Romney easily wins Maine Caucus

by Infidelesto on February 3, 2008 · 0 comments

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More positive momentum for Romney heading into Super Tuesday

According to the Associated Press, Mitt Romney won 53% of the vote, followed not at all closely by John McCain, who won 21% and Ron Paul, who won 19%.

Mr. Romney’s campaign spent money to turn out voters, whereas Mr. McCain’s did not. But every statewide elected official was with McCain, and Sens. Snowe and Collins spoke at caucuses on Maine’s behalf. The Romney campaign’s star campaigner in the state was eldest son Tagg.

Turnout was said to be unusually high even as an ice storm cut off parts of the state.

The Romney campaign released a fairly pro forma statement, saying Mainers “cast a vote for conservative change.”

Maine sends 21 delegates to the national convention.

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