Iran Commander: "If attacked we will eliminate Israel"

by Infidelesto on April 15, 2008 · 1 comment

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Another threat, another yawn from the MSM and another lead up to an almost inevitable war.


TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran would “eliminate Israel from the global arena” if it was attacked by the Jewish state, the deputy commander of the army Mohammad Reza Ashtiani warned on Tuesday, the Mehr news agency reported.

“We are not worried by Israeli manoeuvres, but if Israel takes such action against the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will eliminate it from the global arena,” General Ashtiani was quoted as saying at a news conference.

His comments come a week after Israeli National Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer warned that any Iranian attack against Israel “would lead to the destruction of the Iranian nation.

Ashtiani was speaking ahead of Iran’s national army day on Thursday when a major military parade is expected in Tehran.

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  • Michael

    I don’t believe Israel and Iran are in inevitable war. It’s quite clear, the governments don’t like each other. Israel has no interest in Iran other than being attacked by it. And Iran has a vested interest because of the conflict with Muslims about land there. If Iran had nukes, they would never use it on Israel first, however more than likely Iran’s current government would have a proxy (a terrorist network or terrorists in general) to carry out the attacks (dirty nuke bombs). Iran knows the world would be against them if they just nuked Israel first. But with a terrorists being their proxies, they look clean to their allies.