Main street parade to honor Muhammad

by Kal El on April 6, 2008 · 0 comments

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Now we get to celebrate the birth of a pedophile, liar, heretic, and rapist all wrapped into one!

Binghamton, N.Y., grants permit for Milad-un-Nabi event

Muslim leaders at an encampment in the Catskill Mountains called “Islamberg” have been granted a permit by the city of Binghamton, N.Y., to hold a parade Saturday in honor of Muhammad’s birthday.

The holiday, called Milad-un-Nabi, will be celebrated by a group of families who live at the nearby property owned by Muslims of the Americas Inc.

Entrance to Hancock, N.Y., encampment (Courtesy Northeast Intelligence Network)

The city has scheduled the parade for 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the downtown area, including its main street. A report in the local Press & Sun-Bulletin said the celebration previously held on the group’s own property this year is being expanded.

More on this insult to the USA and all that is civilized here.

Wonderful. Next we will be told we have to observe Ramadan…

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