Arab nations must take a long, self-critical look in the mirror

by Kal El on April 8, 2008 · 6 comments

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I wonder what it would have been like to be alive way back when…

There was a time centuries ago in Arab countries when intellectual introspection was common and the culture produced searching, self-critical scholarship in various arenas.

That time is gone. Today, brave and questioning souls like Irshad Manji, who call for an Islamic Reformation, receive death threats. Without the ability to look inward, Arab blame for problems is projected outward – meaning, at Israel and the U.S. That is very dangerous for the world.

Yeah no kidding. We get to see the results of that projection every day, whether it is a muslim blowing himself up in a crowded market, a sniper in Gaza shooting a farmer in Israel, Imams blaming the poverty and illiteracy rampant in muslim countries on the US and its allies (while those same Imams live in grand mosques, feast daily, and have in house harems), and hundreds of other examples of muslim terrorists claiming they are the victims, and the people they blow up, decapitate, shoot and torture are the aggressors.

It is refreshing, no, downright relieving to see that there are people like Emilio Karim Dabul. If only people like him who speak out were offered genuine protection by the governments of both the US and Europe, it would be far easier to conquer the brutality of totalitarian islamism. But the politically correct leftists don’t want to admit that there is such an evil existing today, other than the big bad USA.

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  • scott

    Islam is a crime syndicate married to a death cult. Muhammed was brilliant in that respect. Islam is just like the Mob, the most violent rise to the top – those Imans living in resplendent Mosques are the Al Capones of the Muslim world.

  • Marcus

    Yeah unlike those Catholics.

    Amazing how the mob consists of Irish Catholics and Italian Catholics, but no Japanese Buddhists.

    Judaism is a mental disorder.

  • Infidelesto

    Uh oh, the disgusting, jew-hating Marcus is baaaack…

  • Rudy


    Ever heard of the Yakuza?

    Anti-Jewish? How is it better to be anti-Jewish than to be anti-muslim? I have not heard of Jews blowing themselves up in market squares, flying airplanes into buildings, blowing airplanes up, shooting people in wheelchairs and tossing them off cruise ships, using mentally handicapped people as suicide bombers, killing their own daughters over suspected acts, sodomizing their students (it happens all the time in madrassas) blowing up politicians they disagree with, beheading reporters on video, teaching children that suicide bombing is the way to heaven, hating people of a different religion who lived next door for 5000 years is acceptable, or that killing non jews is perfectly acceptable (all things condoned by islam).

    to quote the Great George Washington, “I cannot tell a lie.” You, are a monkey’s anus.

    And I doubt you have the testicular fortitude to take a life. Unless it’s your own, using a bombvest.

  • Marcus

    Zionazi’s resorting to lowest levels of debate once again.

    No, Jews are stealing Arabs lands and then murdering Arabs, stealing American military secrets, screwing prostitutes (Eliot Spitzer), misleading nations into wars with other nations, and fucking up society and the world in general.

    Also most sodomizing is going on in Catholic Churches, not madrassa’s (No Im not anti-Catholic, just anti-Jewish).

    Judeo delenda est! Destroy the Jewish Cancer, Save the World.

  • Rudy


    You poor pathetic simple animal. I live among muslims. I talk to teachers who tell me stories of their students being violated by so-called clerics in madrassas. There are tons of articles about ex-muslims who were violated in madrassas to be found if you look.

    At least Eliot Spitzer was kind enough to pay and get consent from his consort. Here in the middle east, maids and employees are routinely, and savagely raped. Then if they get pregnant they are either killed or sent to some backwater clinic for an abortion.

    Arabs are murdering themselves. Arabs sentence their women to 200 lashes and a year in jail, because the woman was gang raped by men she was not related to. Arabs call for the death penalty when one voices a negative opinion of the pedophile muhammad. Arabs insist that they must convert the world to islam, by force of war. Arabs invaded and destroyed the cultures of 8 North African countries. Arabs invaded Europe and occupied for 800 years.
    I could go on with this, but a libtard like you will simply refuse to see the truth.

    No matter how much that tiny little brain of yours wants to belive it, no Jew can compel an Arab/Muslim to blow himself up. Only an Arab/Muslim can do that, through the lie that is islam.