Hezbollah training kids as young as 6

by Infidelesto on March 28, 2008 · 1 comment

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Our children will face this danger if we don’t do something about it…

Time Magazine

The camp trains some 200 children (boys and a few girls ages 6 to 18) about a dozen of whom live in the barracks full time, several having dropped out of school. Here they learn to use firearms, practice hand-to-hand combat, and are taught Palestinian nationalist ideology. In these photos, blindfolded young fighters disassemble and re-assmble assault rifles (above), and make presentations about the specifications and capabilities of various common weapons, including rocket propelled grenades (below) [I didn't reproduce the pictures - follow the link to see them. CiJ].

The mainstream Palestinian political parties in in Lebanese camps are more militant than their counterparts in Israel and the occupied territories, in part because they represent refugees. Since most Palestinians in Lebanon are descendants of those who fled during the 1948 war that led to the creation of Israel, they are particularly concerned that their right to return to their lands and homes will be negotiated away or watered down in a peace settlement.

hattip: Israel Matzav

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  • Lebanese

    How did you relate Hezballah to the training in the Palestinian camps?

    The Americans are the ones asking to nationalize Palestinians inside Lebanon and Hezballah is against nationalizing them. They (Hezballah) are with making them return to their homeland – Palestine.