Islamic hate mail roundup

by Infidelesto on March 20, 2008 · 8 comments

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Good to know the Religion of peace, understanding and dialogue are keeping up with IAC.

hey infidel today u die.

and this:

hey zion bitch the african boyz put them ak bullets in the zionist terror den .if u fuck with the african boyz, them african boyz will put them ak bullets in u ass.

and this:

you will be dead
als je deze film uitzend ga je 100% dood
door een ISLAM

and finally:

Yes i can not believe on Holocaust. Jews have a way of blinding people.  We Love Hitler.  He was a brave and great German Leader.  God Bless him.  Long Live Hitler

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  • Rudy

    Well in all fairness,
    Every day you die a little. It’s an ongoing process :P
    And of course those camelbangers love Hitler, he committed suicide, same as so many of those cowards in islam do!

  • Andrew

    Yea, nice bunch of comments from the cowards who hide in towns and mosques and behind women and children. All we want is for you to come out and play face to face like men. Hitler would have never fought like a coward and been afraid to face his enemy on the battlefield like a man so I seriously doubt he would have much use for you cowards.

  • Rudy


    Hitler was on friendly terms with muslims. I have seen photos of him with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Hitler and muslims shared a common dislike of the Jews.

    What I love about the Jews is that in 60 years they made Israel an oasis in the desert, something the arabs were incapable of doing in the 2000 years, since the Romans relocated the Jews into Europe. Kinda tells the true tale about who’s side God is really on ;)

  • Tonto (USA)

    The islamipuke that started the baath party actually was a great admirer of hitler and went to Germany to meet him and learn from hitler. Jews have kicked the crap out of the ayrabs every time…..from the beginning to now. Right now, in Iraq, from the start of the war to now, 3200 Americans have lost their lives and almost 350,000 ayrabs have bit the dust. Tell me again what great warriors the ayrabs are.

  • Rudy

    Where do you get the figure for 350000 arab deaths?? Just curious.

  • Infidelesto

    Here’s a post from the archives…

    Hitler and the Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini

  • Ellen S Ross

    I pray you safe and THANKS So much for taking on the truth at the cost of yourself

  • Ellen S Ross

    I pray you safe and THANKS So much for taking on the truth at the cost of yourself