Islamic scholar blasts Pope for baptizing apostate

by Infidelesto on March 26, 2008 · 1 comment

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So much for dialogue when freedom of religion cannot prevail between two religions


A Muslim scholar involved in high-level dialogue with the Vatican has denounced the Pope’s baptism on Saturday of a prominent Italian Muslim convert.Mr Allam's baptism plans had been kept secret by the Vatican

Aref Ali Nayed, the head of Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, called the baptism of journalist Magdi Allam a deliberate and provocative act. The Vatican has not yet commented, but its official newspaper said the gesture aimed to promote religious freedom. …

In a stinging rebuke of Saturday’s televised ceremony, Mr Nayed denounced what he called “the Vatican’s deliberate and provocative act of baptising Allam on such a special occasion and in such a spectacular way”.

“It is sad that the intimate and personal act of a religious conversion is made into a triumphalist tool for scoring points,” he said in a written statement.

Mr Nayed said Pope Benedict XVI’s actions came “at a most unfortunate time when sincere Muslims and Catholics are working very hard to mend ruptures between the two communities”.

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  • Tonto (USA)

    Ain’t nobody’s business but Mr. Magdi Allam and God’s. When are these terrorist goons going to figure that out? Mr Allam just gave the mooselimb religion a big fat “Up Yours!”, which in my opinion, they richly deserve.