Iranian blogger protest: Sets fire to Koran; lashes out at Islamic "moderates"

by Infidelesto on April 3, 2008 · 9 comments

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I think this brave soul just sentenced himself to death. Hopefully they’ll never find him. Here’s why he’s doing it:

I have decided to set Quran on fire as long as Islamic dictatorship of Iran:

  1. doesn’t commit to Universal Declaration of Human Rights rules;
  2. doesn’t stop executions;
  3. doesn’t free students and opposition from prison;
  4. doesn’t bring justice in Judiciary system and society.

I believe religious disobedience is the key to save Iranian people from ruling mullahs. They preach that Islam is religion of peace and freedom which is a hypocrisy in reality.

So as long as this hypocrisy goes in Iran, this fire is on Quran and I will continue to do so for unlimited time. Also I encourage you to set fire on Quran in every corner and leave the rest of it in the city because this movement should spread itself among everyday people.

And then he has a word for all the Islamic moderates out there. The English isn’t great, but you get the idea…:

It is so weird how Moderate Muslims are most worried about Quran and Islam than how Islamic government is violating human rights on daily basis in the name of Islam! There are two possibilities:

  1. If Islam instructions are instructing to violate human rights so we have to get rid of it because human right comes first than a cruel Islamic instruction.
  2. Moderate Muslims say Islam instructions are good and peaceful but extremists hijacked Islam and minsinterpreted it in the way that serves their objectives. In this case Moderate Muslims should get upset the way that extremist use their religion and they have to react to daily human rights violations.

If moderate Muslims don’t show their anger to Islamic human right violators so it means Moderate Muslims don’t care how Islamic government is violating human rights in Islamic countries. That’s why in current situations you will see my protest in a manner that everybody, including moderate Muslims and extremist get my message and think about my frustration which is the daily problem of me and every Iranian people.

Here’s the video:

hattips to IblogA, Snapped shot, and Rusty for finding this

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  • Rudy

    This guy has balls the size of Jupiter! :D

  • sad

    the guy is a dead man, don’t carry dead man message

  • Robert, Ireland.

    He shouldn’t have burned it, you never know when there will be a tiolet paper shortage and those pages looked soft.
    But at least somebody got some use out of it.

  • Rudy

    LOL @ Robert!!! I would use my hand before besmirching my rear with the pages of the quran :D

  • nab

    Why we should obey from These unfaith Iranian First of all Iran is a country of devil which in undercontrol of England another devil so they dont know about Islam ofcourse Islam is against war If u think Christianity is agains war why America is involve in war everywhere so the politic has no family that's why some reliougus government countries are doing agiast the reliougion. SO everybody should respect to other's right it's not good to say such thing in the above I'm really sorry for Ruby and Rubert. You should thinck before what to say.

  • Beej

    Nab, like most scientists, I have an abiding passion for history. I seem to have missed something: please enlighten me as to what makes you say that Iran is under the control of England (Britain? Or have the Scots, Welsh and Irish been left out in the cold?).
    You are incorrect in saying that "England" knows nothing about Islam. Islam is known only too well by non-Muslim people, which is one of the reasons you cannot ever triumph over us, no matter how many children you send to their deaths or how many rockets you fire into Israel. Blow your children and mentally retarded women to smithereens, by all means: you are saving us bullets.
    "Everyone should show respect to other's right (sic)" Hmm ……. tell me what INFIDEL means, please.

  • nab

    Dear Beej My mean Iran is under control of Britian is in the back cortain in Politic and about Islam what you know is all USA created like that to make bad the Islam Reliougion ok Do you know who created Taliban Who was sponsor them how they was refill and who was know them as a Afghanistan government ofcourse America. About Israel and Palestine they have very old enemy and America and Iran are involve in their fighting they will never let them be free that's their pro don't bring it to Islam. Islam never say go kill urself and also none of the reliougion is agree about that. English is not my native langauge so I think INFIDEL mean is an unbeliever with respect to a particular religion, especially Christianity or Islam. I personaly respect to every body even Isreal ppl they are also likes my brothers and sisters. I have many friend from other reliougion and none reliougion. I hope you also not angry. I'm so sorry for the people who send their children to death for Jehad what ever they said its not good even in Islam that is wrong and also I'm sorry for Israel government killing ppl for nothing. Sorry to take ur time. Greetings

  • Beej

    Thank you for responding, Nab. Don't apologise for your English: it's fine, and FAR better than my knowledge of your language! I fail to see the logic behind your assertion that Iran is under ANY British control, but let's leave that be. Your message tells of your personal lack of animosity towards people of other religions, and I applaud you for this. Would that all people felt similarly, but such is not the case. For example, listen to the vicious outpourings of the Muslim cleric (on this site) who seeks another holocaust (Muslim-inspired) for the Jews. Frankly, you can, if you wish, find untold numbers of similar expressions of hate towards Jews by your coreligionists. There is weighty evidence, too, to indicate that Islam feels similar hatred towards all who are not Islamic. They use the word "infidel" as an insult to believers of other faiths, as well as to atheists – I am delighted to be an atheist, for I consider religion to be the greatest of all evils. I do not care a rat's arse what Muslims think of me (they might care more of my feelings of them!), but almost every day I see evidence that Islam is doing its damnedest to attain total control of the world, and this I will fight. I would feel the same way if Jews or Christians or Buddhists or whatever indulged in such practices, BUT THEY DO NOT! It seems to me that the only religion that is unswervingly intolerant of the existence of other religions is Islam: hence "infidels". Islam is a threat to the world. Just go through the messages on this site – those written by Mehmet over the past couple of days should suffice – to find confirmation of my assertion. While I am a proud atheist, I give my unfailing support to the Jews: not for their religion; but for the incalculable benefits they have brought the world. They are a noble "race", even though their religion makes me vomit. Just think: the Jews invented God! Unlike most Muslims, you seem to be willing to have an open mind, and I laud you for this quality. There is a book by Christopher Hitchens called "God Is Not Great". I urge you to read it and to keep your mind open as you do. Who knows? it might rid you of your belief, and you might at last find true happiness! This book, amongst other things, provides something of a catalogue of atrocities committed by ALL religions over the millenia. It's not for the faint hearted, believe me. Most importantly, though, it might force you to ponder WHY you are a Muslim (or Jew, or Christian, or Hindu, or ……). You are Muslim (or ……..) because you were indoctrinated to become so when you were a very little boy. You were brainwashed. You believed what was rammed into you. The unformed mind is highly receptive to such manipulation. Religion could not exist otherwise. Reason and logic played no part in your "decision" to become Muslim (or…..). You NEVER made such a decision! I am not "getting at you" by writing these words; nor am I trying to insult you: you are a victim, like all other believers. Not your fault! Faith is a filthy thing. Reason, as Martin Luther said, is the enemy of religion. We humans are the most wondrous entities yet discovered in the known universe. We are all of a single race. We are brothers and sisters, no matter our skin colour. What keeps us apart? Religion, in the main. What evidence is there for the God we might worship? None at all. Don't argue: NONE! God is an invention of ignorant minds that held sway in the very distant past. That religious superstition (virgin birth, parting of seas, flying horses, resurrection of the dead, people flying up into "heaven", everlasting agony for sinners, etc) should persist into our age of enlightenment – just as astrology does – is the saddest thing I can contemplate. Milliards of people are enslaved by it, needlessly so. Away with religion! Let us all embrace each other in love and friendship and do all we can to help each other.

    • hellosnackbar

      Your message of peace and brotherly love is most unislamic.
      Expect a death threat soon.