Jordanian convert flees to avoid losing his children

by Kal El on April 28, 2008 · 0 comments

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Convert to Christianity flees Jordan under threat to lose custody of his children

Those tolerant muslims just keep on tolerating…

AMMAN, JORDAN (ANS) — Muhammad Abbad Abd al-Qader Abbad, a 40 year old Jordanian who converted to Christianity 15 years ago, left Jordan on Friday March 28 after being charged with apostasy before the North Amman Shari’a Court.

Middle East Concern says that Muhammad and his wife Muna al-Habash, have two children: Joy, age 11, and Salam, age 9.

The organization said that on Sunday, March 23, Muhammad and Muna were attacked and beaten by several brothers-in-law of another convert to Christianity who had sought sanctuary in Muhammad’s home. Muhammad’s son, Salam, was also hit several times as he tried to protect his father.

“After the beatings Muhammad’s father reported his son to the police and asked for custody of the couple’s two children,” said a spokesperson for Middle East Concern. “When Muhammad went to the police to file a complaint against his attackers he was told to come back the next day. When he returned the following morning he was brought to the governor’s office where he was asked about his conversion to Christianity. He was then sent to the Shari’a court and charged with apostasy. Muhammad’s father was in the court as well and asked the judge t grant him custody of his two grandchildren.

So not only does the poor guy have to deal with the beatings and continued death threat from his own family, in addition to shariah (or as I call it, terrorist) court, he also is facing the tearing apart of his family. That islam is really a peaceful and tolerant cult, isn’t it?

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