Video: Alan Colmes discovers Radical Islam first hand

by Infidelesto on April 8, 2008 · 4 comments

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Alan Colmes, liberal but non-conforming Leftist gets props for standing up to the American, Jew-hating, America-despising, rabid, radical Islamist, Joseph Cohen aka  “Yousef al-Khattab” who appeared on Foxnews the other day.  Alan  actually took the time to have a conversation with this nut job, and the audio is well worth listening to till the end.

Colmes did a good job in calling out the extremist viewpoints that so many on the left prefer to dodge and deny about most radical Islamists currently in America.  At the end, Cohen calls Colmes a “Kike” which is a derogatory term for Jew.

Will Alan finally wake up to the threat of Islam? doubt it…

Johnny Dollar brings us the video:

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  • Cappy

    Very good for Alan. Pasting the little bastard would have been better.

  • Debbie

    This is good news. Alan sometimes sees the light and does the right thing.

  • veronica

    Jeez that would empty Bradford with moslem men having sex with young underage girls.
    moslems drinking alcohol what hypocrites these folk are.
    Bringing sharia to the west now, not in a hundred years is their goal!
    Time the west woke up…Americans are lovely people, he should read sites in the UK.
    I’d say that makes the koran a fascist book of war.
    Moslems despise anyone that is not islasmic that’s a fact!
    Moslems in the USA tread with care due to the arms they carry, Come to the UK and hear them it’s very different their arrogance is astounding.
    Europeans and a majority in the UK would turf them all out!!

  • pat smith

    I listened to the interview of Alan Colmes and Joseph Cohen. Alan did a wonderful job interviewing Cohen. America needs to wake up. Muslims are taught from infancy to hate Jews and Christians. They cannot be reasoned with; how can one reason with the unreasonable. I watch Alan and Sean every night and really enjoy their segment on Fox News. Keep up the good work exposing evil in the world. Oh, exactly WHO IS Barrack Obama? God help us if he becomes President. PS