Hezbollah chief declares all out war on Israel

by Infidelesto on February 14, 2008 · 0 comments

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Just do it right this time, Olmert.

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hezbollah’s chief on Thursday vowed to retaliate against Israeli targets abroad after accusing Israel of taking the fight beyond Lebanese borders by assassinating militant commander Imad Mughniyeh in Syria.

“You have killed Hajj Imad outside the natural battlefield,” Hassan Nasrallah said, addressing Israel and referring to Hezbollah’s longtime contention it only fights Israel within Lebanon and along their common border.

“You have crossed the borders,” Nasrallah said in the fiery eulogy at the funeral of Mughniyeh in south Beirut. “With this murder, its timing, location and method — Zionists, if you want this kind of open war, let the whole world listen: Let this war be open.”

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