Islamists Target Aid Groups in Pakistan

by Kal El on March 20, 2008 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

This is the gratitude muslims extend to those who only wish to help them.

NY Times

MANSEHRA, Pakistan (AP) — Long-haired gunmen burst into the white stone building and killed four charity workers helping earthquake victims, then wrecked the office with grenades and set it on fire. Police came, but did not intervene.In a tactic reminiscent of neighboring Afghanistan, Islamic militants are attacking aid groups in the Pakistan’s volatile northwest, and local authorities appear incapable — or unwilling — to stop them.
The threat has forced several foreign agencies to scale back assistance to survivors of the October 2005 earthquake that killed at least 78,000 people and left 3 million homeless — risking the region’s recovery from the worst natural disaster in the country’s history.

Read the rest of the story here for another brutal example of terrorists targeting civilians.

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