Saudi Women petition to stay oppressed

by Infidelesto on April 1, 2008 · 1 comment

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Oh, aren’t they good devout Muslim women? What’s next, demanding the right to be beaten? Demanding the right to be a second class citizen?  Demanding the right to be blamed for your own rape? Keep on truckin ladies…

Saudi Women In Petition To King Abdallah: We Refuse To Drive

In a petition submitted to King Abdallah, 100 Saudi women expressed their objections to the demand to permit women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

They claimed that doing so would cause mixing of men and women and to the removal of the veil.


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  • Kate

    Chill about the flipping veil would you!
    No where in the Koran does it tell you to look like a fucking tellie tubby so calm your tits.