Latest Pakistan Missile Strike: Behind the Scenes

by Infidelesto on March 20, 2008 · 0 comments

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Great article over at Long War Journal today on the details of how the US Military carried out a pin-point missile strike in Pakistan last week.

The Long War Journal’s Phil Peterson had extraordinary access inside the Bridge during the evolution of the March 12 strike that destroyed a Haqqani Network safe house in Pakistan, and may have killed Al Qaeda #2 Ayman Al Zawahiri.

The March 12 strike originated from intelligence gathered on the ground from a subordinate unit seeking information on the Haqqani Network. After full-motion video and other “special intelligent collection capabilities” were performed, the Bridge confirmed this particular compound was indeed a safe house for insurgents. Analysts continued to scrutinize the area looking for any signs of life, the presence of women or children, and activity in neighboring structures.

Other disciplines, such as law and weapons, are consulted as well. In this case, intelligence assets reported no presence of civilians in the area over the previous five days, making the decision to launch a strike urgent. Full-motion video captured and projected on to the center projection screen — known as “Kill TV” — several individuals performing sentry duty in and around the Haqqani Network compound’s boundaries.

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Holger weighs in:

The article is fascinating in that it delves into the specifics of how the operation comes together and the striking thing is how urgently the decisions are made and how absolutely pinpoint our forces are in their execution.

I don’t know how any American can read an article like this and not be blown away at the proficiency of our Military and not want to wave an American flag in honor of our fighting men and women. I would have to say that any jihadist reading this article is going to be one nervous nellie in any future meetings – the point is there is NOWHERE to run or to hide when you are dealing with the American forces. And that is a very good thing.

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