Video: Jeremiah Wright hate speech roundup

by Infidelesto on March 15, 2008 · 6 comments

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  • Jeanne Herrick

    I hope that anyone who has viewed this site has now seen Obama’s rebuttal in Pennsylvania. I also love my branch of the Lutheran Church and my Pastor, although I do not agree 100% with everything he says. Obama CAN NOT be held resposible for the things hhis Pastor says or does either. After all, this is America, the land of Free Speech!

  • Rudy


    Well said indeed. One does not judge a family by the ramblings of that crazy drunk uncle who runs off at the mouth at weddings and reuniond :)

  • William Garland

    The pastor has his right to free speech, however, there are those on the left who would deny that hate speech is protected and seek to suppress it. While Mr. Obama is not responsible for the hate speech of his pastor, he is a public official who aspires to the highest office in the country, and can’t be given a pass for his standing by and failing to speak up while this hate was spewed from the pulpit. But Obama did more than just stand by, his website featurerd Wright, and the New Black Panthers, both not withdrawn until others drew attention to them. This was not just a case of having a “crazy drunk uncle” for Wright was featured on Obama’s website. When the likes of Wright spew hate, it’s not just a question of a difference on a matter of policy, and while Obama can feature anyone he wants on his website, others can justly question his fitness for the Presidency when he voluntarily chooses to feature them on his website. No one forced Obama to put them there, he chose to do so.

  • carolyne

    Obama agrees with his mentor Uncle Wright’s every word, didn’t you hear ole Wright say Barack does what he does for political reasons or were all of you asleep in church.?  Jeanne have you lost it,  guess so!  Obama is a double minded double talking liar, so there I said it.   Obama has not got enough sense to get up and out of a blasphemous hateful church but sucked in every devilish word.  He only got out to make everyone think he didn’t agree,  bet your life on that one Missy.  Michelle agrees for sure and Obama says Michelle is his number one advisor.  Anything else is above Obama’s pay grade, well he doesn’t get a raise just yet, because he hasn’t done nothing for a pay raise.  Community organizer, how embarrassing.  Most people in their High School Annual have more attributes after their name than Obama has to be 47 years old.  What has he done? for 47 years?  Looks like a 44 year old woman named Sarah Palin has worked rings around this lazy useless guy.  Obama just wants hand outs.  Let everyone else pay the bills,  same for MO.  Oh Yea, Obama earmarked money to the hospital (?) Michelle worked at, so she could get a raise.  That’s about Obama’s speed.  All for me, and none for you.  Oh Obama makes pretty speeches (they say?) as long as he can plagiarize, then doctor them so no one knows.  Well let him do that then, but poor thing can’t do that unless he is World Leader first, OK then don’t do anything again.  His ego has to be fed, and fed and fed and fed, until he takes a BO dump on everyone. This is what IMO best describes Barack Hussien Obama who only puts himself first and country last.
    Total Opposite from John McCain who puts country first. 

    Thanks to John McCain and Cindy wonderful President and First Lady
    Thanks Sarah Palin for seeing John’s heart and for your boldness, courage to speak the truth and for being a breath of fresh air.


    Let us look at what Rev. Wright really said. You guys love to make stuff up. Sara Palin follows the lead of those follow the evil cheat John.

  • patriot

    obama is a socialist with terrorist ties.. those are facts.  obama sheep must realize that but somehow make themselves belive its ok..its amazing really.

    and yes, mccain sucks,, but compared to BHO,, he is George Washington.