Honor killer admits, justifies Islamic savagery

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Islam in Europe reports and translates:

Ashraf Mohammed was sentenced in September 2003 for 14 years for killing his daughter, Sonay (14). In February 2002 she was beaten and then thrown into Presto harbor, where she drowned.

Her father had always denied he killed her, but apparently he had admitted to the murder in a letter he had sent his brother. The letter was written on March 7, 2005, and in it Ashraf asks his brother Jabbar to help Sonay’s mother, Suheyla.

The Sonya case was Denmark’s first big honor-murder case. The 14 year old Iraqi immigrant girl refused to follow the cultural and religious norms of her former homeland. She had Danish boyfriends, met with them in town and in at least one case had sex with them. Her behavior shamed her parents, who had moved to Næstved in 1998. Two years before she was killed, her father was sentenced for violence against her. She was removed from her home, but the social services later decided that the family could have contact with her.

This piece of garbage writes a letter to his brother threatening him with death unless he carries out his own dirty work, and in the process admits to the brutal slaying of his own daughter:

Here is the translated letter he wrote to his brother:


This are my last words with you. I will say to you that this world is too small and it’s possible we’ll meet one day in Iraq or another country. God’s earth is big. If you don’t help Suheyla in this crisis, you’ll have conflicts with me. I will murder you like I murdered the infidel Sonay.

She wanted to do perversity every day with the infidel swine. She had committed perversity two times before me and I murdered her with my own hand.

It’s perversity. God, praised and glorified says: don’t pervert the earth – and the infidel say that they are good.

Read the holy koran then you’ll understand Islam.


Read the whole letter

Sources: Ekstrabladet, TV2, Nyhedsavisen (Danish), h/t Hodja (Danish)

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