Iraqi Interpreter who Moved to America Returns to Iraq…as a US Soldier

by Infidelesto on February 24, 2008 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

Says “I want to serve this country because this country returned to me my life”.

What’s amazing is that this guy probably is more patriotic than most liberals in America. You don’t show patriotism by protesting wars, slandering your military and undermining their efforts. That’s not support. But any Lib would get so angry when you tell them they’re not patriotic. Guess what? YOUR NOT. You want real patriotism, look at this guy who has a deep appreciation for this country:

CS Monitor

LEWISTON, Maine - Safaa Wadi moved to this former mill city after his life was threatened in his native Iraq while serving as an interpreter for the US Army. He expects to soon head back to Iraq – not as a civilian interpreter, but as a US soldier.

Mr. Wadi arrived in the United States in September with a special immigrant visa for Iraqi and Afghan interpreters. But with his savings nearly depleted and unable to land a decent job, Wadi enlisted in the Army. He begins training in South Carolina Monday.

Wadi isn’t worried about returning to Iraq, where many of his countrymen considered him a traitor because he worked with American forces. His allegiance is now to the United States, he says.

“I want to serve this country because this country returned to me my life,” Wadi says. “If I had stayed in Iraq, I’d be dead now.”

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