British cleric: Islam is a religion of terrorism

by Infidelesto on February 4, 2008 · 1 comment

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But don’t call it Islam.  Any “moderate” Muslim wan to chime in and condemn this a-hole?? via Weasel Zippers

A radical preacher who heckled the Home Secretary tried to recruit Muslims to fight British soldiers in Iraq and raise money for terrorists, a court has been told.

Trevor Brooks, who uses the names Omar Brooks and Abu Izzadeen, and six co-defendants, claim their arrest in 2007 was “politically motivated” because Brooks once interrupted a speech made by John Reid when he was home secretary, the court heard.

In a video played to the jury, one of the accused, Abdul Rehman Saleem, praised Osama bin Laden and said Islam was a “religion of terrorism”.

He said: “Terrorism against the kuffar [non-believers], terrorism against those that terrorise us, terrorism against those that terrorise our women and children. Yes we have terrorised them so when they call you terrorist, be proud to have that title.”

As the audience at Regents Park Mosque in central London, joined in, he chanted: “Oh Allah support Sheikh Osama, Oh Allah destroy America.

“Destroy the kafir wherever they are. Let their blood run in the mountains of Afghanistan, let their women become widows, may their children become orphans, let them be bombed. Let death come to them by the hands of the mujahideen [holy fighters].”

Kingston Crown Court, in south-west London, was told that the speakers referred to the September 11 hijackers as the “magnificent 19″ and the audience clapped those who had “chosen to answer the call by becoming martyrs”.


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  • Rudy

    Of course no one is going to condemn him. As the PM of Turkey recently stated, “There is no moderate islam, there is no immoderate islam. Islam is simply islam.” As for the mujahideen, I believe holy fighters refers to their corpses full of bullet holes, at the hands of our superior soldiers and our military toys. The taliban come in for a fight, they don’t go home. I wipe a pigs ass with the quran, and then apologize to the pig for dirtying him.