This Moderate Muslim has a dirty little secret

by Infidelesto on February 17, 2008 · 14 comments

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Ever have a feeling that your “moderate” Muslim colleague/friend has other ideas in his head about this country? Could it be true that he actually DOESN’T want this country to stay free and democratic? Does it ever cross your mind that he doesn’t actually like the freedoms he so dearly has here, and rather would like to see Islamic rule be the law of the land someday?

I came across this post from a so-called moderate Muslim today which shows clearly his dirty little secret.

Total and utter disdain for anything “American”, “Christian” or “Jew”.

The other day, I attended an awards banquet for a Muslim organization. I was extremely surprised when I arrived. This was supposed to be a group of people, “doing the right thing” Islamically. They were supposed to be the religious Muslims, yet there they were, unveiled woman after unveiled woman. All the men were in Western suits, with barely a beard in the place. Other than the accents, there was nothing to distinguish these people from the non-Muslims. Had I seen it from far, I might have thought this was a group of non-Muslim Hispanics.

Why do I bring this up? Well had it stopped there, it would have been bad enough, but these people took it to a higher level. The ceremony itself was American figurehead after figurehead (Oh you dam Americans! -ed), from representatives, to mayors to Bank CEO’s. Once, the local Police Commissioner “stopped by” to say hello, and they halted all proceedings to give him an opportunity to speak. This man was completely ignorant of Islam. Made an inane comment about Persian rugs, and how “his people” love our rugs. What really struck me about this is that the Muslims actually clapped when he said it.

These Muslims were like dogs at the feet of their master, waiting for any scrap he might throw from his table. It did not matter what he threw, they took it as a sign of love and affection. During the dinner, I had to actually step out of the place because, of all things, they had a singer. Now get this. He was singing “God Bless America”!!!!! God Bless America! I was flabbergasted. Here was a Muslim, singing a song about blessing America which was written by a Jew for a nation of Christians. How far we have fallen from that “best of Statures” in which Allah created us.

I am not saying that we should hate this land, the opposite. This LAND belongs to Allah, as do all the lands of this earth. We should work hard to make this land a Muslim land. What I am saying is that the way to do this is not by bending down to the feet of the non-Muslims and puckering up! We are not supposed to be clamoring after them, seeking their approval.

As you can see this Muslim moderate living in America has other ideas for this country. He may be here, living off the prosperous American economy, living off the freedoms he’s granted but hates so much, doing his best to “make this land a Muslim land” using our own system against us, hoping to create, one day, a Sharia ruled “Islamic States of America”.

I find it difficult, as an Infidel, to distinguish the good Muslims, from the bad ones. A lot of the time, Taqiya (lying sanctioned by Islam for Jihad) rules the hearts and minds of many so-called moderates living amongst us. Do they love Freedom more than the Islamic political system? I guess we’ll never know until their actions like this post shows otherwise what side they’re really on. We should question them and we should be suspicious. There is no fault in that.

There are TWO arms of the War on Islamic terror:

  • There is the Violent arm in which our boys our fighting abroad, snuffing out the terrorists wherever they find them
  • Then there is the ever important Political arm of the war on terror in which we are fighting and we will continue to fight against until this war is won.

Just a note: This blogger finished off his post with this:

We need to realize that these people are not our friends. Have the tragedies in Bosnia and Kosova taught us nothing? Did we not learn from the fact that the moment they have the opportunity, they will exterminate us? Has the current suffering of the Iraqi people taught us nothing? Its time to open our eyes. Look to the behavior of the Americans in the past. They fight against a country, destroy it, and rebuild it in their own image. Look to Germany and Japan as the prime examples. All they need is to get their foot in the door.

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  • Al X

    Actually, I said I posted it from another website and another author. Her words, not mine. I’m afraid you missed the point of why I posted. I’m not a moderate, anyway, and yes I do live in America and I feel entitled to its benefits and none of its budrens. That sentiment is another topic of discussion but it has more to do with my race than my religion. I don’t feel that African American Baptitsts owe America anything or that Native Americans of any religion owe the US of A. There is something called tuqiyah which is allowed, but the only contexts in which I’ve heard of it are 1) when necessary in warfare and 2) the hard-core Shia Muslims do this in order to fool Sunnis if they harbor hostility to Muhammad’s companions.
    Let me thank you, though for this website about not trusting moderates. You have proven our Qur’an true in verses 2:120, 5:51 and others that say that if we are in fact Muslim, you won’t like or trust us. You are God’s wake-up call to the moderates.

    • kafira

      what a bunch of islamic bullkaka, AI X. Why dont you post the verse that says to not take us as friends, or the one about smiting our necks and fingertips? Kuffar are waking up.


    Well it looks like another one got radicalized just reading this post.

    His taqiyya is sub par however.Everyone knows Muslims are forbidden to take the unbelievers as friends so his whine is a blazingly false one.

    Can we get some respected muslim scholars in here please and not the light weights?

    • Trimmel146

      I am in India and when I was new I had had Muslim students not talking to me because I am a KAFIR! This is the radical city(Taqiyya Professionals) of Hyderabad in South India, a hot bed of terror masterminds controlled by Pakistani based Islamic Seminaries which in turn are supported by the Islamic Government of Pakistan! I am not worth talking to even though I scored way lot better than them, always tried initiating a conversation, have a well educated family, a father who is a post grad from USA, a liberal, know more about Islam than the jackasses knew of any other religions! No wonder everybody in India calls these muzzies as traitors!!! They can’t do good to anybody, ever!

      • hellosnackbar

        Welcome Trimmel,
        It’s good to get opinions from citizens of the subcontinent who’ve had to put up with the religion of peace for centuries.
        It’s a measure of your civilised fortitude that they haven’t been dealt with more severely.
        It tickles me that some of the better adjusted play cricket for India and are there on merit.
        Zaheer Khan is without question India’s best bowler.

  • Rudy

    His whine is taqqiya at its best (worst?) Muslim scholar is an oxymoron, since education promotes free thought, something forbidden in islam. That is why anyone who questions the preachings of the pedophile mohammed is labeled an apostate and sentenced to death or killed, if he/she can be caught.

  • Humbled Infidel

    Thanks for posting this article.

    This is a perfect post to go with this article. It’s called “Moderates?”

  • Hellosnackbar

    Here’s a collection of videos debunking the absurdities of “revealed science”in the Koranus.

  • Olivertwist10

    i just hate muslims….they are really dirty…..they are cruel…they look down women….whole world is victim of their dirty thinking.,….this world would have been a better place without muslims..


    As always, I regret repeating myself over and over again about this rather relevant issue: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “MODERATE” IN ISLAM. To those whom keep saying so, I tell you to cease and desist.
     There are different levels of virulence and methods, but their ultimate goal is grim and well-known: The ISLAMIZATION of the free world.
     Hollow euphemisms aimed to appease the extremely well-oiled muslim P.R. machine like ” MILITANT”, “FREEDOM FIGHTER”, “RESISTENCE”, “ISLAMITE”, “ISLAMOPHOBE” are so pervasive within our lamestream media that I find solace only in blogs like IAC. Here, the cyanide pill won’t be sugarcoated or being packaged and adorned with panda bears or other fluffy animals to make life easier. 
     We have got an ENEMY and the sooner we learn how to deal with, the better.

  • Samson

    Hitler shall return and gas the muzlims with pig vapour.

  • Son of God.

    allah is satan. muhammad was a terrorist pedophile. Jesus Christ is God. America is doomed because obama is a rag-head in disguise. I see more and more evil Christian and Jew hating rag-head wife beaters at my school every semester. They all love obama’s black ass. Albert Einstein was a Jew. Christopher Columbus was a Jew. Abraham Lincoln was one of the world’s most famous Christians. muslims are loud, dirty and obnoxious, and need to stay in iraq and just keep killing eachother. The obama-care microchip (verichip) is the mark of the beast. Jesus will soon retrun and fullfil Bible prophecy. “No man will see the kingdom of heaven unless he is born-again by the Holy Spirit.” – Jesus

  • oz

    any chance we can slaughter all muslims and do the world a favour disgusting creatures

  • Devils Dog

    Sadly the muslim man will not walk this earth for much longer. Islam has already dammed the faith and it will be shattered and cast to the void by their own making.