” that you think represent Islam and the verses mentioned in the Holy Kuran incorporate their own customs and cultures and make it seem like it is part of the religion so that more people can fall into its traps. Islam doesn’t advocate that any woman be degraded by men, who are definitely not considered to be superior to them. Islam is a religion that advocates for women to receive respect, not for them to be sold into prostitution or any kind of relationship that forces them to partake in sexual/social activities against their will.

            Islam is the only religion IN THE WORLD, that respects women and continues to do so while women in other religions walk around LIKE PROSTITUTES in their daily lives. It is a custom for Muslim men to look down when they see a woman walking down the street so that they do not disrespect her or put her in an uncomfortable situation.

            The men, brothers, and husbands who sell their wives, daughters, and sisters into ANY kind of relationship that requires them to perform ANY sexual action against their will IS NOT A MUSLIM & CAN’T BE.

            BY THE WAY, the verses that the administrator of this site has put up there are completely erroneous and translated in the way HE OR SHE wants them to be understood. If you knew Arabic, or were intellectually curious enough to research the information you are commenting on; you would have actually read the verses and seen what they truly mean.

            You can’t judge an entire religion and followers by the stereotypes you’ve seen from people who do not even follow the religion itself. IF ANY OF THE PEOPLE YOU’VE “SEEN” WERE MUSLIM OR EVEN HAD ANY BELIEF FOR GOD; THEY WOULD NEVER ACT ON THE AFOREMENTIONED ACTIONS.

            learn something then go talk about and comment on it.
            you just sound ignorant.
            good job buddy.

          • Beejj

            Tell us which Islamic countries practise their religion as it ought to be practised. Are there any? Come on – give us just one. And tell us how prostitutes walk. How is the walk of a prostitute different from that of a woman who is not a prostitute?

          • Kal_El

            You are a liar. Period. Every single muslim country I lived in or visited, the culture IS islam. You are either a grossly informed imbecile leftard, or a muslim trying to pass on more taqqiya. As for the verses, I have had them translated, by friends of Saudi, Lebanese, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, and Qatari descent. Arabic is their first language. Are they all wrong?

          • Guest

            Are your friends masters of the quran? The verses in the quran are complicated to translate and have more than one meaning, but people tend to choose the meaning they could use to bash the quran.

          • Kal El

            Are yours? How about using your brain and your eyes and SEEING how islam works, in the muslim world? I have. Have you?

          • anonymous

            so you road on a unicorn to muslim countries and had your tellytubby friends translate the holy Quran to you? WOW talk about ignorant as hell

          • Kal El

            Actually I rode on an airplane, and unlike muslims, I saw no need to hi-jack it or fly it into a tall building. I am not familiar with any of the teletubby folk, but one of the guys who translated the book for me is now living underground, thanks to the oh so peaceful response muslims give anytime their cult is mocked or insulted or made to look as inferior as it is.

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            Your verses are correct, but you have misunderstand the actual meaning of the verses. You should read the whole chapter to find the truth. For example, you read a line from a composition which states: “Oh, here is the knife. Now bring that girl over. She will be finished!” And when you stopped reading, you will definitely say that this person is about to kill the girl, right? But when you read further: “These onions will not just bring tears upon her eyes, she wouldn’t even see clearly! That is how she should feel for making fun of me in front of the class.” Lame, I know, but the point I’m trying to say is that you should read the whole chapter to know the real meaning for each verses.

          • Kal El

            Maybe you should try living in a muslim country to see how hundreds of millions of muslims “misunderstand” these verses, as you put it.

          • :)

            And how many countries is that? One? Two? Three? You’re making it seem like you know Islam inside and out. If you did, sweetheart, I assure you, you would be Muslim by now.

            “As of mid 2010, we accept the Pew Forum’s estimate 1.57 billion as the most reliable estimate.

            With that number, they represent about 22% of the world’s population. They are the second largest religion in the world. Only Christianity is larger, with 33% of the world’s inhabitants — a little over 2 billion.

            Islam is growing about 2.9% per year. This is faster than the total world population which increases about 2.3% annually. It is thus attracting a progressively larger percentage of the world’s population.”

            Islam is the fastest growing religion for a reason. If Islam was SO full of hate, war, aggression, sexism, etc., then WHY is it that Islam is growing even faster than the total world population? Why is the rate of Christianity staying constant, maybe even declining? I mean, surely 22% of the entire population is crazy, right? We all love being part of such a horrible religion, right? Douche…

            No one in their right state of mind would want to be part of something that supports hate & violence. Islam does NOT support any of this.

            There is a reason why so many people are turning to Islam. And lemme tell you, the ones that ARE converting are the ones who DO their OWN research :) Not the ones who believe everything they see on the media.

          • Kal_El

            The problem with your argument “No one in their right state of mind would want to be part of something that supports hate and violence.” is that muslims are NOT IN A RIGHT STATE OF MIND. Worshipping an illiterate pedophile who supposedly received words from an invisible angel, who was speaking for an unseen god? Funny how that works, right? As for the people converting to islam, I am sure you can come up with an excuse for the thousands who are kidnapped at a young age and converted by force. I have noticed the trend of losers converting to islam, like that imbecil Adam Gadahn, or John Walker Lindh.

          • Dajobrosrcute

            wow, you are so ignorant its sad as hell. first off: women are supposed to be treated as jewels. hidden and protected. and not only in islam. second; who said that only muslim women are sold or forced into prostitution? show me the link to the statistics because im positive that prostitution is a worldwide thing. killed by families? in what world? READ THE QURAN OR SOMETHING. IT.IS.HARAM.TO.KILL.INNOCENTS. haram= forbidden/ not allowed. if you do that you have a one way ticket to hell. people claiming to be muslim who kill are just like fishes pretending to be sharks. NO WAY its true. and i NEVER thougt that the asses in the KKK were christian. BULLSHIT. i could read the bible and not find ANYTHNG about murder being allowed in christianity. so why the hell would it be allowed in islam? a CHRISTIAN scholar read the quran and HE himself said that it is a pure and holy book. arabic hasnt changed over all the years. it still has the writing it had thousands of years ago. every arabic word has a sentance long TRANSLATION not definition in ENGLISH. it is such a pure language. there is a word for EVERYTHING. so all the tranlations off the quran are not 100% accurate. and you should seriously think about everything you say before you post it on a website that millions of people could read.

          • Infidelesto

            “women are supposed to be treated as jewels. hidden and protected”

            they’re “supposed to”, but they’re not… And yes they are “hidden” under
            their burqa tarps.


            tell that to the millions of muslims who say otherwise.

          • moot

            You’re generalizing. Honestly, if you are generalizing a whole people-group, then you will never be able to understand the ones who are NOT extremists or the “muslims who say otherwise”. I will admit, women aren’t treated like they should be, but in NO culture/religion is the treatment of women perfect or “by the book”. like a post above pointed out, even those who practice Christianity can be found guilty of abusing their wives or committing crimes against young women, such as rape/pedophilia. It’s like that everywhere, and to generalize that every single Muslim agrees with that lifestyle or outlook on life… is pure ignorance. I know plenty of Muslims (there’s a large Muslim community in the area that I live) and they have really shown me the way to really rely on God and how important that is. Not once have they advocated hatred or extremism, and not once have the Muslim men I know disrespected a woman, ESPECIALLY their wives. They treasure their wives, and they are extremely respectful towards all women, not only their wives/mothers/daughters. They are the most well-brought-up young men I know; well-mannered, even-tempered, etc.

            I’m not saying that every Muslim in my area is like THAT either, because unless I met every single Muslim and got to know them well, it would be nearly impossible for me to prove, which would lead to more generalization.

            All I’m saying is that as a group, Islam is given a bad rep, definitely worse than it deserves. But if given the chance to see the difference between the way that extremist crazies interpret the Holy Qu’ran and the way that Muslims like the ones I have been blessed to meet, I honestly think your perception would change, even if it is only in the slightest. I’m not saying that your opinion CAN’T be proved RIGHT, don’t get me wrong; there are people who misconstrue the meanings of religious context and such, and break laws despite their religion. But what I’m really getting at is that judging Muslims by what you’ve seen (terrorism at its worst and women “hidden under their burqa tops” – which, by the way, is THEIR choice in MANY places; it’s not oppression, it’s respect for Allah, themselves, and their husbands) is based on your existing schema. When shown proof that your schema isn’t entirely correct, maybe you can learn to judge solely on the individual, rather than the “majority”, or even minority groups of those who you seem to have seen.

          • Kal El

            I too have met good muslims. Now let me ask you, have any of your muslim friends come out in defence of the Constitution vs sharia law? Have any of them condemned outright (with no use of the classic apologist phrase “yeah, but…)? Have any of them condemned their muslim co-religionists who blow themselves up, often killing dozens, even hundreds of innocents? Have any condemned the father of Sara and Amina Said? How about the parents of Aqsa Parvez?

            As for the bad rep, islam has earned it on its own, through its violent history, from Saudi, to Persia, to Constantinople, to the Maghreb, and in Spain. I have met plenty of people who call themselves muslims, but are bad muslims, because they ignore the violent COMMANDS given to them by Muhammad, via the quran, sura and hadiths. They are good people. I have had many discussions with them, even challenged them outright on the pedophelia committed by the supposed prophet. They admit it is something they cannot reconcile themselves. In the same vein of logic, YOUR opinion cannot be proved right, because the burden of proof falls to those muslims, who are NOT into jihad, islamization, and forcing conversion or dhimmitude across the world, to show islam can be non-violent and co-exist peacefully with other religions and cultures without subjugating or destroying them.

            I have never claimed my “existing schema” is perfect. But it is a hell of a lot better than a schema that encourages people to kill in the name of an imaginary figure they worship.

          • Poptart

            Aint nothing wrong with mixed age couples as long as theyre are BOTH consentual. Ageism is no different from racism. Prejudice is prejudice.

          • islam4ever

            women are not treated “bad” then men in every “muslim country”, all the things you have listed occur in poor, war-torn, or countries filled with poverty where people are uneducated and have no choice but to sell their kids for money. people will do anything for food to survive. so all the negative things you listed happens only by force or because people are scared and have no choice. dont focus on war-torn, poor countries. focus on america where there are a million muslim women who chose to be muslim and are proud like myself. even in “muslim countries” as you said these things dont happen if the families are wealthy and educated about islam! stop being so close-minded

          • Islam Rules

            I am a proud convert to Islam! I am a woman! I chose to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because Islam is the ONE and ONLY true religion! Here is what I have to say…

            1.‘Kal-El’, first of all why you naming yourself after superman…. If that is actually your given name from your parents then they must have some SERIOUS ISSUES!! Probably why you turned out so dumb…..
            2.If you lived in a muslim country for so long and muslims are so bad, why the hell didn’t they kill you, you disbelieving piece of ….?
            3.YOU SAY women are treated as second class citizens in Islam…. DON’T THINK SO!! Women do not have to work, they chill out with their kids, go shopping etc whilst the man provides for HIS WHOLE FAMILY!! Men have a responsibility over their wives, THEY DO NOT CONTROL THEM! They are responsible for their well being, they must LOOK AFTER their wives and see they are provided for with food, clothes, shelter etc.
            Are you just jealous you can’t get a man to look after YOU like that?!
            4.‘Arranged marriages’ are culture NOT religion – DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO
            5.Another thing, women are entitled to less inheritance than men, for the simple reason that married women PAY FOR NOTHING whereas married men support their WHOLE FAMILY!
            6.‘Beejj’ Here’s some MATHEMATICAL ENLIGHTENMENT for you! – ‘Waheeduddin Khan states “Mathematics which has given us the concept of probability, itself states that it is mathematically impossible for this universe to have come into existence by accident.” Look at this example which Waheeduddin Khan quotes from the American scholar Christie Morrison, which explains how it is impossible that the universe could have come into being by accident. He said “If you take ten coins, and write on them the numbers from one to ten, then put them in your pocket and mix them well, then you try to take them out of your pocket in ascending numerical order (i.e., from one to ten), the chance of you taking out the coin on which is written the number one on the first attempt is one in ten. The chance of you taking out all ten coins in numerical order (1,2,3,4…) is one in ten billion.” On this basis how long would it take for this universe to assume it’s current shape if it had come about by accident? If we were to calculate that in the same manner, we would not be able to imagine or calculate the numbers, let alone comprehend them. Everything in the universe tells us that it was brought into existence by an omniscient, wise CREATOR, but man is unjust to himself and ignorant.’ – (Islamic Creed Series, Belief in Allah, ‘Umar S. al-Ashqar)
            7.ISLAM means PEACE so do not disrespect the religion of millions of people worldwide without first understanding the truth!

            You people do not believe as you were never meant to believe! I feel sorry for you and I thank Allah everyday for showing me the straight path and allowing me to become a true believer!
            Surah 2. Al-Baqarah verses 6 and 7 ‘Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, (i.e. they are closed from accepting Allah’s Guidance), and on their eyes is a covering. Theirs will be a great torment.

          • Kal El

            I am a SMART person who avoids cults and childish superstition. I am a man. I choose to ignore the lies ofthe pedophile Muhammad because I do not have my head shoved up my ass, nor was I brainwashed, from a young age, into the cult.

            1) It is called a pseudonym, and I use it because muslims have a tendency to riot, kill, blow themselves and others up whenever islam is mocked. It is not so much to protect me, but to protect my loved ones.

            2) I was left alone because I worked for the American Government, and made sure to keep my mouth shut in public, for the same reasons I use the pseudonym Kal-El. And not all muslims are bad. Some are good human beings, but bad muslims, who do not feel the need to kill anytime their faith is called into question.

            3) I KNOW women are treated as LESS than second class in islam. Sisters, daughters, wives, cousins, aunts, nieces, all killed by FAMILY members for being SUSPECTED of un-islamic behavior. Also, why is it muslims can have multiple wives, but a muslimah cannot have multiple husbands? As for jealousy, that is not one of my weaknesses, I provide for myself, and those I care for. Unlike you I am USEFUL to society for other purposes than breeding.

            4) Funny that you use culture as an excuse. So why hasn’t islam, the supposed best/perfect religion had its clerics (wacky habibs all of them) issue a fatwa against the practice? Why is it clerics always seem to issue fatwas saying it is fine for a 50 year old man to wed an 8 year old girl?

            5) You prove my point, you half-wit! Therefore women are NOT equal to men in islam, using your own words.

            6) That does nothing to prove islam is anything more than a cult invented by a psychotic pedophile who sought only to satisfy his greed and lust for little girls. That does not PROVE anything about a creator.

            7) LIAR! Islam DOES NOT mean peace, it mans submission to (fake ass arabian moon-god) allah, also known as SLAVERY. I understand the truth, and will disrespect the idiocy and the billion retards who follow it as I please, and so will anyone else who wishes to. It is called freedom of speech, and NOTHING you can do will ever stop that.

            So you are saying your all loving allah, has abandoned his creations? Wow that is some god you have, ahira.

          • JEWHAWK

            “.ISLAM means PEACE so do not disrespect the religion of millions of people worldwide without first understanding the truth! ”

            And I am Brad Pitt’s twin brother.

          • Kal El

            Brad Pitt has a twin brother? =P

          • Mishal

            i hope you look as good as Brad Pitt, because your words about Islam don’t do you any favors but if you are handsome like Brad Pitt well you might go far. good luck.

          • Persaveranze

            Thats an interesting irony JEWhawk.

          • Beejj

            Oh, you poor deluded neanderthal! You think I need lessons from you or Christie Fruitcake in simple Probability? What you fail to understand is that the evolving structure of the universe is governed by the laws of physics, while pulling coins out of a pocket is not. Now, dear, make yourself a nice cup of tea and think about that.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder if Islam Rules has even heard of a factorial.

          • Istanbul_chick

            How fat are you and how many children by how many fathers do you have?

            Marginal women. Fat, ugly, psychotic, whores or women with severe mental issues are typically the “class” of western woman that convert to islam.

            Trust me, lose some weight and you will pull your head out of your fat arse and admit that mohammad was one of the biggest douche bags in the universe.

            Stay fat and stay a slave king douche of the universe. Seen many, many, many times in western nutjobs like you.

          • ISLAM RULES!!!!!!

            You are so DUMB! I have NO children, I am 5’6″ and 55kg NOT FAT AT ALL!! I believe the truth and my eyes are wide open!

            You have serious issues! Also there is nothing wrong with larger women, they can look as good as slim women. If they are happy with their weight, good luck to them! AT LEAST THEY ARE HAPPY!

            Don’t hate – APPRECIATE!

          • Anonymous

            You have a typo. You forgot to put a 1 in front of that 55kg.

            I know the mohammadan that convinced you to convert to cult of misogyny told you that “fats and olds are attractive in my culture.” He’s lying. Pull your head out of your fat ass you cow. If you go to your mohammadan’s shit hole country look at all they married women. Very few of them are fat. mohammadans find fat, old and ugly just as unattractive as any other men.

            But, you’re free to be an idiot. Just feck off to the country of your mohammadan romeo. Don’t import his worthless ass to the west. Let me guess: you’re at least 10 years older than him. And yes, more than 10 pounds over weight is fat. I’m sure, from your vehemence and “some larger women can look as good as slim women” is PROOF that you are indeed a cow. It’s okay, numbnuts, many other fatties like yourself have converted to the assbackward arab cult just to hear some greasy mohammadan tell them “I love you.” I’d bet donuts to dollars you met the smuck online.

            Happy fat women DON’T meet much younger, poorly educated greaseballs from third world cultures on the internet and convert to their “religion.” They lower their expectations, live in reality and meet men from their own culture. There are a few wierdos who find you angry, disgusting butterballs attractive in the west.

            I guess there just aren’t enough fatty lovers in the west and that’s why you disgusting, stupid, traitorous cows are meeting greasy, lying mohammadans and converting to their desert cult. Good luck with that. Be sure to let us know how long after the ink is signed on his greencard that he kicks you to the curb.

          • Asb

            Geez! you are so full of hate. I wonder what kind of childhood you’d have had to turn out like this. It must be so painful being you, you must be socially chucked out for being what you are. Do you speak like this in real life too? or you only poison web pages with your venomous ideas about people and their religion since the real world don’t accept you..Must be so hard being yourself!

          • hellosnackbar

            You’re another silly Islamo mutt who confuses contempt for hate.
            We see you as clowns in a surreal circus of the insane;even dressing up in clownish clothes.
            So the next time you look in the mirror ;imagine a big red ball as defining your nose.

          • Kal El

            asb, I had a wonderfully typical American childhood, free from war, unlike most muslim countries during the 80s and 90s, and free from being brainwashed into a mindless, pedophile worshipping automaton ready to blow him/herself up in hopes of going to a fantasyland paradise.

          • Anonymous

            I had a great childhood with awesome parents whose love was unconditional. their love isn’t based on the condition that I continue to believe in their sky monster fairy tale.

            Yes, I do tell the truth in real life. I don’t play nice with monsters like you. The real world does accept me hence the reason I’m not some idiot convert to the racist and misogynistic cult of pisslam. Converts to your desert cult are the ones who are marginal outcasts that’s why they convert you silly savage. Too bad for you that the absolute truth about pisslam is “venomous!”

            It’s great being me and it will be greater when the West collectively wakes up and expunges you, your cult and the traitorous dhimmis who enable you and your cult. I don’t have to spend every day making excuses and lying for something that I choose to be.

            However, it must really suck being an intellectual and immoral slave to a bronze age arab cult that is so loathesome and backwards you must spend all your time attempting and failing miserably to defend it!

          • ^_^

            I have never laughed so hard today… If only i can give a Hi5 mate… lol

          • ^_^

            What’s up with you and your insults hon? honestly you make me think that you got some issues with your weight… you are such a  sour puss… 

          • ISLAM RULES

            ‘Fat, ugly, psychotic, whores or women with severe mental issues’ – This must be a perfect discription of yourself!!

          • Istanbul_chick

            Those are all applicable to western women who convert to your cult. There is nothing normal or desirable about western women who dally with mohammadans. That’s why they do it. Normal, successful non-mohammadan males don’t want those losers. islam is doing the west a favour: you’re taking out the garbage for us. Your cult is appealing only the marginal, useless members of our societies. We can easily identify them when they convert.

            Tell me, when you mohammdan greaseballs win the trifecta: converting broads who are fat and ugly, whores, and have mental issues, does allah give you three postives over your right shoulder for the angels to count on judgment day? Or do you get four? You get one for converting an infidel. Do you get three more for converting whores, crazies and uglies? Or is it just three?

            Inquiring minds want to know.

          • charlotte

            Stuff Allah. You are a stupid woman and you will learn the hard way.Allah is the moon god that Muslims made up to compete with the Jewish god.Like your god Allha is better than everyone else’s god….Haha Your god Allah allows y touo keep slaves, beat women ,rape children and have sex with animals. Your god allah lets me call anyone who is not a Mooslim, an infidel and allows me to tax them(jizya) and kill them. Your god Allah is a hateful god who teaches that men and boys are better than women and girls. You worship a stone in Mecca the Kaaba, that has on its Eastern wall a GIANT stainless steel VAGINA. Google eastern corner stone of the Kaaba and you will see it ha ha ha What a primitive vagina worshipping cult.

          • Evelyn22

            you are a stupid bitch from hell, who doesn’t know jack crap, shit. you are a racist ass evil devil born from a fucken whore who has no sense God gave a jackass. You don’t believe in anything expect insulting others. You have no clue about Islam you think Muslims are only religion who rapes women and kids. Wow amazing how stupid people really are. How many fucken Christin priest asses been caught for raping little boy digging their nasty wrinkled dicks in little boys butts. Are you a retarded little bitch. Wake up and smell the coffee because you don’t know shit. You need to get off this website and go learn about life, travel the world and see things then formulate opinions about people. Just because you read crap on the internet doesn’t mean you know anything. Peace out ugly bitch

          • Istanbul_chick

            Evelyn, I’ll give you a WHOLE BOX OF DOUGHNUTS, if you share with us how fat you are, how much older you are than the mohamamdan greaseball you converted for and how close you came to not quite getting an education.

            Also, I’ll throw in a box of twinkies if you tell us what you’ll do on the day your nine year old daughter has her first period and your mohammadan arranges to marry her off to his 54 year old cousin. Remember, as the mohammadans always point out “as soon as a girl has her menstrual cycle she’s a woman!”

          • :)

            LMAO. Is this all you do? Go around asking people their weight? And their age?
            Why would you care how much someone weighs? Lol this is SO stupid, I just HAD to comment.

          • :)

            Lol I just find it funny that you’re saying “Like your god Allha is better than everyone else’s god”…
            Allah is just the Arabic word for God. We don’t believe Allah to be better than every other God since we do not believe in any other God. We believe Him to be the ONLY God.
            Oh dear, how I feel bad for people like you. Lol, I really, really do. People like you entertain me.

          • Kal_El

            That is a pack of lies. Allah is a contraction of the classical Arabic words al ilah, meaning “the god”. Allah was one of hudreds of pre-islamic gods worshipped by bedouins living in the Arabian deserts. Spread your lies elsewhere.

          • naive

            I want to remove this misconception about Muslims from your mind. Just as all the followers of other religions can not be judged by a behaviour of a single person of that religion so you can also not judge the whole Muslim nation by insane behaviour of SO-CALLED Muslim families with their women. I totally agree with you man that many Muslims in Islamic states are upon the teachings of ISLAM but as I told you that as not all fingers of a hand are equal or some Muslim’s conservative behaviour doesn’t denote the real soul of liberal religion ISLAM. HOPE I’VE CLEARED YOUR MISCONCEPTION ABOUT “THE RELIGION OF PEACE”, ISLAM.

          • Anonymous

            “not all fingers of a hand are equal”

            I am so sick of this lame-ass platitude from you disgusting mohammadans.

            Sure, not all fingers are the same but they’re all from the same FILTHY, EVIL, DISGUSTING, ROTTEN ISLAMIC HAND.

            islam and mohammad are the hand and that hand stinks. Therefore every finger on that hand is just as vile as the hand.

            Typical islamic douchebag.

            You animals are free to do whatever the hell you want to each other in the deserts of arabia. Kill, rape, maim each other, I don’t care. JUST STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WEST.

          • Mocmude

            Get a life you fat ass ugly retarded numstuck bitch. Go read a book and learn something about life. Stupid pig. Stuff an apply in your mouth and roast your ugly fat ass and get off this site.

          • Istanbul_chick

            The only fat assed ugly bitches are the desperate, old and idiotic twats who convert to islam for you mohammadan douchebags.

            islam attracts the rejects of western culture: old, fat, uneducated women with children from multiple men and whom no decent non-mohamamdan men want, prisoners and social retards who couldn’t get a date at a women’s prison open house.

            I bet my eye teeth you’re some douchey mohammadan romancing several disgusting, snaggle-toothed, thinning haired western trailor rats who are at least 10 years older than you and all converting to islam just to hear “olds and fats are attractive in my culture.”

          • Kal El

            From now on I will make it a personal policy to never read one of your comments while I have a beverage in hand. =D

          • iloveAllah

            ok seriously…am a muslim and a woman. n what this uneducated dumbass wrote on her website is so not true. i read the qur’aan billion times and i know all it’s meanings and i never once came across this quotes she’s using. what is wrong with her?. doesn’t she know that all muslims know this isn’t true. is it a way of gaining all the people who judge before educating themselves opinions?? islam is an amazing religion and it promotes goodness, it never ones promoted evil against anything or anyone or any gender for that matter. Allah is amazing and beautiful and whoever doesn’t see that, seriously needs to open the qur’aan, examin it, learn it’s meanings and goals then talk to a muslim then a sheikh then feel free to judge until then, do everybody a favour and SHUT UP!

          • ANN87


          • Istanbul_chick

            Spoken like a true member of the “religion of peace.”

            Tell us, “Ann” how fat are you, how much older than your mohammadan greaseball are you and has all the lard in your body actually turned your brain into such a pile of mush that you actually believe it when your mohammadan greaseball tells you “fats and matures are sexy in my culture!”

            And do tell us, Ann, if your greaseball mohammadan asks to marry off your nine year old daughter on the first day of her first menstrual cycle, what will you say?

          • Tats

            No one wants to be with a stick!!!!! Only men with coke tendencies!!! Everyone loves a booty…like a kardashian booty. I think you’re another dumb hoe with an eating disorder. You cannot sit on a table and enjoy your dish cuz your dumb ass is too worried how much calories you ate! Paranoid!

          • Anonymous

            Kardashian “bootys” don’t weight 200+ pounds.

            mohammadans revert blobs tend to tip the scales and suffer from sever OVER EATING disorders.

            Stupid much?

          • Tats

            Dumb hoe! What an ignorant…..I bet you came from that same finger that was shoved in yo mama’s v-jayjay!!!

          • Anonymous

            Your wit is breathtaking, “tats.” Did you learn such eloquent repartee from “cribs?”

            And you’re absolutely correct in a rather roundabout way as only one “finger was ever shoved in my mama’s “v-jayjay and that finger belonged to my dad.

            But get ye back to the mosque and crack open your kuran. mein kuranmpf clearly states that sperm comes from the backbone and not the finger and your neighbourhood imam will confirm that.

          • iloveAllah

            ok seriously…am a muslim and a woman. n what this uneducated dumbass wrote on her website is so not true. i read the qur’aan billion times and i know all it’s meanings and i never once came across this quotes she’s using. what is wrong with her?. doesn’t she know that all muslims know this isn’t true. is it a way of gaining all the people who judge before educating themselves opinions?? islam is an amazing religion and it promotes goodness, it never ones promoted evil against anything or anyone or any gender for that matter. Allah is amazing and beautiful and whoever doesn’t see that, seriously needs to open the qur’aan, examin it, learn it’s meanings and goals then talk to a muslim then a sheikh then feel free to judge until then, do everybody a favour and SHUT UP!

          • Anonymous

            The ability of you islamopithecaii to lie never ceases to amaze me. You creatures couldn’t tell the truth if your worthless lives depended upon it.

            Never seen those ayat in mein kuranmpf hmhhh? Liar.

    disagrees with you and it’s a site by muslims for muslims:surah 4 ayat 129 2 ayat 223 2 ayat 228 2 ayat 282 4 ayat 11 2 ayat 230

            No, you bronze age-minded, lying sack of crap, YOU SHUT UP, PACK UP AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WEST. The West doesn’t need enslaved obfuscators of a bronze age arab male club of racism and misogyny dreamed up by an illiterate kiddy diddling tradesman of the savage bedoiun tribe.

          • iloveAllah

            seriosly i feel sorry for negative people like you. the west  isn’t yours sweetie. u cnt call anybody disgusting when your mouth is disgusting.

          • Anonymous

            Wrong. The West DOES belong to us. It belongs to those who built it. It does NOT belong to third world, slave minded, bronze age parastical rejects like you who did not, do not and will never contribute anything to this great culture.

            If you loathesome, useless creatures stay in your crapistans you could rape, kill, intimidate and raise your stinking arses to your bloodthirsty allah to your evil hearts’ content.

            Stay in the West and keep up your bullshi’ite and you WILL feel the fury of a million more Oslos. That’s guaranteed.

          • Kal El

            Nope, all you have done is ramble on and say nothing, wasting an entire paragraph.

          • Tai Anjing

            im from indonesia, the largest muslim population, and it does not happen! you have been blinded by whats on tv.

          • Beejj

            You want us to overlook East Timor and Aceh?

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            Look through the whole world, not just a part of it. Seek for the truth, not just sit there, going through the net and pick out one ‘interesting’ topic from the media and twist it until it became something long and un-worthwhile.

          • Beejj

            Hey, buffoon, I was replying to another buffoon who tried to tell us that all is sweetness and light in Indonesia (Obama is similarly deluded or plain lying). The rest of the world was not the point. Indonesia was the point. Get it? But do you REALLY want me to look at the rest of the world? Shall we start with to-day’s report about the tens of thousands of verminous low-life raghead scumbag superstitious morons in Mecca chanting “Death to America. Death to Israel”? By the way, Aisha was SIX when your demented paedophile married her and NINE when he cocked his leg over her. Maybe she was a big lump of a female (much like so many mohammedan females), but is a child of 9 emotionally ready for intercourse? Mo didn’t care as long as he could get his end away.

          • Kal El

            In indonesia they burn down churches. And where is Bali, again? Oh yeah, in Indonesia.

          • Elis

            um, please dont speak like youve been to “every muslim country”. women are treated equally, im guessing you have no idea what you are talking about, but just talking for the sake of talking. stop acting like you know something, when in reality you probably havent even left your home. im not speaking for all muslim countries – because i havent been to all of them. but i know for a fact that women in turkey get treated equally, and wow would you look at that. turkey is about 99% muslim !! so, Mr. Kal_El, why dont you “pull your head out of your ass” – as you are clearly WRONG & dont try to judge any country and it’s beliefs/cultures, oki? thanks pumpkin :)
            now please go kill yourself :) thanks

          • Anonymous

            Go peddle your taqiyya somwhere else you typical mohammdan Turkish twat.

            I’ve spent the past five years in Turkey. Women are not treated equally. On the surface yes, because you parasites want to join and suck off the tit of the EU. Scratch the surface and your fetid culture is just as assbackwards, racist and MYSOGYNISTIC as your arab, paki, afghani, african, Armenian, Asian and Iranian co-religionists’ cultures.

            Practice what you preach you islamic piece of shit: do the world a favour and go kill yourself. Thanks and fuck you, your sister, your father and all your ancestors. (Typical islamic insult. Who says you can’t learn anything from these islamic shit-for-brains?)

          • Kal El

            Go kill myself? No thanks, I am not muslim, I know I will not see 72 virgins on the otherside, and I am fully cognizent of the fact that suicide is a waste of life. Speaking of talking for the sake of talking, you seem to be an expert on that. Women treated equally? Like that lady in Iran being sentenced to death by stoning for adultery? Or the THOUSANDS of women from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Canada, The USA, The United Kingdom, pretty much anywhere islam infests that were killed by their own families. Is that the equality of which you speak? As for leaving my home, I have lived abroad for the past 7 years, and had my eyes opened first hand. I have been to my share of muslim countries, all in the region where islam was invented. So do the world a favor, and go post your inane drivel on some other site, preferably one that likes to bend over for islam. We here do not care for your idiocy. But I will defend, with my dying breath, your right to be an idiot.

          • Anonymous

            You are in no position to be making judgements about other religions. So just stop making things up and mind your own business!

          • Kal El

            Actually I am in the perfect position. That of an unbiased observer, who holds no allegiance to imaginary superstitious deities, but to the TRUTH.

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            So that women know that they are weak. Not all muslim country treat women like that. Women are indeed the most precious diamond in Islam, if only they know how to take care of themselves.
            “Why are they routinely sold by their families into forced marriage to men old enough to be their grandfathers? Why are they routinely sold by their families into prostitution?” You should know and make a deeper and more precise research on this matter for this case does not happen only for muslim women. Even the non-muslim women at other countries are treated like this. One main reason for why this happens is poverty. You learn that in geography :)
            “Why are they constantly KILLED by their own families for suspected behavior?” Maybe this, you are referring to those women who have done sex before marriage, it should be understandable that such families do punishment as so, not killed, but punished. Imagine your sister gets pregnant in a country that is well-known as a country with respected background, you will be embarrassed and humiliated by others, thus the punishment.
            “Pull your head out of your ass, maybe it will help you see things as they really are.” I think you should do more research and try harder to find the truth behind every words, don’t just waste your time there, thinking of something to blacklist other religion. Just so you know, no religion is bad for all leads to nothing but righteous deeds and stuffs, if you but know.

          • Kal El

            You know, you waste a lot of space with a lot of words, but don’t really say anything to refute my points. Try some FACTS next time. They help get your point across.

          • Saraah-swe

            Why, why, WHY are you acting like you know every single muslim in the world? You know what, you don’t.
            Stop confusing Islam with muslims! Islam is perfect, but that does not mean muslim’s are!

          • Kal_El

            Islam is a crock of shit, and muhamhead was a pedophile, liar, rapist, thief, brigand, and murderer. Good muslims are the ones causing all the havoc across the globe, waging jihad and doing all they can to infest the entire planet with islam. Bad muslims are the good human beings unfortunately born in to the cult, who want only to live in peace and be left alone.

          • Johntravese

            you saw these things in muslim world, can you name where exactly did you see that? I am a muslim and proud to be one, and sites like this actually play a big rule in making Sisters from all around the world look and read the Quran ” take world trade center propaganda as an example, 20 000 ppl converted to islam right after the incident”, and revert back to Islam. you try to fool ppl, but it comes back and do islam a favor.
            plus ESMAGIC, thanks for that message, People in america forgot about their own lives, and decided to dedicate their lives to attach islam. good for them i say, but that must be a disease that needs to be cured soon

          • hellosnackbar

            You’re deluded Johnny you’re the pestilence that needs to be eradicated.

          • Kal El

            Everyone loves a good pestilence! =D

          • Rose

            I’m a Muslim woman and I would like to correct you here since you’ve clearly misunderstood the religion !

            Before Islam women were treated as property that could be exchanged , they were buried alive and were subjected to all sorts of cruelty . The prophet was the first to speak of the rights of women He said

            ” Best of you is one who is best in his treatment of his wife ”

            “No Muslim should hate his wife ”

            “It is not lawful for you to inherit women ”

            “women have rights similar to their obligations ”

            “Men are guardians of women ”

            Islam allows women to divorce and men to divorce so that hatrid amongst them does not grow . Islam forbade the practice of inheriting women the prophet married women who were in need of protection . Islam allows a man to marry many women because the ratio of men is lesser that of women as men died in wars etc and due to this many women found themselves with no husband hence Islam prefers men to take the permission of the wife and marry rather than have extra marital affairs and produce babies out of bed lock . And men are called protectors of women not because they are in any way superior to women simply because they are physically more strong and can defend her better . And as far as the part about men inheriting double of women that is because at the time men were supposed to provide for their entire family women back then didn’t have a responsibility like that . And the property of women is protected in islam and its her brother , father and husbands duty to ensure it is . And don’t refer to all this as sexist it was just done this way as at the time as fewer women were educated , barely any worked and most were oblivious of their rights hence it was the duty of the men to safeguard it .Now Muslim women are given most respect and authority and encouraged to take care of them selves . I like how the west speaks of women rights when there hasn’t been a single woman president by far in contrast to the east .

            I don’t expect you to agree with what I have to say but I would appreciate it if you tried to understand it .

          • Kal El

            Good for you being proud of being muslim. I’d offer the name of the location, if it weren’t for the constant death threats from your fellow muslims who practice the “religion” of “peace”. As for your 20k who reverted after muslims brought down the WTC, in the same manner as the temple of John the Baptist in Damascus, the Temple Mount, Constantinople, and everything else islam touches, whooped dee doo, if they are dumb enough to be duped by a cult fabricated by a 7th century msyogynist pedophile, sucks to be them.

          • Warvets

            May I add something, for everyone here to ponder and rethink what American should and should not have react in the first place. 911 and anti semite ? For once I have personally found out the actual meanings of semite, the only semitic peoples are the Arabs and most of them are so ignorant of that facts.

            Don’t believe me, try reading these blog

            If you are that sober and not blinded by the current anti semite issues, this might changed the way people should be thinking forever. Anti semite? What a laugh !!!! lollllllllllllllll

          • Suhila786

            u just lived there,, you did not see the good sides of those people,,, your bad eyes even see the good things as bad… liarsss,,,

          • Kal El

            You may think you are cute, posting from the same email address using different display names, but that is just sad. As for the good, I saw plenty of good. I saw good in the Bangladeshi laborers (slaves) who worked16 hours a day 7 days a week for 150 dollars a month. They are among the kindest people I have met. I saw good in the children, not yet brainwashed to hate Israel, Jews, America, Liberty, etc… I saw good in my native friends who are muslim on paper, but unable/afraid to abandon the cult because of their parents. I saw good in the people who spoke to me about how much they hated the islamists in their midst, but knew they were powerless, because all who oppose the islamists end up dead. There are good people in the ummah. But they are mostly slaves/victims.

          • Sofia

            Ohhhhhh you call those people “Muslims.”
            That’s like me saying “How about you go and live in the ‘Christian world’ for 6 years, as I did, and witness their stupidity and their atrocious behavior first hand as well, mmkay?”

          • Kal El

            They call THEMSELVES muslims. I could care less. And as for living in the Christian world, I grew up in the West, and while we have our issues, we do not hide them, then use a 1000+ year old book of fairie tales to justify such idiocy, unlike in the muslim world. You saying “How about you go and live in the Christian world for 6 years, as I did…” makes no sense. I do not see homosexuals hanging from cranes in the West. I see it in the muslim world. I do not see women having acid thrown in their faces in the West, just in the muslim world. Yes we have had honor killings in the West, but SURPRISE, SURPRISE! They were committed by muslim men who were angry that their daughters/wives were too Western and not true slaves to allah.

          • Muhammad Poopchute

            christina45, God is already punishing you by making you believe in a swinish religion; you know the one: Islam. The one everyone hates except for the swine who claim it as their own.

          • NO!

            hey guys, i am really confused. why would some guy (Muhammed) call him self a prophet and tell people that there is no god but Allah ? what’s the benefit his going to get anyway ?! while he lived and died poor with no power (i mean he wasn’t Mr president or something like) and also got himself in wars and others??!!
            i need an answer please.

          • Beejj

            He had no power? Are you a mental case? Given that you are clearly a follower of that piece of filth, the answer is surely YES. Read Serge Trifkovic.

          • reply to idiots

            You are a miserable jackass, idiot, retarded, stupid, scum crap, cock sucker, dog breath, butt licker, stank wrench, two headed serpent, digusting flithy maget infested, viral bacterial infestation to this earth. You need a vaccine against your rotten thoughts as you are the king of stupid. You are infested by a tape worm that has sucked the brains out of your little peanut head and left you with none as nothing you say makes sense. Go get the tape worm pulled out of your head and maybe you can think more clear.

          • Kal El

            What is a stank wrench? I know allen/pipe/monkey wrenches, but never heard of a stank wrench. You spelled maggot incorrectly. As for brains being sucked out of peanut heads, that describes fanatical muslims quite nicely.

          • Have No Fear

            Do you really want to know ? not at this site … they won’t allow. Believe me ….


          • arah
          • Kurrrt

            By the words of Allah, “that also applies to those who have not yet menstruated” (65:4) and He made the ‘idda of a girl before puberty three months.

            4840. It is related from ‘A’isha that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, married her when she was six years old and consummated it when she was nine, and she was his wife for nine years. (Aisha Bewley, The Sahih Collection of Al-Bukhari, Chapter 70. Book of Marriage

            ‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house AS A BRIDE WHEN SHE WAS NINE, AND HER DOLLS WERE WITH HER; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old. (Sahih Muslim, Book 008,
            —see anything wrong here?—

          • TRAUMATHEDON

            This already been refuted stop beating a dead horse. AISHA WAS NOT 9 SHE WAS 19 WHEN MUHAMMAD CONSUMMATED THE MARRIAGE YOU JACKASS…THOSE ARE DAIF [WEAK] HADITH!!!



          • Christine_S

            Why is it so difficult for some Muslims to admit that Aisha was a child when Mohammed “consummated the marriage” (raped her for the first time). Marrying children is still a popular practice in Muslim countries run by Islamic Sharia law. Muslim “men” with a taste for little girls will say that it is their “Allah-given” right.

            Pointing out the sickening truth about Islam and correcting the lies written here by Muslim “defenders of the faith” is not an effort to convert anyone to Christianity. We would just like to stop your “religion” from spreading and infecting non-Muslim countries.

          • TRAUMATHEDON

            Unless you have proof to bring, as I have just provided historical proof to the CONTRARY of your statement about Aisha’s alleged age, then I suggest you stop giving your opinion and start giving facts. Stop using emotion and prejudices to support your ideas and bring something useful to the discusion….or shut up altogether. Christians are the sick ones…the priests still rape young boys in the church….why dont you go address that. SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM THE RAPING HANDS OF CHRISTIANS!!!


          • Christine_S


            This video proves nothing. I don’t know why you think it does. You must know that you are in the minority if you really do believe that Aisha was 19 and not 9. Most Muslims accept that she was 9 and find nothing wrong with that, or they offer numerous pathetic excuses as defense. Sadly, Mohammed sets the example for how Muslims conduct themselves. Because of that, girls who have the misfortune of being born to Muslim parents will continue to be used to satisfy the sick sexual desires of Islamic perverts. They will continue to die from injuries sustained when their not yet developed bodies are violated by “men” several times their age. Those who do not die from their injuries are thrown out like garbage when their “husbands” have no further use for them and their families will not take them back. And still more will die trying to give birth to more Muslim scum. You can find several articles here at IAC (with the original sources listed) that prove what I have written, or you can Google “Muslims – child marriage”.Yes, child sexual abuse does occur at the hands of non-Muslims, but only a Muslim will claim that it is their “right” to do so. They defend their disgusting actions by quoting verses from the Quran that prove that Allah allowed and encouraged adult men to marry little girls; the same verses we infidels are accused of taking out of context…hmmm. Muslims like to accuse non-Muslims of changing the meanings of the verses in the Quran when it is actually they who are guilty of doing that. Since Muslims have no freedom of choice and are forced to be Muslim, I suppose the only way for some to cope with having to worship a sadistic “god” and a filthy, disgusting “prophet” is to try to “rewrite” Islam’s “holy” book and try to give Mohammed a “character makeover”. Muslims are ordered to unquestioningly submit to their “religion”, so it is possible that you really do believe what you have been told to believe about Islam and Mohammed. If that is true, I would like to suggest that you seek more reliable and unbiased sources to gather information. When you finally discover the truth it will make you sick, as it does us. I hope that learning the truth will inspire you to do the right thing by helping to spread the word that Islam is an evil, sick and hateful cult bent on destroying the civilized world.

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            I’m sorry. I missed the ‘historical proof to the contrary’ regarding Mohammed’s fondness for children. Do you refer to the unsupported statement that “This (claims to Aisha’s being 9 when molested) has been refuted . . .’?

            Yes. Pedophilia by priests blights the Catholic Church and shames Christianity. I do not know what’s worse: the rapes or the smarmy way the Catholic Church has responded. But, and it’s a BIG but, what these priests do VIOLATES everything the Bible stands for. As a Christian, I take second place to no one in condemning pedophilia and doing it on biblical terms. On the other hand, child bride sales and purchases MANIFEST the clear teaching of the Quran, which claims Mohammed’s life is the perfect model for muslim manhood. “Hey, the Prophet mated with a nine year old; I mate with nine year olds. What price will you accept for this one?”

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Wait. Wait. I think I got the historical proof to which you refer. There is this attached files slide presentation I watched. Man, the scholarship involved! I look at KURRT’s presentation of the clear words from Al Bukhari and Muslim to the effect that Aisha was a child bride and then I try and follow the slide presentation’s convoluted, murky chain of logic trying to prove otherwise and I gotta go with Bukhari and Muslim. They’re as reliable as it gets and the text is clear in its entirety.

            That slide presentation is a tortured, twisted analysis proving black is white, gray’s red and somebody’s sister couldn’t have been this so this other one was that and then there’s someone’s uncle reporting from Iraq . . . no wonder muslims lie so well-they’re trained to smoothly manipulate any situation into compliance with the needs of the moment. I pity the poor muslim having to memorize that slide presentation’s illogical sequences in hopes of befuddling the infidel. The next thing you’re going to tell me is that Jesus was a muslim or that Mohammed was a man of peace when he wasn’t attacking his neighbor’s caravans. And you’ll do it with a straight face!

          • Tiaa Wildfire

            Yes, Aisha is Nine by the time Mohammed marry her. If you but read the real story, Mohammed didn’t have intercourse with her until she was big enough to do so. Along the years when Aisha was still little, Mohammed play along with her, treat her like his own child, for the reason why Mohammed marry her at the first place is because Aisha was alone. Her parents died and thus, to protect her from harm of the Jahiliyyah, then did Mohammed marry her :)

          • Christine_S

            Both of Aisha’s parents were alive when she “married” Mohammed, liar. Do you want to talk about how Mohammed “played along with her” prior to raping her for the first time?? Sickening…

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Another myth-makeover. If I hear another hagiographic, self-serving version of Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha I’m going to scream! This version is pure farce, the best yet!

            Tiaa-from what hadith did this charming and improbable little tale come? Really. Al-Bukhari? Islam? KURRT’s posting quotes reliable and respected hadith authors who state what we ALL know: Aisha was nine when the Prophet had her. The Quran endorses old men marrying little children. Mohammed’s a pedophile. He raped a nine year old! I can see it now: “Aisha, dear one, let’s put our dolls aside for a moment. I have something wonderful to show you . . . ” And you’re going to let this fellow be your spiritual guide?

          • Kal_El

            Watch the evidence? How do you suggest we watch something that occurred 1400 years ago? You say we should trust some “islamic scholar” (if such a thing even exists) to tell the truth about Muhammad? What if the truth makes islam look bad? Surely we would not be served a dose of taqqiyah, right?

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Taqqiyah, indeed! Mohammed biographer Ibn Hisham (died: 834) used the writings of Ibn Ishaq, a previous biographer to create his widely used hagiography of the Prophet. Robert Spencer in The Truth About Mohammed, page 27, introduces Ibn Hisham this way: “He explains that in his version he omits, among other material from Ibn Ishaq’s biography, ‘things which it is disgraceful to discuss, matters which would distress certain people . . .’”

            I’m more than sure that Mohammed’s life was cleaned up for public consumption. What’s interesting is the amount of ‘disgraceful’ material that remains. This remaining disgraceful content apparently did not bother the islamic writers 150 years after the Prophet’s death. Even now, there are more devotees ready to defend Aisha’s pathetic rape than there are writers like this Tiaa Wildfire-being ready to spin the tale into seeming innocence and put a smiley face at the end of sentence.

            I’m curious. What do you do for a living that has you visiting so many muslim countries? How have you avoided the siren call of the Faithful to submission to Allah? To what degree, is any, have you felt endangered by immersion into The Borg? I picture you enduring an end to a day in the marketplace like form the movie Invasion of The Body Snatchers when the last remaining human gets spotted by the Pod People and they all point and silently scream at him.

          • Have No Fear

            I really admire your patience answering to these bunch of Psychopaths Infidel …. way to go brother. I have found an interesting articles written by a Jews writer. Just to share them with you all.

            Its about Psychopaths, Christianity and the “Sale of Indulgences”

            Before we can confront the Psychopaths without, we must first learn how to subdue the Psychopath within. The truth be told, all of us have a latent or active psychopathic side to our personality. Freud called this the Id. I will refer to it as the “Physical Man”.

            The “Physical Man” is your physical body. It is corrupt because man is a fallen race. It was also meant to be that way. Its enemy is the “Spiritual Man”, which came from God and the eternities. The “Spiritual Man” is a very powerful and gifted intelligence. In order for things to be in balance, and to protect our “Free Will”, no man’s “Physical Man” can be stronger than his “Spiritual Man”.

            In other words, no matter what, we always have a choice.

            The “Physical Man”, by nature, is a Psychopath. It desires pleasure above all things and has no regard for the consequences of exercising its lusts at the expense of its fellow man. The “Physical Man” is play now, pay later. It carries the genes of our ancestors and we often inherit their tendencies towards unlawful desires and bad habits. These lusts can be easily inflamed by forces in our environment, music, movies and our peer group.

            Satan’s purpose is to tempt the natural man into following forbidden paths so that he can rule over us in this life, and drag us down to hell in the next life. One way, or the other, we will be forced to pay for our choices. Death does not “clear the books”. There is no “suicide solution” to escape the “Physical Man”. The only path to defeating him is “through”.

            To assist the Spiritual Man, all of us are endowed with the “Light of Conscience” when we come into this life. This “God-given light” is designed to warn us when we are about to give in to the “Physical Man”. If we violate our conscience, we suffer in guilt and fear while we wait for the consequences of our bad choices. Again, we are all given this light, we ignore it at our own peril.
            Freud referred to our Conscience as the “Superego”.

            Sigmund Freud led people to believe that, through the rational mind, we can arrive at a reasonable compromise between the forces of our Conscience, and our very own Psychopathic Physical Man. He called the rational mind “ego”. I would argue that there can be no compromise between the Physical Man and the Spiritual One. Each one has its own mind, and its own determination.

            In an attempt to defeat the Psychopath within, many a great man has gone into personal exile in order to learn how to recognize the voices of the various influences on his mind and body. I believe that prayer and meditation are also a important part in learning the difference between good and evil. I also believe that the 10 Commandments are the universal standard for a clear conscience.

            While it may be wise to turn off the television, music and other negative influences in our life, including bad friends that will not listen to their own voice of Conscience. I don’t believe that we can divorce ourselves from life’s responsibilities including, work, family, or other activities that elevate mankind. Interaction with others is an important part of our Spiritual Development. Neglecting our responsibilities is an other serious violation of Conscience.

            As for Life’s Pleasures, we need to truly understand what the words “All Things in Moderation” really mean. Also, in the right place, at the right time, with the right person, under the right conditions, needs to be a critical part of our thought processes.

            All the physical urges can be separated into good and evil. The sexual urge is good, inasmuch as it is exercised in the right time, right place, with the right person and under the right conditions. Ignoring these rules will bring with it a violation of conscience and feelings of guilt, remorse and despair. Pedophiles and homosexuals violate the rules because they ignore the simple fact that they also have a choice. Submission to perverted sexual urges is the choice they have made, thus they will be punished by their conscience, and in the eternities, unless they learn to ignore the siren’s call of the Psychopath within.

            When a man repeatedly submits to the dark side of his being he becomes weak, and feels as if he has lost control over his choices. As a result, his lusts lead him to greater and greater violations of conscience. The laws of eternal justice and balance state that the price for the crimes must be paid.

            Many so-called Christians ignore these consequences arguing that Jesus Christ suffered as God, for the combined sins of mankind. Yet, Jesus stated that “Mercy cannot rob Justice”. He also warned the Psychopaths of His day about the eternal consequences of their choices. He spoke of both heaven and hell in terms of reward or punishment. He never said that His sacrifice would do away with these things, or an individual’s responsibility to make the right choices in their lives.

            One of the greatest Illuminati lies is that we can balance our evil deeds with charitable donations and donations of our time. This is the philosophy that brought about the “Sale of Indulgences” that Martin Luther correctly identified as corruption in the Catholic Church. Sadly, most of modern Christianity are also selling “indulgences”, giving a pass to the evil deeds of a member of their Church that has influence, money, or power. This not only weakens the integrity of the organization, leads to a disaffection of the general membership, and takes away the moral authority of the Church Leadership.

            It also opens the door for wealthy and powerful Psychopaths to come as wolves among the sheep, devouring who they will, and making the Church complicit in their crimes through inaction and silence, when they should be exposing them, condemning them, and driving them from the flock.

            It would be far better for a congregation to meet in a “mud-hut” where all members are treated equally, without respect for their persons, than to meet in an ornate building built and maintained by corrupt offerings.

            From a Non Muslim American Jewish writer.

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            Al-Bukhari and Muslim are weak commentators? Daif hadith indeed! This goes beyond mere spontaneous taqiyya and into some grim twilight zone of a desperate muslim mind. These two gentlemen are the cream of the crop when it comes to reliable commentators on the Quran. You do know that, right? Right?

            You state that Aisha was 19 not 9 upon her marriage’s consummation. What are your ‘strong’ sources for this disinformation?

          • Guest

            Thats a lie. where did you here that? its just one big fat lie.

          • Sirwilhelm

            What’s the benefit? It turned him from a caravan robbing thief into a powerful warlord able to justify his continued murdering and thievery by claiming he was doing it in the name of a ‘god”! While he was at it he could marry, rape, or enslave any woman that caught his eye. It worked so well for him that his followers try to emulate him and complete the world conquest he started. Still confused? Try reading Islamic Imperialism, A History, by Efraim Karsh, or trying reading up on Islam in general. Although be prepared for a lot of propaganda from the Islamic side, including the Quran itself, they’ll be happy to give you their “correct” interpretation in the hope of converting you, so you can martyr yourself for their “god”.

          • SirRuncibleSpoon

            I have several times sat down at Borders while waiting for my wife and tried to read the Quran. Really tried. Initially, I worked to find a readable English version. Everything I found sounded like it was translated by an Elizabethan Yoda. So,I gave up on version search and settled in with Yoda’s Quran, hoping to master the arch style and get into the flow of it. This is much the same mindset as I apply to say, Pilgrim’s Progress or Chaucer in original English.

            My next hurdle was comprehending the content. WIth no accompanying narrative context, no sequential flow to the sura, I was up against an impossible barrier to comprehension. But I pressed onward! I’m nothing if not a glutton for Sisphyian tasks!

            What stopped me was . . was . . . I can only characterize the final impediment as a spiritual gag reflex I could not muscle past. I could never get beyond a half hour with this book before finding myself sick at heart over what I was reading.

            What I’ve settled on is Robert Spencer and others like him, moslem bloggers and this site. With these tools, I get a context, pretty straight-forward english and pro and con analysis. To this collection I shall add your Efraim Karsh to my Kindle and consider myself well served. Thanks for the suggestion.

          • Jihad4lyfe

            Moses went to war. Moses killed a man before he even began his prophethood. Is moses a murderer too? Prophet Muhammad conquered mecca from the pagan idol worshippers. He re-established monotheism there and urged his people to pray to one God [Allah in arabic means one god]. He was a very pious man who wouldn’t even hurt a fly off of the battlefield, but when it came time to defend the Muslims [Muslims were being persecuted at the time by Pagans and sme Jews and Christians] he was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. It has been said that his own companions would stand behind him in war because he fought with such passion, for what he believed in. He was true Prophet and Messenger of God in every sense of the term.

          • كافر

            Hahahahahaahah, some people are just plain stupid…

          • yoyo

            Muhammed did that because he was caught Masturbating in Public and had to save his pedophile backside

          • Sundeep banwaitt

            shut up you stupid ignornant person with no love in your heart, islam is not the ONLY religion that a person may follow, a human may love allah and follow god in his her heart, and live listening to god within them- god is a light for ALL not a man or woman- GOD IS NOT OWNED BY ISLAM NEITHER DOES GOD SIDE WITH ANY ONE – GOD IS WITHIN ALL- A QUOTE BY BABA BULLEH SHAH = “BURN DOWN THE MANDIR BURN DOWN THE MOSQUE BUT NEVER EVER HURT PEOPLE BECAUSE GOD LIVES WITHIN THEM”

          • Sundeep banwaitt

            shut up you stupid ignornant person with no love in your heart, islam is not the ONLY religion that a person may follow, a human may love allah and follow god in his her heart, and live listening to god within them- god is a light for ALL not a man or woman- GOD IS NOT OWNED BY ISLAM NEITHER DOES GOD SIDE WITH ANY ONE – GOD IS WITHIN ALL- A QUOTE BY BABA BULLEH SHAH = “BURN DOWN THE MANDIR BURN DOWN THE MOSQUE BUT NEVER EVER HURT PEOPLE BECAUSE GOD LIVES WITHIN THEM”

          • Have No Fear

            Finally I have somebody that agrees with me ….


          • Sofia

            why are you so fucking retarded? hey, get fluent in arabic, take years of classes about the islamic religion, THEN maybe try to form an opinion off of valid reasoning. because excuse me, i forgot do you even know how to read the quran? because obviously you dont actually let me check this shit right now since I AM FLUENT IN ARABIC

          • Kal El

            I can converse in Arabic, ahira khanzira, and have had the quran directly translated to my be a Saudi friend who has his eyes open and refuses to bend over for the pedophile Muhammad’s cult. See? I can call you names too. Not how childish it looks.

          • LovesFur

            HAHAHAAAA yeah you’re forcing people to read this XD XD stupid muzzies.

          • islam786

            Your wives are a tilth for you , so go to your tilth how you will” ( Surah Al-Baqarah 2: Ayah 223)

            This beautiful verse has a very deep meaning. – where the act of sex is compared with cultivation. “A tilth refers to the cultivation of land and the comparison of implantation of the blastocyst (structure formed in the early embryogenesis of mammals) to the planting of a seed is a very appropriate one. Just as soil covers the seed, the uterine epithelium covers the implanted blastocyst. – The blastocyst soon develops chrionic villi for acquiring nourishment from the maternal blood. Similarly the embryo formed from the seed develops roots for acquiring nourishment from the soil.”
            what is tilth and who on earth uses it? The word TILTH is something a FARMER would be familiar with – a farmer has a deep love for his land which he has to look after with utmost care and respect – Factors that determine tilth include the formation and stability of aggregated soil particles, moisture content, degree of aeration, rate of water infiltration, and drainage. -
            So in the quran it states a mans wife is compared to a TILTH – She must be cared for in every way – as a farmer would care his land – a beautiful metaphore from a beautiful poem !!! It is also known that pregnancy starts with fertilization.
            And there is no better way to describe the ACTUAL CULTIVATION OF THE EGG INSIDE A WOMAN WITH SPERM, (on a biological level that modern science has now proven) BY COMPARING IT TO A TILTH.

            The tilth of a soil can change rapidly, depending on environmental factors such as changes in moisture. The objective of tillage (mechanical manipulation of the soil) is to improve tilth, thereby increasing crop production; – very complex just like a woman !! lol !!!!

            The second part brings a sexual meaning to this verse – “so go to your tilth how you will”
            This can mean many things – any sexual position is ok to use – During the time period this verse was sent down there was many arguments regarding sexual positions – the jewish men of Medina in saudia arabia liked to have sex with the women of all fours (you may call this doggy style lol!!) and the muslim women did not prefer this style – hence the statement in the quran to allow all styles permissable to use.
            It also gives permision for men to literally GO TO YOUR TILTH AS YOU WILL – you have to keep in mind a TILTH is not there to be abused it must be cared for with repsect and love – so a husband can go to hs wife when he pleases obviously not doing anything to degrade her for example force her to have sex – do you think a farmer will force seeds to grow on his land? obviously not he must wait for the right time and ensure his land is properly fertilised and nurished and cared for beforehand !!!

            I hope you can understand how simple this verse it but how complex the meaning is – the average human may not understand it and will automatically assume things without researching – it has always been there infromtof your eyes you have chosed not to understand it !!! LOL – silly really in this so called modern age we have ignorant people. did you ever google TITLH and do you now what philosophy is ( that wasnt a question so please dont answer it) lol i cant stop laughing LMAO !!!!

            I will write about your other quotes shortly !! god willing (inshallah)
            peace be upon you.

          • islam786

            your second quote :
            Wives have the same rights as the husbands have on them in accordance with the generally known principles. Of course, men are a degree above them in status

            This beutifull verse i will attempt to explain.
            Firstly what is a DEGREE ?? 360 degrees in a circle. 90 degress in a right angle.

            Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.
            Who can comprehend this?
            On it are placed together
            three hundred and sixty like pegs.
            They shake not in the least.
            (Dirghatama, Rig Veda 1.164.48)

            So in this verse the most high tells us men are a very small fraction 1/360 higher than women !! 1 degree – its physically nothing but something none the less.
            Now what are Men higher (by a degree) than women in ? could it be economically ? intelligence ? physically ?

            A true man should be a leader of his family – make all decisions – do all of the hard physicall work just like our forefathers did !! – (mow the lawn, DIY jobs, go out to the office to work etc)
            A true man should want to create families that are loving, lively and happy. Most men aswell as most women will agree Men in generall are slightly (maybe a degree or 2!!!) higher in most aspects than women. OBVIOUSLY THERE WILL BE A RARE CASE WHERE A WOMAN MAY BE PHYSICALLY STRONGER THAN MOST MEN OR MENTALLY MORE CAPABLE THAN MOST MEN – I AM TALKING GENERALLY!!!

            Now please dont confuse the two words – FEMENIST (PURE EVIL) and FEMININE

            A feminine woman has the effect of a sunrise on a man's soul. Nothing on earth is so fine. On this continent, increasingly nothing is so rare.

            A feminine woman is motivated by love of husband and children. She is the heart of the family, devoted to her husband and children's well being. A feminine woman may have another career but it is her second priority. She is not driven by personal ambition. Just as the woman is the heart of the family, the man is the head and shoulders. A feminine woman is her husband's partner. They make decisions together but he has the last word. Men must be the visionaries, captains and navigators. A woman's most important decision is the man she chooses to love and marry.

            A feminine woman tries to please the man she loves. No, this has not been outlawed, it just seems that way. A feminine woman generates love by giving love. She empowers her man by believing in him. Love is expressed in actions and effort. Baking a pie is an act of love. So is making the home beautiful. Are we so blind, impoverished and demoralized that we cannot appreciate this? Why have we allowed feminists to stigmatize homemaking? Women would be more than happy to be homemakers if it received the recognition and appreciation that it deserves.

            A feminine woman is reserved. She wants a man to pay attention to “her” so she doesn't flaunt her sexuality. A woman wants to be loved more than anything in the world. She wants to be “known” in all her divinity. This happens when she is truly loved. Is it a coincidence the Bible uses the word “know” as in Abraham “knew” Sarah, to speak of sexual intercourse? All women are beautiful when they are loved. Women's liberation has taught women to pursue sex for its own sake, as though they were men. This is not feminine. If a man prefers a new car, why would he marry a “used” woman?


            A feminine woman may have another career but it is her second priority. She is not driven by personal ambition. I liked the movie “Legally Blonde” because the heroine showed that she could excel in the work world but why bother? She had a more important goal: a husband and family.

            Career is a feminist lie. Since when are careers the source of human fulfillment? What is so great about being an Assistant Loan Manager at a bank? Is society expected to provide legions of eager feminists with “fulfilling” careers to compensate for their loveless lives?

            Women should try to be more FEMININE and accept that they should do what they CAN do best which is raise a loving home and loving kids.
            Sadly most women now use the excuse of feminist ideology (which has been created by zionist organisations and sponsered by rothschild) to delay home making in the pursuit of so called freedom that they are equal to men and must do and prove to men that they are equal !!!
            Women must accept that they should not consider themselves Men they are not, a woman is woman and man is a man !!!

            God treats men and women as spiritual equals., Quran 3:195 tells us :

            “Their Lord responded to them: “I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you MALE OR FEMALE, YOU ARE EQUAL TO ONE ANOTHER………”

            in 4:124,

            “As for those who lead a righteous life, MALE OR FEMALE. while believing, they enter Paradise; without the slightest injustice”


            “Therefore, woe to those who distort the scripture with their own hands, then say, “This is what GOD has revealed,” seeking a cheap material gain. Woe to them for such distortion, and woe to them for their illicit gains.” (2:79)

            I believe it is time to go back to the Quran, and believe God, before a day comes when the messenger will complain to God, that the Muslims deserted the Quran, 25:30

            Kind Regards and peace be upon you

            “We have permitted the enemies of every prophet – human and jinn devils – to inspire in each other FANCY WORDS, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it? You shall disregard them and their FABRICATIONS. This is t…o let the minds of those who do not believe in the Hereafter listen to such FABRICATIONS, and accept them, and thus EXPOSE their real convictions.” Surah 6:112-113

          • Beejj

            I have not read all of your sprawling message, having stopped doing so after your utter tommyrot pertaining to degree. I actually burst out laughing as you tried to explain everything in terms of the mathematical degree. Do you think we are fools? Have you no feeling for the English language? A man is 1/360th above a woman, or some such madness. Why did you not invent your bullshit in terms of degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius or Kelvin? Why not in terms of degrees of proof, as in the world of alcoholic beverages? I have several degrees, gained at various universities. Then there's the matter of first-degree murder. The word can be used in a multitude of different ways, but your feeble attempt to explain away Islam's hideous view of women in terms of division of the circle reaches new levels of absurdity and indicates your desperation to defend the indefensible. But let's humour you and go along with your 1/360 idea. This tiny difference gives you, the Muslim male the right to be polygamous, but not the Muslim female, yes? Gosh, what a big difference a little difference makes!

          • islam786

            congratulations on your academic success – im sure you have put it to good use.
            Thanks for not reading all of my sprawling message….
            The sprawling message would explain the questions you have asked if you read it. Or do you want me to repeat myself ?

            As for Islam allowing Polygamy i will explain in detail the reasons and circumstances behind this – You being an educated person can make you own assumptions –

            It should be remembered that taking more than one wife is only permissible, not ordained by the Quran – as some 'progressive' activist would like to believe. The Quranic verse that allows polygamy should be read in the context it was revealed. The Verse says, “And if you fear that you cannot act equitably towards orphans, then marry such women as seem good to you, two, three and four, but if you fear that you may not do justice to them, then (marry) only one” (4: 3). This verse was revealed after the battle of Uhud. In that battle, many Muslim men died and as such a great social problem for the protection of widows and orphans arose, necessitating an institutionalized polygamy for a convenient solution of the problem.

            Some of the eminent Western scholars who actually studied Islam, quite blatantly criticized the Western and other self proclaimed writers for venting their opinion as facts. In her book The Life and Teachings of Muhammed, Dr. Annie Besant, the renowned English leader of Theosophical Movement, says: ” There is pretended monogamy in the West, but in reality, there is polygamy without responsibility; the mistress is cast off when the man is weary of her … the first lover has no responsibility for her future, and she is a hundred times worst off then the sheltered wife in a polygamous home. “When we see thousands of miserable women who crowd the streets of Western towns during the night, we must surely feel that it does not lie in the Western mouth to reproach Islam for polygamy. It is better for woman, happier for woman, more respectable for woman to live in polygamy, united to one man, only with a legitimate child in her arms and surrounded with respect, than to be seduced and then cast out into the streets perhaps with illegitimate child outside the rule of law, uncared, unsheltered, to become victim of any passer-by, night after night, rendered incapable of motherhood despised by all. “You can find others,” continues Annie Besant, “stating that religion Islam is evil because it sanctions a limited polygamy. But you do not hear as a rule the criticism … that monogamy with a blended mass of prostitution was a hypocrisy and more degrading than a limited polygamy. “… it must be remembered that the law of Islam in relation to women was until lately, when parts of it was imitated initiated in England, the most just law, as far as women are concerned, to be found in the world. Dealing with property, …rights of succession,… cases of divorce, it was far beyond the law of the West, in the respect which was paid to the rights of women. Those things are forgotten while people are hypnotized by the words monogamy and polygamy and do not look at what lies behind it in the West – the frightful degradation of women…”

            May i also remind during the time period of Mohmmad the Arab men (made rich from there exploits of the old Silk Route) would marry many wives and have many concubines – Islam came and put a limit on this and for Men to be able to deal equitably with his wives in the matter of providing food, housing, clothing, and expenses, and that he will also be able to divide his time between them. Any man who doubts that he will be able to fulfill all these obligations with justice and equality would be prohibited by Allah Almighty from marrying more than one woman. Further, a Muslim is prohibited to abuse this right. For Muslims living in non-Muslim lands, polygamy may not be practiced if it is illegal in a person's country of residence. So a Muslim living in those countries has to abide by such laws and not to violate them as long as he resides in that country.

            Now there are so called muslims in the world today who abuse this right and i must state Islam does not encourage the abuse of women.

            Peace be upon you

          • Hairun

            To Islam786,

            i appreciate the time and effort tt u have taken to explain to the comments so far. Unfortunately, some brothers and sisters cannot understand what we put forth to them. Probably because Allah has veiled their visions . :)

            May Allah reward you for actions and ibadah.

            Islam is a beautiful, peace loving religion. It appreciates the position of women. This cant be explained more simply than just quoting the statistics that Islam is the fastest growing religion today. It takes an open mind, an open heart and alot of readings to understand this religion. I would appreciate if the non muslims could have an in depth understanding from various sources before blindly condescending any religion. Any religion – watever it may advocate- deserve a certain level of respect. At least for the willingness of the followers who have subscribed to the religion. Humanity after all.. :)

          • Beejj

            Hairun, read just a few hundred of the topics for discussion listed on this site, then come back to talk to us about your mind-boggling theories about Islam. Forget the damned book: look at the EVIDENCE.

          • Kidda?

            Beejj, you state “Forget the damned book: look at the EVIDENCE.”. Indeed, that is advise that you too could use – you need to forget about reading the discussions on this “damned” site, and actually talk to Muslims, get to know then perhaps. You might find that what you have read, and the context in which you have read it is not reflective of the reality on the ground.

            The Prophet Muhammed was asked “Who among the people is most deserving of my good company?” He replied, “Your mother.” He asked, “Then who?” He said, “Your mother.” He asked, “Then who?” He said, “Your mother.”

            The fourth reply was “your father”.

            Putting that into the context of this thread, this is one Hadeeth that ALL women should read – the respect for the Mother (and Father) in Islam. Compare that with the West, where children often show disrespect to their parents – for example, telling them to ‘shut up’, or worse, to swear at them.

            You can’t just read about Islam (in a Western context), you need to live, feel and experience it to understand its beauty.

          • Kal_El

            I HAVE lived it, seen it first hand for 6 years, and it frightens me.

          • Maz

            @Kal_El : hi, I’m intrigued, whereabouts meaning which muslim country did you live in for 6 years?

          • Jor-el

            Maz, obviously he lived on Kryptonite. Kryptonite destroyed itself just so it could kill everyone else living on it; typical muslim planet.

          • Anonymous

            if ur gonna make a comment atleast make it right the planet was Krypton….idiot

          • netlander

            These moderators are idiots indeed, they were brought from some low-life shit-hole to run this site.

          • fatema

            You have lived it and it frightens you yet the same thing happens in our country and yet you are not afraid, it just happens in a different way, why? There are men beating there wives, raping children, sleeping with under age girls, young children killing each other, your society is corrupt and the worst part your children don’t know how to pray but you will judge others, what will make you better than us?

          • Kal_El

            We prosecute people who commit the atrocities that go ignored, and even praised in muslim shitholes. THAT is what makes us better.

          • JIHAD4LYFE

            Praised in Muslim shitholes? First of all, this country is the biggest SHITHOLE in the world. We prosecute them? Are you that dense? Spousal abuse is an everyday thing here in America and men end up killing their wives more often than not. Need I dig up some statistics for crime to prove my point? I guess I do…

            Violence against women is a critical public health problem that has devastating physical and emotional consequences for women, children and families. Women are frequent targets of both physical and sexual assault by partners and acquaintances, as well as strangers. Secretary Donna E. Shalala, DHHS has called domestic abuse against women: “An UNACKNOWLEDGED EPIDEMIC IN AMERICA”. Secretary Donna Shalala (DHHS Fact Sheet March 1994). —

            In 1991, 5,745 women in the United States died as a result of homicide. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THOSE NUMBERS IN ANY MODERN MUSLIM COUNTRY. ONLY IN CHRISTIAN ONES, because you KUFAR are so violent.

            -Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15-44.
            -Every 21 days, a woman is killed by domestic violence.
            -Children are involved in 60 percent of domestic violence cases.
            -More than three million children witness acts of domestic violence each year.
            -Up to 50 percent of all homeless women and children in this country are fleeing domestic violence.
            -One in ten calls made to alert police of domestic violence is placed by a child in the home.
            -More than 53 percent of male abusers beat their children.
            -One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim.

            The Women’s Health Data Book Report — Violence Against Women indicated that:
            More than 2.5 million females experience some form of violence each year. Almost two of every three of these females are attacked by a relative or person known to them.
            The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found in a national survey that 34 percent of adults in the United States had witnessed a man beating his wife or girlfriend, and that 14 percent of women report that they have experienced violence from a husband or boyfriend.
            More than 1 million women seek medical assistance each year for injuries caused by battering.
            Two major sources were used to estimate the degree of violence against women in the United States.

            WOW LOOK AT THIS FACT:
            In 1992, the American Medical Association reported that as many as 1 in 3 women will be assaulted by a domestic partner in her lifetime — 4 million in any given year. (“When Violence Hits Home.” Time. June 4, 1994).


            The average prison sentence of men who kill their women partners is 2 to 6 years. WOMEN who kill their partners are, on average, sentenced to 15 years. (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1989)

            Battering is often lethal. Each year, 2,000-4,000 women in the U.S. are murdered by abusive partners/ex-partners.
            In the United States, a woman is beaten every 7.4 seconds. Approximately 3-4 million women are beaten by male partners annually.

            Battered women are more likely to suffer miscarriages and to give birth to babies with low birth weights. (Surgeon General, United States, 1992).

            Over two-thirds of violent victimizations against women were committed by someone known to them: 31% of female victims reported that the offender was a stranger.

            Approximately 28% were intimates such as husbands or boyfriends, 35% were acquaintances, and the remaining 5% were other relatives. (In contrast, victimizations by intimates and other relatives accounted for only 5% of all violent victimizations against men.

            Annually, compared to males, females experienced over 10 times as many incidents of violence by intimate. On average each year, women experience 572,032 violent victimizations at the hands of an intimate, compared to 48,983 incidents committed against men. (Ronet Bachman, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Violence Against Women: A National Crime Victimization Survey Report,” January 1994, p. 6).
            There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters (Schneider, 1990).


          • Beejj

            Yup, America has the honesty to proclaim and publish its shortcomings. Perhaps you will be kind enough to publish the parallel statistics for islamic hell-holes. What’s that? They are not available? Golly gee!

          • Beejj

            It slipped my mind …….. how many women are stoned to death in America every year, arsehole?

          • hellosnackbar

            The USA’s a shithole is it;and yet there you are living there.
            You poor lamb! is something preventing you leaving?
            Well there’s Pakiland available,or perhaps the Yemen?
            Or go the hole hog(pun intended).
            What about Saudi Barbaria(thanks Kal)?
            Psst!want to by some sand?
            Or perhaps some genuine Zam Zam water.
            Or maybe a laxative for dear old Allah?
            The poor buggers in pain from constipation.

          • netlander

            The more I read the moderator and other cronies comment the more I am disgusted and sick to the stomach from the vile racist scum that you are. You need to be stopped on your tracks no doubt.

          • Ex Muslim

            they might be racist, have you ever seen how racist the Quran is?

          • Kal_El

            And yet muslims STILL want to come here. Same as wetbacks. Go figure.

          • Traumathedon

            You guys are full of jokes…buT that’s all you’re good for…making people laugh. If you had any REAL validity to your argument you would post some evidence or proofs, however you are apparently devoid of any logic and reasoning and therefore blinded by your own ignorance. You continue to mock Islam in a very childish manner instead of put up a god argument to mine. I’ve had better debates with high school kids, because you guys are obviously uneducated and inexperienced when it comes to debating. POST SOMETHING OF WORTH HERE TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS, TO REFUTE MINE, OR JUST SHUT UP :)


          • Kal_El

            The proof is in the hundreds of separate posts on Infidels Are Cool, detailing the mistreatment of women, as well as all human beings, that islam teaches its cult members. Do some reading, find the proof. Or you could type in all caps and look like a typical leftist tool. Your choice.

          • Ex Muslim

            the Qur’an says “present your proof if ye are truthfull”, but muslims think that only applies to other religions and not to theirs. If they started to actually read the intollerance and injustice in their holy book they would feel just as disgusted as i am

          • Selin

            The one thing I do not understand about America is that, it has so many problems to deal with in itself but wants to deal with others problems. Y dont u clean up your house first before you try to enter your next door? Lead by example. U prosecute – On what grounds? On what you THINK is right – How can you persecute some one on what you THINK is right? U r country has the rising unemployement, divorces, single mothers, rapes, child abuses, financial crisis and your soldiers are dying in numbers more than its published (so much for freedom of press)… Clean up and then probably you could spare some time to understand Xtianity/ Islam/ Hinduism or even Aethism appropriately :)

          • Beejj

            If America were to follow your advice there would be an awful lot of starving mohammedans in the world. How much does the US give Pakistan, to take just one example, every year? A billion dollars?

          • netlander

            This is an actual joke, the us gives Egypt and Pakistan and God know who else in the Muslim world money so that they can infiltrate their ranks. Look at how much the US gives to the Israeli terrorists to kill innocent Palestinian children. I wish I could get paid (like you guys) to reply to all your ignorant posts.

          • netlander

            You think you’re better? Don’t fool yourself. I tell you what you’re better at (as a society). You are better and hypocrisy, deceit and backstabbing, that’s how you got where you are now.

          • William D’Souza

            Islam is like a blindfold on you eyes. As you condem others faith, I have seen plenty of women getting abused. The Gulf country women are better placed due to the oil wealth but go around and see what is happening in Egypt, Tunia, Jordon, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia.

          • Ex Muslim

            and you are suicide bombing your own people as well as others, showing intollerance to females, mutilating the genitalia of your young males without their consent. cutting off the limbs of criminals. killing people who believe different to you, are you any better than the people you describe above?

          • PaulaSantos59

            YES BUT THEN THEY GO TO JAIL !!!!! STUPID and for you culture is LEGAL PEDOPHILE, CRIMINAL, BEAST!!!!!

          • PaulaSantos59

            and your EVIL RITUALS ASHURA !!!! you are all SATANIC !!!!!!!

          • PaulaSantos59

            and you teach your children to be CRIMINALS, TERRORISTS… they are little ASSASSINS

          • amna al kndi

            u may have lived with arabs but it doesnt mean every arab is a muslim there are many of non believers among them they call themselves muslims but that doesnt mean they are some of them dont even know the varses of quran all they want is to be like westen pple they want easy way out mind u before islam arab were the most ignorent people in this plant yet very smart every book that was sent down to this plant came in different time for different reasons to different nations why? changing is a human nature the life we live today is not the life our chilldren are going to live so these books came for a reason as guidence to the generation was broght to. l am an arab girl my name is AMNA HAMOOD AL KINDI thats ma arabic name tell u what before lslam arab use to kill and baring their girls alive just for the sake of being shame of the nature of the women to be desired by another man its all about arab ego and proudness a man cant see his daughter touched by another man its a shame! to avoid the shame is baring them alive. and do u know what is that time define in arab history ? as “USUR AL JAHILIA” the time of ignorent men use to sale there on daughters sisters…… drink gamble and the list goes higher above the summit but now the question is why is Quran sent to arabs? and what is Quran? arab well known they are travellers move from one place to another and very sweet talk people and generous too “‘kareem”" in arabic they dont mind spending their money and give it a way special the “‘badus”" to find better place. read arab history and u’ll know more… but lets get point if arab are those type of people is easy to spread these ideas to the rest of the planet and they are smart to do so! arab are very sturbon too its not easy to get into their mind untill u show them where money and women are and they will follow u but very proud to now to knoww the difference of all things to get the to top u need to know the roots of where things started Kal_El NOT EVERY ARAB IS MUSLIM AND NOT EVERY MUSLIM IS ARAB. so u cant jusdge lslam frrom the nations of lslam that book is so power if only u wish to open your eyes and see then only then u’ll truely believe but l think YOUR SCARED ! couse u cant handle the truth is too powerful 4u.

          • Kal El

            There is a word for those Arabs who are non-believers, and join the kuffar. Smart.

          • amna al kindi

            come to my place and see how we live as musilms and l promise you you l’ll know the difference of many things u doubt untill now your most welcome to sultanate of Oman and see how most of people live muslim people and even non muslim. and then l’ll take u to Dubai and show somethings u never knew exist or maybe yyou do and you are a part of it.?

          • Kal El

            Take me to Dubai? For what? To see all the slaves? The girls promised jobs, then forced into prostitution? The Indian?Bangladeshi?etc… laborers living in what amount to modern day concentration camps? Is that what you think I never knew existed?

          • netlander

            Amna, these people are not interested in coming to find out what’s what. They are paid by the CIA and Mosad (an other scun agencies) to act as agents provocateurs and agents of disinformation to perpetrate Zionist and other global world hegemony plans, so no matter how nice you’re going to be with them they will carry on with their agendas.
            I recommend to all Muslim to spend as much time on this site as possible to neutralise this cancer.

          • irish lady

            i am an nonmuslim who has lived in Saudi Arabia and seen some dreadful, violent things there done in the name of Islam. But just because a crazy culture says its doing things in the name of islam doesnt mean that it is. It is frightenening but its a culture not religion. I was recently in Malaysia. The people are predominantly muslim, kind, respectful and tolerant. To contrast the situation of women with women in eg thailand shows me how islam can protect women. I would hate to be a thai lady- they are such lovely people but 10% of women see themselves in prostitution at some point. This is very sad for any woman. Islam does respect women- just in a different way than we see respect in the west. In fact as a woman i think i prefer the islamic way of being honoured as the heart of the family rather than being underpaid a a woman in the workplace and undermined by all the pornography surrounding us….as well as having to be “sexy” to feel good about ourselves. :) just worth a thought….:)

          • Kal El

            You prefer stoning or being stabbed, shot strangled, etc… for having sex out of wedlock? That happens everywhere islam goes, from the Maghreb, all the way to Pakistan. Is that the respect for women you prefer?

          • netlander

            How can you say that the west respects women when you have universities officially teaching Lap Dancing classes to young girls? I don’t know!

          • Ex Muslim

            Lap dancing? omg, i wish i had this at my school.. lol. what shit are they teaching you that side. they really want you to hate the west dont they.

          • Ex Muslim

            i had a nonmuslim friend who was forced by his girlfriend’s parents to get circumcised, her mother took him personally to the hospital.. and he got really ill after it had gotten infected and almost died. no correct me if im wrong but this hogwash is not a culture, it is part and parcel of the Islamic religion as a commemoration to the act of Nabee Ebrahiem (Abraham).. now tell me, is this genital mutilation or not?

            The quran is telling you right there in sura 4:34 to beat your wife.. this is the religion!! not a culture!!! As i am an ex-muslim many of the females in my family aunts, cousins etc. was beaten some time or another. almost every man i know from my uncle’s Tabliegh Jama’ah has hit their wives some times or another…

            “Fight in the way of ALLAH” “Slay the INFIDEL” the quran says… and what are they doing in the middle east? EXACTLY THAT! this is not a culture, this is written right there in the quran..

            yes there are good muslims that dont do these things.. but can they then be considered muslims if they dont follow the quran to the letter from cover to cover? i dont see a verse in the quran that allows its followers to cherry pick.. instead the Quran teaches you to “Enter islam Wholeheartedly..” (2:208) and not half-heartedly..

          • Mom

            He said, “Your mother.” Then he turned and slapped his wife across the face because “she was asking for it.”

          • Selin

            I am Catholic Christian, and I accidently got in to this blog when searching for a greeting for Ramadan. I read all the posts and find the explanation from Islam786 very intellectual. I have no idea why would some one deny the credibility of the information he gives. I have not read the Bible completely nor have I read Quran completely, but your post seem to be more emotional than intellectual Mr. Beejj. Why dont you try to understand the Holy books in context of the time when they were written. Ref: to the above quote by Islam – it shows on what context and what was the logic of allowing polygamy for men at that time. I am sure it must have done more good than bad.

            Btw I am a resident of Dubai ( a so called Muslim country) and I am an Indian (a so called Hindu country) but I never faced any issues of freedom here. I find the local ladies so privileged and they drive expensive cars and seem to be so loved by their partners… While an entire pack of my professional friends in the US say they want to run away from work place due to racist Bosses… May be before criticizing a ‘cult’ure you got much more to do out there…. I hope there are more patient people like Mr. Islam and lesser of Mr. Knowallsss :) Ramadan Kareeem

          • Beejj

            You tell me to try to understand the holy books. What is there to understand?

          • George

            Well for you nothing. You shoudn’t be privileged to touch such a great book

          • William D’Souza

            You are ignorant.

          • netlander

            Ignorant Understand? Not a chance in the world…

          • amna al kindi

            this is what am trying to say am Omani next door DUBAI is only 5hours from here and we live like queens even if we are poor who are you people to speak on behalf of muslim women! come and ask a real muslim girl or woman about her freedom and then judge dont just listen to Oprah show and judge! judge am muslim and am also a humanbeing l do mistakes l go sometime against ma religion but my religion never harmed me by any means or any people l knew its so funny how the media to over that country u believe everything that is on tv my religion is a religion of choice your not force to believe in as am muslim am free free free ya Allaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!

          • Kal El

            Ya allah… No response? No surprise. You say you live like queens. Ask Sara and Amina Said how they live. Oh, wait, they’re dead, killed by their father for being too un-islamic. Same with Aqsa Parvez.

          • Olivia

            9:3 “Allah and His messenger Dissolve obligations With the Pagans. If, then, ye repent, It were best for you; But if ye turn away, Know ye that ye cannot Frustrate Allah. And proclaim A grievous penalty to those Who reject Faith.” 9:4 “But the treaties not dissolved With those Pagans with whom Ye have entered into alliance And who have not subsequently Failed you in aught, Nor aided anyone against you. So fulfill your engagements with them to the end” 9:5″But when the forbidden months Are past, then fight and slay The Pagans wherever ye find them, And seize them, beleaguer them, And lie in wait for them In every stratagem But if they repent, And establish regular prayers And practice regular charity, Then open the way for them: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” -Now tell me that terrorism is not this? The Koran is asking them to fight us until we convert! Of course they will not tell you that! I have many other quotes if you wish” Yes, Koran is this great book NOT!

          • George

            You are spreading evil and you have no knowledge. What are you comparing with islam? You are just one of those who talk without knowing. As a muslim i shouldn’t be rude but comments like your are… Think and search before telling things. If you want to learn you will understand but arguing is useless. Woman in islam are the one that can truly smile by the way. They are ones that got woman’ rigtht since the quran was established.

          • netlander

            Yet another ignorant hypocrite – Beejj don’t don an Islamic flag, man up to your principles.

          • Ex Muslim

            nobody understands your clumsy english

          • Yokahamad Ali

            Islam = homicide bombers

          • Have No Fear

            I love this guy, let me add something that most of the people in the planet Earth already know except the infidels in this site.

            Al Qaeda = Mossad+CIA+M15.


          • Truth

            Have no fear

            You said it man!

          • Have No Fear

            Thank you !

          • Have No Fear

            Thank you !

          • Truth

            Have no fear

            You said it man!

          • Phedra

            you stupid ass fucker.

          • Malee

            you = retard , stupid fool

          • Pritak

            peace and love

          • Anonymous

            It appreciates the position of women?

            The Quran in Sura 4:34 says:

            4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great.

            A beautiful, peace- loving religion?

            “And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.” (Sura 2, verse 191).

            Please explain what is meant by this.

          • Warvets

            For Christ sake, I am a war veteran, let me explain (sura 2, verse 191) if you like, I believe that sura was revealed during the Meccan war period. That sentence is giving some do and don’t to the Muslim fighters during the war. Meanings don’t be scared to die if you have no choice, nobody respect a chicken out soldier. The worst that can happened is you might get killed if you fight your enemy. No big deal.

          • gg

            I fully understand your argument from that point of view, i.e ‘taken in context’ of the battles that were taking place. Fine but this only further exemplifies the failure of all religions. They are books written in relation to the time they are in. They are medieval and have no relevance to todays world. They are written by men who are trying to explain and set rules for the time they are in. If God did exist and could see all, what would be revealed in scriptures would relate to todays society. Holy books are riddled with embarrassing mistakes that apologists try to interpet for todays world. Is not the Koran supposed to be literal, if so then it fails just like the Bible and the Torah?

          • Jesussaves

            “Islam is the worlds fastest growing religion”… there is NO possible way to find out what the worlds fastest growing religion is because not all people who are born into muslim families practice Islam, the same way as with Christianity and Jews, etc. There are more conversions then any of us are aware of.
            When a non-muslim becomes a muslim, they are welcomed into the religion, but you cant say the same for a person who leaves it.
            I personally know several people who have left Islam and have embraced Christianity, there are hundreds of thousands of them in the world today, but unfortunately, are unable to speak up, because of the fear that Islam has instilled in their hearts. What are the punishments for Apostates of Islam? Why are there no official conversions allowed for muslims? If you are so convinced that Islam is the right religion, there shouldn’t be a need for FORCE people to stay in the religion. People should want to stay in it anyway.
            I live in a muslim country that has a proxy in their internet, and has managed to block all sites related to Christianity or are anti-islamic. Why is Christianity such a threat to all of you, when you think its easy to see that it is the right religion?
            and just for your information, i have read a very good deal of the Koran, not all of it, but enough to tell you that it is NOT all peace as a lot of you promote it to be. I suggest you go back and read your Holy Book before defending it.

          • Ex Muslim

            Allah has veiled their vision? why would he do that? just so we dont see the truth and go to hell? is this Allah’s idea of a sick joke?

            the 1 degree above woman… if that means he can beat a woman as stated in surah 4:34.. then that is 1 heck of a degree we need to get rid of.

            just because you cant reason to see that female intollerance is wrong doesnt make us veiled, it makes you one track minded.

            The problem with religion is people tend to think collectively, that they stop thinking for themselves.

          • andybNDB

            hello, I'd like to say your comments have been amazing to read, i started reading the Quran the other day to prove to myself that the lies surrounding the faith are wrong. and when i came across these particular verses that this site quoted i was a little shocked, because i had interpreted it the way person who made this site interpreted them. However i very much agree with your interpretations and would like to ask if i could have your email address, i would like to ask for your interpretations on some other verses in the Quran, so i dont get the wrong idea.

            as you can tell im new to the whole Islam faith but its all very interesting.
            my email address is “” send me an email if your okay helping me interpret the Quran verses properly.
            thank you

          • Kidda


            You can try for any questions – they have a lot of responses (in the Islamic context) to questions from people all over the world.

          • anonymous

            yeah iv used it myself and it is amazingly helpful,it has some sort of information on almost every topic both islamical and non. thank you

          • Piyari

            These quotes are NOT interpreted as you say; rather, quoted exactly as they are, BUT they are incomplete. The Qur’an is not to be interpreted, it is to be taken word by word, but in TOTAL, in COMPLETE. So find these quotes and read what is before it and what is after it and only then, you will understand; anyone can pick out quotes and make up their own ideas, but it’s harder to take the time to actually read the entire Qur’an, or the chapter that they are taken from in order to get a better understanding. Time to stop being lazy and judge and show true interest in figuring out what the quotes mean.

          • Anonymous

            Cherry picking…kind of like how you kuranimals only quote PART of one aya You don’t even quote the whole aya
            and you certainly don’t quote the ayas before and after. Now what would be more out of context, quoting a whole aya but not quoting the previous and following ayas or purposely leaving out parts of the AYA itself?

            Here goes you lying kuranimal: Surah 5 aya 32. This is what you kuranimals quote:

            “whoever kills a soul unless for a soul it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”

            You evil pieces of crap use that quote to “prove” that islam condemns murder. Now, let’s look at the whole aya including the parts you leave out:

            “Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.”

            Well, well, well…talk about the pot calling the kettle black! You leave out the part of the aya (not the previous surah but the aya!) where this command is for THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.

            You also omit the the qualifier: unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land

            Now it does not say killing a soul is as if killing all of mankind. It says killing an INNOCENT soul and you and I both know you, your mohamamdan and your allah do NOT consider kaffr innocent. Their very existence is offensive to you and your evil allah and here’s the proof which you evil kuranimals omit from the AYA.

            “And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.”

            So right there allah proclaims that kaffr are NOT innocent souls.

            And before you start your typical “you used wrong translation!” bullshit here is the link to my source: can’t get more “authentic” than a site by and for kuranimals.

            You evil effing cunt. Take your out of context crap and eff off back to your craphole. I hope your father stones you to death for blemishing the family “honour.”

          • Ilaan

            Their hearts are sealed. They hear not and they believe not. Stop trying brother.

          • Beejj

            Wrong, cousin; our minds and eyes are open.

          • funkybarfly

            Just Biggy with his pistols looking after Itchy with his fleas.
            I tried to imagine the other day what life would be like today if Mohammad had never been born.
            My heart overflowed with joy and I passed out.

          • Anonymous

            ISLAM KILLS THOSE THAT LEAVE IT…… Not a “peaceful” religion… End of story

            One of their Hadiths states about their own: Narrated Ikrima: The statement of Allah’s Apostle (Muhammad), “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Hadith 9:45; 84.2.57.)

          • tina

            i think we would all appreciate if you do a little reading on the history of islam before posting a comment.. read a little on the wars of those times.

          • Beejj

            Tina, a good place to begin the study of such history is this site. Read the many, many accounts of the deeds of mohammedans over the past few years.

          • amna al kindi

            infidels are devil’s advocate Beejj as you are do me a faveour shutt up if u know nothing about it all u do is critisising you are so blind and maybe its possible you are one of them devils. shsh please let wise peaple speak go out and play even ma little brother is wiser than u dick head ya Alllah spire us a sit in heaven go to hell if that’s what u desire fuck off!

          • amna al kindi

            start with stadding yourself fist look at your phsical structure and say “”subhan allah”"”"”"”"”"”" he who creatëd you or do u know who created you rather than god allah ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok leave muslim behind and ask yourself one question wha is the purpose of life why are you here? if u answer that came back with your critisism

          • Kal El

            I am here to be a force for GOOD, unlike islam, which is pure evil. It is the ENEMY of LIBERTY, and thus, my enemy.

          • netlander

            This site as a historical source – you are truly a bunch of clowns – LOLs.

          • sti

            Even the Hells Angels merely beat you if you leave the club.

          • jihad

            Zen Tiger, you, sir, are an idiot. I’m going to explain to you why you are in MANIFEST ERROR with your statement. First of all we Muslims follow the Qur’an FIRST, the Hadith is separate and it is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Now, Secondly, IF A HADITH IS NOT CONGRUENT WITH THE TEACHINGS IN THE QUR’AN IT IS CONSIDERED DAIF[meaning weak] AND WE ARE TO DISREGARD IT IN ITS ENTIRETY!!!

            When looking at that “hadith” you posted, it is noticeable that this hadith is considered a weak hadith with mostle likely a single “isnad” (this means there is only one chain of transmission or narration) and thus according to the rules of Islamic jurisprudence, it is not enough to validate the death penalty.

            NOW, as far as this hadith goes, it is a FAKE. It can be found NOWHERE as the ones who post this little hadith up on the internet have no SOURCE for it. It doesn’t say who NARRATED IT and the source book is unknown. IT is merely some Christian missionary propaganda used in an attempt to sway new believers from Islam. NOW, let’s say this hadith DID have the correct citations so that we could determine from whence it came. In that case we would see how it stands according to the QUR’AN and if it goes against it or is in agreement with it.

            “O ye who believe! If any from among you turn back from his faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He (Allah) will love as they will love Him lowly with the believers, Mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproachers of such as find fault. That is the Grace of Allah which He will bestow on whom He (Allah) pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things.” [Qur'an 5:54]

            “But those who reject faith after they accepted it, and then go on adding to their defiance of faith never will their repentance be accepted; for they are those who have (of set purpose) gone astray.”

            The punishment for apostasy is in the HEREAFTER and God will judge those men not us!

            “Again and again will those who disbelieve, wish that they had bowed (to God’s will) in Islam. Leave them alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves: let (false) hope amuse them: soon will knowledge (undeceive them).” (Qur’an 15:2-3)

            And LASTLY

            “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy handhold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” ( Qur’an 2:256 )

            No violence against apostates in that verse at all. Here is another verse indicating how Muslims should treat those who turn their backs on Islam. HOWEVER, the BIBLE on the other hand DOES talk about the LAW OF APOSTASY IN CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM:

            “If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying: Let us go and worship other gods (gods that neither you nor your fathers have known, gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other, or gods of other religions), do not yield to him or listen to him. SHOW HIM NO PITY. Do not spare him or shield him. You must certainly PUT HIM TO DEATH. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people.” (Deuteronomy 13:6-9 )

            “And he should go and worship other gods and bow down to them or to the sun or the moon or all the army of the heavens, …and you must stone such one with stones and such one must die.” (
            Deuteronomy 17:3-5)

            And Paul in the “New Testament” says:

            Romans 1:25 : They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen. ”

            Romans 1:32 : Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do SUCH THINGS DESERVE DEATH, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

            Psychics must be put to death as well, according to the Bible:

            Leviticus 20:27 “And as for a man or woman in whom there proves to be a mediumistic spirit or spirit of prediction, they should be put to death without fail. They should pelt them to death with stones. Their own blood is upon them.”

            And for those who want to say that they dont follow the old testament anymore, JESUS HIMSELF SAID:

            “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law (the Old Testament) or the Prophets; I HAVE NOT COME TO ABLISH THEM BUT TO FULFILL THEM. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke or a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law (the Old Testament) until everything is accomplished. (Matthew 5:17-18)”

            So Jesus himself said he has not come to undue or change the law before him…you damn lying Christians. You all just pick and choose what you want to follow, you know that your book is full of lies and garbage, hate and death.

            I think if you Christians would do a little reading yourselves you would see that you are the biggest hypocrites ever. And you don’t follow God’s Law, but MAN’s law. Your “god” orders you to kill babies and allows you to rape women without major penalty. Your book is full of contradictions and inconsistencies. The bible is a very brutal, disgusting novel. A fictional fairy-tale at best.

          • Kal_El

            A fictional fairy-tale at best. Yup, that sums up the quran perfectly.

          • amna al kindi

            lgnorent poor you l feel sorry for you its ramadhan l’ll pray for u honestly just so can open your eyes before is too late man your lost have mercy on yourself please ya Allaaah this what muhamad wise crying saying umati umati after visitng the hell and heaven he saw alot of u and your friends in hell felt sorry that his generation will burn in hell their stubbornness and ignorence this one the varses read it pease?

            You may fight in the cause of allah against those who attack you, but do not aggress. allah does not love the aggressors. [2:190]

          • Kal El

            Funny, I recall reading that the majority of the people in hell are women. Good luck with that, cleopatra.

          • :)

            Lol, what I love is that we Muslims have shut down every single argument you have brought up yet you haven’t proved anything yet. Your replies consist of childish remarks. Haha, I can never be thankful enough that I was born Muslim.

          • Warvets

            Wow there we are, didn’t any Church mentioned this before? Collectively, we have Apostacy law in Christian Bible: “If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying: Let us go and worship other gods (gods that neither you nor your fathers have known, gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other, or gods of other religions), do not yield to him or listen to him. SHOW HIM NO PITY. Do not spare him or shield him. You must certainly PUT HIM TO DEATH. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people.” (Deuteronomy 13:6-9 )

            And stoning to death as punishment to Apostacy: “And he should go and worship other gods and bow down to them or to the sun or the moon or all the army of the heavens, …and you must stone such one with stones and such one must die.” (
            Deuteronomy 17:3-5)

            What would that lead the American Christian to reasoning of Quran burning, should we burn the Bible too?

          • Kal El

            Wow, you manage to quote only Old Testament verse, which the New Testamend abrogated, with the birth of Christ. A valiant effort at moral relativism. Notice the eerie similiarity between these verses and the quranus? It is because islam is a piss poor plagiarization of Christianity and Judaism, twisted to satisfy the lust for war, money and little girls, of the pedophile MUhammad. And have you noticed that when someone burns a Bible, NOTHING HAPPENS. No Christians blowing themselves up, rioting, calling for death to anyone, plotting to bomb anything, etc…

          • :)

            I love you. Thank you for that. Wow, beautifully said!

          • Sarah

            Allah damn, that was a long winded reply.

          • Trein

            Whatever YOU damn fool! IT IS haters like you going against Islam that makes Muslims angry. You are always insulting the religion. Shut the hell up and mind your own business nobody is forcing you to believe or practice the religion. Leave it alone and get your own life and quit hating on something you don’t have the capacity to understand anyhow you MENTALLY challenged DONKEY BRAIN.

          • Piyari

            And who have you heard of getting killed because they’ve converted? In which countries is this relevant? If Muhammad (PBUH) said this, then it makes no sense that he lived peacefully amongst non-Muslims…. It makes no sense that previous empires like the Mughal and Ottoman tolerated all religions…. Please be so kind as to explain where someone has actually gotten killed under the Shari’ah law for converting religions. Even in the Qur’an, it says,
            “Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians — whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there will be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve” (2:62, 5:69

          • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

            You got that right, nephew.

          • amna al kindi

            so it’s a family bussiness now Beejj is your stupid nephew no wonder bad seeds comin ignorent people yo Beejj congrats got free firstclass tickete to hell if that’s your uncle heheheh brother muslims why are we even wasting our time with these stupid people?

          • Kal El

            Because islam loves wasting time. Whether it’s wasting time worshipping a pedophile, an imaginary god named allah, influencing retards to blow themselves up, fly planes into buildings, etc…

          • Warvets

            yeah right, he sleep with his eyes all wide open.

          • amna al kindi

            Beejj you are the devils advocate burn in hell spire your sit in heaven couse than l’ll be laughing at u above like this hehehehe burn Beejj burn man and do u think you wise man? ha do you?

          • Warvets

            Yeah, and you sleep with your eyes all wide open too. I believe.

          • Namita

            Islam786, I loved your comment.

          • William D’Souza

            When muslims are cornered with their absurd teaching and the ones out of line with civilized world they start giving big winding answer to hoodwink westerns. This is allowed in Islam as “Taqqiya” or deception. There are 4 types of Taqqiya a muslim can use to way laid non-belivers and get him into becoming Muslim.

          • mansoor

            mr genius, the fact your a comp is due to a sincere invention, that is the basis of the conceptual composure of this machine in front of you is due to a culture that holds more phd's in ur religion than chrisitans themselves. The fact that you have the concievement to perceive that mathematics exist is what i would say, an extended basis on the proclamation of the bible, “The earth is flat”. the irony in your perpetual misconception is that, walk to the nearest university, walk into the departments. the # of prof's and assoc prof's in the department of engineering, comp sci, comp eng, physics , chem, bio, especialy organic chem, are all muslim. you have the few exception who are chinease, even tho thers 300 miln muslim in china, it doesnt matter to me much. either way, walk to the environmental departments, youl find ur race, attempting to advocate a basic ethnic, to protect the environment lol. LOL, in our religion its forbidden to walk on grass purposefully, and to step on an ant is to have a great punishment come upon you in the hereafter. do u c the difference? ur race is declinin, because people are tryin to understand, who can i follow to a) live my life to the fullest, age wise too b) become sincere in ethnics, c) to succeed in establishin the roots of my existence.

            do u think muslims go around makin websites all day to counter ur websites? no? do u kno y? caus its HIGHLY looked down upon, those who do not use every moment of this life to gain knowledge. write this down if u want, on the modern paper created by muslims, or go back to ur kitchen to eat on a TABLE LOL, with a spoon and a fork. do u kno who invented the spoon n fork? i bet u didnt know muslims dont eat food with spoons or forks, even tho we created them, look around u for the reason, and it shudnt be too hard. its much like alcohol, do u kno who invented alcohol? the muslims, i think you that alchol is forbidden by muslims the year it was invented because of the dangers and hazards it gave to the brain, and not too long ago i saw a 40s commerical of doctor offerin whiskey as medicine, and now u frown upon it? the inventors, muslims, frowned upon it 1200 years ago…. realize that our identities differ, providin urself with a lame excuse by re writing translations in english is a pathetic thing to do, because no lnguage can ever explain the beauty of arabic itself. if your so keen, go learn a tiny bit of arabic, its not much, like one verse has 20 words. and then u'l realize you only proved urself wrong.
            Salam, peace be upon u, thats not even a grateful translation of the value aslamwalikam holds. w/e either way have fun

          • Beejj

            Mansoor, even my genius (nice of you to recognise it) is sorely exercised to make sense of your sprawling, garbled missive, although I admit it is always amusing to see Muslims trying to claim that all modern science is due to ancients of your faith. I was particularly impressed to read that Islam forbids the stepping on an ant: what a pity it continues to advocate death by stoning.

          • Anonymous

            “to advocate death by stoning” – I suppose muslims are doing this for fun? Is it their game? Why they are stoning to death? …. OMG! This is so scary .. I really want to know more Beejj, can you tell me more about this please, I am a truth seeker and I am in search of truth always, I see your comments are short and straight to the point, so I want to get from you about this. Please, I am waiting for this horrible truth that why they are doing this? Will they stone to death every non-muslim ?? It is really scary.

          • Beejj

            Wrong. They stone to death Muslims, not non-Muslims. Stoning was once a part of Jewish law, but they ceased the practice a long time ago. Muslims, however, retain a taste for it, so it continues and will continue to continue as long as there are uneducated morons to pay heed to the words of that vile monster you call your prophet. You think stoning to death no longer happens? Get onto You Tube and see (and enjoy?) it happening. Where in the world do we find stoning to death, mutilation of female genitals, child marriages, honour murders, two-hour “marriages”, total subjugation of women and even slavery extant? In Muslim countries, of course. Which religion promises heavenly rewards for killing those not of that religion? Islam, of course. Do Muslims carry out stoning for fun? I wonder. Certainly, there is no shortage of audience when such sentence is carried out. They love it.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks to God they only stone to death to muslims only? What they do to non-muslims? Because I have many muslim friends, now I am afraid from them as they can stone to death a “Muslim” a person belonging to their own religion for just for the sake of God. What they will do to a non-muslim?? Its horrifying, very horrifying :(

            And it was part of Jewish law? It means Jewish God sent that law also? whatever they practice or not but their wants this too?? .. uff this world is full of horrible surprises … and I think the God of Muslims and Jews are the same? because he ordered the same law. Right? or maybe Muslims are carrying out Jews legacy or what their prophet told them? .. hmm there are many questions to be answered here. And I will try more and more to dig all about everything with every religion.

            I also have to read the history about their prophet, I hope I will find some good resources on the history of Mohamed. Can you tell me any website? Where I can find some history lessons about this topic? I will be very thankful. Really I will like to see what they were doing back there in their times because they say the effect fades away ass the time passes, So I suppose they were practicing this barbarism more intensely in Mohamed’s time? Poor people who were alive at that time, they must have suffered a lot :(

            And you are starting to open my eyes. I really have to reconsider about my friendship with my muslim friends. Really Beejj its pure barbarism…… “Mutilation of female genitals?” Why they do it? Its very very non-human. I hope they will reject any saying if it is there in their books about this for the sake of humanity. I will search of it also. (Thanks again for telling me in detail all about this, I never knew this much about them)

            About Child Marriage I am shocked also, How they can marry children, when they don’e even have sense of anything, they put the burden of marriage on their small shoulders? :( .. its cruelty. No words for it. I will write a book about all this and I will find as many cases and contexts I can find regrading this.

            and really I was laughing at “Two-Hour Marriages”, what the hell? What is it? How it will be? Married for two hours? To do what? if they want only sex why don’t they just do it with their bfs or gfs? It is really hilarious to have a wife for two hours when you can have girls or boys even without marriage for as long as you want. Isn’t it that easy ? hehe ….

            But one thing I must say here and Please Beejj, I am proud of our crusades we wage against muslims, we killed them in the name of the God and by saying that you are taking away the rewards of the heavens from the holy crusaders, they did a very very great job back there. I must pay respect to them at least.(Please I don’t want to hurt you but I want to keep it like this for myself)

            You are really a very informative person Beejj, its an honor to know you and to know from you. Thank You so much in helping me out in finding the truth. :)

            Please keep in touch.

          • Beejj

            You want something to read? Try “God Is Not Great”, by Christopher Hitchens.

          • Anonymous

            I am sorry to say this but this time you disappoint me Beejj … :(

            I read a little about this book but its nothing but a comparison of Joseph Smith with Mohamed .. and I don’t understand one thing. Where were the facts? I read a little part on this website.


            It couldn’t satisfy me. Because there is nothing he said about Islam or Mohamed or anything historical. It was just like an impression that personally he doesn’t like something. Don’t you know any of the book which contain historical facts of wrong doing of Mohamed, if he stoned to death a muslim or if he did mutilation of female genitals. Because I am speaking BIG here. I will really publish a book to expose the muslims talking about only nice about them. How can there religion be perfect? When there are these flaws. Someone should show them the mirror, the real face. I need everyone to please give me any link they find but please facts. not childish arguments because I want to take this big.

            I really appreciate your help (I will say again and again this .. :) …. You really are helping me here .. Thanks Beejj) …

          • Atee

            ‘Do muslims carry out stoning for fun?’ Surely as an ‘educated’ woman u will know the answer is not that it is done for fun. This type of act only occurs in certain circumstances, and certainly not in the one that you are making out. Do you have a problem with the fact that in the past recent years there have been many calls for reform in the Western Society to bring back the death penalty? Its a shame that there still lives ignorant people like you that are supposedly educated! Education sadly does not take away ignorance, if only there was a degree in that. God help you and those that think alike such as the equally ignorant person posting these quotes, any sentence taken out of context can portray a completely different meaning. Surely, that is not so hard to comprehend.

          • journey223

            Beejj, what the hell makes you think you’re so qualified to speak on the behalf of muslims?

          • Beejj

            What the hell makes You think I am speaking on behalf of mohammedans? I am merely commenting upon their vile religion and their bestial deeds.

          • D3

            takes one to know one and obviously you know best or so you think. all good though keep foolling your own stupid ass and leave Muslims alone. donkey shit for brains.

          • Have No Fear

            That is Beejj version Islamic which i shouldn’t blame him ….. you can never find nowadays of the justice way of punishing “to advocate death by stoning” During the period of the Prophet Muhammad a women had came to him asking to be punished as she had committed zina (adultery). But the Muhammad told her to go home and seek repentance from Allah, besides nobody was accusing her ( no witness and no proof).

            Many months later she came back with the “proof” (obviously she was pregnant) asking to be punished for the sin she had committed. Muhammad told her to go home asking for Allah repentance until she give birth to her child. She came back a few weeks later with the new born baby still asking to be punished. Again she was told to go home and ask forgiveness from Allah and to breastfed the baby until the baby was about 3-4 years old.

            She came back again to Muhammad asking to be punished (by stoning to death), and this time she got what she had always wanted. Hudud is an Islamic law that is designed to make the followers (Muslim) sincerely abide. There is a lesson here for every Muslim, she had opted to be punished while still living (on Earth) because punishment for the offence in the hear after will be a very long time. Period.

            A day in the Allah sight is equivalent to 1000 years Earthly human time. She had made her choice sincerely and the Muhammad never force a punishment on her.


          • netlander


          • loveofallah

            Mr Beejj is really got to be one of the most stupid fuckers on this planet. This guy needs to be hung by his balls from a 12 story building. Loser…

          • Beejj

            This is funny. You, who are brainless enough to believe in god and all that bullshit about breathing on a piece of moist clay to create a human, call ME stupid???? Verily, nothing surpasses a mohammedan for out and out idiocy. You delight in wallowing in ignorance and slavishly following the precepts of a vicious, twisted paedophile who gave you licence to abuse and degrade women. By the way, it’s hanged, not hung. Please respond to this, shit-for-brains.

          • Kal El

            I believe in Kahless. =)

          • Kal El

            What tolerance from you! Typical islamic compassion.

          • funkybarfly

            Why a twelve storey building in particular,loveofafella? I’m intrigued.
            Is that how many brothers you have,twelve?
            Do any of you have a job?
            I take it you are what passes for an intelligent Islamite,so I’ll state this clearly:
            The silly practice of incestuous marriages through your family history has left you with basic deformities of the brain.

          • :)

            LOL! You are seriously ridiculous. How does that make any sense at all? Why would you bring his family into this? Why does it matter how many brothers he has? Why would you bring up their status? Lol, I just can’t get over it. Him having a huge family does not make him any less human than anyone else. Many couples have a lot of kids, so what? This is too funny.

          • amna al kindi

            thanx for pointing this out brother they don’t know that my last name is Amna Hamoud al kindi my tribe’s name is al kindi and it very famous tribe in the arab lslamic world why? this is why:

            The Islamic world was a melting pot for alchemy. Islamic philosophers made great contributions to alchemical hermeticism. The most influential author in this regard was arguably Jābir ibn Hayyān (جابر بن حيان, Latin Geberus; usually rendered in English as Geber). He analyzed each Aristotelian element in terms of four basic qualities of hotness, coldness, dryness, and moistness.[2] According to Jābir, in each metal two of these qualities were interior and two were exterior. For example, lead was externally cold and dry, while gold was hot and moist. Thus, Jabir theorized, by rearranging the qualities of one metal, a different metal would result.[2] By this reasoning, the search for the philosopher’s stone was introduced to Western alchemy.[3][4] Jabir developed an elaborate numerology whereby the root letters of a substance’s name in Arabic, when treated with various transformations, held correspondences to the element’s physical properties.

            The elemental system used in medieval alchemy was developed by Jābir ibn Hayyān (Geber). His original system consisted of seven elements, which included the five classical elements (aether, air, earth, fire and water), in addition to two chemical elements representing the metals: sulphur, ‘the stone which burns’, which characterized the principle of combustibility, and mercury, which contained the idealized principle of metallic properties. Shortly thereafter, this evolved into eight elements, with the Arabic concept of the three metallic principles: sulphur giving flammability or combustion, mercury giving volatility and stability, and salt giving solidity.[5][verification needed]

            Muslim alchemists also developed theories on the transmutation of metals, the philosopher’s stone and the Takwin (artificial creation of life in the laboratory), like in later medieval European alchemy, though these alchemical theories were rejected by practical Muslim chemists from the 9th century onwards.

          • Kal El

            And yet, the Arab world has contributed NOTHING to the modern world, except the suicide bomber.

          • Jiminy Cricket

            You are a stupid, goofy, faggy, poncey, slimey, stupid (did I already say that?) rapist Muslim clown.

          • Guest

            i love u..yr reply..was incredible..allah grant u many rewards..incha allah

          • Kal_El

            Not for nothing, but you spelled it incorrectly, it is insha allah. And so far he hasn’t seen fit to do much, considering the was Israel flourised in 60 years to become a first world country, while those under the yoke of islam, sort of remain stuck in the 3rd world…

          • irish lady

            this is very beautiful

          • Muslim

            This is beautiful. People would not understand. I am a Muslim women and I love my religion and my faith. I cannot believe the things people say without research or reason, just because it's easier to judge than to understand.

            Thank you for your defense of Islam. May Allah Bless you for it!

          • Christine_S


            You are right: those of us who have not been poisoned by Islam cannot possibly understand. You think we judge Islam without reason? What is wrong with you?? Look at some of the postings on this site. Open some of the links listed on the main page. Look at the pretty “before and after” pictures of Muslim girls/women who dared to refuse a proposal or wanted to finish school.
            Their hideously disfigured faces will serve as a constant reminder of the “respect” they are entitled to under Islam. Please, save your BS that this is not condoned by your filthy “religion”. Everyday, we are given new reasons, more reasons to be disgusted by the “religion of peace”. I have no respect for women who defend an ideology that treats women so brutally. To borrow a line from Beejj: “Any Muslim woman who claims that Islam does not oppress women deserves everything that befalls her.” This is true. Women who defend Islam must accept that they share responsibility for every woman who is beaten, flogged, raped, disfigured, stoned, or murdered for her “disobedience”.

            You think the things Islam786 said are “beautiful”? When you say “defending Islam”, do you mean defending the rights of Muslim males to behave like pigs??

            Islam786 said: “This is not feminine. If a man prefers a new car, why would he marry a “used” woman?” What a jerk.

            “Women's liberation has taught women to pursue sex for its own sake, as though they were men.” So, men are allowed to “pursue sex for its own sake”, but women are to remain chaste? How is this possible, or does the Muslim practice of having sex with goats and camels factor into his number of “conquests”?

            “Obviously, there will be a rare case where a woman may be……..mentally more capable than men”. This coming from the author of these ignorant/stupid comments? Unbelievable!

            “They make decisions together but he has the last word”. Umm…”Thanks for your opinion, but I'm going to do whatever the hell I think is right and don't really give a damn what you think”! Gee, that sounds fair and equal!

            Islam786 is not the “true” Muslim he claims to be. He is a traitor to his homeland, the UK, and should be dealt with as such. Apostates are issued a death sentence. I think the death sentence thing would be better served on those who convert to Islam. Muslims should be kept in one place and not spread out all over the globe.

            Well, Islam786, it seems you are developing a following. I see AndyNDB is requesting your guidance. That's nice…Allah must be very pleased with you.

          • omiyaka

            I just like the way you have responded. But you know one thing, i feel so much pain in me and will continue to pray for you and people like you to be able to identify the truth.

            Those that will enter paradise will suffer for it so also those that will enter hell will suffer before they get there, what a painful thing for people who can't reflect.

          • Khaled

            Of all of the idiots i have met, you have exceeded their excellence. You don’t notice that your ignorance overshadows your way to think and speak for yourself. You impress me. You don’t notice that us Muslims have morals unlike you. We follow our religion and we dont beat our women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, i am truly impressed.

          • JEWHAWK

            MORALS ?Sure.But I do NOT like them.

            Don’t you beat your wives ?

            What about THROWING ACID at their faces ?
            What about KILLING them to keep your so-called “honor” intact ?

          • Khaled

            WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!! None of the “thowing acid” at their faces is true. Where do you get your information because all the websites you have been on are imposter websites. Obviously, you don’t realize what is true from false. We DON’T throw acid at their faces and we DON’T kill them to keep our honor inact! Please, atleast have some bit of respect towards people you DON’T know. You can’t judge a book by the minoritiy of things that are happening. You are like comparing a single human being to the world!!!!

          • JEWHAWK

            Don’t try to lie, you damn muslim. Everybody knows that muslim women’s lives are like HELL.

          • Khaled

            Wow, i didn’t think i was talking to a retard that can’t tell the difference between HIS OWN RELIGION and Islam

          • Have No Fear

            Nobody should be surprised, these infidels have no religion they could even cursed christianity no problem at all. For them religion is a disease ….


          • كافر

            Islam is a disease..its a cancer of the earth, simple as that. islam is the worst crime against humanity

          • Teasdale

            you are a disease you pile of donkey shit. Yeah and Hilter didn’t kill six million Jews and gas them up and pull babies out of mothers stomach and fry them to pieces. Where did you see Muslims murdering this many people. Get a life retarded fucker and go to hell.

          • Anonymous

            OK JIFA!!!!!!! Let me enlighten you on something aboyt you and your history-Written by people who WERE THERE at the time! None have you have changed at all.

            The Qur’an has specified a considerable deal of its verses to talking about Jews, their personal qualities and characteristics. The Qur’anic description of Jews is quite impartial; praising them in some occasions where they deserve praise and condemning them in other occasions where they practice blameworthy acts. Yet, the latter occasions outnumbered the former, due to their bad qualities and the heinous acts they used to commit.

            The Qur’an praises them on the verse that reads: “ And verily We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture and the Command and the Prophethood, and provided them with good things and favored them above (all) peoples.” (Al-Jathiyah:16) i.e. the peoples of their time.

            Among the bad qualities they were characterized with are the following: … See more

            1. They used to fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah. Allah Almighty says: “ That is because they say: We have no duty to the Gentiles. They speak a lie concerning Allah knowingly.” (Al-`Imran:75) Also: “The Jews say: Allah’s hand is fettered. Their hands are fettered and they are accursed for saying so. Nay, but both His hands are spread out wide in bounty. He bestoweth as He will.” (Al-Ma`idah:64)

            In another verse Almighty Allah says: “Verily Allah heard the saying of those who said, (when asked for contributions to the war): “Allah, forsooth, is poor, and we are rich! We shall record their saying with their slaying of the Prophets wrongfully and We shall say: Taste ye the punishment of burning!” (Al-`Imran:181)

            2. They love to listen to lies. Concerning this Allah says: “and of the Jews: listeners for the sake of falsehood, listeners on behalf of other folk” (Al-Ma’idah: 41)

            3. Disobeying Almighty Allah and never observing His commands. Allah says: “And because of their breaking their covenant, We have cursed them and made hard their hearts.” (Al-Ma’idah: 13)

            4. Disputing and quarreling. This is clear in the verse that reads: “Their Prophet said unto them: Lo! Allah hath raised up Saul to be a king for you. They said: How can he have kingdom over us when we are more deserving of the kingdom than he is, since he hath not been given wealth enough?” (Al-Baqarah: 247)

            5. Hiding the truth and standing for misleading. This can be understood from the verse that reads: “…distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture.” (Al-`Imran: 78)

            6. Staging rebellion against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance. This is clear in the verse: “And when ye said: O Moses! We will not believe in thee till we see Allah plainly.” (Al-Baqarah: 55)

            7. Hypocrisy. In a verse, we read: “And when they fall in with those who believe, they say: We believe; but when they go apart to their devils they declare: Lo! we are with you; verily we did but mock.” (Al-Baqarah: 14) In another verse, we read: “Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourselves forget (to practice it)? And ye are readers of the Scripture! Have ye then no sense?” (Al-Baqarah: 44)

            8. Giving preference to their own interests over the rulings of religion and the dictates of truth. Allah says: “…when there cometh unto you a messenger (from Allah) with that which ye yourselves desire not, ye grow arrogant, and some ye disbelieve and some ye slay?” (Al-Baqarah: 87)

            9. Wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them. This is clear in the verse that reads: “Many of the People of the Scripture long to make you disbelievers after your belief, through envy on their own account, after the truth hath become manifest unto them.” (Al-Baqarah: 109)

            10. They feel pain to see others in happiness and are gleeful when others are afflicted with a calamity. This is clear in the verse that reads: “If a lucky chance befall you, it is evil unto them, and if disaster strike you they rejoice thereat.” (Al-`Imran:120)

            And remember-you will be judged !

          • JEWHAWK

            Islam is the most filthy, despicable, abominable ideology ever created by men. Even Nazism and Communism don’t come close.

          • Youdidntseethat

            for the record it was not created by man.

          • Youdidntseethat

            dayum right on!

          • Mahbuba Khatun

            I Disagree! Im a Muslim Female and i have been all my life and i dont feel opressed or that my life is hell. I have been living my life in sole freedom Doing what i wish as i wish. Islam doesn’t opress muslim females However culture and tradition do. This is not ONLY in Islam its in every religion, culture, tradition etc. You only have to open your eyes and look at whats around you to notice that.

          • Have No Fear

            Too bad JEWHAWK, being a Muslim she supposed to be a victim. Aint’ it? Obviously, she sounded very very sober and peaceful. Nobody forced her to write Islam is not oppressing the women.

            Salam to you my sister in Islam.


          • Christine_S

            She sounds like all the other brainwashed/braindead victims of Islam. Muslims like to blame their brutal treatment of women on culture, but the basis for these “cultural practices” can be found in the most evil book ever written – the filthy Quran.

          • Have No Fear

            I can agreed with you if it were “cultural practices” …. but at least you can enlighten us by showing which word in the Quran that you meant about.


          • Youdidntseethat

            CULTURE is so completely off from religion. get your facts straight. and can you tell me when and where the KKK was allowed in christianity. SURELY the bible must say “you can burn kill hang and slaughter people of darker skin for no apparent reason.” right? because you canmake up fake quotes why cant i?

          • Hadel20

            let get this straight why u r minding ur business by Islamic women and Quraan?
            1-are all women in ur country are living decently ? (see I am shrinking the numbers ,not talking about all Muslims as u ridiculously do :) )

            2- Is there is anyone of u (islam enemies) can speak ARABIC we are Muslim women and can speak many languagesand highly educated as a victims we shouldnt be right , and as a victim i am an engineer too looooooooooool iam very sad to be treated like that loooooooooool educated and i have my own opinion living in luxury and internal peace

            lots of women ,men,children are facing pain not in the name of any religion its because some people were born evil (including people that are trying to ruin any beauty in this world)

            here u r an women and men ( brain washed to loooooooooooool see they became so victim)


            NBC WHY 20,000 Americans convert to Islam annually

            Famous people who converted to islam ..

          • Kal_El

            That is because she has been brainwashed since birth.

          • Youdidntseethat

            AAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH answer of a stupid person who has nothing else to say. LOL the pope was also brainwashed since birth as well as the queen of england. and so were you. your just not aware of it.

          • E.Coach

            You want to know who’s brainwashed? People who believe everything they hear from the media. Those verses they put from the Quran, they make sense when you read the beginning of it. They just took one part of a big verse. Obviously it’s gonna sound bad. They’re treating people like idiots.

          • Anonymous

            No, you asshole mohammadans are the ones trying to treat everyone like idiots. Do share with us just one “complete” verse and prove to us that it makes sense and doesn’t sound bad.

            Fucking islamic douchebag.

            Those of us who have acutally read the kuran are the ones who AREN’T brainwashed. We aint buying the bullshit pc crap the media keeps selling us about islam being a “religion of peace” and “islam is just hijacked by a few misunderstanderers of islam.”

            We’re not buying the lies assholes like you and your dhimmi whores in the media keep trying to sell us because we’ve actually read the kuran, hadiths and sira.

            Some of have gone beyond “I bet you don’t know even one muslim!’ and actually live as non-muslims in dar al islam. Your weak cries of “out of context” and “incomplete” fool only the lazy, pc, leftist twits who believe all cultures are equal. Those are the twats who have NEVER set foot in an islamic land as a non-muslim.

            So, take your lame and useless arguements, shove them up your islamic arse and feck off to your mohammadan sites or some liberal arse-kiss fest site.

            Only fools who haven’t read your filthy and vile kuran believe your limp-wristed arguments.

          • Kal El

            You want to know who else is brainwashed? Cult members, and imbeciles who babble random sounds and call it the language of heaven/god/angels. You know, the kind who protest at funerals with posters saying god hates fags, or the kind who blow themselves as they shout allahu akbar. The media has done everything in its power to cover for islam. That is why ratings for most media networks are in the shitter.

          • sickofstupidassfools

            Jews are a freaking real trip damn squirrels … they better worry about what Hiltler did killing six million of them and leave Muslims the hell alone for a minute. Stupid asses so worried about Muslims they better worry about another Nazi attack on their asses from the real devils out there.

          • Kal El

            Speaking of stupidassfools, you should re-read your history books. The Nazis allied themselves with the muslims. Even had an entire SS division made up of them.

          • Youfes97

            Have you tried being a muslim women?

          • hellosnackbar

            Have you tried being a Muslim women sic.
            Since I’m male that would be an impossible feat.
            But if I were(with some education)I would make it my life’s ambition to escape the clutches of such a poisonous misogynistic barbaric cult.
            One can only experience freedom from outside Islam and I pity those who cannot or are happy with their position of bondage.

          • Youdidntseethat

            LOLLLLLLLLLLLL WTF? ahahahahah speak for yourself. you are just afraid of islam. since it is such a large religion. you thnk that by insulting it, nothing will happen to you. i DARE you to go out in public and tell everybody your views instead of sitting behind your fake front pretending to be someone else who is very learned but actually knows nothing about what theyre talking about.

          • Kal El

            That right there is why islam is dying. It is so weak it cannot withstand criticism. Much like the sniveling bratty kid who will not take anyone criticising him, he simply lashes out, verbally or physically. And for the record, there are more Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Pagams, Atheists, etc in the world, than there are muslims.

          • E.Coach

            The verses they put are incomplete. If you read the beginning it has a totally different meaning. Infidels-are-cool is straight out lying and treating people like idiots. And I must say, a lot of people ARE very ignorant. Had Islam been as what they described, would it have been the fastest growing religion in America? Would it have been the reason half of the world had peace during the times of The Ottoman Empire – an Islamic Empire? (And no The Ottoman Empire was not a sultan lying down, eating grapes, while a bunch of half-naked girls belly-danced. That’s just another lie) The word Islam means peace anyway. 9/11 was not an Islamic act/ceremony/sacrifice or anything of that sort. It was a bunch of people who are only Muslims on their ID card. Not more than an ID card.

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t you tell us the beginning so we can determine if it has a “totally different meaning”?

            You’re the one treating us infidels like idiots. You claim “out of context,” “incomplete,” or “misquoted” without actually giving anyone the context, complete quote or correct quote. Us infidels are just supposed to take you mohammadan words for it.

            islam does not mean peace, it means submission. The true statement would have been “islam means submission and only with complete submission to islam will there be peace.” That’s what you mohammadans really mean when you scream “islam means peace!”

            What peace was there during the ottoman times? The peace they shared with Vlad Tepes? The peaceful way they stole young infidel boys and forced them into millitary service aka janissaries? Or would that be the peace of kidnapping, coercing and buying infidel women from as far West as Germany and as far East as Japan and forcing them to be concubines in the harems? Seriously, please explain to us what this “peace during the ottoman empire” is that you are crowing about.

            And the 9/11 murderers were muslim on their i.d. cards only. muslims on i.d card only who went to mosque, who raised their arses and banged their heads and screamed allahu akbar as they murdered infidels are muslim in name only. Well, I guess that makes you and all your fellow “moderate” islamists who go to mosque and lift your arses either muslims on i.d. only or potential terrorists.

            God, I hate muslims. You are the most evil, vile, deceitful, and hypocritical creatures to ever disgrace this planet. Even douchebags like the kkk don’t try to spin the truth from lies and try to sell their brand of poison with platitudes ( we’re misunderstood) without offering some evidence.

          • Kal El

            The word islam means submission to allah. Pull your head out of your ass. 9/11 was bankrolled by the saudis. Just like the majority of wahhabi mosques infesting the West. Prove islam is the fastest growing religion, if you can. I defy you. Peace during the Ottoman empire? Do you mean the peace when a siege was laid at the gates of Vienna? Or the peace when Constantinople was sacked? You label people ignorant, and should start applying the label to yourself, if you wish to be honest.

          • Mika

            yep plus the guy was wearing a turban, Islamic men dont wear turbans!!!

          • Sahira

            well i am a muslim woman n my life is not like hell…u ppl seriously need to get ur facts straight b4 writing such horrible nasty n vile things about our prophet muhammed pbuh…n our religion… islam is a religion of peace!!!!!

          • amna al kndi

            am muslim and am a women adn l can speak for every muslim in ma country and the countries around me oman emerates bahrain qatar yemen and lebanon jordan and seria we live normal life and some hard but thats part of like anywhere alse in this world u prick! and thats why we dont have many of u in ma countries we r not stupid like AMERICA dont let no jew perv get inside our country easly we kill u then u can judge!

          • Kal El

            Actually, you ARE stupid, as in lacking intelligence, and the ability to form a coherent sentence. Like most people living in Oma, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, as well as Kuwait, Saudi, Iran, etc…

            The reason there are so few of “us” in your countries, is that those countries are all shitholes, the exception being Lebanon, which still has a large thinking, non-muslim population.

          • Youdidntseethat

            as a muslim woman i say that my life is pleasant as hell

          • Christine_S

            Pleasant as hell?? I’m sure it is.

          • Kal El

            That is good, since according to pedophile Muhammad’s cult, you are likely going to jahannam. Unless you end up one of those 72 virgins. Either way it will be rough.

          • Sidraen

            Lol! Where did you get your statistics I wonder?

          • :)

            Um, excuse me but have you ever asked a Muslim woman whether her life is like ‘hell’ or not?
            I’m a Muslim woman & lemme tell you, I am damn proud to be one. Not only am I thankful for being born Muslim but I am thankful that I have the courage to put on the veil and keep my head up high. I love my religion. I love everything about. I love Allah (swt) and I love Mohammed (saw). & nothing will ever change my mind about that. I am SO happy as a Muslim woman. I am not oppressed. I do not get beaten by anyone. I’m allowed to marry whoever the hell I want as long as he’s a good Muslim. I have just as much freedom as any other Non-Muslim, the only difference between me and them is that I use my freedom wisely. :)

          • Kal_El

            I have never had to, plenty of muslimahs have told me so with no prompting from me whatsoever. No one cares if you love your religion, that is irrelevant to the discussion. You have the courage to wear a veil? What bravery, covering up because you are told to. You’re a good little slave, aren’t you? You even contradict yourself with that “I am allowed to marry whoever the hell I want as long as he’s a good Muslim.” So if you happened to fall for an infidel, would you have freedom to marry him? You have no freedom, the concept is utterly alien to you, for which you have my sympathy.

          • Nour

            Go to hell, you stupid Jew.

          • JEWHAWK

            I can’t. I don’t believe in “hell”. Please, don’t ignore the FACT that muslims throw acid on their wives, daughters and sisters. It’s a PRIMITIVE, DEATH-SLOBBERING CULT.

          • JiJi

            there are good and bad people in every religion. there are jews who throw acid at their wives faces as well as christians, hindus, muslims, etc. Its an individual thing, not a religous thing. Islam encourages peace and equality among men and women. Islam came and brought women their rights when they were treated like crap elsewhere (look it up if u dont believe me)
            In some muslim countries women are treated badly, i’ll admit that, but it is a cultural thing and not religous at all because the religion strictly prohibits these type of things.
            I have studied Muslim culture and religion for several years when I heard that Islam was oppressive to it’s women, and I even traveled to several countries to see for myself.

            And in case you wondering, no im not Muslim, so my opinion isnt biased

          • JEWHAWK

            “there are jews who throw acid at their wives faces”

            I NEVER heard something like that.

            Islam CONDONES it. Don’t pretend that you don’t know that.

          • Nour

            how come ive never heard of this till now than?

          • Sarah

            Do me a favor, all you people who say that muslim women have it great. Go to this website and READ it. There are direct quotes and translations from different people all in your so called holy book, STATISTICS, etc. Also, google three words: Muslim women acid. In 0.25 seconds, there were over 399,000 hits. You’ve never HEARD of such things? You’re either naive and ignorant, or a freaking liar. Take your pick.

          • Youdidntseethat

            CONDONES?! dont you think that the death rate in america would go up to. considering that a percentage of muslim men would be throwing acid at their wives’ faces. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHyou are so ignorant its funny

          • hey_lie4

            Oh wow jiji you made me laugh. THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO THROW ACID AT THEIR WIVES TOO. AHAHA.
            The sad part is that people are so overcome by hatred and ignorance that they believe that one person identifies an entire race!!!! But yes it’s true JEWS CAN THROW ACID ON THEIR WIVES TOO JEWHAWK…you know….coz it’s not only Muslims who have access to acid….? Wow your stupidity makes me sad its ok…I forgive you because my religion teaches me to love and not hate.

          • hey_lie4

            Oh wow jiji you made me laugh. THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO THROW ACID AT THEIR WIVES TOO. AHAHA.
            The sad part is that people are so overcome by hatred and ignorance that they believe that one person identifies an entire race!!!! But yes it’s true JEWS CAN THROW ACID ON THEIR WIVES TOO JEWHAWK…you know….coz it’s not only Muslims who have access to acid….? Wow your stupidity makes me sad its ok…I forgive you because my religion teaches me to love and not hate.

          • Kal_El

            Find PROOF of a Jew throwing acid on hsi wife. I DEFY YOU. Your kind always come out and shout at people, but never offer actual evidence. Try that for a change, khanzira.

          • JEWHAWK

            In Israel, whoever does such a barbaric act goes to JAIL, be him/her
            Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

            I’ve on nTV some muslim women with hideous scars
            caused by acid thrown at them by their husbands, fathers
            and brothers. It was a disgusting thing to watch.

          • Traumathedon

            Hey Kal…here’s some Israeli crimes for you. And yes, they HAVE used acid on Palestinians!!!

            “Phosphorus Shells and bombs
            The bombs dropped were described by eye witnesses as exploding at high altitude scattering a large canopy of phosphorus bomblets which cover a large area.
            During the land invasion, eyewitnesses describe the tanks shelling into homes first with a conventional shell. Once the walls are destroyed, a second shell – a phosphorus shell is then shot into the homes. Used in this manner the phosphorus explodes and burns the families and the homes. Many charred bodies were found among burning phosphorus particles.

            One area of concern is the phosphorus seems to be in a special stabilizing agent. This results in the phosphorus being more stable and not completely burning out. Residues still cover the fields, playground and compounds. They ignite when picked up by curious kids, or produce fumes when farmers return to water their fields. One returning farming family on watering their field met with clouds of fumes producing epistaxis. Thus the phosphorus residues probably treated with a stabilizer also act as anti-personnel weapons against children and make the return to normallife difficult without certain hazards…”

            MORE HERE –

            ISrael, Jews, and Christians seem to be some really horrible people so far. Shame on you monsters.

          • Youdidntseethat

            give me proof that islam CONDONES it.

          • arah

            My dear Jiji

            Thank for your sincere comment.

            We welcome you to Islam and achieve peace and happiness in this world and in jannah.


          • Nour

            ITS OBVIOUSLY NOT A FACT if i dont get acid thrown at me.
            which i dont.

          • hellosnackbar

            This website(if you hadn’t noticed?) is dedicated to derision and exposure of that death cult you call Islam.
            And you have the bare faced effrontery to tell one of our most respected contributors to bugger off.
            Infidels always win you silly person;that’s something to feed into your pea sized brain.
            And if IAC ever becomes a site sympathetic to Islam then I’ll be faced with the unpalatable exercise of cooking and eating my hat!

          • Youdidntseethat


          • Yea i dont want to disrespect your religion or anything but do you have any idea of whats going on in the world today? There is a lot of bad shit going on with islam. Have you ever been to Saudi Arabia? I just did a project on islam for history and that is a pretty jacked up religion if you ask me. Your prophet raped a 9 year old kid when he was 53 along with his several female slaves. Do you know about female circumcision? Shit im glad im not muslim.

          • Khaled

            Okay, 1, yes i have been to Saudi Arabia and it is perfectly fine. It follows the religion and no one is ABUSED!!! OBVIOUSLY, you are still in school and you dont know what you are talking about. And on top of that, you dont know anything about islam!!

          • Infidelesto

            yes i have been to Saudi Arabia and it is perfectly fine. It follows the
            religion and no one is ABUSED!!!

            Wow, you have a screwed up view of the world, dude.

          • Beejj

            You, sir, are a congenital idiot and an inveterate liar.

          • Khaled


          • Beejj

            I repeat: you are a congenital idiot, born of parents who admire and envy the intellectual capacity of goats. I love reading your posts, though, because they do wonders to reinforce my certainty that Muslims are the dregs of humanity with the intelligence of a paramecium. Be wary of feeling delight when people convert to Islam, for as sure as horse apples follow horses, those that do so are the failures and cast-offs of civilised society. One day there will be a reckoning with the herds of Islamic swine who infect the Western world, so I hope I will be here to play my part in dispatching you gutless ragheads to Gehenna. Shit, even Satan would think twice about accepting the worthless scum spawned in the Mohammedan world. Follow your religion until you are blue in the face, you moronic little turd, and keep imagining it is benefiting you, if it makes you happy, but you waste every breath you take.

            You mention something called “soul”.
            1. What is it?
            2. Is it substantial?
            3. Is it detectable and/or measurable?
            4. Is a baby born with a soul?
            5. Does the baby have a soul a moment before birth?
            6. Does the foetus have a soul?
            7. Does the blastocyst have a soul?
            8. Does an ovum have half a soul?
            8a. If so, is half a soul lost every month a girl has her period?
            9. Does a sperm cell have half a soul?
            9a. If so, are billions of half souls lost with every ejaculation?

            I look forward to your answers, product of Islam.

            9a. If so,

          • hellosnackbar

            Every sperm is sacred;every sperm is great.
            If a sperm is wasted .
            Allah gets quite irate.
            (Meaning of life-Monty Python)

          • كافر

            hahahaah allah must hate me..

          • Khaled

            Hello my fellow bitch. Okay, first, the only word that can never be defined is soul. Everyone knows that. It has no definite definition. You are a idiot that only is afraid of islam being the powerful religion. You are an idiot that is only afraid of islam being the RIGHT religion. You are just the average anti-semitist that everyone knows, you pathetic little mongrel. You just keep answering to me, because this shall be my last post. Remember, if you keep posting, you ignoramus, it will just show how much you are afraid of Islam being the right religion. good bye my retard

          • Christine_S

            “this shall be my last post”

            Praise Allah! Thank you.

            Like other Muslims who write here, you are unable to argue with facts and logic. You post incoherent BS, hurl insults, and then run away like a bratty little girl. Do you feel vindicated because you “got the last word in”?

            Goodbye…Muslim moron.

          • Youdidntseethat

            FACTS AND LOGIC? my ass. you think that what you say qualify for facts and logic? who told you that? barney? ahahahahhahahah ass hole

          • Have No Fear

            If you really care to know….. which I doubt that you will. There are plenty of verses that relates to soul in the Islamic Manual that you hate so much.

            n behalf of brother Khaled, I can actually provide you some…

            [017:085] They ask your opinion about the ‘Rooh’ (the soul)! Say, “The ‘Rooh’ (the soul) is by the command of your Lord. The knowledge imparted to you is just so scanty!

            You may find the rest of the line from here… the text may not be appreciative for you but it may be useful references for people sincerely seeking for Truth. Personally, I wont’t recommend it for you but as I say it before; TRUTH is a very serious business.


          • amna al kindi

            l’ll answer that soul no one knows what is made of and where it’s in the living things? it’s in you too! and every living creaters. but its different from one to another. and are u that ignorent? hehehe does an ovum and sperm cells have half of soul? wow! l thought your very well educated person? now let us see am goin to show u some proof let us not fight if u believe or infidel ok? bis allah

            In the Qur’an, Allah reveals that the creation of the human is a miracle. The first human being was created by Allah shaping clay into human form and breathing a soul into it:

            Your Lord said to the angels, “I am going to create a human being out of clay. When I have formed him and breathed My Spirit into him, fall down in prostration to him!” (Qur’an, 38:71-72)

            Then inquire of them: Is it they who are stronger in structure or other things We have created? We created them from sticky clay. (Qur’an, 37:11)

            When the human body is examined today, it may be discovered that many elements present on the earth are also to be found in the body. Living tissues contain 95% carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur, with a total of 26 different elements.91 In another verse of the Qur’an we are told:

            We created man from an extract of clay. (Qur’an, 23:12)

            The Arabic word “sulala,” translated as “extract” in the verse, means “representative example, essence.” As we have seen, the information revealed in the Qur’an 1,400 years ago confirms what modern science tells us-the fact that the same elements are employed in human creation as those found in the soil.

            It is He Who has created hearing, sight and minds for you. What little thanks you show! (Qur’an, 23:78)

            Allah brought you out of your mothers’ wombs knowing nothing at all, and gave you hearing, sight and minds so that perhaps you would show thanks. (Qur’an, 16:78)

            Say: “What do you think? If Allah took away your hearing and your sight and sealed up your hearts, what god is there, other than Allah, who could give them back to you?”… (Qur’an, 6:46)

            We created man from a mingled drop to test him, and We made him hearing and seeing. (Qur’an, 76:2)

            The information only recently obtained about the formation of the baby’s organs inside the mother’s womb is in complete agreement with that revealed in the Qur’an.

            The above verses refer to a number of senses given to human beings by Allah. These are always referred in a specific order in the Qur’an: hearing, sight, feeling and understanding.

            In a paper published in the Journal of the Islamic Medical Association, Dr. Keith Moore states that during the development of the foetus, the eye begins to form after the inner ear has assumed its first form. He says the brain, the centre of feeling and understanding, begins its development after the ear and the eye.94

            The foetus’ ears begin to develop as early as the twenty-second day of pregnancy and become fully functional in the fourth month. After that, the foetus can hear sounds in its mother’s womb. For that reason, the sense of hearing forms before the other vital functions for a new-born baby. The order set out in the Qur’an is striking from that point of view. (See Harun Yahya, The Miracle of the Creation of the Human Being, Goodword Books, New Delhi, 2001)

            Imam Ahmed indicated in his book “Al Musnad” that a Jew passed by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) while he was addressing his companions. Some people from Quarish said; “O Jew! This man proclaims that he is a prophet.” The Jew said: “ I will ask him of something no one knows except a prophet.” He asked the prophet (PBUH); “ O Mohammed! What is man created from? The Prophet (PBUH) said; “O Jew! Man is created from both: man’s fluid (nutfa) and woman’s fluid.” The Jew said; “This is said by those prophets before you.” .

            Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled (without purpose)? Was he not once a fluid-drop of ejected semen? . (75:36-37

            “And remember when your Lord brought forth from the children of Adam, from their loins, their seeds…” (7: 172).

            This is a clear indication that the origin of progeny is at the region of the back where the embryonic testicles are formed. So, praise be to Allah the Omniscient

            The uterus, as mentioned before, is considered as a place settled (Makeen) and safe for the growth and protection of the embryo, according to reasons mentioned earlier. We find that Quran mentions and affirms this fact 14 centuries ago, as He Almighty says:

            ( فَجَعَلْنَاهُ فِي قَرَارٍ مَّكِينٍ . إِلَى قَدَرٍ مَّعْلُومٍ . فَقَدَرْنَا فَنِعْمَ الْقَادِرُونَ ) ( المرسلات :21-23)

            ”The which (embryo) We placed in a place of settlement, firmly fixed for a period (of gestation), determined.
            For We do determine, for We are the best to determine (things). (77: 21-23).

          • Beejj

            Ah, so we don’t know what or where it is but we know it’s there because somebody said so. It’s hard to argue with such incisive logic, Amna. Now let’s move on to the bit about clay. Complex things, clays. Aluminosilicates to a large extent. Not much carbon, if any. Yet, if some invisible entity breathes onto (into?) a lump of the stuff we get a living being. Just like that. What happened to all the aluminium and silicon? Blown away? But let’s return to the soul. You believe that a person has a soul. After death the soul scoots off to heaven or hell. Now, we live in an age when cloning is possible, and this leads to a fascinating thought. Suppose tissue is taken from a man before he dies, and is kept securely. The bloke dies. Off goes his soul. Some time later scientists take his tissue and clone him. He grows up, but does he have a soul? Yes? The same one, or a different one? Anyway, he eventually dies, so his soul trots off as is the way with souls. Now suppose it’s the same soul as the previous one. What happens to it? Does this cause a problem in heaven/hell? Identical souls traipsing about and perhaps using up 144 heavenly virgins. Tricky, you agree?

            How can a thinking adult believe such guff in this day and age. but being a mohammedan, of course, you do not live in this day and age, do you?

          • hellosnackbar

            As a sometime student of embryology I have to say that your Mohammedan style account of the same does not quite pass muster.
            That’s a polite way of saying it’s pure shit.
            And do angels fall down in prostration to humans?
            I’ve never noticed that!
            And man was made from clay??so Adam was created in ceramic form(like the pot duck that sits by my front door.)
            Allah’s breath??(I didn’t know she had respiratory function)must be seriously hot to fire a clay sculpture to solidity.
            And if Allah breathes what does she breathe?I thought she lived somewhere in outer space?
            There isn’t anything to breathe there apart from the odd subatomic particle.
            Breathing also presupposes the presence of blood which courses through
            the lungs to effect gaseous exchange.
            So Allah must have lungs!!
            And then the blood must be distributed about Allah’s body by a pump(the heart)so Allah must have a heart.
            And then Allah must have cellular tissue to take up the transported gas
            with which to “burn”energy rich compounds contained from food.
            Suggesting that Allah eats?if Allah eats what does he eat?
            There’s nothing in outer space to eat;not forgetting that since there’s no
            respiratory gases out in space she would asphyxiate within seconds
            Furthermore in the vacuum of space her blood would boil
            In short Allah must be a mammal ,a reptile,or an insect,or possibly a plant.
            But a plant as a ceramicist is hard to deduce.
            Why do you as someone with a functioning brain(albeit poorly)believe such
            fanciful idiocy.
            The answer is obviously because of poor education!
            And were it not for the geological good fortune of sitting over seas of oil and gas(which were found through Western technology)you’d still be living in a tent or cave somewhere in your hot dusty environment.
            And you have the bear faced cheek to tell your betters that you know somethings that we don’t!
            The only thing that I can think of is that you can speak Arabic and I can’t.
            And you mention Harun Yahya an halfwit of Turkish origin .who published an elaborate book of nonsense refuting evolution which he sent to various
            scientific luminaries free of charge.
            This book is in great demand; since it gives scientists an opportunity to have
            a convulsive belly laugh at the naive and silly contents within.
            You might pose the questions from Beejj and myself to your local Imam
            ;but I suppose that as a woman you may not approach him for his scholarly opinion.
            Islam is mind poison it’s only treasured by idiots who’ve undergone mind conditioning to accept the bullshit written by desert dickheads; whose real interests were power consolidation.
            Living in the past means no success in the future!
            Infidels will always win!
            May Allah continue to be displeased.

          • Bleemails

            AHAHHAH this is such a hilarious response. How typical

          • Beejj

            Hell’s teeth, is that the best you can up with, you miserable little piece of mohammedan ordure, to that which I wrote? “Such a hilarious response!” Your mental processes, such as they are, reached their zenith with those words? Holy Mo, you are severely lacking the grey stuff, aren’t you? Too much brown stuff in that cranium of yours, but that is only to be expected given the abuse and educational neglect you have suffered since birth. You conclude your weak, risible response to my piece with “How typical.” Typical of what, o wife beater? Typical of those intelligent enough to see the evil you stand for? Typical of those who feel revulsion for your suffocating, mind-imprisoning “religion”? Typical of those who have learnt how to think and make informed judgements? Typical of those who revile your “prophet” and would gladly have pigs shit on his grave? Typical of those who are alert to the danger your pestilential “religion” poses to human thought? You find that which I write hilarious? Allow me to wax Cromwellian: I beseech you in the bowels of Christ, think it you are mistaken! I detest you and all your kind and everything you stand for (or should that be lie down for?) You arseholes think you can, willy-nilly, commit atrocities in civilised parts of the world and get away with it. The day will surely come, though, when men of action; rough men; vigilantes, will take their revenge upon you and begin slaughtering “innocent” mohammedans as they go about their daily lives and “worship”. You’ll be shot in the streets. You’ll be bombed in your places of congregation. Your children and women will be murdered. The authorities will look the other way. And I will rejoice and proclaim, “God is indeed great!” “Honour” kill each other till you are blue in the face. Let Sunnis murder Shiites, and let Shiites respond in kind. Rats turning upon rats. You are the filth of the world.

          • Muslimwoman

            Instead of getting worked up try to reason with them. If they still dont understand we should just pray to God that one day they understand and leave them be. Islam is a religion of peace and fighting never helps; it just makes things worse. If we set a good example then they will maybe realize that God has commanded us to be peaceful and so we shall be a peaceful people.

          • Christine_S

            You originally posted this comment using the screen name “JiJi”. Your profile shows both screen names. The problem is, as JiJi, you said: “And in case you wondering, no im not Muslim, so my opinion isnt biased”. Is anything you said in your previous comment true? You began studying Islam several years ago, meaning you were not “born Muslim”? If you are a recent convert to Islam, you will make a “good” Muslim. You are already proficient at being a liar.

            “In some Muslim countries women are treated badly”. Which ones, in your opinion, do not treat women badly??

          • Anonymous

            All of them? Probably the best answer.

          • amna al kindi

            we are all by nature born muslim untill your perents change why do u think when baptize them in churches lol!? u have no ldea that even u were born muslim before then hehehe

            Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. (NLT, Matthew 28:19)
            wether u like or not christine am sorry to disapoint u but you were borm muslim

            The Noble Qur’an Ar-Rum 30:30
            So set you (O Muhammad SAW) your face towards the religion of pure Islâmic Monotheism Hanifa (worship none but Allâh Alone) Allâh’s Fitrah (i.e. Allâh’s Islâmic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalq­illâh (i.e. the Religion of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism), that is the straight religion, but most of men know not.

          • Kal El

            That is a partial truth, in that we are all born dumb. However, those of us choosing to ignore islam, are obviously not. And historically, you are quite dumb, seeing as how islam was invented 600 or so years AFTER Christianity, and about 3700 years after Judaism. Oddly enough, it plagiarized a great many traditions of the two previous faiths.

          • JEWHAWK

            ” then they will maybe realize that God has commanded us to be peaceful and so we shall be a peaceful people.”

            Tell that to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayiaf, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda…

            Would they agree with that?

            Please, WASH your damn mouth before speaking or writing God’s name, because according muslims ” THERE’S NO GOD, BUT ALLAH”, proving once and for all that both are not the same deity.

          • hey_lie4

            Khaled jan, these stupid retards dont know anything about our religion and our world. they think that one person defines an entire race. we love our god we respect any other religion. but it saddens me to hear all this about my religion and stay queit….no wonder there is so much hate in this world.
            Beej on my way to heaven i will wave goodbye to you as you head to hell…no worries ;)

          • Kal_El

            Stupid retards? You call US stupid retards? What would I know about islam, I only lived in the ummah for 6 years, and witnessed plenty of atrocities committed in the name of islam. You are sad to hear about your religion being mocked? Why not DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!?!?!?!? How about instead of lecturing us stupid retards, you say something to the islamic clerics in Saudi and Yemen who say it is islamic to marry children, despite girls DYING from injuries suffered when 50 year old men have sex with them?

            You want to talk about hate in the world? Look to your beloved prophet. The guy who married a girl who was 6 and raped her at 9 because allah said he could. The guy who had the Banu Qurayzah EXTERMINATED. The guy who kept slaves and said it was halal. The guy who inspires millions of your kind to wage jihad in the name of the moon-god allah.
            You call us retards? Last I saw, we aren’t the ones blowing ourselves up so we can get layed in imaginary paradise. We aren’t the one flying airplanes into buildings. We aren’t the ones kidnapping girls, raping them and converting them to islam by force. We aren’t the ones jailing dissidents, and raping them so they can be executed. We aren’t the ones who saw people’s heads off shouting out that god is great. How bout you do something to stop the islamity? Maybe then people would stop mocking islam.

          • hey_lie4

            Ok so you want to talk about atrocities then? Do you think your religion is perfect if you bash ours and shout out negativities? No race is perfect we have bad Muslims and good Muslims just like Christians and Jews have good and bad just like your pee brain self who is giving your religion a bad name. Do you even know of the pain Christians have inflicted on people in the name of Christianity??!!?!?!!? Well let me enlighten you. Do you know how many Jews were enslaved at the Council of Toledo, 694 while there children were forced to be baptized. Do you remember the first crusade where thousands if not more Jews were slaughtered in 1096? Or 17th century when the Catholics killed 30000 Protestants. Not only that lets talk about your own Christopher Columbus who killed, enslaved, raped the natives of each land he set to conquer.
            so you see….every religion has good and bad I love my religion and culture and respect all other religions but I feel embarrassed for you as a person who has to stoop so low to bash a pure and beautiful religion such as Islam. look even I know how much the people of Islamic world has dealt with as far as injustice and brutal crimes but are you saying that only the Islamic population is a victim to all this? PEOPLE COMMIT THE CRIMES….THE RELIGION DOESNT TELL THEM TO DO IT, IT’S THEIR OWN ACTIONS. So for you to say Islam is a bad religion because those lowlifes as Muslims are slapping the name of Islam on it is your stupidity and it makes you just as bad as them. I just gave you several instances where Christians have brought disgrace to the name of Christianity…SO I suggest you look into your negative points and try and fix them before you point at others.

          • Kal_El

            Hey dipshit, nice try. I have NO RELIGION. I don’t need a book of fairy tales written hundreds of years ago to tell me right from wrong. Again, show me ANY Christian or Jew who kills while exhalting God or Yahweh, and I will stop mocking islam, the cult who’s followers blow themselves up, fly planes into buildings, and chop people’s heads off, while blurting out allahu akbar, and you might get me to lose interest in mocking pedophile Muhammad. Christ was peaceful, taught love thy neighbor, come as you are, and turn the other cheek. Your hero the pedophile killed, raped, robbed and lied. What the f*ck are you still doing here wasting your energy and our time, typing your drivel?

          • SKon


          • Kal El

            We’re racist? Ours are not the people committing genocide in Africa. Nor are we calling for the subjugation of the entire world to the moon-god allah (who is nothing more than a figment in the imagination of the pedophile Muhammad). We assume nothing because of one incident, about the whole of islam. We KNOW because we have seen in over 15000 incidents regarding islam. You are a pitifully weak minded fool, skon.

          • amna al kindi

            khaled lets be equal here we are muslim YES! l do agree that some people in saudi Arabia are not prectecing islamic laws not in so many things but any infidels should go back and study arab history and lean about arabs the good the bad and the ugly side of them. satanic people are every where and this web is th e proof of their existence and they are everywhere we go. and so many countries

          • mehmet

            I know I am late… but I accidentally found this site and posts. What I don’t understand is the way of your discussion… Here, whether you believe in or not you are discussing a religion of millions… The best sentence might be given like this “Believing in Islam is only between the believer and Allah”… you may not like MUSLIMS, this is so normal. Muslims may think you are different from them as you refuse to believe Islam, this is so normal… What you are trying to do on this website is like telling a 30-year-old man that his real father is someone else… Only, if he wants and gets the facts, he can believe in that statement… Or else, no matter who tells, he doesn’t care… SO, I hope Allah helps you realize the reality… Only Allah can… No one else… Salam Alikum

          • amna al kindi

            being a saudi or arab is not being a muslim or mumin it’s misconception! u have to know the difference between them one of the reasons quran WAS SENT DOWN to prophet Muhamad “sala allah alayhi waslam” is because arabs were abusing women and they were in all the dirty monkey business so before u judge lslam know the differences. lsam came to stop that shit 4good now the question is how is quran goin to stop all that? if u open the book of quran its in order it starts with sura Makia now these sura talks about heaven and hell secondly talks about the way to get to both hell and heaven and how to perevent falling in that hell and it discribs how the heaven is and how the hell is the beauty of heaven and uglyness of hell. now quran wasnt sent down all at once it follow up with the social life of people the way of living……………atc they were things that was allowed like alchohol but people abused the use of it and distroies their lives so is prohibited and forbidden and any kind of food or action that will bring bad effects in someones life so then how come u judge lslam for crimes human commites why? l’ll tell you why? because satan promised gog (allah) to mislead you to the right path even if do bring u the proof that he exist.

          • Kal El

            The quran was sent down to pedophile Muhammad? What, via DHL or Fedex? He FABRIATED everything written in the quran, to accumulate power, and the obedience of the ignorant. It’s what tyrants do. Just like Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, et al.

          • Youdidntseethat

            i want proof. links, statistics anything. proof. not the sayings of a teenage idiot who thinks that the happenings in small villages ruled by CULTURE could define a WHOLE religion

          • Green_eyed_lebo

            stupid fucked up people..
            the prophet did not ‘rape’ a 9year old..he would take in stranded/deserted women and marry them..he would provide them with everything..if anything its your fuking priests that are pedophiles!!! female circumcision is not a religious factor…it is cultural..NO WHERE IN THE QURAN DOES IT SAY THAT A WOMEN NEEDS TO BE CIRCUMCISED..WHERE THE FUK DO U PEOPLE COME FROM???? here in australia we live normal lives..we have women..we have rights..and we certainly dont get circumcisd..why all the hatred?? coz we cover up..coz we dont walk around half naked getting eye fuked by men..grow a fuking brain!!

          • Christine_S

            “here in australia we live normal lives..we have women..we have rights..” That’s because you live in Australia! Thank the Australian government – not Islam.

            “we certainly dont get circumcisd..” Again, that is because you are living under the protection of civilized laws. I wouldn’t plan any trips back to the homeland. Ever hear about “vacation cutting”???

            Yes, I hate seeing women wearing black bed sheets in public. I hate seeing any representation of Islam. Another thing that disturbs me is what appears to be a growing effort by so called devout Muslim women to “modernize” the hijab. I see evidence of this everyday. If the purpose of the hijab is to maintain modesty and attract as little attention as possible, why are more and more Muslim women wearing hijabs made of lace, lamé, animal prints or other brightly colored fancy patterns with embellishments. They wear these with tight jeans and form fitting tops and jewelry. They wear 8 pounds of eyeshadow, liner and mascara; called Arabic eyes, I think. Google it. Look on YouTube, too. You’ll see lots on hijab “fashion”. The posters of these videos ignore the comments from angry “devout” Muslims who tell them they look like “western whores” and such outfits are not Islamic. And we all know what happens to Muslim women who become too “westernized”. These women would never get away with dressing like that in an Islamic country, but don’t hesitate to do as they like here while screaming for their “religious” rights. Muslims living in the West feel entitled to pick and choose which aspects of their sick and twisted religion they wish to adhere to and then demand that we give them special rights.

            Ever listen to the words of Sheik Taj el-Dene Elhilaly? He’ll tell you the truth about women and Islam.

          • Kal El

            RE: Arabic eyes – My cousin and I used to see girls covered in make-up like that. We called them bondo girls. Bondo, if you didn’t know, is what car enthusiasts use to bond car kit modifications to their rides (running boards, etc…).

          • Kal El

            Then why is it the Saudis, and Yemeni STILL sell their 6-8 year old daughters into marriage to 50 plus year old men? And have you not noticed how they like to have man-boy love Thursdays in most madrassahs? Cussing and insulting people does not help your argument, it merely makes you look like a typical rabid muslim crying because you cannot handle the truth about the pedophile Muhammad. As for walking around half naked and getting “eye fuked” as you so eloquently spell it, that is because Western men have self control. We do not need to dress our women like ninjas in order to maintain discipline. I recall HUNDREDS of cases I saw in the daily newspapers of muslim males harrassing women who were not covered in the oppressive muslimah garb. If anyone is in need of growing a brain, it is the neanderthals walking around banging their heads on the ground 5 times a day in reverence to the imaginary moon-god allah, and pedophile Muhamhead.

          • Amal

            Wow dude,
            Just get off this website.

          • Anonymous

            Islam786 said: “This is not feminine. If a man prefers a new car, why would he marry a “used” woman?” What a jerk

            My ANSWER:- This jerk is for you … you stupid Christine, you are comparing women with Car ,this is what your religion is teaching you and your pets around .According you it means nobody should marry the WOMEN who is WIDOW.. Women is human being not car use and throw. Every time every second women getting raped
            in America, at age of 8 years old girls loosing virginity.If we compare Saudi Arabia and America where is women safe obviously Saudi Arabia their is any women getting molested.In Islam women are getting every right what she can resist.

          • Christine_S

            My ADVICE: Find someone to help you read English. Find someone to help you translate your comments into English. I have no idea what you are babbling about. Islam786 said that, not me.

            Women in Saudi Arabia are safe?? Is that why Saudi Muslim clerics are once again calling for women to wear veils that reveal only one eye? Showing both eyes is “seductive”??? I think that is still too risqué. Maybe women should be forced to cover both eyes and carry a stick so they don’t run into something…for the sake of modesty.

            American girls are losing their virginity at the age of 8?? That is approaching middle age in the sick world of Islam. In America, having sex with a child is a crime and the perpetrators are punished, although not harshly enough. This is not so for Muslims; it is their “Allah-given right”. Look at the disgusting perverts (Muslims) in Yemen screaming for their “right” to rape children. You need help, muslim121, you are not mentally well.

            Another brain lost to Islam…sad.

          • Anonymous

            You lucky Christine. In my country such blasphemy usually results in death. LALALALALALALALALALALA (that’s my battle cry)

          • hey_lie4

            ahahahah! i love that LALALALLA

          • Nour

            You havent been to Saurdi Arabia. You have no right to speak of the way women there are treated. You don’t know shit. Like.. actually. And instead of blabbering on about ‘ muslim men rape 8 year old childeren ‘ go do something with your life. Read a book. Because you do not know what your talking about. Its not right in Islam to ‘ rape 8 year old childeren ‘ . In fact, its not right in Isam to even have sex until marraige, and no younger than full-maturity. Which.. if you know.. would be no younger than ATLEAST 18. Which is also funny… because ive only ever heard of white-old christian men following young girls into the washroom.

          • JEWHAWK

            “You have no right to speak of the way women there are treated. You don’t know”WRONG. I’ll criticize anything I want.Those Christian perverts don’t follow Christianism’s tenets when they do that, but heir penises.When muslims slaughtered 3,000 people in a single day, they did in the name of Islam. Allah told them to do so. Have you noticed the differences?

          • Youdidntseethat

            oh, so if i go to the president, and i say that ima kill him in the name of the jewish god and then i kill him, will that mean that before i did, god actually SPOKE TO ME and told me to kill him? no. dumbass. i can claim whatever the hell i want. doesnt have to be true. asshole.

          • Kal El

            That is the same thing Muhammad was likely thinking when he invented islam.

          • Christine_S

            I have read many books about this disgusting topic. Would you like me to suggest a few titles for you to read?

            It’s not right anywhere to rape a child, but Islam has the answer. Are you paying attention? From your comments, it seems you are very uninformed/misinformed about the actions of the followers of Islam. Child marriage is how Muslim men try to justify having sex with little girls. They seem to believe that if they are married, it is alright. Married or not, it is still pedophilia. There is a problem with Islam’s definition of “full maturity”. 18?? Where did you get that age? Sharia law does not set a minimum age for marriage and Islamic perverts take full advantage of that.Those aren’t “white-old christian men” hollering “don’t ban what Allah made permissible” in Yemen or other Islamic countries that try to raise the marriage age to 18!

            Now, instead of responding with the tired old “you don’t know what you’re talking about because you a not a Muslim”, why don’t you tell us what you think about Muslim clerics who favor one-eyed veils…or think “immodest” women cause earthquakes…or want to ban the bra because it is un-Islamic…or whatever other silly fatwas pop into the minds of these idiots? I would just be embarrassed if I were you.

          • Beejj

            I beg of you: please continue writing to this site. Your offerings do more harm to the Muslim cause than any of us could ever wish to achieve.

          • chezwater

            This is why these people are saying the things they are, (and this is by no means the only story like it). Straight from the Yemen Times:
            TAIZ, March, 27 — For five months, Hind has been physically abused, sexually assaulted, and has several times tried to run away from a forced early marriage. Only now has she found shelter. According to the woman she is staying with, she is pregnant.
            After she tried to escaped, her uncle, who had arranged her marriage, tied her by the neck with an iron chain to his house, because she had refused to stay with her husband.

            Hind looks about 13 or 14 years old. Her body and the fact that there are only 24 teeth in her mouth are further evidence that she is less than 14 years old.

            Hind, the eldest child of a family of five children, is from the Bajel district in Hodeida. Her father is old and blind, and the family lives in a small shack. What the children bring home from begging is the family’s main income.

            Last Ramadan, Hind was married off to a 70-year-old man for YR 300,000 (USD 1,400), by her father and her three uncles, o

            ne of whom lives in Bajel and the other two in Al-Dharba, Taiz.

            The old man that Hind was married to does not have a house, so he used to take her to the house of the son of his ex-wife, or to a place he shared with his friends.

            Unable to accept this condition, Hind decided to run away to her father’s house. Her uncles tried to pressurize her to return to her husband, but she refused.

            Her eldest uncle, Sanhan, decided to take her with him to Taiz.

            When they first arrived, Hind stayed for a night with a 55-year-old woman, Zakya Mohammed, a mother of four, while her uncle made arrangements for her, at the house of his ex-wife. He did not want her to live with him and his second wife.

            Next day, the uncle took her to the house of his ex-wife. A heavy iron chain was put around Hind’s neck and she was tied in the yard like an animal. She was placed near the bathroom and the kitchen, and the chain was long enough to enable her to reach the kitchen and the bathroom and clean them.

            She endured this for two months, during which time she was abused by her uncle and sexually harassed by her cousins.

            Although pregnant, one of her cousins tried to pull her, along with the chain, to his room to molest her.

            Hind managed to run away, with her chain, to Zakya’s house.

            Zakya told her husband to file a case at the local police station.

            The criminal investigator inspected Hind’s condition, saw her chains and wrote a memo. The police station called the uncle and ordered him not to chain the girl.

            But the uncle refused to take her after this, so her second uncle Suleiman, who also lives in Taiz, came to take her and signed a paper saying that the girl was not to be chained.

            This, however, was just a formality, because the next day, her uncle Sanhan came and once again took the girl away to his house. He hit her with the chain and tied her to a tree.

            Hind’s condition worsened. Her back was aching from the beatings, there was pain in her feet and her fetus had stopped moving.

            She ran way again, but this time to Hodeida to her aunt. She traveled to Hodeida with the help of taxi drivers who felt bad for the little chained girl.

            Unfortunately for Hind, the aunt in Hodeida did not help her and put her in trouble again. The aunt immediately called Sanhan and Hind was taken to his house in Taiz, for the third time. And it was same story all over again: chaining and abuse.

            Hind escaped once again and, since two weeks, has taken refuge in Zakya’s house.

            Zakya and her husband are well-known in their neighborhood as brave and generous people. Although poor, they are determined to protect the girl from this torture.

            Zakya’s husband, Saleh Qayed, said that what the uncles did to the girl is shameful.

            “I will do my best for this poor little girl. She is in need of love, food and safety,” said Zakya.

            Hind is grateful to Zakya:

            “I like her, she is affectionate and I do not want to leave here until I feel sure that my uncle Sanhan can no longer harm me,” said Hind.

            Hind’s father is blind, her mother is powerless, her brothers are still young and they are very poor.

            Early marriage is common in Yemen where around a quarter of Yemeni girls marry under the age of 15.

            A bill passed in parliament in February 2009 setting the minimum age for marriage at 17 was rejected by the Islamic Sharia Legislation Committee.

            The bill was again put for vote in the parliament at the end of February 2010, but a law has not yet been passed.

            There is still no law protecting children against early marriage in Yemen.
            So, what are we to believe? Yes the american view is tainted by our malicious, biased media but with countless stories like this, what are we to really believe?

          • SirWilhelm

            I like to think there is no Hell, but I’d gladly help build Hell to put people that would treat a young, pregnant, girl like this in it.

          • muslim

            obviously you do not no what the hek you speaking of…. theres rules in islam… in the quran… not the fake text you guys are quoting… every mans sins will be judge by the same god that will judge you.. if people act out of context and ditancing them selves from the true orders of islam, then how can you brand them a muslim when they dont follow the religion?

            Repentto your creator and follow the light, for only your lord and creator can forgive you, or me or any body.. The quran is the law of life our prophet Muhamad (s.a.w) was our example. He never had underaged wives, he never married anybody who never wanted to marry him and he only remarried after his first wife died… Women has every rite a man has in islam, the meaning of the man is one darajah obove a women in the quran topic is, that its the mans responsibilty to take care of the women and not the womens obligation to take care of the husband. You guys are getting everything wrong, Islam has and always had laws.. and we also had an example in the profet… and to the people that believes muslim women are ordered not to go out and cook and clean thats all false, the propphets wife was a successful business women when they met… he was employed by her…

            peace on to you

          • Christine_S

            “obviously you do not no what the hek you speaking of…”. What have I written that is not true??

            “Muhamad (s.a.w) was our example”. An illiterate mass-murderer and child rapist sets the example for how Muslims are to live their lives. That’s excellent.

            “and to the people that believes muslim women are ordered not to go out and cook and clean thats all false” You’re an idiot!

          • amna al kindi

            hey christine go to hell and shutt up whore you why dont u let saudi women speak for themselves hah ya allah l realy pity u and l wish l can show the life am living and othe muslim girls as well come to oman and see how we live your most well come to ma home dont worry we wont kill you !

          • Christine_S

            My, what a lovely invitation…

            “we are all by nature born muslim…”

            What were people “born” before Islam was invented by your filthy prophet??

          • Kal El

            Nice rebuttal! =)

          • hellosnackbar

            So Christine you and I were born Muslims(my parents never mentioned that)
            That’s why this blog is such fun.
            Everyday in every way a torrent of absurdity from our “fellow” Muslims.
            It’s a daily “Monty Python “sketch ;but a little more surreal.
            How very thoughtful of them to accord us the distinction.
            I have a faint suspicion you went to bed in a mind frame somewhat removed
            from one of supplicant gratitude.

          • Youdidntseethat

            obviously your parents were just as ignorant as you.

          • Youdidntseethat

            islam was the first religion, GOD created it. it was there since the beginning of time. it was BROUGHT to the humans later on. and the people before were at no fault if they were innocent. its not their fault that their eyes werent opened to the right path

          • Kal El

            So in your own words, allah made a mistake? Or did he choose to abandon the billions who lived before the pedophile Muhamamd wove his fairy tale?

          • Jesussaves

            The first religion?????/ WHO TAUGHT U HISTORY

          • Salay33

            you are nothing but is stupid bitch who continues talk badly of Islam because you haven’t the brains to understand the religion so why don’t you keep your useless insults to yourself and go find a real job. have you nothing better to do?? probably not because you don’t know anything else except insulting others!

          • Kal El

            We’d let Saudi women speak for themselves, if Saudi men would allow them to leave the house, and without them risking rape, then jail for being raped.

          • Pandy22

            yes this Christine person is a pity. She is a loser who just insults Islam. Deep down she wants to convert but does have the brain capacity to understand the religion. Instead of trying to understand she insults because it is the easy way out.She is a sad human being living on this earth.

          • Youdidntseethat

            muhammad s.a.w. was not YOUR example because then you certainly wouldnt have turned out like the racist you are.

          • Teneal

            if he was a murderer maybe he should have killed your ancestors to prevent your stupid butt from coming about. ignorant lady. get a life and get the hell off this website loser.

          • SERVANT OF ALLAH


          • Beejj

            Um ……. what about F = ma?

          • hellosnackbar

            I wonder if that equation is contemplated by raghead gunmen when a high velocity bullet strikes home?
            The veracity of Newton’s work has no appeal of course when contemplating the wonders of the Qu-ranus..

          • Nour

            who the fuck do you think you are ? ” poisond by islam ” ?
            I would be a good muslim and pray for you .. but no, id loove to hear of ur burning in hell.
            We have a fundamental right,, and that right would be a right to your own religion.
            And if u choose Christianity or jewism or whatever… good for you. You have to RESPECT other religions.
            So respect mine. You dont believe in Islam? THAN GET THE FUCK OFF THIS SITE, it has no purpose for you here and your OBVIOUSLY not and ARENT going to win.

          • Kal_El

            It’s correctly spelled “poisonEd” with an e. Try proofreading. As for praying for me to burn in hell, a good muslim WOULD do that. A good HUMAN BEING would pray for my salvation. Therein is the difference. Not that I follow any religion at all. I have the right to do that, enshrined in the Constitution, which islam is completely against. Where does it say I have to respect any religion, let alone yours? Anyone with their eyes open can see islam has no tolerance for other religions. After all it was muslims who destroyed the Temple Mount and built a mosque on top of it. Same in Damascus at the old Church of John The Baptist. Funny thing about islam is anywhere it poisons the minds of the masses, mass ignorance and hate follow. As for getting the f*ck off this site, why should I? This site, and thousands like it, expose the TRUTH about islam, which, with your foaming at the mouth rant, you validate. As for winning, gee, I see people leaving islam in huge numbers in Iran, and all over the world. If islam is so powerful, and your moon-god allah so great, why is any insult of the pedophile Muhammad met with death threats, and in some cases actual homicide?

          • princess Bilkist

            sorry! i have mistaken…. i hate this comment!!! this is not true because islam is the religion of peace!!!

          • Beejj

            Religion of peace? Piece of shit, more like it.

          • Peetli

            more like you are piece of crap yourself not knowing jack shit except how to insult others with your fucked up ass name. get a life retarded moron. Loooooser! Jump in a lake and drown stupid one!!! Maybe then we will have one less stupid retard on the earth.

          • Sarah

            Oh come now, Beej!! We know Islam is a religion of peace.. They just aren’t spelling ‘piece’ properly, and they aren’t finishing their thoughts. When they say, Islam is a religion of PEACE, what they REALLY mean is; ‘Islam is a religion of piece.. A piece of you here, a piece of you over there’… Glad I could help clear that up. Let me know if I can do anything more to translate!

          • Kal_El

            Islam is the religion that destroyed the Temple Mount, The Church of John The Baptist, Constantinople, The World Trade Center, The Banu Qurayzah, indigenous cultures across North Africa, the Assyrians, The Zoroastrians, Buddhists in Afghanistan, allows men to kill their daughters/wives/sisters/nieces/mothers for suspected un-islamic behavior, and calls for the death of those who leave islam. That’s a fucked up definition of peace you show us, muslimah.

          • amna al kindi

            who are you the son of satan? heheheheheh fool hehehehehe so fool l wonder who will ever wanna sleep and make love to person like you ? oh l know your sister the daughter of satan togher one big family say hit to your dad satan tell him this burn in hell stupid you think you are the right man to fight for human’s right ma ass.!

          • Youdidntseethat

            this is funny, cuz i NEVER thought in my life EVER that i would meet a stubborn jackass like you. ever. and did you forget that the KKK was created by christians? and perhaps you forgot about the nazis as well.

          • Infidelesto

            wow, I think we have a new village idiot…welcome!

          • arah

            My dear Christine

            Islam is so beautiful because it is from the Almighty Creator. Let study and understand the Quran, learn and love the Almighty Creator

            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

            Quran, Surah 5:Ayat: 82-83 “And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe (to be) those who say: Lo! We are Christians. That is because there are among them priests and monks, and because they are not proud. When they listen to that which hath been revealed unto the messenger, thou seest their eyes overflow with tears because of their recognition of the Truth. They say: Our Lord, we believe. Inscribe us as among the witnesses”

            A Christian Minister’s Conversion to Islam


            How the Bible Led Me to Islam:






            May Almighty God the Creator please with all of you, for what you have done helping mankind and will Allah give you peace and happiness in this world and Jannah in the hereafter.


          • funkybarfly

            I agree completely,arah.Let the infidels continue in perverse devil worship,whilst we Muslims smoke hashish and beat our wives and daughters.You will not change their minds,arah,so don’t bother.Sniff your arse in mosque.Peace.

          • Jesussaves

            please dont be a hypocrite. the people who leave christianity for islam are not true Christians, and you forget the incredible number of Muslims to come to know Christ.
            Even the bible itself says that there will be false prophets and millions will believe in them, thats the only hint of Islam in the Holy Bible.

          • Have No Fear

            Islam786 said: “This is not feminine. If a man prefers a new car, why would he marry a “used” woman?” What a jerk.

            For this particular line I do agreed with you Christine_S, even Mohammad first wife Khadijah was a widow. You got that wrong brother….

          • Have No Fear

            Islam786 said: “This is not feminine. If a man prefers a new car, why would he marry a “used” woman?” What a jerk.

            For this particular line I do agreed with you Christine_S, even Mohammad first wife Khadijah was a widow. You got that wrong brother….

          • faisislam

            Christine_S :
            you dont know any thing about the quran and even about ur bible……you r saying that in islam woman are beaten, flogged, raped, disfigured, stoned, or murdered for her “disobedience”.No my brother you dont know anything….check the data of USA…. USA having the high rate of rape case … say that USA uplifted the woman but i m sorry to say that it actually degraded her……..last year USA had the larger rate of rape case…..according to statistical data in every hours 20 woman is being rape by american people….and those people are christian…

          • Christine_S

            I applaud any non-Muslim who has read the entire Quran. I have read much of it over the years, but only in small doses. It is mind-numbingly stupid and redundant. I have, however, read what is written in Sharia Law which, of course, is Allah’s law. One doesn’t need to read your filthy book, they need only observe the behavior of Muslims who demonstrate daily for us the true meaning of Islam and its evil agenda. 7th century savages trying to exist in the 21st century…. I wish you all would just stay in your desert hell-hole countries and leave civilization to the civilized.

            “No my brother you dont know anything….check the data of USA.” I am not your brother. My name should make it clear that I am a woman. That does not make me your “sister”. I am your enemy. I will do all that I can to spread the truth about Islam to unknowing people who are too stupid to recognize what a devastating threat you people are to mankind. This “USA has a higher rate of rape” line of defense is getting really old. It has been pointed out many times that when a woman is raped in America, or any country inhabited by human beings (non-Muslims), she doesn’t need to be afraid to report it and can be assured that she will not be coerced (raped/beaten) by “honor restorers” until she confesses to her “crime” and then again beaten or murdered for confessing. Muslim women are not offered that assurance. If I were a Muslim woman raped by a Muslim pig, the last thing I would do is report it knowing that I would likely be the one to be flogged, stoned or otherwise punished while my rapist would go scot-free. We punish the rapist here, not the victim. Strange concept for Muslims to understand.

            It is common knowledge that everywhere Muslim immigrant scum plant themselves in western countries incidents of rape soar. Kafir women who do not cover themselves must be taught a lesson!

            Your “statistical data” tells you that all the rapists in America are Christians? Really?? Moron.

          • Kal_El

            I see in the USA that muslim Muzzammil Hassan beheaded his wife in Buffalo, NY. In Arizona, an Iraqi immigrant ran over his daughter for behaving in an un-islamic manner. Sara and Amina Said were shot and killed by their father, on New Year’s Eve 08, in the back of his taxi, also for unislamic behavior (not acting like they lived in the 7th century). A Pakistani girl in Georgia was killed by her family for not wanting an arranged marriage. Aqsa Parvez was killed by her family in Canada, for not wearing a scarf. Also, your statistic about women being raped is inaccurate. Not everyone in the USA is Christian. And those that are, who commit such acts do so in direct contravention to the message of Christ, who taught and practiced peace, tolerance, and turning the other cheek. However, your beloved Pedophile Muhammad, he WAS a rapist, a child molester, a thief, a murderer, and a brigand, all of which is documented in islamic scripture. I know plenty about islam, and islamic countries. In Iran, women are jailed, for apostasy, raped by the guards then executed. In Egypt, rabid muslims burn down Coptic Churches. In Indonesia, muslim mobs do the same. In Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia, muslims do the same. Everywhere islam goes, misery and evil follow.

          • Me

            Yes esmajic, stop showing your ignorance. This is a zio dominated website – trying to divert attention from thenselves. If you ever looked at the jewish ‘holy’ books (not the word of God, but those that their ancestors have amended to suit their needs) you would find what an evil group of people are vying to run the world.

          • hellosnackbar

            Zio(I presume you mean Zionist)?? you say:The jewish holy book is not the word of God;but those that their ancestors have amended to suit their needs.
            Strange how that statement describes quite aptly the writing of the Koranus!
            By the plagiarist halfwits like Bukhari

          • RouGe NiKstA

            How about you follow your own advise Mr Infidelesto? Read some more books, then, maybe, you will find that everything that you stated in your post was completely MISINTERPRETED!! Seriously, read what you posted and then read the passages that you choose to quote for the Qur’an.. You got it all backwards i am afraid.. It is you sir that is the ignorant one.. You are spreading fanatical ideas, which are based on your own assumptions.. God help you sir!

          • hellosnackbar

            Fanatical ideas which are based on your own assumptions?????
            The ideas you refer to are DEDUCTIONS based on real reported events.
            An event is not an assumption of a fact it is evidence based.
            And then you accuse John of ignorance(culpable lack of knowledge!)
            He’s not got it backwards;it is you who are backward!;with your blindness to truth.
            Get psychiatric help;for your reasoning is fractured to the point of insanity.

          • Kal_El

            You said f***. Hee hee!

          • Nubes

            funny you said that when you take a book like the holy Quran and just extract pieces of it… you need to read the whole thing, then you can post your “opinion”. In islam women are not treated less than a men; actually men are encouraged to treat women right, provide for them not just financially, but emotionally too.
            And yes the men can take another wife…. IF HE WANTS TO and also he needs to consult with his wife on this decision (I think that’s better than cheating, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger!)
            And by the way, I don’t see that many “happy” women here in America, most women are alone, successful career life that doesn’t fully fulfill them (if it makes you happy then why the hell are you so sad!?)
            I could keep going on.. but for now, please do a little more research before, it will save you from looking like an typical “ignorant” American woman.

          • netlander

            I have a few words for you – You’re an ignorant hypocrite of the worst kind.

        • laila

          Do you mean we should be tolerent toward people who treat their woman like that?
          We should offer a helping hand to rescue those poor souls. Those girls who are forced to marriage before puberty? I think god has given us the power to save the world and it is god's will that America has led the world into the new century.

          • passing through

            When something is taken out of context its meaning becomes open to manipulation. For the quote about women and plowing, It did sound crazy, kinda like saying take your woman whenever you want ! When in actuality it was meant to say this.

            Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.
            Tafsir al-Jalalayn
            Your women are a tillage for you, that is, the place where you sow [the seeds of] your children; so come to your tillage, that is, the specified place, the front part, as, in whichever way, you wish, whether standing up, sitting down, lying down, from the front or the back: this was revealed in response to the Jews saying that if a person had vaginal intercourse with his wife from behind, the child would be born cross-eyed; and offer for your souls, righteous deeds, such as saying, ‘In the Name of God’ (bismillāh) when you commence intercourse; and fear God, in what He commands and prohibits; and know that you shall meet Him, at the Resurrection, where He will requite you according to your deeds; and give good tidings, of Paradise, to the believers, who feared Him.

        • Tonto

          Problem is, stupid, that we're under attack from almost everywhere, including the socialist/progressives here in the US….the so-called president (who is actually a puppet) is one of them as well. Obama's election has had one very positive result though. The conservative majority has finally awakened and the commies will be seen going bye-bye very soon, starting in November. Hopefully, they will be unable to do too much damage before we kick them out. Get your shit together and try to pull your head out of your ass before you post that much ignorance.

        • Dr Tegenkamp

          life is about choice, you don’t have it if you don’t live here…

        • Xetox

          You need to listen to your own words and you and I both know it. Nice try, though. You just keep lying to yourself in the mirrior and maybe one day even YOU will believe it. Quit trying to blow up the western world and we will leave you alone. You know it, I know it and so does the whole world. Your uneducated populace believes your trash-shit, not us. Also, G_d never told you people to do those things, a small little MAN did and he is rotting in hell as we speak. G_d NEVER gave man the right to make the judgements you people make and if you truly knew G_d you would know that like the rest of us G_d’s children on earth. You torture women, behead them and treat them like slaves and prostitutes. G_d NEVER told you to do that, a smelly little insecure MAN did and he is rotting in hell as we speak. Your men are little boys who can’t take being rejected by women who don’t want you because you are disgusting and pathetic. You are common rapists just like America’s ghetto thugs. You are no different. Both of you are G_dless creatures who will also, rot in hell.

        • Lizarcohen

          Really? And what happens when America is minding its own business like it did on the morning of September 11, 2001?
          No person is safe any place in the world when you have brainwashed from birth, radical, muslims out to control the world.
          What liberal laced tobacco nonsense are you smoking?

        • Skywalker

          ما نقشت عالما” الا و غلبته و ما نقشت جاهلا” الا وغلٌَُبني

        • LovesFur

          Yes and please stop all foreign aid to pakistan and other muslim countries.

        • Vlad

          “Ignorance is worst thing that one can have – don’t be proud of it. “. Yes, you should NOT be proud of YOUR ignorance? What brand of smelly foreigner are you? Are you one of the retards who was running around 1/2 naked, molesting boys and goats until the US gave you money for oil? Don’t be insolent and whiny. Go buy another gold-plated toilet.

        • Rocky

          You are pretty much a self center individual. No society will ever be perfect, but unlike the Muslims, American women do have rights that make them light years ahead of the Muslims. If that weren’t true none of them would ever think of coming here. The idea that woman would be a second class citizen according to a Religion, really. Is that what God wanted? Woman are to be loved and charished not bagged and used.

        • PaulaSantos59
        • PaulaSantos59
      • joegrimjow

        do find hilarry clinton that follow liberal where is she now??

      • Jay

        Wow… It's sad to see there's people as ignorant as you in our world..we need to unite to make changes not fight. There is no good war…. you dreamed of your brothers and sisters giving their lives away for nothing? It's time to wake up and realize the truth. It's never too late to change.

      • Gudlife-1

        i am shocked at wat u r saying here..u r in the desert because u wantd to b there no 1 invited u…v were fine without u…n in ur desire for more u hav brought us in the middle of YOUR war…a USELESS War though..

        wat are u suffering..v r suffering because of u ..our brothers , sisters, mothers, wives , husbands,daughters,sons…they all r dying ..rather being brutally killed because YOU started the wars …

        i suggest u study islam n then comment on it because its very easy to bring out extracts from our holy book Quran n use them according to ur own wishes…for this u must know wat is said before n after this verse..wat it ment to say!

      • Iqrajaveed

        A male gets a double share of the inheritance over that of a female.

        The Quran in Sura 4:11 says:
        but women gets half from parents and half from her husband share = equal to men, men gets only from parents.. thinkkkkkkkkk mannnnn.

        Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like . . . . (MAS Abdel Haleem, The Qur’an, Oxford UP, 2004)
        how is a field preapered for sowing seeds??/ first u have to wait for the particular time,remove the unwanted plants., then water the land plough it, then add pesticides then add seeds, and then add fertilizers, is it possible for you to through seeds into the land and come out? this process is same like as the sowing seeds both in fields..
        u cannot go to your wives like dods go?? science had proved you have to go your wife easy way then made her ready for having sex… if u will go directly it will create problem for women…
        i hope you have understood the real meaning of this verse, every quranic aayah has deep meaning, needs some mental work also

      • Ahmed_youssef90

        hi lorayne. i’ am sure that you are saying all of this without even reading a single word from the holy book the quran. if you do u will see how much mercy and love is in that religion, and if u search more into history you will also find the technologies that were discovered and used back then until now thousands of years ago. i would like you to think about this if u try to take something that belongs to someone else by force dont you think that that person would want to defend himself and his property. i apologise if this reply bothers you but you should look for things yourself rather than reading what someone wants you to belive.

      • Hadel20

        as a quick refreshment to ur mind sir all civilized countries that ur talking about wasn’t their when we “middle eastern societies were on the top of the whole universe
        and fighting in that “frikkin DESERT” has its black gold price if u know wat i mean ;)



      • 1muslimummah Com

        You’ve got some serious issues with your way of thinking; serious issues.  Fighting the good fight?  What good fight might that be?  Invading foreign lands and forcing our way of life down other country’s throats as if ours is better with our massive drug, pregnancy, rape, murder, corruption, debt, homelessness, joblessness, and many more problems?  HOW IS BOMBING COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY SPREADING TOLERANCE????????   

        These middle eastern countries have had the luxury of living honest, stand-up, respectable, loving, God-fearing, intellectually brilliant, and prosperous lives for MANY YEARS until the west started getting involved and destroying the very fabric of these middle eastern’s way of life in pursuit of not only obtaining their oil, but more disturbing, is the effort to start world war 3!  You need to wake up and I guarantee you that whatever you think our forefathers wanted, actually wait, you might be right.  Our forefathers may have very well had this plan of world domination long ago at the cost of men, women, and children all over the world.

        You’re lost and only until the tables get turned when some foreign power is rolling up and down your block or cowardly bombing your defenseless neighborhood will you understand the magnitude of what is happening around the world.  I am a U.S. citizen and I am absolutely disgusted by what is happening in the middle east.  I am so far from proud about what our country is doing.  We have the potential to do so much good and could turn this WHOLE WORLD’S economy around if we spent TRILLIONS PROVIDING HUMANITARIAN AID around the world rather than spending TRILLIONS DESTROYING THE WORLD.

        This article is nothing but SELECTIVE editing.  Anyone with any sense would READ THE QUR’AN IN ITS ENTIRETY before passing the slightest bit of judgment.  Shame on anyone who thinks in soundbites, half truths, or even deliberate lies.  

        THE QUR’AN IS THE TRUTH.  Search for the Prophet’s last sermon and see what even he says about women having rights over men.  There is so much left out here, INTENTIONALLY.  Anyone following anyone who speaks in half truths and lies also deserves what they get in the end.  WAKE UP AMERICA and rise above people who only aim to lead you astray.

        • Kal El

          “These middle eastern countries have had the luxury of living honest, stand-up, respectable, loving, God-fearing, intellectually brilliant, and prosperous lives for MANY YEARS until the west started getting involved and destroying the very fabric of these middle eastern’s way of life in pursuit of not only obtaining their oil, but more disturbing, is the effort to start world war 3!” This is bad comedy. The middle east has ever been a festering cesspool, thanks to religion. Each time someone invents a new one, millions die. Honest? Muhammad was a liar, so are millions of his followers, like the ones who in English proclaim that islam means peace, then in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, etc… proclaim that islam will dominate the world. Intellectually brilliant? Funny, if memory serves, the only science in the muslim world is that which was stolen in conquest, from the Zoroastrians and Hindu to the East, and from Europeans to the West. Oh, there is also the problem I (and millions like me) have with slavery, which is still practiced in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE COUNTRIES you blame us for destroying. You then cry about trillions of dollars spent destroying the world. On that one I am with you, the US needs to stop wasting money that could be spent fixing problems at home. Nearly every country we piss money away on hates us, so fuck them, and let their gods feed them. World domination? Funny, islam tried that once, and succeeded, occupying Europe for 800 years, along with demolishing hundreds of indigenous cultures in Africa (oh, by the way, muslims are still killing Africans for the crime of not being muslim). But you don’t care about that, do you, musulman? You call yourself a citizen of MY COUNTRY, then go on and tell me (and anyone reading your whining rant) that the quran is the truth? Was it the truth when the quran was given as justification for the muslim attacks on the US in the 1780s? The mufti of Tripoli certainly thought so, when Ambassador Jefferson asked why muslims (calling themselves the Berbers) were enslaving millions of Christian Europeans and Americans. If anyone has left anything out intentionally, it is you. Go spread your taqqiya, your garbage, your 7th century pedophile worship, elsewhere.

      • Gods Atheist

        Lol, “Spreading tolerance”

        Everyone’s fucking twisted. Just like the 40 year drug war’s failure, you foolish people will realize that guns, technology and western mentality doesn’t mean tolerance,

        If you disagree, just look at American population, you’ll find more intolerant people in America than in any where else in the world.

        Random example: I was at sea world, tx. a couple of years back. Having a good time with my family, and some random ugly fat woman comes up to my mother and starts saying, go back to your country you terrorist. She didn’t just say it and walk away. She followed my mom after my mom politely told her not to harass her. After 2-3 mins of badgering my mom, one of her sons comes over and drags her away.
        Worst/funniest part about all this, my mom’s hispanic with an asian (brown) husband.
        One thing I hate more than intolerant people is obese intolerant people.

        • Anonymous

          Get out of mommy’s basement and travel the world you ignorant little twat.

          In Egypt, Turkey, and India I was threatened with rape, and the rape of my whole family, arrest, and sodomy EVERY DAY simply because I was the “wrong religion.” While the “random ugly fat woman” would have been arrested had you called the police and pressed charges, in other parts of the world threatening women with rape and sodomy is not a crime and treated as a joke. One thing I hate more than muslims is ignorant American punks like you who think you know it all without having stepped foot out of your own trailer court.

          Americans do not have the market on intolerance or stupidity a fact you clearly personify.

          While you’re stroking your flaccid ego for your mistaken belief in your own cleverness and worldliness learn how to use punctuation and proper grammar.

      • Zazzy

        For you to post such sad unintelligent posts shows you are not a person that actually has opened a book and actually read from it but only listened to people and been influenced by them!

    • Alex

      It would only sound sick to the truly ignorant who havent wasted a second looking at it and speaking to the MILLIONS of Muslims around the beautiful country…

      • Infidelesto

        the only “truly ignorant” you speak of are Muslims who have no clue about the ideology they're associated with.

        • trubeliever

          i read the quran and everything that has been shown on this website is wrong, if u read the verse b4 and after u would realize the truth instead of taking only a piece and blowing out of proportion.
          i read the bible as well, a verse says that Jesus is god then a few verses later it says Jesus is the link between mankind and god. there are also people who believe Jesus is the son of god. I seriously don't get it. Also the bible has been changed many many times while the quran has never been changed.
          What im trying to say is do your own research and don't just believe some post made by some guy.

          • Odyssia

            This site has many posts telling us about Muslim behaviour including the murder of raped girls to uphold family honour and an 80 year old man marrying a 10 year old girl. Are they all lies?

          • trubeliever

            some might be lies but if someone kills someone or rapes or does anything that isn't permitted in Islam then he/she isn't a Muslim. Foe example if i call my self a Christian and go and do everything that is opposed by the religion. Does that make me a Christian?

          • Youdidntseethat

            actually some of them are true. but a vast majority of them are ruled by culture. and all the other cases like that are because religion and culture get mixed up

          • Kal_El

            Using your own logic, why should we believe rantings made by “some guy”, in
            this case, Muhammad?

          • trubeliever

            he wasn't some guy he is a prophet. If any of you people study the way he live it would bring tears to your eyes. But no. You go judging all off us. The prophet once ate a date he found in his own house and couldn't sleep because he wasn't sure who's date it was. He had so much love and respect, but look at you guys. The bible doesn't say your allowed to drink, steal or have premarital sex but you all do it. There's people that are gay and lesbian, there's transsexuals and bisexuals but you guys are so arrogant that you don't fix up your life you go and judge everyone else and you even have the decency to judge a prophet that live a life that you people are so far away from and on the day of resurrection when your standing there in front of god. what would you say then? and if you don't believe me you will pay the price in the next world and don't say i didn't warn you.

          • Kal_El

            Can you prove irrefutable that he was a prophet, and not some guy ranting?

            As for studying his life, it DID bring tears to my eyes, reading how he
            molested a child, killed a woman who spoke against him, had entire tribes
            massacred, all sorts of evil stuff he is worshipped for. No wonder the
            middle east is such a quagmire. The majority of its inhabitants revere a
            caravan robbing, killing, thieving pedophile as the perfect example of a

            You're damn right I live a life far from his. I have never robbed, molested
            a child or taken an innocent life.

          • maria02

            Why would you say this without 'actually' reading what's there in the Quran…or having the least idea of what's written in it?
            Come on,not all things in life have TO have everybody to support it…there will be bad stuff so that we can appreciate what's good….hmm,…let's look at it this way…not everything in life has to be backed up with a proof for us to believe in them…um,like falling in love….would you apply your logic in there too?…that would be the best analogy i could put forth :)
            you know,go ahead…try and find out what Quran is about…read it through…and i would be very,very surprised if you still said what you'd been saying.
            PS:And if you really still think the same…then please stop repeating it…hurts a lot of people:)

          • Kal_El

            I did try to find out what the quran is about. That is why I am afraid. As
            for asking me to stop repeating it, are you trying to deny me my God-given
            right to free speech? Because it hurts people's feelings? If so, you truly
            are a weak minded individual. Words only have power if you GIVE them power.
            I have been called all sorts of racist names. None of it bothered me. They
            are just words. Just like the quran. The difference is, my words don't
            incite MILLIONS to violence. The quran's words do.

          • maria02

            Wow,just because i decided not to argue with what you said,and put forth what i believe without swearing or being aggressive,you had to tag me as a
            'weak minded individual'.So,is being strong all about shouting at the top of one's voice to prove one's point,or the one who's the loudest is the strongest?
            I'm afraid my definition of strength and integrity is a little different from yours.
            See Kal_El(i don't know your name),i think it's just a matter of perception.They say one sees what one wants to see.I try to find the positive traits,therefore i find the Quran absolutely Amazing,but you look at it from the beginning with hatred and so you have your opinions.I really wish i could show you how amazing it feels to believe what i do:)
            Please don't tell me you didn't feel bad when you'd been called all those racist names.Everybody feels bad when Shit happens.

          • Kal_El


            I do look upon the quran with hatred. But it was not always like that. I
            used to defend islam. I was ignorant about what islam truly is. My
            perception changed. My eyes were opened when I started reading, and started
            observing the actions of MILLIONS of muslims. I do not hate those muslims
            who wish to practice their faith and leave others to practice their own, or
            none at all. I hate those that would force islam on others. I hate those
            that emulate the behavior of Muhammad in spreading islam through violence.
            All of that is documented in the quran, hadith and sunna. There is no way
            you can show me what it feels to believe what you do, as I am incapable of
            worshipping a spinner of fairy tales.

            As for how I felt when I was called racist names, it truly did not bother
            me, because my parents raised me to realize that words are just words. Not
            everyone feels bad when shit happens. Some, like me, deal with it, get over
            it, and move on. Your belief in 7th century superstition and that everyone
            is offended by words is what led to you being designated a weak minded

          • maria02

            I don't see any reason why i should be arguing with you when there is no way i could try and show you the truth(or fairy tales according to you).
            And you're absolutely right,there is NOWAY anybody should ever try to force Islam or any other religion for that matter…on somebody else,Because that totally changes the meaning of Faith.
            Yeah,and i feel really sad that because of some people who call themselves Muslims but do not acknowledge what They should and shouldn't be doing,have such a negative Impact about all of the Muslims and about our faith.But trust me,they're nothing but an opposing epitome of how a proper Muslim should be like.
            I think you should read the following page,if you're into finding out more about the non-violence thingy:


            i don't know if you'd wanna read it(taking into account that you already think i am a 'weak-minded' person or probably even stupid too),But that would really help you understand Islam better:)
            And do you know,there was this book written by Michael H. Hart about the “The 100 most influential persons in history”,and he placed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as number one-on the top of the list?
            And not just him,you know,there are so many famous people who've said amazing things about him…could all of them be wrong?..i could in no way try to talk you into this or whatever,but a little bit of more research
            would be nice,no?..See,you already hate us but maybe in the process,you could find some more reasons to back up your hatred with.

          • Christine_S

            Maria – “The 100 most influential persons in history”,and he (Hart) placed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as number one-on the top of the list?”.

            So what? Hart also placed Karl Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao Zedong on the list. Influential? Yeah, I suppose he was/still is. He managed to get billions of people to follow his cult of hate, misery and death. Being influential is not always a good thing.

            The link you provided is lengthy and I did not read all of it. The lines below caught my eye as I skimmed through.

            “The greatest problem facing Islam today is, as I see it, that Muslims have almost totally forgotten the sunnah (Prophet’s way) of non-violence.”

            “…they have failed to remember that the policy of Islam is not that of violence but of non-violence. It is the result of this deviation, that despite almost a 100-years of bloody wars, Muslims have achieved no positive gain.

            Um…are you trying to defend Muslims with this?

            Again, the actions of Muslims determine how Islam is viewed by others.

          • maria02

            Hey Christine,i wasn't talking to you anyway…you should read the whole of the article before commenting.

          • Christine_S

            Maria – I responded to your comment at the top of the page due to the small typing area here.

          • Youdidntseethat

            YOU JUST HELPED US TO PROVE OUR POINT. all the shit that people do under the name of true islam isnt islamic at all. the people who kill for the joy of killing innocents arent muslim no matter how much they try to say that they are. its like an apple saying its a banana. not true.

          • SirWilhelm

            You could clear up where you stand by condemning Hamas, how about it?

          • andybNDB

            if i might take a moment of your time to remember the crusades, where christians fought to restore their control of the holy land, MANY people were needlessly killed. by your logic this makes christianity as bad as your view on islam is. the religion is NOT to blame, the people are. sorry but maria is right.

          • Youdidntseethat

            if you truly studied islam you would be talking shit about it

          • Kal El

            I DID study islam, which is exactly why I talk shit about it.

          • Youdidntseethat

            what quran are you reading? the only way you can understand every word of the quran clearly is by learning arabic. that is the closest you can get. otherwise you have someone translate it for you. retard.

          • SirWilhelm

            Yep, the truth hurts, which is why you're trying to shut Kal El up, and why you kill apostates to shut them up, and why you beat your women to shut them up and make them say how loved they are, and cover them up to hide the bruises. That's why you don't allow evangelists to teach Chrisitanity and you don't allow Bibles in Muslim countries. You take advantage of religious freedom and tolerance in non-Muslim countries while you inflict tyranny on your own people. I don't believe anything a Muslim says because of taqqiya, so good luck trying it here.

          • Youdidntseethat

            are you a muslim woman who is beat and forced to hide the truth from the world? i think not. so shut the hell up about that because you have no proof that that is true islam. none. at all.

          • SirWilhelm

            And what proof do you have that Allah is a god? That Mohammed saw Gabriel? That Gabriel was an angel? That Mohammed didn’t make it all up so he could become a rich powerful warlord? And, what proof can you supply that you’re a muslim woman? And if I’m wrong, why are you so upset?

          • Kal El

            The proof is not in the words, but in ACTIONS.

          • mustafavi

            hey son of bitch where u read all this you dont know what u r saying but once read quran and hadees and then come on such forums u r hopless i read a coloumn in which that was written a girl of age 13 sell sex to buy a pair of boots she was not muslim from some other religion now make ur opinion for her religion that her religion taught earn ur living by selling sex u people r such narrow minded u won't understand islam

          • bamqaz

            Selling sex? you even sell your 10 year old girls to 80 year old males. what the….. You sell your women for marriage. o my..

          • RouGe NiKstA

            I do beg my pardon bamqaz..

            It is called a Dowry! And it has been used by many cultures for thousands of years! The dowry is used by the wife’s family to buy things that she will need for her marriage! Eg, furniture for a house, or clothes perhaps.. It is similar to a glory chest, if you know that is? But instead of having a big box to put all the linen and manchester, or babies clothes, etc in, it is done at, or before, the time of marriage.. It gives the woman some financial security.. Where on earth is that harm is giving the woman some security before she leaves her fathers house, and enters her new husbands house? Is it not a good thing, considering most of the brides probably have no job?

          • islam786

            Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
            None but ourselves can free our minds.
            Have no fear for atomic energy,
            cause none of them can stop the time.
            How long shall they kill our prophets,
            While we stand aside and look? ooh!
            Some say its just a part of it:
            Weve got to fulfil de book.

          • RouGe NiKstA

            islam786, all of your responses were brilliant, and this one, the best! it is no good saying anything, no one will ever get though to somebody who has no faith.. it is that simple.. what you said above, bob marley’s words, they were perfect! i am not so sure they would understand that either though..

            very well said! =)

          • hellosnackbar

            It looks like you’re dimmer than Islam786;and that takes some effort!
            His syntax is that of a barely literate 5 year old.
            I have no faith in fairies and chimera either Nooster;but you seem to think that believing in them confers some kind of esoteric superiority.
            As evidenced by your smug agreement with 786′s idiotic witterings.
            Look at the video I posted a few days ago from some Islamic scholar!
            If you still think that your idiotic death cult is worth a toss;then you belong in a straightjacket with the rest of your crazed coreligionists.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, but I’ve know much about Prophet Muhammad and i’d like to know WHO he molested, WHO he killed, and why was “massacaring tribes” wrong? Was it fine to see innocent people dying and to do nothing?
            I would like for you to see what is happening EVERYWHERE in the world by the U.S. It is “massacaring tribes” continuously but nobody makes that a big deal.

            And stop bullshitting about the fact that you studied his life, people like you are seriously taking ignorance to the next level.

          • Youdidntseethat

            studying his life by reading what? the crap that some dumbshit scholar who thought he was a bigshot wrote? read the quran. the books that a shia or sunni scholar wrote on the holy prophet s.a.w.

          • Beejj

            Were there any witnesses to back up Mohammed's claims that he had visitations from the angel?

          • mustafavi

            hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha u r hopless have u read quran i will give u proof u people r so poor in knowledge

          • Beejj

            You, sir, are a congenital idiot quite without hope. Am I resorting to mere name calling? Not at all. I pass this judgement upon you because of your stupefyingly moronic claim the the Koran contains proof of anything at all. Learn what the word means before you dare use it. Cretinous oaf!

          • Youdidntseethat

            its called faith dumbass. are there any witnesses to prove that jesus is lord. or son of god. or whatever? no. you try to find a witness old enough to live at the time of the prophet. shithead

          • SirWilhelm

            There are no witnesses to Mohammed’s encounters with Gabriel either. And your curses only demean you, especially if you are a woman, and lessen your credibility.

          • Kal El

            Namecalling only serves to make your weak argument that much easier to destroy. Faith is a belief in something that cannot be proven. Therefore there is no proof islam is anything other than the rantings of a 7th century pedophile, rapist, misogynist, lying thief.

          • Jesussaves

            there are no muslim homosexuals, theives, liars, alcoholics?
            Dont be so naive.
            and by the way, as Christians we arent supposed to judge, there is only one Judge and that is God.
            Dont compare Christians to muslims, compare Christ to Mohamed.

          • Joe Smith

            I am a professor of theology (religion). The Bible has never actually been changed – as in rewritten- it has been translated, not rewritten. Jesus is part of the Trinity-The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. He is the Son of the Father. He was sent to Earth to save the sins of all (thus the link between man and God). I am not preaching, just trying to help you understand a concept that I agree can be confusing.

            And by the way, there have been some changes made to the Quran. Some parts have been lost, and Ubai had several Suras in his manuscript that Uthman had omitted from his standardized text. (These men can be researched)

            Again, I teach this stuff. I am not biased or trying to sway beliefs. My point, research both sides of the story very well and draw your own conclusions. And when I say research, put some effort into it. Read multiple accounts on both sides. Make educated statements. I am not saying I know it all, but I have certainly done my research and I am not giving an opinion, just some facts.

          • AmeM

            Not biased!? lol..I'm sorry, but who gave you your title as a professor? I dont think is God. i did a simple search on Google and from it there are less sources, by far, showing that Quran is missing some chapter, or some chapters have been removed from the holy Quran. Maybe you should go back to school and study religion again knowing that being bias is part of us. Open your mind, open your eyes, look around you, and ask your self “what is history?”. Hopefully you will come to know most of History is written by “bias” people.

          • Smile

            LOL – whatever your qualification is, you believe what you want to believe – Go and consult other Christian scholars and get your concepts fixed. ASAP that is

          • Youdidntseethat

            that is sooooooo true! the bible when it was first written, BY MAN, used the old time english. like “he hath blablabla.” when the holy quran was sent to earth by GOD to prophet musa (moses) p.b.u.h. it was written in arabic which has NOT BEEN CHANGED ever since then. now there are like 548798564375069834 copies of the bible all altered to man’s needs and the latest english but the holy quran remains the same. and what happened to no adultery? i know hella christians who have had sex like 50 times before getting married. if you can’t even follow your own book then stop trying to argue with ours.

          • Kal El

            Sex before marriage is not adultery, you nincompoop, that is called fornication. And your bit about the quran being unchanged is not unknown to us. Islam brought death, hate, intolerance and evil when it began, and has done so ever since. It is you who cannot follow your book, unless you have signed up to slay the unbelievers wherever you find them, and smite their fingertips, their necks, and all that other wacky jihad that islam commands you to wage. Allahu manyak khanzir!

          • Jesussaves

            the bible has never been changed, there are different versions of it, they all mean the same thing. get YOUR facts straight

    • wwww



      A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy.

      Pereferkowicz, Talmud t.v., p. 11

      Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition [intercourse], and if her deceased husband's brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; [if a niddah] she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon [a person afflicted with gonorrhoea].

      Sanhedrin 55b

      It means this: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger into the eye; but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as ‘a girl who is injured by a piece of wood.’…

      Kethuboth 11b

      To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

      Libbre David 37

      A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.

      Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

      When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.

      Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156

      Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.

      Zohar, Shemoth

    • allahhuakbar

      can i say summin
      all the things listed above are true
      but hve you ever tried to understand the true resons for why those laws are put across?
      e.g.wemen get half teh wealth ya
      but wemen don't have to share there wealth with husband or kids or any oneelse,
      that wealth is thers.
      however the husband has to share with wife ,kids and any one else who is dependent on him.
      so tell me now whos got more rights man or wemen?
      oh and another thing i think you should have a look at all the islamic laws and try reading teh meaning of teh quran before making asumtions.Then it will make sense to you.
      you think islam is a bad religon
      and you see what you want to see
      think outside teh boxs
      try reading teh whole instead of a part ,then you shall see.

      • Infidelesto

        thanks for at least admitting they are true.

    • nehaly

      First of all, how could u agree to something someone just told you without even looking into it and sesrching for what the true meaning of those verses really mean? this is called ignorance. People should read correctly and try to UNDERSTAND what those verses truly mean. If i were you i would go educate myself about the religion first before speaking.

    • sikander

      You are just another sick person who believes on liers…

      but here is the truth by a WOMEN….READ IT

    • IgnoranceHater

      Before making judgements and getting sick to your stomach, please try to at least use reliable sources to learn about Islam rather than chopping bits and pieces from it and making it sound bad. I can quote bits and pieces from the Bible and make it sound bad as well.

      Add some credibility and don’t be ignorant. Thanks.

      • hellosnackbar

        It is our contention here IH that Islam is a foul fascist suprermacist dogma ;that threatens world peace with its agressive barbarian actions.
        It has no relevance with any kind of reality whatsoever except that it promotes murder and mayhem as its main tenets.
        Ignorance means culpable lack of knowledge ;something that Islam promotes by subjecting its adherents to the fanciful backward dogma as contained in the Qu’ranus.
        And promoted by ill educated morons who have the temerity to describe themselves as scholars.
        So if not believing the turgid dogma of the world’s most barbaric politic is ignorance?
        Then I rejoice in it!

    • Wafiq Syed

      Hello, if you must believe what has been posted above, please do me one favour, search all the verses stated and read the WHOLE verse, or quote. You’ll regret believing what Infidelesto stated.

      • Kal_El

        Or one could try LIVING in a muslim country or two, as I did for six years. I saw those verses, and much more put into practice on a daily basis.

        • Youdidntseethat

          so you think living in a country is enough? why dont you study the religion. understand everything about it. find out all opinions about it. instead of saying that you lived. no one gives a damn about the past. ass hole. and as for one i live in america and i have seen worse.

          • Kal El

            I too live in America, and have seen worse. Sara and Amina Said, killed by their dad to ring in 2008. Islam kept them from achieving adulthood. Same with Aqsa Parvez in Canada. I have studied your pathetic, pedophile worshipping cult. That is why I speak my mind. After 9/11 I was one of the ignorant masses who defended islam. Then I got a job working in the middle east, and learned the truth. In islam, YOU HAVE FEWER rights. Do you have the right to take on 4 husbands (I know the men can have 4 wives)? Do you have the right to travel to and fro as you please (Saudi women do NOT)? See where this is going?

    • Benares

      This dude is what we Muslims call a liar. To everyone else (with an ounce of sense) he would be called – a liar,

      • hellosnackbar

        Lies are a hallmark of Mohammedans.
        Do us a favour and define liar in your terms.

    • Rauf06

      You are sick to the stomach and very soon you will be wallowing in the hell because you are one of the gullible ones that the devil has absolute control over. to the extent that you believe what is clearly out of contest qoutations of the quran just to execute the agenda of the satan, i only pity you. any way, i advise you to do a serious content analysis of the bible and see if there is the stories there are different. i know you, the agent of the devil, say the old testament is expired

    • generalironeagle

      Muslims are taught by the Koran to kill or subjugate all non believers so how the hell can you defend them! You need to wake up to the facts and history and forget about the propaganda you have swallowed. They began to attempt to extract tribute from the US when it first started to send ships around the world as the ships passed near their shores in open seas they would attack and hold US ships, cargo, and citizens as prisoners for ransom and execute them if tribute was not paid. They justified this because they felt non Muslims, infidels, were inferior and continue to do this until the US put the fear of God in them.

      History further shows us that it is a Muslim tradition to build a mosque at a site where an enemy has been defeated–even better if that is a holy site, for instance to build a mosque over what once was a Christian church or Jewish temple. Understanding this, how can anyone believe that the proposed mosque overlooking the world trade center disaster could be anything more than an attempt to incite outrage and to insult and hurt Americans and New Yorkers while proclaiming Islamic superiority/dominance and victory over America and the west. Don’t be fooled by claims of moving on and bringing people together, when they know it is driving a deeper wedge between our people.

      The Muslims want and demand people be sensitive to them and their beliefs but they refuse to show any sensitivity to the feeling and beliefs of others. obviously this comes from a belief that they are superior and deserve better treatment than the inferior infidels.

    • Davidmyboy

      yah your bible makes me sick

    • Mashael

      Just a few inaccuracies in this blog:
      5. does not make the slave women sex property. it gives them equal rights to marriage. Alot of times when we look at something through “western” and “modern” eyes we misunderstand.
      Today POW”s can be easily returned to their families. Back then, travel was difficult. So if a woman was a POW, but she was married in her own country, she was GIVEN the right to take a husband among the new group she lived with AND ACCORDING TO ISLAM, SHE MUST BE treated well.
      Unlike in the US where slavery was genetic, and abuse was not only accepted but institutionalized.

      • Mashael

        1. another misunderstanding because of cultural differences. This one does not give a right to marry a young girl.
        Marriages in some parts of the world are arranged. Back then, some marriages were arranged between teens who were not “mature” They too were allowed to divorce. Because engagement was taken more seriously.
        That has often been misunderstood in the west.
        Additionally, many attack the past of Islam and fail to realize, back then before we understood adolescent psychology EVERY CULTURE had teens marrying older men. so let’s stop with the finger pointing…

    • Mashael

      one more innaccuracy before i leave…
      3. does not give a man a right to get rid of an undesireable wife. The actual quote (if you read the whole verse) says do not treat any wife better than the other, if you have more than one wife.
      Mohammed warns in this verse that it is very difficult to treat more than one equal, but that a man is required to do that no matter how difficult it is.

    • Iqrajaveed

      Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like . . . . (MAS Abdel Haleem, The Qur’an, Oxford UP, 2004)
      how is a field preapered for sowing seeds??/ first u have to wait for the particular time,remove the unwanted plants., then water the land plough it, then add pesticides then add seeds, and then add fertilizers, is it possible for you to through seeds into the land and come out? this process is same like as the sowing seeds both in fields..
      u cannot go to your wives like dods go?? science had proved you have to go your wife easy way then made her ready for having sex… if u will go directly it will create problem for women…
      i hope you have understood the real meaning of this verse, every quranic aayah has deep meaning, needs some mental work also

    • Iqrajaveed

      A male gets a double share of the inheritance over that of a female.

      The Quran in Sura 4:11 says:
      but women gets half from parents and half from her husband share = equal to men, men gets only from parents.. thinkkkkkkkkk mannnnn.

    • Rawad_taher

      This is all lies and it has been translated to english wrong way, non od the things stated above are right

      • Kal El

        And yet so many muslims STILL behave just as the supposed mistranslations here dictate. Why is that?

    • Anonymous

      please don’t let this sicken you..its not true. learn about it from a muslim woman herself. btw everyone…other religions may have negative things about women in their scriptures. This does not mean we take them out of context and start bashing all the religions. Let’s not promote hate. we american muslims that live here love america just the way it is…we don’t want to islamicize it or any of that nonsense. but let us practice our religion in peace, without all this hatred.

      • Kal El

        American muslims like Nidal Hasan? Or the jihadis arrested in the Fort Dix plot? Or how about the Lackawanna Six? How about the Somali muslims in Minnesota who drive cabs and refuse to take on passengers with alcohol or even seeing eye dogs? Is that loving America just the way it is? Get a clue. Seriously.

    • Johnsonmike

      you shouldn’t believe what people write on the internet, you should pick up the quran and read for yourself. not just on religion but for anything

      • Kal El

        No shit? Wow! Thank you, Helpy Helperton! I would never have figured that out on my own! You must be some sort of genius.

    • Thinkforyourself

      HMM sick to your stomach? so tell me, how much of this have your looked up to ensure its true. You think muslims are oppressed, i feel sorry for people like you who just believe what there told..
      pretty shallow if you ask me…

      • Kal_El

        I lived in the ummah for 6 years. I saw plenty. A nice try at invalidating our mission though. You only had one spelling error, and two grammatical mistakes.

    • Hadel20

      if you really think that Islam can be shrink into only 10 or even million notes , this will be a ridicules way of thinking if you really apritiate the bless of brain that God gave human beings you should hear from an approprate source because::
      - Islam is not only a religion its way of living at all fields .
      -no religion or any human law adores WOMEN, MEN , CHILDREN and even INFANTS like Islam.


      THANKS ,

    • Rukhsar

      if this was really true it would also make me sick but all these verse are taken out of content!!! search it like i did !!!

      • Anonymous

        The word is “context” not “content’ you ignorant kuranimal kunt.

        What context are the ayats taken out of? Time, space, place?

        You don’t know. None of you f*cking kuranimals know. You neanderthals don’t even know what “out of context” means. You just know to scream it to obfuscate the matter at hand.

    • Nickcent2000

      please do visit ……here you will find the truth…….

    • Nickcent2000

      please do visit ……here you will find the truth…….

    • Vig_gurls

      Thats some bullshit , before commenting some religion .Try and get your ass to reading it and understanding it your self first.
      I like how you absorb information from sites as such and people with names as such.

    • Starz99x

      If a child will come and tell you he or she just saw a tooth fairy in their room, would you believe it?

      • Kal El

        If a pedophile says he was in a cave, and was spoken to by an angel representing god, would you believe it? Oh wait, a billion morons already do. The pedophile’s name was Muhamhead.

    • IMRAN


    • Iahakak

      Sickness needs treatment.
      And the best treatment for this sickness is to read things “in context”, not “out of context” as depicted by the site.
      READ…..UNDERSTAND……. Then Decide/Comment.

    • Faizal1

      Islam means peace. It does not agree with any sort of violence. It spreads peace and harmony.
      10. it is not allowed for a Muslim man to have anal sex with his wife as it spreads disease (HIV/AIDS), nor is it allowed for a Muslim man to put his penis in a ladies mouth as it speads disease (cancer and the like).
      9. as stated by you, men and women are on the same level. however, if there is a dispute the man should go ahead with his idea/thought. what is wrong with that? someone must compromise else disputes will never resolve.
      8. yes a man gets a double share, the man also gets to keep the family name running….whats your point? you must remember that when a Muslim girl gets married, her parents will buy her a house or something similar..but when the Muslim guy gets married, he gets nothing form his parents. You must also remember that a Muslim man will get 2 shares of inheritance when his parents pass away, the Muslim man’s wife (the Muslim lady) will get 1 share, this equals 3 shares per family, regarless of your gender.
      7. You will note that the reason is given, 2 women are required so that one woman can remind the other should she forget. You will note that many women forget things after giving birth. I reiterate that i say ‘many’ and not all.
      6. This is true, but it is to deter the man from divorcing his wife for small reasons, which is prevelant in the west, you americans get divorced days after you marry over the smallest things and then get back together again lol. However, Islam deters the man from divorcing his wife by telling ht eMuslim man that if he divorces his wife, he can only get back with her if she marrys another man and he then divorces her (which is unlikely to happen), therefore to deter the man from divorcing his wife.
      5. This means wedded ladies are forbidden unless thier husbands are prisoners of war and they (wives) require looking after/loving. what is wrong with that?
      4. This is true, you should do what you can to lookafter orphans, if it means you must remarry so that the second, third or forth wife can help you, however if you unable to provide for and/care for more than one wife, then do not marry more than once.
      3. If you have more than one wife, you must treat them ALL equally. If you are unable to do so, then you must stay with one wife only and divorce the others so that they may find a partner that is able to treat her as a pricess (the way she should be treated).
      2. you may wish to look at other translations which will explain exactly what it means.
      1. Some ladies fail to mensturate until late 20′s or even at all, so are you saying nobody should marry those women?, nice try to twist it though lol.

      I am no scholar, forgive me if i offended anyone. Allah knows best in relation to all of the above.

      I note that the top commenters are jews. surprise surprise. I have nothing agains Jews, i just dont understand why they hate Muslims? does your religion not tell you to repect your neighbours and to respect all faiths and not to steal (land) and not to badmouth? we live in one world, please learn to respect everyone. You guys hated the genocide by Hitler, so why are you doing the same to the Muslims? please respect one another and hopefully we will all be able to live happily together. we are all humans.

      i urge you to read and understand the origional tora (unedited, uncut) as it is the words of our God. The tora itself mentions the next prophets name.  I will leave it to you to read and figure it out. Please dont follow scholars or people that pretend to know what they are on about.

      May you all find the correct path, ameen/amen.