Obama: Call to [Muslim] prayer "is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset"

by Infidelesto on February 27, 2008 · 51 comments

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Last March, Obama was interviewed by Nicholas Kristof, a New York Times Op-ed columnist. Here’s what the Times quoted Obama as saying:

NY Times

I was a little Jakarta street kid,” he said in a wide-ranging interview in his office [...]. He once got in trouble for making faces during Koran study classes in his elementary school, but a president is less likely to stereotype Muslims as fanatics — and more likely to be aware of their nationalism — if he once studied the Koran with them.

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

Has it really come to this where the uninformed minorities and their leftist overlords are going to put this guy in the White House?

It’s just shocking to imagine this guy in power.

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  • Tonto

    I’ve actually heard that “call to prayer”. Reminds me of the call of a horney, and constipated, bull elk. Obama got a thing for bull elks?

    • Loneranger

      Hey tonto, I bet your idea of a pretty sound is someone straining with a bowel movement.

    • http://www.traveLightgame.com/ ljcarolyne

      Hey Tonto where you been?

    • Danny Cummings

      You’re an imbecile.

  • http://iman-arrahma.blogspot.com/ chaker

    you’ll better listen once to that call for prayer with an open ear and then judge Mr Obama

  • http://infidelsarecool Barney Panofsky

    I definitely support conservative social and fiscal agendas, however, why must it be American and British protecting Muslim rights?
    Some say that if they leave, Sunnis and Shiites will be at each others throats. There may be a bloodbath.
    I for one am willing to accept that risk!!!
    Learn the meaning of compromise and co-existence

  • http://www.traveLightgame.com carolyne

    You better take heed America,  Obama has a plan, and his plan is to Change America into a Muslim Nation.  Read more comments by Carolyne on related posts.  IF Obama gets in:  You can bet your sweet bootee on More Muslim, More Muslim, more Islamic towers and the bedeviled sound of those friggin’ blasphemous prayers.
    Read my lips,  NO NO NO Obama , NO WAY, NO HOW!
      Tell Obama to high tail it back to Islam, and take MO with him.

    • Michael

      Geez. You hit the freaking nail on the damn head 5 years ago. I knew he was a lying POS but I hadn’t figured out what you had. nnYou’re psychic. Can I have next weeks powerball winning numbers please ?

      • Luxomni

        Amazing how time has proved this correct, but his supporters stay loyal no matter how much he deceives them.

        • Michael

          Lemmings are lemmings no matter the season or year.

    • Loneranger

      n6 years later…nyou were right Carolyn, Obama has torn down all of our churches and replaced them with mosques. I can here the calling of evening prayer as I write this. Btw, why don’t you ask bin laden waht he thinks of President Obama? Oh that’s right you can’t because he is in hell where Obama sent him.

    • Danny Cummings

      Is this a thread for hallucinatory, paranoid schizophrenics? Ya, I’m definitely in the wrong place here. Time for your meds everybody!

  • jennyjen

    Once again, Muslims are trying to infiltrate our government and the liberals are gonna let them because it would be rude to stop them. I say bring rude back- hang it on the front door, get a bumper sticker or something if you ain’t bold enough to be rude out right. I also agree with Barney’s post- I’m willing to risk a bloodbath as well. They will either take each other out or learn to co-exist and given the Muslim’s record- they’re gonna take each other out.

  • http://www.traveLightgame.com carolyne

    Again Tonto – great description of the Muslim call to prayer!!  I haven’t heard it, and I thank God for that because I know you are IN THE KNOW!

  • http://www.traveLightgame.com carolyne

    jennyjen that rude sign is good and put kill any Muslim, with it.  Thanks

    Yes that is the Muslim record, looks like an eye for an eye, or (get them before they get you – Muslim golden rule,)  Remember – RUDE


    Comment by carolyne on 3 September 2008:You better take heed America,  Obama has a plan, and his plan is to Change America into a Muslim Nation. 
    WOW … Muslim is a code word for black.  See, it’s just these types of lies that make you hardcore racist.  I know Obama … he is a member of black liberation theology.  They opposed the Muslims in the 1960’s.  Black in Black Liberation Theology by the way stood for the oppressed of any color. 

  • http://www.traveLightgame.com carolyne

    Obama Man call me a racist, from you it is a compliment.  Thanks,  sure would be grateful to be called names and a racist  from Obama and MO.  Now I do like Real African Americans but Obama is NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT American.
    I have a couple of good friends that are big, black, beautiful real women and could cut MO down to size real quick and would love the chance.   Why, MO has caused them trouble, and they just want to get back to work, have some peace. They along with many others are real sick of this Obama crap.  They are voting McCain along with Lynn Swan, Michael Steele, Juan Williams, Renee Amore, Rev Manning,  and many many more.  You, Obama, Oprah, MO, Wright are the racist, so take your racist remarks back to your lousy friends, and stay ignorant, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  You O Man are totally CLUELESS about Obama, and he wants it that way.
    News flash,  Obama is the devil in sheeps clothing!  The dumb sheeple are following him to the slaughter.  It is what it is!
    O Man, you are ignorant about some Muslim code?  Come on, we know that lie is as far as the East is from the West.   Who fed you that line. . . Obama?  LOL

  • jennyjen

    The black liberation theology bottom line is if you’re white, we don’t like you and you deserve to die. All based upon skin color, not the person wrapped in that skin. So, now that I’ve done my homework on this KKK-like group, I’m even more convinced that Obamessiah is not worthy of President status.

    • Loneranger

      Jennyjen darlin,nLike 99% of white America, your ignorance of the trials and tribulations of black history in this country would fill and overflow a football stadium.


    Comment by carolyne on 4 September 2008:News flash,  Obama is the devil in sheeps clothing!  The dumb sheeple are following him to the slaughter. 

    Obama Man: yes I know Obama and it is you who are clueless … I guess you add to my argument as long as you present no proof.  Racist always do that, look up scientific racism, you guys have been doing it for a long time.  But you hate being exposed.  I would love to discuss the facts when you share one.  

    • Tedock

      To obama man: you wouldn't listen to anything anyway. You all love keeping up the crap , so you don't have to get off the porch and keep getting your checks ,,,and yep this white house negro / muslim will see you stay there! What a sad day for AMERICA ! Yes I AM a RACIST now. Thanks to you and all your ni,,,,,,r crap that is shoved down our throats in the last 2 years.

      • Loneranger

        Tedock and Carolyne,nI bet dollars to donuts you two are Christians. If so, then why don’t you flush the hate and prejudice and try practicing what Christ taught, to LOVE one another as God loves us.


    Comment by jennyjen on 4 September 2008:The black liberation theology bottom line is if you’re white, we don’t like you and you deserve to die.
    Obama Man: Black Liberation theology was formulated at a time that blacks were persecuted, beating and lynched as well as murdered.  But I challenge you to show me one person practicing black Liberation Theology that has ever killed one of you.  “They exposed your white wrong and yet loved you.”  Pastor Jeremiah Wright YouTube.
    When you expose racist (not all white people), well NUFF SAID!


    Comment by Kal on 4 September 2008: Obama Man,Fear and intimidation have not been used since 1945.

    OBAMA MAN: It is just this type of amnesia that is always associated with racism. In fact there is not a time in history that your people (not all white people) have not used fear and intimidation.  
    Comment by Jeff on 4 September 2008:If it is acceptable for this man to call Jews sons of apes and pigs. 
    OBAMA MAN: Islam was born out of pain and suffering inflected by the Jews and Christians. There militaristic fervor comes from the need for self preservation.  You can’t kill my fathers and then I am going to be Ok with you.  We have a lot of healing to do … or my son’s are going to die under John McCain.  I am retired military and I will tell you that I do not agree with Islam but I understand their anger to insensitivity. But what do you care about that, you are white.

    • Cohakv

      And the Jews don’t have a right to be as militaristic as the Muslims? Or practically any other race in the history of the world??? The point is, we can argue racism, etc. until we’re blue in the face. The fact remains that Obama has proven himself unreliable, unprofessional, unpricipled and downright incompetent as a President. Most of these posts were 1 – 2 years ago. I wonder what most of you think now???

  • Kal

    Obama man, DUDE, seriously, get your head out of your ass, I am NOT white. And it would make zero difference if I was. Islam was NOT born out of the suffering of Arabs at the hands of Christians and Jews. Islam was born out of a delusion Muhammad had which led him to con his family into believing it was ok for him to have sex with a 9 year old girl, who he married at 6. The delusion then spread by the sword, since no one would listen to him otherwise. You claim muslims are bitter due to white insensitivity. I guess that makes it ok then that Arab muslims invaded and occupied North Africa 1000 years ago, and still hold sway. I guess that makes it ok that muslims in Africa are killing Christians, animists and pagans. I guess that makes it ok that muslims took over 1 million Europeans of all colors as slaves (They called themselves the berbers). I guess it is ok then that Arab muslims still have slavery in full practice TODAY. I see it every day, slaves from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Malaysia, Singapore, and even other Arab nations. I guess that is also the fault of the white man. Just like the muslim invasion of Europe, and the establishment of the muslim caliphate in Spain (many words in Spanish are Arabic in origin). Amnesia? I would rather suffer from amnesia than whatever delusion it is you seem to be stuck in.

  • Kal

    And for the record, I DO LIVE in a muslim country, and have lived in two different ones over the last 5 years.


    Kal, are you kidding me with this garbage … this is typical racial self righteous  crap … white Christians conquered killed and in slaved more than the Muslims ever could.  You show men one thing that the Muslims are doing now and I can show you 100 things in several countries that the Christians are murdering people.  It is estimated that in the east African Slave Trade 4 million Africans were killed.  In the Christian Transatlantic slave trade over 100 million blacks were murdered.   You haven’t stop killing people directly and indirectly around the world. 
    Be careful on your reply, because if you reply the way I think you will, I am going to fry you all in your own boiling oil. Shame on you for being forgetful of your own evil. 
    By the way it is not the fault of the White man, but there were a lot of white men that could have stopped Islam in its infancy, but those white nations were dishonest and Murders.  This is not an issue skin it is an issue of Sin.   And by the way there are always people in all countries and races to support this sin, just look at Fox News!

    • Cohakv

      Did you realize that the slave trade started with black men selling black men? PEOPLE are evil, not just white people or black people. And it will always be that way until God returns and changes it. Islam started way back with Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. It was Abraham’s lack of faith in God that started the whole mess and divided a people. Was Abraham white? Does it even matter? Not in my book it doesn’t! Love is the answer, but we are not capable of true love…that only comes from God. Bless you.

      • Beejj

        I don’t know when slavery, as distinct from the slave trade, began, but it’s an undeniable fact that not a single slave would have been taken out of Africa without the consent of tribal chiefs. Blacks hate being reminded of this. They enjoy using the slavery issue for political and emotional blackmail (!).

        • Kal_El

          Slavery has been around as long as man has organized into communities. It started in Africa, and continues today, compliments of islam.

      • Kal_El

        Love did not defeat the Nazis or the Imperial Japanese. Superior firepower did. Had we tried your philosophy, this conversation would be taking place in either German or Japanese. Assuming my grandparents hadn’t been exterminated by victorious Germany…

      • SirWilhelm

        What evidence do you have that Islam started with Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar? What lack of faith in God by Abraham do you speak of? Abraham was a Sumerian, a survivor of the “mysterious” destruction of Sumeria immediately after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, it matters, not what race he was, but why he and his people became “God’s Chosen”. And what book is yours? Love is the answer. God is, we are in God, God is in us. Bless you too.


    Bythe way, you cannot hide that you are white … no one else would try to justify murder, pain or torture.

    • Cohakv

      REALLY? Only white men try to justify murder, pain or torture? You contradict yourself since in one of your posts you justify the Muslem’s anger and, consequently, murder and mayhem. Come on!!! At least be rational and honest!

  • Andrew

    Hello all, I haven’t stopped by in a while thanks to a torn aorta and near-death experience but I’M ALIVE! One more pork-eating infidel for the cause!

    So, where’d you guys find this OBAMA MAN? He’s pretty entertaining. Let me see if I understand it all; all the white people alive right now are murdering, pain and torture dealing, slave owners huh? And all whites alive are directly responsible for that right now, today? Uh-huh. Oh, and Fox News is in on it too? Wow. So let’s see the 100 things there sparky. We are waiting. Was that Fox News who set up camp there hundreds of years ago and sold them to the white man? Oh, and please comment on those who sold those slaves and took slaves themselves. You can find lots of examples in the Koran. 

    PS – Kal handed it to you so good luck with that.

  • jennyjen

    Just for the record- I have never persecuted, beat, lynched or killed anyone of any race. Hey Andrew, glad you’re OK and yeah, Obama Man is somewhat entertaining, mostly laughable though. He thinks Obama is qualified to be President of this country and has a major chip on his shoulder about slavery. I’m pretty sure he’s never been a slave nor met a slave-owner but we are a treacherous group of white devils up in here and he wants us to know that. :)

  • Tonto (USA)

    Obama man is a punk ass.  The USA has done more for blacks for the last 60 years than any other group in history, and they’re still flat on their lazy asses. Fuck ‘em!  It was WHITES that fought, bled and died freeing their asses in the first place, and they have beeen acting like whiney bitches ever since.  (Obama man is a good example) . I have no respect for most of them and huge respect for the ones that shook themselves out of that shit and start acting like their own persons. Gangstas and punk ass rappers don’t impress me at all….they’re punks.  My sister could kick all their asses.

  • jennyjen

    @ Tonto- AMEN!!!! Its about time to drop this politically correct shit and get down to brass tacks and hard facts! You did it Tonto- I salute your testicular fortitude! Keep on keepin on!

  • http://www.traveLightgame.com carolyne

    Thank you Tonto and jennyjen – but don’t say that so any one can hear you,  Ha Ha they’ll call you a bigot.  I was never for Obama and got accused of that, since I tried to keep him out of the election, well I would have done anything to do that.  So I tried to get people that would, before changing their voting registration,  vote Hillary then switch to vote Republican.  You got a do what you got a do.! I could care less about what people call me, I’m tired of this Obama crap and people fawning all over him, Oprah and the elite media licking his butt, nasty.  Obama is a gangster of the first order, a thug.  He is a Muslim lover and do they love Obama, you bet.  He’s also a chicken, and pathological liar.  He doesn’t want to debate McCain, but Newt Gingrich is forcing his hand.

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  • Sandy Sandypat26

    Why does this not surprise me. If more of our media printed the truth then all Americans would know the truth. They elected him and then leave him alone because they don’t want to admit they’re wrong.

    • SirWilhelm

      That’s a big “if”. Most of the MSM still supports him without question, and I don’t think it’s because “they don’t want to admit they’re wrong”. It’s because they support everything he’s done and still wants to do. And they think Americans can’t handle the truth, their version of the truth, that we’re ignorant and stupid, and they know what’s better for us than we do.

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  • http://twitter.com/marketingnews3 marketing news

    Obama needs to go.  Enough said.  

  • frednova

    If he thinks some dude giving a loud whiny howl at 5 am is pretty…..I need to sell him a bridge I own in Brooklyn.

  • Anonymous

    More of this info should be reiterated in the media, most people have no idea of Obama’s Eastern sympathies…