Israel test fires missile defense system

by Kal El on March 18, 2008 · 1 comment

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Last week, Israel test fired a missile capable of intercepting short range rockets used by terrorists in Gaza, and Hezbollah, in Lebanon. The weapons system is projected to be operational by 2010. Yet another great weapon against terror, the project, dubbed “Iron Dome” was funded with more than $200 million USD, with a given range of 4-70 kilometers (2-47 miles).

Israel last week test-fired a missile capable of intercepting short-range rockets like those fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip and Hizbullah from south Lebanon, Channel 10 television reported Sunday.
“This weapons system will be operational in 2010,” said General Dany Gotlib, who is in charge of research at the Israeli defense ministry.

Television footage showed the test-firing which Channel 10 said it took place in southern Israel.

In December, the Israeli government earmarked more than 200 million dollars for the development of an advanced defense system dubbed “Iron Dome” aimed at countering rocket fire from Gaza and Lebanon.

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems arms firm is developing the system which is capable of knocking down rockets with a range of 4-70 kilometers, such as the homemade Qassam used by Palestinian militants.

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  • ljcarolyne

    Hitlary has been so concerned in giving our American US tax dollars to Hamas to restore the Gaza Strip, wonder what she is going to think about the Israeli 'Iron Dome.' Israel is always ingenious in staying ahead of the evil foe Hamas. Now wouldn't it be nice if the US backed Israel instead of sucking up to and apologizing to our enemies. Get rid of Obama, Hitlary, Pelosi, Reid, and their evil greedy pals in congress then and only then will the US accomplish something worthwhile FOR A CHANGE. We need to kick butt and take names. GRRRRR