The Geert Wilders effect

by Infidelesto on March 5, 2008 · 7 comments

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It only takes one man to open the flood gates.

Austria: Politician Demands Laws Banning Headscarves, Mosques to Protect Cultural Identity… via ZIP

Vienna – Austrian rightist Joerg Haider on Tuesday demanded measures against creeping Islamization of the country, including bans of headscarves and the construction of mosques. “We must not tolerate any longer that radical Islamists mock the rule of law in our country and ignore our values and dominant culture,” said Haider, who led the right-wing Freedom Party (FP) to become Austria’s second strongest party and now is governor of the southern Austrian province Carinthia.

“Those who live here, have to adapt to our dominant culture and accept the rule of law. Who cannot or does not want to do this, has no place here,” Austria’s formerly dominating right-wing figure said in a press release.

Following the refusal of a female defendant in an Islamist terrorism trial to remove her burka as required by Austrian law, Haider suggested a headscarf-ban “following the Dutch example.”

The Netherlands’ general ban on cloaking was an example worth following, Haider said, as it was a way to ban wearing Muslim headscarves or burkas in accordance with the Dutch constitution, Haider said.

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  • the song of roland

    Good news from Holland and Austria!!The Europeans seem to be waking up to the threat to Western Civilization posed by Islam in dar el harb.More more please!

  • Tonto

    Well that law will certainly cut down the number of secret cross-dressers in Austrie’s streets! Now if they could just do something about that in mecca and riyad….

  • Storm-Rider

    When in Rome do as the Romans, and if you can’t – get the hell out of Rome.

  • Notmyopinion

    Website Against the Anti-Koran Film

  • Barbara Freeman

    This evil islam (doesn’t deserve a capital “I”) has to be stopped, crushed.
    One of two options..
    Political Correctness and a repeat of WWII (only much much worse)
    Or Islam NOW.

    Europe is just about gone…
    They preach hatred in the streets of London, inciting violence,
    not to mentioned bombed their transit system.
    Britian’s answer to this crime..a “Building Dialogue” commercial.
    Excuse me….why don’t you just deport them?
    Not only does Eurabia have no spine, they are actually contributing to their own demise.
    Wake up Europe, they are not exactly keeping what they want to do to you a secret.
    I wish you well, i wish you would do what is necessary to save Western Civilization .
    If you don’t do something now, your freedoms will be gone forever.

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