Video: Trailer for "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden"

by Infidelesto on April 4, 2008 · 1 comment

Do you like this story?

Looks pretty funny actually:

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden

If Morgan Spurlock has learned anything from over 30 years of movie-watching, it’s that if the world needs saving, it’s best done by one lone man willing to face danger head on to take it down, action hero style. So, with no military experience, knowledge or expertise, he sets off to do what the CIA, FBI and countless bounty hunters have failed to do: find the world’s most wanted man. Why take on such a seemingly impossible mission? Simple-he wants to make the world safe for his soon to be born child. But before he finds Osama bin Laden, he first needs to learn where he came from, what makes him tick, and most importantly, what exactly created bin Laden to begin with.

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  • patrick

    Morgan Spurlock never ceases to impress me… i just saw Super Size Me, which as amazingly insightful, and now he’s making a documentary that investigates the war on terrorism? well done indeed