New low for UK: "Don't teach children patriotism"

by Infidelesto on February 1, 2008 · 2 comments

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Another “I hate myself” news story from the UK

Leftism rocks!

Patriotism should be avoided in school lessons because British history is “morally ambiguous”, a leading educational body recommends.

History and citizenship lessons should stick to the bare facts rather than encouraging loyalty to Britain when covering subjects such as the Second World War or the British Empire, the Institute of Education researchers said. Teachers should not instill pride in what they consider great moments of British history, as more shameful episodes could be downplayed or excluded.

The slave trade, imperialism and 20th century wars should be taught as controversial issues while students are deciding how they feel about their country, the report says.

Three quarters of teachers felt obliged to tell students about the danger of patriotism. The survey suggested neither pupils nor teachers wanted patriotism endorsed by schools.

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  • harryparker410

    These people are Globalist fools. History shows that they will not see the danger of their positions until they and their families are about to be killed before their eyes. Then, just maybe, they’ll understand why groups of people need nation states to provide them security, and why patriotism is essential to survival in this bent world. But probably not even then. But worse, they’re going to get us killed. That’s what makes me mad.

  • danbaxley

    I can agree with your sentiment, and understand the anger. I have been watching this “Globalist” activity for so many years as to come to the conclusion that it is going to take more than mere mortals to solve the problem they, the “globalist” are determined to bring on this Earth. In fact, this idea of a “World Order” goes hand in hand with the Globalist ideology and this has all been going on long before you or I or anyone in this century can remember. Some have tried to pin a tail on this donkey without firm success. I suggest that this diabolical plan, this idea of a “One World Government” comes from outside of mankind’s faculties. I could be wrong but how determined can these earth-movers be when they know they will never see the fruits of their labor? I can understand religion and its motivator — so, is it possible the Globalist are part of some great religion that keeps them focused? Hum, I’m wondering, perhaps a higher intelligence is master-minding this? Makes me wonder? Hang in there Harryparker, this World can always use a few angry men and women. Peace, Dan