Video: How Liberals think

by Infidelesto on March 30, 2008 · 5 comments

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This is an incredibly good video, guys. Please take a few minutes to watch. Once your 2-3 minutes in, you won’t be able to stop watching…it’s that good.

This is Evan Sayet , political commenter/comedian/satirist speaking quite seriously at the Heritage foundation last year.

hattip: Ace

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  • Greg

    I looked at it. It WAS good. Not one thing that Evan said was inaccurate or, simply opinionated. That guy is a real thinker.

  • Storm-Rider

    I’m married to a wonderful liberal lady, and I have many nice liberal friends. In my opinion the reason most people become modern liberals is that they have had too few experiences in life where they’ve had to confront life’s hardest problems – they are often pampered “city-slickers.” Very few modern liberals for example grew up on small farms, where dealing with life’s difficult problems is a part of life, and where visions of utopia are quickly rejected because there is a common sense realization that even the most idealistic modern liberal person is contaminated with the same evil or self-serving animal nature as everyone else.

    Like Mr. Sayet says, the modern liberal rejects good – America for example – for an impossible vision of utopia. They are the embodiment of the phrase: “Perfect is the enemy of good.” These often well-meaning liberal utopian people keep coming up with ideas that don’t work – like Socialism, Communism and Multiculturalism. The modern liberal really believes that all cultures are really just the same. They haven’t really experienced being mugged or raped, and they haven’t really experienced a death threat or a beheading, and they haven’t really experienced a ritual burning of the wife when her husband dies. These things occur in the real world, and they represent cultures and values which have become contaminated with real evil. The modern liberal just won’t admit it when their ideas fail – like this ridiculous idea of modern multiculturalism.

    At the end of the day the modern liberal is just as smart as the modern conservative, but they often reject reason because they can tell it is leading to a conclusion that they just can’t stand. The modern liberal has the impossibly large problem telling right from wrong – not just an intellectual failure – a moral failure. The modern American liberal can make a good wife or a good friend, they just can’t be trusted with defending the United States from her enemies – the enemies of liberty its self; because they can’t recognize evil when they see it. They will only recognize evil when it finally comes for them with blood in its eye.

  • Andrew

    VERY well said Storm-Rider, excellent!

    This speach is incredible. Simply stunning to hear someone make sense out of what looks, feels and sounds like complete insanity. Now, what to do about it?

  • Greg

    Here is what you do. Pass a link to this site around to all of your email friends, and have them do the same. The more people recognize that dangerous mind set, the more it will be rejected and shoved to an unrecognizable back burner. Knowing the truth will set us free.
    I have a nephew who flat out thinks that muslims are not the only terrorists out there. That homicide bombers are NOT the only terrorists. He thinks that tree hugging, tree spikers ( who have never killed anyone) are just as bad as the bombers and head cutters. He has virtually no rational discrimination. And when you point out the glaring difference between tree spikers and homicide bombers he says, “I don’t care”; I say they are equally bad. So I’d never trust that guy alone with little grand children.

  • Anonymous

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