Freedom of Speech Struck Down in Muslim Country… Again

by Kal El on April 6, 2008 · 0 comments

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Indonesian separatist gets life in jail

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A court has sentenced the leader of a separatist group in eastern Indonesia to life in prison for waving the flag of a mostly Christian secessionist movement in front of the president last year.

At court official said at least 19 others were convicted of treason and sentenced to between 10 and 20 years over the flag-waving demonstration, which was nonviolent.

Notice, as this was a CHRISTIAN demonstration it was PEACEFUL, and he was not calling for anyone who is not Christian to have their head cut off, or inciting Christians to strap on a bomb laden vest and detonate in a market square. Unlike muslims when they protest a movie that simply repeats violent, intolerant and hateful verses found IN THE QURAN, and then complain they are being discriminated against, and that they are peaceful.

Short article (of course since it only affects a Christian who was peacefully demonstrating, not some muslim whackjob calling for death to infidels) can be read here.

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