The Bangladeshi Apostate That Islamists Cannot Silence

by Kal El on March 25, 2008 · 2 comments

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It turns out Infidels are not alone in the fight against muslim extremists. We have a few brave apostates who “have our backs” as well.

He fired the first salvo in 2003 and has been sticking his thumb in Islamist eyes ever since. Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury describes himself as a “Muslim Zionist.” He is unabashedly pro-US, pro-Israel, and anti-Islamist. More importantly, he remains all of that from within the Muslim world, which he refuses to leave. I have fielded any number of asylum requests for him, and he declined them all. “Retreat is not in my vocabulary,” he says, for he believes that if he were to leave his country, his credibility would be gone, and Islamists would claim victory; a satisfaction he refuses to give them. “Bangladesh is my country,” he says. “Let the radicals leave!”

Since 2003, we have fought not only a battle of ideas but also a battle of wills with our adversaries; and the skirmishes never end. Shoaib has been imprisoned and tortured. He has been beaten, and Islamists bombed his newspaper before they and their cronies in the ruling party seized the premises. All of this happened after Shoaib published articles that exposed the rising strength of Islamist radicals in Bangladesh, urged relations with Israel, and advocated genuine interfaith dialogue based on religious equality.

There can be no doubt of this man’s bravery. Many cowardly terror apologists in Europe and the US could learn from his story, told in full on islam-watch.

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  • Rabbi Sue Levy

    Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is my dear friend and brother. He is the most courageous person I have ever had the privilege of knowing, but he is most assuredly NOT an apostate. He is a devout Muslim, albeit a moderate, and is engaged in the fight against Islamic extremism and terrorism and not against Islam itself. Shoaib publishes the only newspaper in the Islamic world which supports Israel, and he is a forthright investigative journalist, publishes the truth in Bangladesh – a place where the truth is not welcome. Sometimes this means exposing corruption in his government. He is also a staunch advocate of interfaith understanding and cooperation. He is presently on trial for treason, sedition and blasphemy. A guilty verdict on even one of these charges could result in a sentence of death by hanging. Shoaib has been offered political asylum in several countries, the United States among them. His response: “This is my country. Let the Islamists leave.” He will not abandon his people or his faith. We have known for a long time that Shoaib faces danger both in and outside the courtroom. His arrest by paramilitary forces last week reminds us of the gravity of his situation and the need for us to be proactive in his support. For further information, please see and read his newspaper

  • Rudy


    I am not calling him an apostate. Islam is. Anyone who tries to reform or change any aspect of islam is considered an apostate by the faith. That is why he was kidnapped last week. Sad, but true. I will be praying for him.