Disgusting Reuters propaganda

by Infidelesto on March 3, 2008 · 1 comment

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The pathetic biased nature of Reuters has hit a new low. Guess which side they’re on? Inspired by God, Hamas fighters battle on

GAZA, March 3 (Reuters) – Abu Mohammed picked up his rifle, said farewell to his wife and six children and went out to face the Israeli tanks, helicopter gunships and missile-firing airborne drones.

“Being unable to defeat Israel is no reason to surrender,” the Hamas fighter said with a smile as he headed to the Gaza Strip’s front line last Saturday, ignoring pleas from his family to stay.

“My children and wife are very dear to me,” he said. “But reward in Heaven and the homeland are dearer.”

The 38-year-old furniture salesman says he is not afraid to die for the cause of destroying Israel and forging a Palestinian state on all Israel’s territory, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

To Israel and its allies, Abu Mohammed and his comrades are Jew-hating terrorists. But Abu Mohammed sees himself on a mission from God to rescue his people from 60 years of misery as refugees since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948.

hattip: LGF

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  • Trey Cruz

    Now, let get this straight: The Palistinians are hate filled dirt bags for wanting to recover the land that was their home for over two millenia while the Israelis whose parents, grandparents, and assorted ancestors had been native to Europe for the last two millenia and received title to the land from the UN [who didn't own it in the first place] are forced to kill the Palestinians out of………love???
    Well, …….good…….I think I understand now…….really.
    I feel so much better now that we’ve settled this.