The Muslim Brotherhood's "Grand Jihad" in Toledo

by Infidelesto on February 25, 2008 · 5 comments

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The Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim American Society: two sides of the same Islamic extremist coin.

It might only be the shores of Lake Erie, but the Muslim Brotherhood has established an invasion beachhead in Toledo. The most recent landing by the international Islamic extremist organization was last weekend when the Muslim American Society (MAS) – the ideological arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US, identified as such by the Department of Justice in a court filing back in December – held a conference at the University of Toledo. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Department of Homeland Security recently added Toledo to the list of high-risk terrorism areas.

Read the whole thing (videos/details)…great post at Central Ohioans against Terrorism

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  • harryparker410

    Ditto on this post. Our 1st amendment guarantees their right to say what they want. However, we should have undercover agents from Homeland Security infiltrate such organizations, to catch and stop unlawful conspiracies to commit inssurection and terrorist acts. We can’t afford to wait. Also, we should have massive demonstrations against the Islamo fascists teachings of these Wahabi teachers.

  • Tonto

    If the 1st ammendment guarantees THEIR right to say what they want, and they say we should all convert to their bogus religion or be killed, why can’t I excersize MY 1st ammendment right and tell them, convert to Christianity or die? Why not just cut to the chase and open season on their ass? Tell me again, why is there a big ass mosque outside Toledo? Ain’t been burned down yet? Huh, imagine that.

  • Jen

    Wow, you two sound like a pair of real geniuses. No wonder the rest of the world thinks that Americans are ignorant. Extremists in every religion are bad…you think those Christian extremists involved in the Oklahoma bombings should represent all Christians? Why don’t you go back to work? I’ll need some fries with my next order.

  • Infidelesto

    Jen don’t be a total moron. The Oklahoma city bombing was committed by criminals who were caught and justice was served when McVeigh was put to death. That’s one incident in how many years? Oh I don’t know, 15 years is it? 1 attack by christians in 15 years is slightly distorted when you consider the overwhelming acts of terror committed by Muslims EVERY FREAKIN DAY around the world.

    Or do you not follow the news? Guess not

    I get so sick and tired of you leftist retards who use the Oklahoma city bombing example as if it has any kind of intellectual value to it. It’s pathetic, uninformed people like you who drag this country into the gutter with your mindless arguments.

    Please, please educate yourself before you spew the argument of an 11 year old.

    Come to think of it, fries sound good, can you drop some ranch in the bag too?

  • Tonto

    So, tell me, when was the last frickin’ time you saw 10,000 Christians, foamin’ at the mouth, in a massive protest, screamin’ “Death to….(fill in the blank)”. Only musliwackos do that. And kill little girls fo failing to wear a head scarf, or for talking to a boy? Sheeeez oh Pete!!! Oh, Gerty, I’m gunna strap a bomb to my ass and kill me some rag heads and go see Jesus! Right. What a butthole!