Tony Snow is on Bill Maher *update* video added

by Infidelesto on January 11, 2008 · 11 comments

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tony_snow_maher.jpgAnd is keeping his cool surrounded by 4 Liberals including Mark Cuban and Katherine Crier and some idiot from Rolling Stone who can’t do anything but keep his elitist smile and shake his head at Tony Snow.

Tony is doing an exceptional job in the Lion’s den.

Of course, everyone on the panel is pissing all over Tony as soon as he tries to say something. He can’t even get in a complete sentence or talking point.

*update* best part of the night is to see Tony put the Rolling Stone guy in his place like a stupid, arrogant kid in class who thought he was the sh** but ended up looking like a total douche in front of everybody.

*update* I found someone who posted the whole show on youtube. The guests don’t chime in until part three but I will link to them all. You can see the videos in parts here:

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  • Tonto

    How can people stomuch the supercilious crap that comes out of Maher’s mouth? Nothing but “smarty-pants” prattle with no real meaning whatsoever. Why is that idiot even on TV? Change up from game shows?

  • Mannahz

    It’s funny how u post only those quotes from the Quran tht islam oppressed the woman n didnt continue to the next quote tht actually show how much Islam respect woman! The funny thing is woman always wants to b equal as men, n yet some woman when it comes to the simple things like, taking the trash out, or heavy lifting ( moving furniture around ), or in the divorce case child alimony still said, “it’s a man responsibiliy”. N still claim to want equality.. Haha doesnt make sense!

    FYI, I am a Muslim woman, I don’t feel opressed, my husband love me n respect me, n I realize w. Out him, I can’t do it alone!

    So thinks bfore u post tht!

    • Beejj

      Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a rat’s arse about Muslim women. Let them, like you, imagine they have the best of all possible worlds, poor fools. One of my aims is to drive your filthy religion back to where it belongs so that the West will be pollution-free again. To see you all on the streets of civilised countries is like seeing cockroaches on a wedding cake.

      • Kal El

        That is over the line. You have gone too far this time! I demand you apologize to cockroaches! At least they serve a useful purpose in the food chain! =P

      • Ino_b81

        Such an asshole. You should respect every religion son of a bitch.

        • SirWilhelm

          Ah, but what if you don’t believe Islam is a religion? As a matter of fact, Islam gives religion a bad name. I really don’t understand why other religions tolerate Islam, when it advocates their destruction by converting and killing their members, and even those that don’t respect religion, atheists, are in danger of being confronted with that choice someday, if Islam becomes strong enough to conquer the world, as they clearly indicate, is their ultimate goal. So, Ino_b81, what does conquering the world have to do with religion, anyway?

        • Beejj

          Give me just ONE reason for respecting any religion, let alone every religion. All those people talking to themselves but calling it praying! Hilarious. I can live contentedly alongside all religions except one – the one that proclaims itself to be the ultimate – the one invented by the murderous child molester – the one made up by a degenerate as he went along, knowing how to feather his nest and how to manipulate the greedy gullible – the brainchild of the man who craved the blood of Jews because they recognised his being a charlatan and laughed him to scorn – the invention of he who told tall stories about the night ride and the ascent to heaven (multi-layered heaven!) – the risible cult schemed up by the illiterate who had the wit to change the notion of heaven from what it had been to a sex-maniac’s rutting ground, thus recruiting the depraved to his ranks. Can you guess which one it is?

          • Hellosnackbar

            Excellent Beej!
            What puzzles me is why people by process of logical deduction;do not arrive at the same conclusion.

    • Kal El

      We do not need to read on. We need only OBSERVE the actions of muslims everyday in every single country infested with islam to see these verses are NOT taken “out of context”. If you cannot do it alone, without your husband, then you truly are a sad excuse for a human being.

    • SirWilhelm

      The obvious physical differences between the sexes, and the roles they impose on them, are entirely different from the concepts of equal rights, which the US Constitution tries to uphold. It seems you are unable to see that distinction, which exlains why it doesn’t make sense to you. But, there is a bigger issue you may understand. Are you a slave of Allah’s? Do you not have to swear to be Allah’s slave to be a Muslim? What rights do slaves have? Don’t you think you would have more freedom, more choices, if you, and your husband, weren’t Allah’s slaves? Are you afraid you couldn’t handle that freedom, and the responsiblity of the choices that comes with it? Or, are you like some slaves, content with your lot, because you don’t have to be entirely responsible for how you live?

    • Beejj

      Hey, Mannahz, I am still awaiting your reply, you poor female mohammedan low-life. Why have you not responded? Does it distress you that a Westerner recognises the hopelessness of what you call your life? You have no life, you poor servile victim of Iron Age philosophy. Do you clothe yourself in a binliner before leaving your house? No? What you think of those that do? Admiration? Disgust? Do you encase your little daughters in such unhygienic apparel? Does your heart palpitate alarmingly at the thought that a man might see an errant lock of your daughter’s hair and be consumed with lust at the sight? Forget it, honey: it takes more than that to arouse a real man. We are not all Muslims, you know.

      You don’t feel oppressed. I once had a pet rabbit that felt exactly as you do. Biddable little thing, it was. It conformed to a simple set of rules and never questioned them. Had it been able to speak I am sure it would have said that without me, his master, he could not have done it alone- just like you. Thank god (whatever that means) Western women CAN do it alone. How you must envy them in your loathing of them!