57 men arrested in Saudi Arabia for flirting

by Infidelesto on February 23, 2008 · 1 comment

Do you like this story?

I wonder what the morons on the left who claim that the US is a fascist, police state would say about this one.


Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia have begun investigating 57 young men who were arrested on Thursday for flirting with girls at shopping centres in Mecca.

The men are accused of wearing indecent clothes, playing loud music and dancing in order to attract the attention of girls, the Saudi Gazette reported.

They were arrested following a request of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

The mutaween enforce Saudi Arabia’s conservative brand of Islam, Wahhabism.

Earlier in the month, the authorities enforced a ban on the sale of red roses and other symbols used in many countries to mark Valentine’s Day.

The ban is partly because of the connection with a “pagan Christian holiday”, and also because the festival itself is seen as encouraging relations between the sexes outside marriage, punishable by law in the kingdom.


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  • http://absurdthoughtsaboutgod.blogspot.com/ USpace

    Good one, these Saudi Rulers are actually very insecure about the attractiveness of their ‘religion’.

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    outlaw Valentine’s Day

    confiscate ALL red roses
    keep men and women apart

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    arrest men and women

    if they are holding hands
    or having coffee together

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    Valentine’s Day is evil

    it just reminds the people
    about Christianity