NATO secretary submits to fear of Islam

by Infidelesto on March 3, 2008 · 0 comments

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Fear and loathing at NATO.

Anti-Koran Dutch film could harm troops in Afghanistan, warns Nato secretary

Um, they’re not victims.  They’re MILITARY.

We have guns too, ya know.

The airing of a Dutch film criticising Islam will have repercussions for troops in Afghanistan, according to Nato’s secretary general.

Jaap de Hoop raised his fears after Afghans protested yesterday against the film being made by far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

Mr Wilders has already been warned by the Dutch government that his film will have effects on the country’s political and economic interests.

Mr Wilders, who has in the past called for the Koran to be banned, likening to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, says the film is about the Koran but did not reveal any details about it.

In a TV interview, Mr de Hoop said: “If the [troops] find themselves in the line of fire because of the film, then I am worried about it and I am expressing that concern.” The project has already been condemned by several Muslim countries, including Iran and Pakistan.

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