Indonesia: Sharia Law Forcing Non-Muslims to Wear Hijab

by Infidelesto on April 25, 2008 · 16 comments

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Sharia at it’s finest. Dhimmitude has no bounds under Islamic Law

Jakarta (AsiaNews)The controversial local laws inspired by sharia are now being applied to non-Muslim citizens. Female students who do not wear the headscarf are suspended, and few have the courage to rebel, because of fear of reprisals from fundamentalists.

In Padang, capital of the province of West Sumatra, the atmosphere is increasingly that of an Islamic state. Female students who do not wear the headscarf (hijab) are frequently suspended from school. The requirement to observe Islamic customs, sanctioned by the controversial regional law of 2005, is also imposed on non-Muslim girls, and has generated an atmosphere of strong pressure on religious minorities. The proliferation of local laws inspired by sharia (perda syariat) is a growing phenomenon in Indonesia, but the central government has chosen not to intervene for now, in spite of protests from religious minorities and human rights NGO’s.

The application of the headscarf law in Padang is going beyond all imaginable limits, the inhabitants of the area say. An anonymous Catholic young woman admits: “Wearing the headscarf is not pleasant for me at all, and it bothers me while I am studying in school”.  Other female students in various schools complain about the same thing.  If they are interviewed by journalists, the young women ask not be named, because they are afraid of “being persecuted by fundamentalists”.  “We have to adapt”, they say, “we have no choice, otherwise they will send us home”. Sudarto, one of the members of a local NGO that works for interreligious dialogue, reports that the headscarf law is applied strictly in at least four schools in Padang.

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  • K. Templar

    Just another step in the forced islamification of non-muslims by muslims.

  • Katherine

    That is so not right of them to do so . Its doing the very thing that they don't want others doing to them . Then they as muslims wonder why they are not respected by others who don't share their faith.

  • jennyjen

    I'd tell them exactly where to stick that hijab! There's a black market in every city, state and country, the rules are simple. Have a weapon, make an example (out of a fundamentalist in this case) and get your point across! I hate fighting but when it's good versus evil, it is most definitly a time to fight!

  • proudMUSLIMwomen

    so what , whats the big deal? the banned the hijab in france and other secular places long before Indonesia are supposedly doing this in ONE city or vilage.

    where were all you freedom loving people then, why werent you so pissed off when girls were forced to take the hijab offs and if they didnt, they didnt just get suspended but kicked out of school…

    all of you are a bunch of hypocrites, since time you have been raping and killing people then have the audacity to blame ISLAM and attack ISLAM….

    you colonized African countries and Asian countries raping the women and land and you want to talk about ISLAM.

    I left Christianity and im so happy I did, because of the so much hate I seen on ISLAM it made me question and search for it. and im proud to say 2 of my sisters and a brother have joined me in ISLAM

    • Necrowulf

      You just read this now?

      Tell your sisters and brothers that they have my condolences.

      Before that, could you tell me then what the hell islam is doing in Africa? Fascinating you call us colonizers of Africa when in fact your beloved religion colonized it way before. Mohammad the pedophile was there way before Europe.

      What i find quite interesting is that you keep telling us that hijab, nikab, burqa, ninja style, letter boxes are all freedom, when in fact is just itens used to subjugate, and dominate women. Because the islamic males have no control over their little dicks.

      • Darin

        Mohammad the pedophile? Are you kidding me? Do you get your historical information from a bumper sticker or are you really that retarded and ignorant? You obviously know nothing about Islam or history in general, so why dont you just go take your fat ugly self down to the homo brothel and drown your stupidity up someone's ass.

        Allahu Ackbar motherf*cker

        • JEWHAWK

          Mohammad,the false 'prophet' of yours,INDEED was
          a pedophile.He raped AISHA,then only NINE years
          And she even caught LICE while she was forced to
          sit on his lap.Aisha's mother told that even his beard
          was full of lice.

          Mohammad life it's downright DIRTY.In my humble
          opinion,quite UNBECOMING to a REAL prophet.

        • Christine

          “Mohammad the pedophile? Are you kidding me?”

          You seem confused. Maybe you do not know the definition of a pedophile. Perhaps I can help. Following is the definition.

          A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children who have not reached puberty, or who are not yet fully sexually adult. A pedophile has a mental disorder called “pedophilia”.

          In what world is having sex with a child not pedophilia? Are you denying that Islam’s freaky prophet did this?

          And no, I did not get this on a bumper sticker. Where do you get your information? One more thing- hurling insults is a poor way to make your point. Got any facts to enlighten us?

        • Kal_El


          Way to insult us, you really told us! Jackass, I LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, I
          have since 2003, I have seen everything written about in this blog first
          hand. Honor killings, raping maids/nannies, kidnappings, suicide bombings,
          carbombings, and YES, Muhammad WAS a pedophile. So stop wasting our time
          with your petty namecalling, and go do something to actually contribute to
          the betterment of society.

          allahu khanzir, sharmut

        • Necrowulf

          Oh I always thought that mohammed the pedophile married Aisha and fucked her when she was 9… hum… My mistake, so, what is the name of the other mohammeds wife then? Aishin? Married her when she was 87 years old?

  • xheyxheyxheyx

    in my opinion its just the same as france banning the hijab. forcibly removing and forcibly putting on is the same thing

  • xheyxheyxheyx

    but also to the pedophile comment. tell me how old was mary (may god bless her) when she was married according to the bible. no more than 9 as well. so are you calling joseph a pedophile as well? and what does the bible & torah say about a headscarf..well let me inform you. it says if women do not cover their heads, then for their hair to be shaved off. before posting rants that insult your own religion, please inform yourselves

    • Christine_S

      xhey – Christians and Jews have decided to live in the 21st century, unlike many Muslims. I am a Christian. I do not wear a headscarf, nor have I ever been asked to wear one. I most certainly have never shaved my head. No one has ever treated me like I am a slut for not doing so. I have never been beaten for my “lack of modesty”. Can you say the same of Muslim women?
      Your comparison of Joseph and Mohammed is ridiculous and does not deserve a reply.
      Please take your own advice and “inform yourself” before posting any more nonsense.


      Are you the FILTHY MUSLIM that keeps coming back using different nicknames every

      This CRETIN insinuation about the Virgin Mary would be an INSULT to
      both Jews and Christians,if the source were HUMAN,which, in your case
      it isn't.

      I forgive you for being born as just another brainless muslim.That's not
      your fault,but your father's,for having married his cousin.Inbreeding is a
      dangerous stuff and you're a living proof of that.

      Now you're just a BURDEN for your family and society…a muslim moron
      using an infidel's invention: the internet.

      Muslims by themselves wouldn't achieve that degree of knowledge even in 5,000 years.
      You all are just a great waste of AIR,WATER and FOOD.

  • douome

    They plan on converting the world.

  • douome

    They plan on converting the world.