Traitor: Al Jazeera interviews momma moonbat

by Infidelesto on February 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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Cindy Sheehan in Cairo interviewed by Al Jazeera

It’s one thing to be an anti-war code-pink moonbat, but this is just down-right traitorous.  Sheehan is in Cairo this month protesting the incarceration of some “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood members (not that there is such a thing).

“My family was treated like the Muslim Brotherhood” 

Al Jazeera asks:

Aljazeera: But what does the US have to do with a military trial in Egypt?

Cindy Sheehan: If we [America] really want to promote democracy in this region then we cannot silence the voices of the Muslim Brotherhood because they’re the moderate voice here and they are the ones who are actually working for democracy.

Aljazeera: Have you spoken to many of the families of the defendants in the military trial? Have you spoken to many female members of the Brotherhood mother-to-mother?

Cindy Sheehan: My conversations with the mothers and children of the detainees have been really emotional. They told me about the hardships [the arrests and trials] have placed on their families, from financial hardships to emotional and physical hardships.

It is very emotional for me because my family has gone through the same things since my son died. It has been really hard for us.

Exit question:

Why doesn’t she be a good dhimmi and cover her face? Even I could agree with that.

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