US, Europeans say Islamic countries want to limit free speech at the UN

by Infidelesto on April 9, 2008 · 2 comments

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Finally someone speaks up

GENEVA – The United States, Canada and some European countries said Tuesday that Islamic nations were trying to limit freedom of speech at the UN by trying to make an independent rights expert scrutinize individuals instead of dictatorial regimes.

The amendment passed by the UN Human Rights Council in its rush to adjourn Friday told its expert on freedom of expression to report on people who abuse their free speech rights to espouse racial and religious discrimination.

It’s no wonder that those who want to deny free-speech are all coming from Islamic countries…translation…Islam=Anti-Freedom=incompatible with democracy

The 47-nation council is dominated by Arab and other Muslim countries.

Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan, who was speaking on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, denied that the resolution would limit free speech.

Islamic groups have been demanding limits on free speech since a Danish magazine published caricatures of Muhammad, provoking riots across the Islamic world in 2006.

Ligabo told the Associated Press in an interview last month that he was against any groups of individuals inciting hatred based on religious belief.

And then, some sanity…

Paris-based group Reporters Without Borders condemned the amendment.

“It turns someone who is supposed to defend freedom of opinion into a prosecutor whose job is to go after those who abuse this freedom,” it said.

New York-based Human Rights Watch said the resolution turns the expert’s mandate into a policing function over individual freedom of expression and questioned the very basis of media freedom and independence.

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  • Sally

    Anymore limits and we shall become dumb, only the brave now speak out the rest are already cowed.
    There is no freedom to speak,there is no democracy anymore!
    Poiticians may visit the USA they lie through their teeth, our media and press are corrupt.
    Again riots in France, how do i know? the Brussels journal, a free Europe magazine. the rest are dhimmis and i include ALL politicians and radio hosts.
    Self censorship is rife, after all we see people go to prison for speaking their thoughts.
    My name is not Sally…but safer in the UK not to reveal ones true identity these days.     A conspiracy? …..NO!..just a secret from the population as yet. come 2010 then they will see for themselve’s
    I could get two to three years …this is an hate crime now.
    We are told we have 1.7 million muslims in the uk, A Saudi magazine written in 1978 stated that in Britain one million, that’s 30 years ago.
    The oil embargo during the 70s, was the start of the islamnisation of Europe and the UK.
    Today it’s very visable with islamic dress,mosques, schools, even our children are having islam forced upon them,
    Our politicians placing them above everyone else, they collude with muslims against the indigenous peoples.
    No lie,were i able i’d enter Westminster i’d blow their heads from their bodies, but alas they removed out weapons.
    Using the Dunblane tragedy to bring that about, placing a D notice afterwards to cover up the elites paedo ring that was in operation in that area.
    The Fabians will be victorias..because it’s not common knowledge, that it’s they that rule this country and have for over 100 years.
    Islam is a danger,muslims are a danger, roll them up with Fabians.then we face FASCISTS.

  • Sally