Iran torches 7 Jewish synagogues

by Infidelesto on April 16, 2008 · 1 comment

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How would the rest of the Islamic world feel if Iran burned 7 Mosques to the ground for the purposes of “renovation”?

Tehran, 15 April (AKI) – Seven ancient synagogues in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have been destroyed by local authorities.

The synagogues were in the Oudlajan suburb of Tehran, where many Iranian Jews used to live.

“These buildings, which were part of our cultural, artistic and architectural heritage were burnt to the ground,” said Ahmad Mohit Tabatabaii, the director of the International Council of Museums’ (ICOM) office in Tehran.

“With the excuse of renovating this ancient quarter, they are erasing a part of our history,” said Tabatabaii.

He called for the government to intervene to stop the work commissioned by the local authorities.

A group of residents of Oudjalan have also sent a letter to the mayor of Tehran asking him to suspend the renovation work being carried out in the suburb.

hattip: Gateway Pundit

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  • Paul Hausser

    This story is another false flag story.

    My good fellow you need an awakening.

    Your on the wrong side of history. The mistakes made in the 20th Century will not be repeated again.