How do Muslims fight Islamophobia?

by Kal El on March 24, 2008 · 2 comments

Do you like this story?

  • By reforming islam and bringing it into the 21st century?
  • By stopping their funding, support and participation in terrorism against non muslims?
  • By ceasing their calls for the destruction of Israel, revenge against the EU for printing cartoons of the pedophile Muhammed, and death to America?

NAH, that would be too civilized. Instead we get this…

OIC Wants ‘Binding Legal Instrument’ to Fight Islamophobia( – An international humanist organization has warned that Islamic governments are trying to use the United Nations to shut down free speech. The warning comes as a bloc of Islamic states is holding a summit with “Islamophobia” high on the agenda.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Thursday began a meeting in Senegal, with the shadow of Danish cartoons satirizing Mohammed and a Dutch lawmaker’s film criticizing the Koran hanging heavily over the gathering.

The 57-member bloc is considering a report by a new body set up to monitor instances of what many Muslims view as growing prejudice against them and their religion, particularly in the years since 9/11.

Funny, from everything I see, it is NON-Muslims who are being discriminated against, including:

  • Theo van Gogh being slaughtered in the streets of Amsterdam by a Muslim savage for making a film critical of the Quran
  • Geert Wilders’ website being censored for showing the Quran
  • Danish cartoonists being fatwa’ed for drawing the pedophile Mohammed with a bomb in his turban (ok that IS inaccurate, since suicide bombers hide their bombs in their man-dresses, they are right to have grievances against that.)
  • Christian CLERGYMEN being attacked on Holy Ground
  • civilians repeatedly targeted (such as the school kids shot up by a palestinian terrorist two weeks ago)
  • civilian contractors in Iraq kidnapped, then decapitated on video
  • Jewish and Christian holy sites being ransacked by Muslims
  • Muslim cab drivers in the US refusing fares with seeing eye dogs and fares who are carrying alcohol
  • to Israel being relentlessly pelted with rockets

All while the dhimmis in the UN call any defensive retaliation an act of terror because terrorists use civilian homes to hide and launch their rockets.Terrorism, violence, hatred, burning the flags of GREAT COUNTRIES (Denmark, the US, the UK, etc..) is ok.

Point out the truth that Islam is nothing more than a violent, mysoginistic cult created by a pedophile, that’s a no-no…

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  • Storm-Rider

    Of course Islamophobia is a lie, but if you scream a lie loud enough and often enough through a mass media of useful idiots, it will be believed by quite a few people.

    Phobia is an irrational fear, as opposed to regular old rational fear. Now who in the hell is afraid of peaceful Muslims who only want to worship God and pray in their Mosques? That would be a case of Islamophobia.

    The fly in the ointment here is that Islam also carries a totalitarian form of law and political action known as Sharia. Sharia is evil because it is totalitarian, like Nazi law was totalitarian; and it sanctions Islamic supremacism rather than the idea that all people are created equal. Sharia law is bigoted against Jews and Christians and other non-Muslims, who are relegated to second-class citizenship under the Islamic government; and who must pay a special tax known as Jizyah whose purpose is to enrich the Muslim overlord and reinforce submission, shame and inferiority on the so-called Kaffir.

    Islam is also contaminated by the evil of Jihad, which today is manifested by murder and assassination, mass murder, coercion, suicide bombings, rape etc. Today’s Islamic Jihad is asymmetrical warfare.

    To fear Islamic Sharia and Islamic Jihad is rational fear, not Islamophobia.

  • Rudy

    Jihad was essentially the same in the 7th century, just ask the descendants of the Jews muhammad decapitated and enslaved. Oh, wait, he left no descendants alive…