Gingrich: Geniunely afraid this political system will not react until we lose a city

by Infidelesto on February 10, 2008 · 3 comments

Do you like this story?

Incredible clarity coming from the former Speaker. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Must watch, folks… must watch

hattip: Eye on the World

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  • harryparker410

    Sounds like Winston Churchill back in the 1930′s, practically the only one warning against those living in denial as to the enemy’s (i.e. back then, Hitler’s) intentions. The British shunned Churchill from leading the country, all those years, turning to him only on when the Nazis were literally poised to overwhelm the British nation. Perhaps Gingrich is the guy we’ll look to, if we can last that long against Islofacism and our own blindness.

  • Andrew

    He’s SO right. I think a LOT of Newt and I cannot believe I just sat here and heard him say something that I say all the time “This political system will not react until we lose a city.” Wow! Actually, very few in America will act until it happens. The crowd seems too stunned to clap when he was done. AMEN NEWT! And I also agree with what harryparker410 says. Unfortunately it’ll probably take something that bad to get people to see what a great leader Newt would make. NEWT IN ’12!

  • Guy Macher

    This is really what I fear, not that Muslims will take over, but the coming civil war and eventual tryanny of the strongman who will protect us from ourselves.

    I am afraid Newt is right. We have left this too long for it to be solved without bloodshed.

    The situation will not be helped if we elect Barack Hussein Obama. That will embolden Muslims everywhere but liberals full of guilt and blacks full of hope for revenge will vote for him.

    May God have mercy on these United States!