Dhimmis rallying against Geert Wilders

by Infidelesto on March 7, 2008 · 14 comments

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There has been a website formed to protest Geert Wilders film.

It’s basically full of Leftist dhimmis and “moderate” Islamists. I don’t see any free-speech supporters who disagree with the film. heh…

I would respect them if they protested Wilders, but still supported his free speech rights. Instead, they’re condoning the threats of violence against Wilders and the Dutch people by not supporting his rights to free speech.

Another pathetic display of dhimmitude and leftism. “Peace now” and lay down with the enemy, and hope they don’t kill you. Yea, that’ll work.

It’s called Not Our Opinion. Here’s their headline

Mr. Geert Wilders has made open statements about prohibiting the Koran in The Netherlands and demanding the total assimilation of non-western cultures.

With the possible release of his film “Fitna” Wilders endangers the Dutch society abroad and in his own country at this moment.

I no longer sit still and say nothing:
I do not share his opinions, neither approve of his film.
Because Geert Wilders’ opinion is not my opinion.

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  • Storm-Rider

    It is evil to tolerate evil.

    Peace under tyranny is not peace.

  • http://www.notouropinion.com notouropinion

    The website is not anti of pro islam. We believe everyone has the freedom of speech. Wilders has it, but has misused it.

    The main concerning issue for us is that we believe with his film Wilders creates a culture of fear in Holland. We are known to be the most tolerant country. And with the petition we say: Wilders’ film campaign is not the opinion of “the Netherlands”.

    Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Bodo

    In response to “notouropinion”: Your website is a great example of cowardice. Culture of fear has already been created by intolerance and extremism of muslims in the west. Looks like it doesn’t bother you that muslims protest freedom of speech in your streets. Yet you don’t create websites against that. You don’t create websites against suicide bombers, extreme religious terrorism. But when your native steps up and speaks up you tug your tail between your knees and run.

  • http://www.fitnathemovie.co.uk Geert wilders

    UK version Fitna movie to be released on 23rd March 2008 on:


  • Rudy


    I would think the brutal murder of Theo van Gogh, by a muslim fanatic, for making a similar film, would have created the culture of fear. Or perhaps the threats of peaceful muslims against those who dare voice a critical opinion of the cult of islam???


    Notouopinion is not tucking his tail between his legs and running, he is lifting it and bending over to take one in the rear from islam. Ask any maid who has been violated by her employer(slavemaster) in the arab world. Working in Kuwait I hear stories about this type of savagery.

  • Wafa

    It’s so sad to see and hear all your negetive thoughts on Islam Mr. Wilders. However, this is your free will and like everyone else, your right to freedom of speech. I pray that you open your heart and mind and realize that lack of knowledge can become a dark whole for ignorance. For some it may be hard to get out. We are all ONE humane race, we ALL came from ONE God and to Him WE will ALL return. The Quran clearly states the one who kills a person is as if he has killed the whole human race and the one who saves one human it’s as if he has saved the whole human race. In the quran it also states how we should respect eachother and the Books that have come before ( the Tarah and the Bible). I do not condon anyone who kills inocent people in the name of God but I do condon someone who defends his Home and land from people or a nation who’s trying to kill them and rob them of thier freedom of simply living. Mr. Wilders, with respect has a human being I as truly hope that you stop turning a blind eye to the truth

    • ADIZZY999

      lol you people take the biscuit, islam respects no one, especially its own women. Israel is one of the noblest nations on this planet and you savages want to see it removed. You praise and follow a murdering raping paedophile and expect the world to respect you. We may as all respect Hitler, who you savages helped in WW2 to kill the Jews. You are all satans children, the sooner you all get cancer and die the better for this planet!!!

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  • Confucion

    I am confused, were can I see this blasfemish movie?

  • Rudy

    Confucion, I will be obtaining copies of movie, and posting it in several locations online. The more places I post it, the more likely the terrorists cannot censor me :D

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  • Hubert


    In your statement of March 19th, you state “… I do condon someone who defends his Home and land from people or a nation who’s trying to kill them and rob them of thier freedom of simply living.”

    If that is the case, why is it so wrong for citizens of “western” nations to desire to preserve and protect the nature and style of life that has developed in their countries? Why should they not seek to prevent citizens of another civilization from coming in and seeking to usurp or overthrow what they have established and nurtured over the generations?

    If Islam is indeed such a peaceful religion, then why is it that so many of current times most violent actions against “non-believers” or “non-conformist” believers (Sunni against Shia) being performed by those who profess to doing them in the name of Allah

  • ADIZZY999

    The nearest politician in the UK with a spine to rival Geert Wilders is Nick Griffin. I dont want to hear all the shit about fascism and The BNP, Nick has said he is not a fascist and that is good enough for me. At present he is the only one who will stand up to the islamic shite that is bankrupting my country!!! If the labour/communist government win again in the next election this country will be islamified within its term of office!!! The Torys will be worse than labour!!!