Muslim gang who plotted to blow up airliners thwarted, on trial

by Kal El on April 4, 2008 · 0 comments

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Yet another example from the religion of peace, that islam is a barbaric cult.

British Muslims ‘planned to kill thousands by bringing down SEVEN transatlantic airliners in one go with liquid bombs’

A gang of British Muslims planned to blow up seven planes within hours in the biggest terrorist atrocity since 9/11, a court heard yesterday.

Two thousand passengers would have died in the plot by eight fanatics working “in the name of Islam”, the jury was told.

It could have involved up to 18 suicide bombers. And they were almost ready to strike.

The jets they targeted would all have been bound from Heathrow to cities in the U.S. and Canada, it was claimed.

It’s getting really ugly in the UK…

Once the first had exploded the authorities would have had to watch, powerless, as the six others were downed.

Plastic soft-drink bottles were to be the murder weapon – filled with explosive and connected to a detonator.

The alleged plot led to a ban on liquid containers bigger than 100ml which is still in force at UK airports.

Had it been successful, the death toll would have far eclipsed the 52 killed on July 7, 2005, when four suicide bombers detonated their rucksacks on the London transport system.

Read more about these pedophile worshippers here. It’s an older story, but these rejects are finally being put on trial. And at least we now know why we are no longer allowed to bring certain items on an airplane.

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