Another Christian Priest murdered in Iraq

by Infidelesto on April 5, 2008 · 4 comments

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Allah is pleased his will has been carried out.

BAGHDAD (AP) – An Assyrian Orthodox priest was killed in a drive-by shooting Saturday in Baghdad, police and an assistant said, the latest attack against Iraq’s Christian minority.

The priest, Youssef Adel, was shot by gunmen who drove up in a car and opened fire as he was opening the gate of his house near the St. Peter and Paul church where he presided, an assistant said.

Christians have frequently been caught up in the violence or been targeted in this predominantly Muslim country.

The body of Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, one of Iraq’s most senior Chaldean Catholic clerics, was found on March 13, about two weeks after he was seized by gunmen in the volatile northwestern city of Mosul.

Adel’s assistant, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of security concerns, said the attack occurred about 11:30 a.m. and the gunmen fled the area in a car after the shooting.

He said the priest was in his early 40s and was married but had no children.

Adel was an engineer but became a priest about six years ago. He previously served in a church in the predominantly Sunni area of Dora in southern Baghdad but moved to the central primarily Shiite district of Karradah after a series of attacks in the former insurgent stronghold.

The assistant said Adel was a compassionate man who preached about love and peace and was heavily involved in helping orphans and widows in his church….

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  • AssyrianMight

    This is why we must wipe away all muslims from the face of the Earth! God’s chosen people are being murdered. These filthy muslims have no souls. They are satan’s children. They follow that filthy homosexual mohammed! They themselves are homosexuals and pedophile’s. The Assyrians are the first civilization and more importantly, the first Christians. It’s a fact that at least 4 of the 12 Apostles were Assyrian, including Thomas (Mar Toma). This is why muslims fear the First Christians…We are living proof Jesus was the Son of GOD! All Christians; European, American, Middle Eastern…must come together and destroy islam. We need to resurrect the Crusades! And, just for further info, Assyrians aren’t Orthodox, we are Apostolic Catholic, The Holy Apostolic Catholic Church of The East. We are similiar to the Eastern Orthodox Churches but are the True Eastern Rite. But, all Christians must rise against these filthy muslims. The time is now to destroy them!

  • Infidelesto

    I don’t advocate killing all Muslims…that’s going too far.

  • Storm-Rider

    True, we are not at war with all Muslims. We are in kinetic war with Islamic Jihadists – and we need to be at political war with Islamic Sharia promoters.

    We were not at war with all Germans in World War II, but the average German was sympathetic to their evil military and political leaders; and many average Muslims have the same sympathy toward their evil Islamic Jihadists and Islamic Sharia agitators.

    In order to avoid total war the average Muslim will have to help us completely defeat the Islamic Jihadists and the agitators for Islamic Sharia law. What will they do? How will they choose?

  • AssyrianMight

    To Infidelesto: Why?! You can be sure they want all Christians and non-muslims dead! That’s a fact! You don’t know them like we know them. You weren’t there before World War 1 and after, when they cut unborn babies from the wombs of Assyrian women and beheaded the men. They ambushed and murdered our Patriarch. They are less than the dog shit I accidentally step in. One of the most useless creatures God created next to the cockroach and mosquito. I have no emotion when I see American planes accidentally hit their schools or hospitals. As far as I am concerned, The United States is doing God’s work by eradicating muslims. If you think that is harsh, wait until the rise of Assyria, God’s Whip Handle! As promised in the Bible by GOD, Assyria will rise again to and we will have our land back. What most people in this world don’t understand, is that ASSYRIA (Iraq) is as much a Holy Land as Jerusalem. Our Father Abraham, the father of Assyrians , blessed that land and we will reclaim it and with Jesus Christ, we will rid the land of the devils. My wish, my dream…is that the United States take notice of the greatest weapon they have…Over 500,000 Assyrians in the US alone, 3 million world wide! I dream of the day the State Department gives us the ok and arms us and unleashes us on IRAQ , IRAN and Saudi Arabia! What a glorious day it will be. History has proved that only one people can defeat the arabs! The Assyrians. We crushed them for the spineless Brits in WWII! We will do it again!