Muslim "randomly" attacks two Orthodox Jews

by Kal El on April 30, 2008 · 0 comments

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UK: Random Muslim stabs two random Orthodox Jews; no “faith hate” involved

A man has been charged following a double knife attack on two Orthodox Jews in Golders Green.
Mohamed Jama Ahmed, 37, of North Circular Road, Cricklewood, was arrested after two stabbings which happened just meters apart in roads off Golders Green Road on Friday.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the attacks, which happened at around 6pm, appear to have been random and unprovoked, but were not being treated as faith hate crimes….

Thanks to Jihadwatch for the article

Yeah this was totally random. Just like muslims

  • randomly flew airplanes into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers,
  • randomly launch rockets at Israel, randomly blow up trains in England and Spain,
  • randomly hi-jack airplanes and blow them up in mid-air,
  • randomly behead non-muslims on video,
  • randomly hold rallies chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA”
  • randomly rape non-muslim women who refuse to wear an outfit that looks like a cloth garbage bag.

Too bad we can’t “randomly” drop a few thousand cluster bombs on mecca and medina, or better yet Fat Man II and Little Boy Jr.

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