Hamas clerics issue Fatwa to attack Egyptian troops

by Infidelesto on April 15, 2008 · 2 comments

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What a great leadership the Palestinian people have put in power over in Gaza…From indoctrination of their children, to suicide attacks in Israel, to lobbing rocket after rocket into southern Israel, to daily sermons preaching hatred for non-Muslims and Jews, to living for the sole purpose of martyrdom, to attacking not only Jews, but now other countries (Egypt) as well…

No wonder they call it the armpit of planet Earth.


Hamas is planning to blow up the border with Egypt in Rafah for the second time, the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram reported Monday.

The paper quoted “reliable Palestinian sources” as saying that Hamas activists were planning to fire mortar shells at Egyptian forces during the first stage of the operation.

After that they intend to fire directly at the Egyptian troops, and ultimately destroy Egyptian battlements with explosives, some of them planted in tunnels beneath the guard posts.

Meanwhile, the Hamas intends to breach the border with Egypt and allow the general populace to flood into the Sinai.

The sources also told the paper that the organization had planted explosives along four kilometers of the border.

According to the plan, the operation would be assisted by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the sources said.

The killing of Egyptian soldiers with live ammunition has been sanctioned by Muslim clerics in a special fatwa issued by Hamas on Friday, the report said.

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  • Liz

    Oh now it’s a “special” fatwa. And it’s to kill other muslims. The Egyptians should issues some fatwas too. More “special” then the original fatwas. What makes a fatwa “special”?  Does it come on “special” paper with little blue bows?
    Fatwas…we need more fatwas! We need “super duper special” fatwas. C’mon guys…get busy

  • Rich5150

    A fatwa is like a dare; a special fatwa is like a double-dare; and a super duper special fatwa is like the top dare of all…the Double-Dog Dare :)

    You ever notice that the big-shot muslims issue these fatwas at their personal whim, whenever and at whotever happens to piss them off at the time. There is no rhyme-or-reason to these insane edicts. Isn't there like a "chinese menu" of offenses for the big-shoys to choose from? You know, like if you commit two offenses from column A and three insults from column B, a fatwa will be issed. If we Infidels had a copy of this menu, we'd know ahead of time how far we can go before a fatwa was issued and we had to hide, or covert or whatever.