The Religious left exposed

by Infidelesto on March 17, 2008 · 2 comments

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Here’s a good post over at Commentary Magazine reminding us that thanks to the Jeremiah Wright’s of the world, the religious left in America is being exposed to the mainstream.

For the last quarter-century, the MSM has focused almost all of its coverage on faith on the religious Right. One of the consequences of all the attention being given to the hate-filled sermons by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is that it will draw attention to the religious Left in America.
It strikes me that the religious Left commits some of the same fundamental errors as the religious Right did during its heyday: too closely associating Christianity with politics; implying that a proper reading of the Bible will easily translate into a partisan agenda; tending to belittle and demonize political opponents. Both Pat Robertson’s and Jim Wallis’s willingness to vulgarize their Christian faith in order to advance their political agendas has been problematic for both sides.

But where the religious Left has set itself apart is in its stand on political issues. It was wrong, profoundly wrong, in its views on the nature and threat of Soviet communism; on its enchantment with “liberation theology” and Marxist dictators like Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega; in its unmitigated hostility toward capitalism; in its one-sided criticisms of Israel; in its opposition to welfare reform. The list goes on. And as Reverend Wright has reminded us, there is a very deep, almost bottomless, hatred for America that runs through the hard Left and among some on the religious Left.

For decades, all the media glare has been on the short-comings of the Robertsons and Falwells. Fair enough: they are deeply flawed figures. But it’s long past time to concentrate attention on the words and mindset of those on the hard religious Left–people who attempt to pretty up the noxious views of Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky in the garb of religious faith and “social justice.”

If Jeremiah Wright’s ugly sermons highlight for Americans what the Left is preaching from its pulpits–and what they need to be held accountable for–that will be all to the good.

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  • Dan

    Religious Left? With the Islamic doctrine of world domination as well as the Catholic declartaion of world domination through their god Iesus (The Zues) you have to wonder what is the goal of the “Religious Left” ? They preach hate, of course, but what is their platform? Fox News had an apologist on for the black Churches and state that this is really the norm in most black (Christian?) churches, that Mr. Wright is really not so unusual and that this is only being brought out because Obama, a black man (?) is running for president. Hum, so, ithis is the “usually” from the black pulpit? What is their agenda? They preach hate whitey, hate american government, hate, hate, hate, and they have a following? How sad. The whites can apologize for the sins of our fore fathers over and over and it matters not. What is behind all of this? If, for some strange reason, you happen to read the Bible and you just happen to take it seriously — well, you know the answer — Satan is alive and well. He has a shot gun and its blast is going out in all directions. If Islam doesn’t do the trick, maybe a resurrected Roman religions will, and if not that he always had the “hate” grioup. Hate groups have no special puirpose other than to blame others for their short comings. Please notice that Mr. Wright ( I will not call him reverend, that title belongs to the Creator) is preaching to a rich church. These are mostly afluent black that include a man named Obama.
    Here is another point not touched on my many. Obama is of Muslim back ground. He has converted to Christianity. By Muslim standards of the Koran this is not possible. You are born into a Muslim family and are there for a muslim and to deny that and go after a faith of the infidels warrants the death penalty. With this in mind we should all be very concerned with the person chosen by Obama as a running mate. By Islamic law Obama is under the death penalty for abandoning his father’s religion and any Muslim that wlould kill him would be praised and receive a big prize in Islamic haeven.
    Hey, I’m not making this stuff up as any of you that have followed this web site even a little bit must know.
    Jeremiah Wright, preaching the Left? He is preaching hate and if you look at the people in the back ground you will see them celebrating his words and his words are against white America. This is not the so much retoric of the Left but of the black hate groups blaming the whates for their short comings. It is a blame game and Mr. Wright plays it well. Any one that thinks Obama never heard this type of hate, as he claims, are truly blind. Twenty years of listening to Mr Wright and to claim he never heard him speak like this borders on insanity. When, in American history, would the population ever considered electing an individual from a background connected to the “enemy” of our country? Never! Imagin WWII electing a person of Japanese ansestry as president — Impossible! This is where we have gone as a nation.
    If this outing of Obama by the evidence of his associations and his ancestrial linage does not stop the Obama march for the White House I will be amazed and wonder — where ahve we gone as a nation? I pray to the Living God for the Return of His Son to save us.

    Ah, but we are told that even when the dust settles and a time of repentance is given, “they forsake not the work of their own hands”.

  • Pastor Zacharay Thackaray

    It just goes to show, the words “religious” and “left” are an oxymoron. War is what we need!