NATO to ask Russia for help in Afghanistan

by Infidelesto on March 6, 2008 · 0 comments

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Considering NATO was originally created to oppose the Soviets during the Cold War, this is a little awkward.

They are apparently asking for logistical help in transferring troops and equipment through Russian terroritory.

Kyros points out:

it should be time to scrap NATO as cold war organization. In it’s place we should create a new alliance against today’s threat…Jihadists.

10 bucks says Russia rejects the plea for help. When have they ever helped in the GWOT?

BRUSSELS — The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, meeting today to consider new strategies to bring development and peace to increasingly violent Afghanistan, is looking to its old Cold War rival for help.

NATO is seeking assistance from Russia even though Afghans on both sides of the current struggle have bitter memories of the old Soviet Union’s brutal 1979 invasion and decade-long occupation that ended in a humiliating withdrawal of troops by Moscow.

The transatlantic alliance will stop short of asking for Russian troops or the dreaded attack helicopters used in Afghanistan during the 1980s, since that would represent a huge propaganda coup for the Taliban insurgents.

But NATO is interested in Russian help in transporting equipment and troops into Afghanistan through Russian territory, officials said Wednesday.

The Russian government could make contributions that would include “regular use of Russian transport means to get supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan [and] possible Russian contributions to the re-equipment of the Afghan army,” said Robert Simmons, NATO’s special envoy for the Caucasus and Central Asia, according to a report by Agence France-Presse.

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