Congress Passes Resolution Recognizing Jewish Refugees

by Kal El on April 9, 2008 · 12 comments

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That’s right, JEWISH refugees. The Jews who were run out of Arab countries, by those tolerant peaceful muslims, after the UN created (or rather, GAVE BACK WHAT WAS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS TO BEGIN WITH) Israel in 1948. All the media ever harps on about is the Arabs who left Israel (which they previously invaded and occupied illegally anyway), most due to the promise of the other Arab countries that they would come in, and sweep the Jews into the Mediterranean. Not many are aware of the historical fact that there were at least 1 Million Jews in the Middle East. Today there are fewer than 10000.

Yet people (including retards like the traitor Jimmy Carter) insist that Israel must give back land they won in 1967, in a war Arabs started, and promptly lost, due to Jewish Military Superiority (I am guessing it’s because Jews don’t blow themselves up, thus guaranteeing they can return to report on the goings on at the sites of battle, but I could be wrong.)

Congress Passes First Ever Resolution on Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries
WASHINGTON, DC (April 1, 2008) – In what may be the beginning of a dramatic shift in United States policy, the U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 185, which grants first-time-ever recognition to Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

Prior to the adoption of H.Res.185, all Resolutions on Middle East refugees referred only to Palestinians. This Resolution affirms that the U.S. government will now recognize that all victims of the Arab-Israeli conflict must be treated equally. It further urges that the President and U.S. officials participating in Middle East discussions to ensure that any reference to Palestinian refugees must: “also include a similarly explicit reference to the resolution of the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries.”

Good luck getting equal treatment for the Jewish people, from Arab countries. Considering they treat muslims from non Arab countries as second class citizens (I know because I LIVE in a muslim country at the moment), and non-muslims even worse. About the only exceptions to that are the United Arab Emirates, and maybe you could count Lebanon, if it survives the current political crisis it is mired in. Or of you happen to be a liberal, mentally handicapped celebretard from Hollywood (Sean Penn/Danny Glover/Rosey O’Donnell, that type), then they roll out the red propaganda pamphlet- Oops!! I mean carpet.

Rep. Joseph Crowley said, “The world needs to understand that it is not just the Arabs and it’s not just the Palestinians in the Middle East, but also Jewish people who themselves were dispossessed of their possessions and their homes, and were victims of terrorist acts. These are people who lived in Middle Eastern communities not for decades, but for thousands of years.” Rep. Crowley added that the Resolution will, “bring light upon an issue that has been swept under the carpet.”

“Discussions of Middle Eastern refugees invariably focus exclusively-and shortsightedly-on the plight of those of Palestinian descent,” said Rep. Ros-Lehtinen. “Far fewer people are aware of the injustice faced by Jewish refugees from Arab lands and Iran. Many Jews saw their communities, which had existed vibrantly for centuries systematically dismantled. They lost their resources, their homes, and their heritage sites, fleeing in the face of persecution, pogroms, revolutions and brutal dictatorships.”

Rep. Mike Ferguson said that there was very strong bi-partisan support for this issue which recognizes, “the plight of hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees who were displaced from countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa and all around the Persian Gulf.” Congressmen Ferguson acknowledged that the U.N. has never recognized Jewish refugees, and that this,”is completely unacceptable and long over due, and this is one of the things this Resolution seeks to address.”

Wow, Congressmen on both sides of the aisles showed some guts on this. I must admit I am impressed that our politicians are able to put partisan politics aside and get something productive done.

I wonder how the arab countries that perpetrated these heinous acts will react to this.

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  • Marcus

    “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English and France to the French”.
    - Mahatma Gandhi

    To hell with the Jews. Dump ‘em in Antarctica and hope they dont start fighting with the penguins.

  • Rudy

    To hell with the Jews.” Hmmm, that one is funny. In an ironic way. The Jews have prospered for 60 years, despite muslims best efforts to wipe them out. Arabs promised the palis that they would sweep the Jews into the sea. Didn’t happen. Who’s side do you really think God is on, and who do you really think is going to hell? The ones who have resisted Genocide multiple times (the Jews) or the people who collaborated with (muslims, who in WWII were bed buddies with the Nazi’s) and have attempted a genocide? Why is it that tiny little country of 4 million has withstood the onslaught of nearly 300 million whacked out Arabs and 40 million Persians???

    Why not just dump the Palestinians there instead? Oh yeah, they will start blowing themselves up in crowds of penguins, and complain that they are victims of a conspiracy by the penguins, who invaded Antarctica illegally and took the Pali homes.

  • Barney

    If I were an American, I would be proud.

    Has anyone asked B.Hussein Obama or his wife if they are proud of this.

  • Marcus

    Rudy must be competing for the dumbest dude on the net award or something.

    First off, we all saw how well the jewish god Yuck-weh defended his vile people; i mean if the jews got their butts kicked by the Germans, cant we say that the Nazi’s are stronger than the heathen jewish god?

    Secondly most Nazi’s were either Christian, or from Christian backgrounds. Most of the Nazi’s allies (Italy, Romania, Spain, Vichy France) were also Christians or from Chrisitian backgrounds. Not much Muslim participation in WWII on either side (some Indian Muslims fought with the British, Turkey and the Arabs stayed mostly neutral or slightly pro-Allied).

    See how your hatred of Arabs/Muslims has led you to pervert the truth in regards to WWII. Just like those retards who believe the first war America fought was with Arab Muslims (Barbary Wars). I always thought America’s first war was with Christian Britian, but Rudy the Retard know best.

    Support World Peace. Nuke Israel. Never Trust a Jew.

  • Rudy

    No there is no competition, you win that one handsdown.

    The Ottomans were allies with the Nazi’s you dhimwit. There are photos of Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem all cozied up. Hitler counted the mufti as an Aryan, and a reliable ally. He actively recruited Arabs, who VOLUNTARILY fought alongside the Nazi’s until it was clear Germany was losing.

    The Nazi’s also killed an additional 25 million or so non-Jews, including Russians, Italians, French, British, Polish, Spanish, and Americans.

    And funny, you say the Jews got their butts kicked by the Germans, yet I still see millions of prospering Jews the world over. Where are the Nazi’s? Oh yeah they all ran away to South America, or were tried for crimes against Humanity, whereas Judaism thrives. And the Arabs? Gee you have a few royal families that are loaded, then the rest are led to the suicide vest tailor by the clerics.

    As for my hatred of Arabs/Muslims, I dated a Lebanese girl for a year. Almost married her. And a Syrian girl for 8 months. Yeah I must really hate Arabs, since I date them. Moron. You seem to be suffering from a cranial-rectal inversion. There is a lot of that going around. I have seen at least 3 sufferers on this site alone.

  • jen the rednek

    Rudy, U rock dude! The Jews have as much of a right to exist as anyone else. I don’t know who gave the Arab’s a high horse but they sure ride the hell out of it!

  • Mike the Libraryguy

    Gee it see an idiotic Jew hater get his internet ass kicked all to hell by good old truth. The guy should be cowering under his KKK outfit now. You rock!

  • Marcus

    Actually Rudy the Retard, Turkey was neutral during WWII. The Ottoman Empire was allied with Germany (not Nazi Germany) during WWI.

    I know it might be complicated for moonbats such as yourself, but WW1 was different from WW2.

    Secondly Amin Al Husseini was Arab, not Turkish. And wow, a single Muslim mufti sided with the Germans, nevermind the Pope, Henry Ford, and Charles Lindhberg also siding with Germany. Also Gandhi called Hitler his “dearest friend” on two separate occasions.

  • zhann

    Rudy, no worries, I got your back here. Marcus, you seem to have a distorted view of Jews, judging by your site. If you want to look to the past, you would notice that throughout history, Arabs have contributed little to society. If you wish to argue that ancient Babylonians were Arab, although most likely they were Persian, you can argue that Arabs were the first to provide a phonetic language. Other than that, Arabs have always been under someone’s fist … until the discovery of Oil. Mohamed helped unite the Arabs to a degree, but even today Arabs hate their brethren more than the Jews. All Mohamed did was provide the Arabs a means to hate non-Arabs, but they can’t quite get that right either.

    Let’s forget about history, and look at today. What do Arabs contribute to society? The list of contributions of Jews would fill numerous sites, stemming from Nobel Prizes, advances in all fields of science, and so on. But what can you say about Arabs? Aside from their hate for Jews, they can’t do anything constructive. With all that “Free Money” from Oil, they can’t even help their own Palestinians which they have been crying about for half a century. With their money they could Buy Israel, and put the Palestinians in luxury suites. Strangely, they don’t. Why? Jews would have done that long ago, and still do that to this day. Why? Because, then they would have one less reason to hate Jews. Personally, I think that Arabs hate Palestinians even more than Jews, why else is Palestine in such poverty when the Arab world is so rich?

    Of course, not all Arabs fall under this criteria, and I don’t want you to think that I am racist towards all Arabs, but let’s face facts. The vast majority can only do one thing, hate Jews … and they can’t even get that right. Your site is so full of misleading, and flat out wrong facts that I don’t know where to begin. You simply attribute anything bad to a Jew. Why? Aside from Hating Jews, can you do anything constructive? Have you personally done anything positive to help society? Of course not. Have you donated any money to Palestinians? Of course not. You only know one thing, you hate Jews.

  • Infidelesto

    Zhann just earned some respect points on that one.

  • Storm-Rider


    Hating Jews is not only immoral, it is evil – same for any other race or group of people, including Arabs and Muslims. Marcus, you are a bigoted and evil man.

    What is moral and good is to hate evil its self, regardless of its source, and to actively oppose it; and if necessary, go to war against it and any nation or group of people possessed by it. Unfortunately many Muslim nations are possessed by the evil of Jew hatred – and hatred of liberty – which brings America hatred into the picture as well. Many Muslims hate Jews because they have from ancient times taken a stand against lies, envy, theft and murder – generation after generation many Jews have opposed tyranny. Not that there haven’t been some bad Jews, that is true of any group of people – I have a particular dislike of Karl Marx, who even though a Jew, was one that hated God.

    As a Christian, I thank God for the ancient Hebrews – they brought ethical monotheism into the world – they have recorded in the Torah what is right and what is wrong regarding human relations, regarding ethics and morality, and regarding human rights. Our founding fathers, even though Christians, were also mindful of the Hebrew roots of Western Civilization; and they put that same sense of God-derived morality and human rights into our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Recall what Isaac Newton said in regards to his insights into science: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” So it can be said about the ancient Hebrews and many Jews to this day: In the realm of morality and human rights, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

  • Rudy


    Thanks dude :D You have earned my respect. But I will still disagree with you from time to time. I’ll do my best not to go Stone Cold Steve Austin on you :)