Hope for Turkey as trial is approved to outlaw Islamist party

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Great news for Turks battling with Islamists who want slowly re-institute Islamic Law in Turkey one law at a time. As you know, Turkey is a secular nation with a secular military, but has come under increased pressure to instill more pro-Islamic laws throughout now that a Pro-Islamist Prime Minister (Erdogan) and Pro-Islamist President (Gul) are in power.  Now the courts will decide whether to ban the Islamist party from power.

Fantastic news for our ally, Turkey.


Turkey’s constitutional court has decided unanimously to hear a case aimed at closing down the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK).

The party is to face charges of anti-secular Islamic activities after the chief prosecutor filed a petition calling for the party to be closed.

The case is certain to revive a battle between Turkey’s secularist establishment and the AK Party of devout Muslims.

Four out of the 11 judges opposed the trial of President Abdullah Gul, who is alleged to have issued pro-Islamic memorandums to diplomatic missions abroad when he was foreign minister between 2002 and 2007.

However, they were overruled by the other seven judges who said the trial should also cover Gul.

What’s incredible is that the Prime Minister and President could actually be banned from political power for 5 years if convicted…WOW

Turkey’s top prosecutor prepared a 162-page indictment accusing the AK Party of systematically undermining the secular state.

The central pillar of the case is the government’s changing the constitution to ease a ban on religious headscarves in universities. The decision outraged supporters of the secular state.

Under the same case Prime Minister Erdogan and the President Abdullah Gul along with 69 other leading members of the AK Party are facing a political ban of five years if convicted.

The constitutional court has banned 18 parties since the 1982 constitution.

Political commentator Mehmet Ali Birand says Turkey is now in dangerous waters.

“There is a great risk. It is unbelievable. I could not believe it when I heard, but it is serious. Can they close the party down? When you look at the record of the court it is possible,” he said.

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